N E W S – November 2001


Shkoder: Wood processing firms generate 10 per cent of industrial production

SHKODER, November 29/ ATA – M.Malja/ – Wood processing firms account for 10 per cent of industrial production generated in Shkoder district. “Some 104 firms and wood processing lines, 4 of which started their activities this year, operate in this district,” specialist in the office of statistics near the Prefecture Fatos Kopliku said for ATA. According to him, 96 firms are local and produce furniture, chairs, sofas, etc., which are traded outside district, whereas 8 foreign-capital firms produce semi-finished goods, to be exported to Italy. Total production of wood production firms for period January-October has increased by 20%, relative to the same period of the previous year. Some 2,100 persons have been employed in this industry, out of which 420 during the current year alone. Average monthly salary of them varies from 12 thousand to 19 thousand lek.
/s.sh/dori/kled/ — 2001-11-29

Shkodra citizens commemorate the Liberation Day

SHKODRA, Nov 29 (ATA) – By M.Malja: November 29, the National Liberation Day, was commemorated in Shkoder on Thursaday with a number of different activities. At the meeting organized in the Prefecture, the chairman of the district’s veteran committee, Qamal Llazi, noted that “November 28, the Independence Day, and November 29, the Liberation Day, were and will remain very important events for Albanian people.” Representatives from the prefecture, political parties, War Veteran Committee, put wreaths of flowers in the district’s martyrs’ graves, and in “Partizani” monument. A photo-exhibition was opened in the venues of “Luigj Gurakuqi” University with views from the liberation war, in the context of November feasts. Students have organized several cultural and artistic activities.
/s.sh/dori/A.A/ — 2001-11-29

Sport: Soccer-On December 8, the grounds of stadium “Loro Borici” will be ready

Shkoder,Nov 28 (ATA) by M.Malja- On December 8 the field of “Loro Borici” stadium of Shkoder will be ready.The news was made known to the ATA by the man in charge of sport grounds of Vllaznia sport club Fatmir Mehaj. According to him,the fund of 35 million leks allocated by the state budget was used by “Curri” constructive firm for the total rehabilitation of the field.It began five months ago.According to the compiled project by the experts of the ministry of culture ,youth and sports in this object is carried out the field drainage,the pavement of the green mat and the plant of the grass(brought from Italy),as well as a number of other works. With the finishing of the work,the field of Shkodra stadium will have contemporary dimensions in line with UEFA standards and there will be played international matches as well. In this way the field of “Loro Borici” stadium will be ready in the last week of the first stage,where there will play the native team Vllaznia against Teuta of Durres. Since the beginning of the soccer national championship in September ,the team of the red and blue shirts has played its matches in the stadiums of Lezha and that of Elbasan.Sources close to the sport club Vllaznia make known that very soon will start the construction of two new sport grounds destined for the training of the football teams. Before the 90-ies ,there were 10 sport grounds in Shkodra town.There got training about 430 young footballers.But after 1991 these grounds were taken under possession by various individuals or by their former owners.
/A.KE/p.s./ — 2001-11-28

Shkoder: Exhibition of young painters

Shkoder, Nov 28 (ATA) by M.Malja-A group of painters of the artistic secondary school “Preng Jakova”,of Shkoder town opened Wednesday a painting exhibition in the halls of that school.There are displayed 40 works, including landscapes, quiet natures and portraits in oil which express in a crystal clear way the thought and the artistic level of the young actors. The motifs of the landscapes,the quiet natures, are understandable and are transmitted naturally to the viewers.Works like “Road Kole Idromeno””Vermosh’s nature”,”Mesi’s bridge”,”Characteristic Shkodra houses”,are very realizable and express the sensibility of the future painters in regard to the reality. Since the beginning of the year this is the third exhibition of the young painters of the painting branch of the secondary school “Preng Jakova”.Six months ago five painters of the school have taken part at the International exhibition of the young painters opened in Marseille,France.Then three Shkodra painters were honored with awards.
/f.n/p.s./ — 2001-11-28

Some 46,5 million lek for construction of two new schools

SHKODER, Nov 27 (ATA)- By M. Malja Albanian government has allocated some 46,5 million lek for construction of two eight-year schools in the district of Shkoder. Director of education department in this district Agim Shima told ATA that the fund worth 23 million lek allocated by the government enabled the start of work for construction of a new eight-year school in village of Dragoc in commune of Mesi. While the rest worth 23,5 million lek will be utilised for construction of the new school in village of Mushan (Dajci commune). According to Shima, the operations in this facility will start shortly after the tender process. In the meantime Shkodra municipality has allocated 5 million lek out of its incomes for the needs of education. During the last four years, over 60% of schools in this district have been rehabilitated through funds of the state budget and foreign donors creating up-to-date conditions for the teaching process.
/s.s/sm/ — 2001-11-27

Shkoder: Export brings about 7.7 million dollars in 10 months time

Shkoder,Nov 27 (ATA) by M.Malja-In Shkoder district there have been realized products worth 7.7 million dollars destined for export. According to expert of the statistics office of the prefecture Mimoza Volumi,during the period january-october of the current year the products for export come to be 17% more,compared with the same period of the previous year.”Along with the increase of the quantity it has been worked even for the improvement of the quality of these products”,she said. It is thought that the main weight of the exports is taken by various clothes realized by 37 foreign and native firms with joint capital.The production of these firms is destined to be exported to Italy,Greece and Germany.During this period there have exported even various medical plants with a value of 97 million of leks. Sources close to the agricultural and food directory of the district made known that for the first time after a decade began the export of the agricultural products on the part of the native farmers towards Montenegro,Slovenia and Croatia. “Among the most wanted products in the markets of these countries have been the tomatoes,pepper,cucumber,water melon.
/s.sh/dori/p.s./ — 2001-11-27

Shkoder: Level of losses in electric network reduced by 7 percent

SHKODER, Nov 26 (ATA0 – By M.Malja: The losses in Shkoder electric-power network are reduced by about 7 percent over the January-November 15 period. According to the director of electric affiliate, Fran Franishta, the level of losses results to be in the amount of 37 percent from 37 percent it was at the beginning of the year. “As against the same period of year 2000, this index is reduced by 17 percent, directly affecting increase of KESH incomes.” Currently, attention is dedicated to collection of money from the unpaid bills, which amount to 98 billion lek. Sources from this affiliate’s finance office reported that the level of tax collection, at the city scale, has reached in 40 percent from 12 percent it was in August. They add that some 40 sues are deposited in the city’s district court for the debtors who have not paid bills since 1997.
/s.sh/dori/A.A/ — 2001-11-26

Some 37 projects are implemented this year in Shkoder

SHKODER, Nov. 25 (ata)- By M. Malja Some 37 projects are implemented this year in the prefecture of Shkodra, mainly for the improvement of infrastructure. According to the responsible of investments office in this prefecture Zef Fistani, worth 3.9 million dollars financed by the state budget and foreign donors are spent in the districts of Shkoder such as, Malesi e Madhe and Puke. “The funds accorded this year are nearly 1 million dollars more than those of a year ago”, he stated. Among the projects to be mentioned are the rehabilitation of the road Shkoder-Velipoje, some 30 km long, the reconstruction of the water-power station of the city of Shkodra, the construction of the water-power stations in Oblike, Bushat, Barbullush and Renxa Bushat. Attention is paid also to the improvement of the conditions in the health and education objects of the district. Some 20 health centers out of which, 6 in Malesi e Madhe and 4 in Puke, as well as 29 schools, half of which in the district of Shkoder are rehabilitated. Last year, in this prefecture were invested worth 2.9 million dollars, mainly for the road infrastructure, for the supply with electric power and potable water.
/s.sh./IR/ — 2001-11-25

Exhibition of Shkodra painters in Montenegro

SHKODER, Nov. 21 (ata)- By M. Malja A group of Shkodra painters opened on Tuesday evening in the city of Vir Pazar in Montenegro the exhibition with the theme, “Space that joints us”. In this exhibition the painters Agim and Zhaneta Kadillari, Sytki Brahimi, Andi Hila, Gjovalin Paci, Ismail and Arma Luani have presented some 40 paintings of different genders. The major part of these paintings had the Albanian epic-lyrical motive. The portrait, the landscape, the quiet nature are noticed in these paintings. The opening of this exhibition is realized in the framework of the agreement of the cultural co-operation between Shkodra and Ulqin. The artists from Shkodra have held a number of cultural and sportive activities during the current year in many cities of Montenegro. Whereas two Montenegrin exhibitions have opened also in the city of Shkodra while the Ensemble of Songs and Dances of Ulqin has given three shows for the art-lovers of Shkodra.
/f.n/IR/ — 2001-11-21

210 illegal electric links cut within two days

Shkoder, Nov 24 (ATA) by M. Malja – The electric police officers have cut 210 illegal electric links in some quarters of Shkodra town within two days. The head of this police station Gezim Lahi told to the ATA that the action was concentrated in the quarters “Daniel Matlia”,”Salo Halili” and “Guerile” where most of the restaurants get the electric energy through double electric links”.There were three groups of police experts and from the electric department who carried out the cut of these links. This disciplinary action has made that the abusers pay the arrears electric bills.”Within two days there have been cashed over 4.3 million leks on the part of the debtors,the manager of the financial office of the electric sector Makbule Rraboshta made known.She added that four working groups have been working for four months backed by the police for the collection of the money of the bills on the electric energy.As a result during the period august -15 November the amount of the money cashed has reached to the level of 40% from 12% it was in July.
/s.s./p.s./ — 2001-11-24

Police forces in the north will function according to a detailed plan – Minister Gjoni

TIRANA, Nov 22 (ATA) – By Inxhi Alickaj: Albanian Ministry of Public Order has prepared a detailed plan on functioning of police forces in Shkoder, Kukes and all northern area Regions, Minister Ilir Gjoni stated Thursday at a plenary session in response to the question of deputy Nard Ndoka. Mr. Gjoni accepted that the order and security situation in Shkoder has been problematic, but this plan envisages “a more efficient fight against incrimination of police elements in the organized crime structures.” Referring to the events in Tropoje, Mr. Gjoni said that “the criminal police there has carried out a good job, cooperating even with other law-implementing structures.” In continuation he explained that the investigating forces “are in track of the elements suspected of putting the explosive material in the dwelling of Azgan Haklaj”, and “I am optimistic that the authors of this crime will be found”, Minister Gjoni concluded.
/vik/nela/A.A/ — 2001-11-22

Incomes from local taxes overfulfilled

SHKODER, Nov 21 (ATA)- By M. Malja .- The tax and non-tax incomes over January -October in Shkoder municipality were overfulfilled by 10 million lek, sources from taxes-levies branch close to this Municipality made known. The chief of this office Ahmet Omi told ATA that ” some 4,7 million lek more than the annual obligation have been insured from local taxes over this period.” He says that “some other 3,6 million lek are forecast to be collected until the end of financial year.” Out of 13 indicators included in local taxes, only in the voice of construction permits some 7.8 million lek have been insured. While 6 million lek more than non-tax incomes were forecast have been deposited into the budget of municipality from the sale and rent of the land and so on. Through these incomes Shkodra municipality has invested implementation of 15 economic, social, sports and cultural projects, vice/ mayor Fatlum Nurja told. We will fund some 100 thousand lek for the cultural-sports activities to be organised by the end of this year.
/s.s./aid/sm/ — 2001-11-21

Florence Mayor awarded Shkodra’s “Citizen of Honor”

SHKODER, Nov 21 (ATA)- By M. Malja, The Mayor of Florence, Italy, Aldo Rangoni, on Wednesday was awarded “Citizen of Honor” of Shkodra. A ceremony was organized on this occasion in the venues of Shkodra municipality. The Mayor Ormir Rusi praised the assistance that the municipality of Florence has provided for the Shkoder town hall over the last years in public services, transports, education, health and other. “Frangoni has without doubt provided a considerable contribution in this aspect”, Rusi said. Latter on, the vice chairman of the Municipality Council Xhemal Shkjau awarded Aldo Frangoni “Citizen of Honor” for “the contribution provided in assisting Shkodra municipality in transports, public services, qualification of transports enterprise employees as well as for his commitment in strengthening cooperation between Shkodra and Florence”. Frangoni stated in his keynote address that “the honor you are doing me today, obliges me to further increase our cooperation, not only in transports and public services, but also in investments, where joint agreements have already been signed between the two municipalities”. Towns of Shkodra and Florence have established cooperation links since 1992. During this period Florence Town-Hall has provided equipment for schools, hospitals, cleaning enterprise, aqueduct, 30 busses and other. The Mayor of Florence, following this ceremony, met with local authorities to discuss increase of cooperation in other domains as well, such as tourism, town-planning and other.
/s.sh/dori/so/ — 2001-11-21

Exhibition of Shkodra painters in Montenegro

SHKODER, Nov. 21 (ata)- By M. Malja A group of Shkodra painters opened on Tuesday evening in the city of Vir Pazar in Montenegro the exhibition with the theme, “Space that joints us”. In this exhibition the painters Agim and Zhaneta Kadillari, Sytki Brahimi, Andi Hila, Gjovalin Paci, Ismail and Arma Luani have presented some 40 paintings of different genders. The major part of these paintings had the Albanian epic-lyrical motive. The portrait, the landscape, the quiet nature are noticed in these paintings. The opening of this exhibition is realized in the framework of the agreement of the cultural co-operation between Shkodra and Ulqin. The artists from Shkodra have held a number of cultural and sportive activities during the current year in many cities of Montenegro. Whereas two Montenegrin exhibitions have opened also in the city of Shkodra while the Ensemble of Songs and Dances of Ulqin has given three shows for the art-lovers of Shkodra.
/f.n/IR/ — 2001-11-21

“The days of Fishta” finished

Shkoder, Nov 17 (ATA) by M.Malja/ON saturday finished the “days of Fishta”organised under the auspices of the cultural association “Ilirikum”.During the last days of this activity held at”Pjeter Gaci”cultural center the actors of the “Migjeni” theatre displayed a musical and literary montage with parts of Fishta’s poetry. The head of the “Ilirikum” association Gjovalin Stefa told to the ATA that during the days of this activity dedicated to Father Gjergj Fishta were held a lot of activities such as the scientific session “Fishta and the Franciscans” during which there were speeches like “Fishta in defence of the Albanian lands”,”Fishta’s work under the appreciation of Ernest Koliqi”,”The patriotic activity of Fishta”/,lectures held by the lecturers of the “Luigj Gurakuqi”of Shkoder. At the same time during the days of this activity it was opened at “Marubi’s ” the photo exhibition “Fishta and his contemporaries” and the exhibition of the painter from Shkodra Pjerin Sheldija which contains 20 portraits of Fishta.The exhibition was thought to be cycle which confesses the most important moments of the activity of this intellectual and national figure. These activities were held on the occasion of the 130 anniversary of Fishta’s birth,who is one of the most outstanding figures of the Albanian literature and culture.Two months ago in the center of the town was placed Fishta’s bust,carved in stone, a work of the sculptor from Shkoder Pjerin Kolnikaj.
/s.s./p.s./ — 2001-11-17

Basketball – Vllaznia aims victory versus Tirana

SHKODER, Nov 17 (ATA)- By M.Malja, One of the most important basketball matches for this week will be the one to take place on Saturday, at the sports palace “Qazim Dervishi” in Shkodra between Vllaznia and Tirana (men). Vllazina ranks second currently and aims to win against Tirana. The coach of Vllaznia Beniamin Idrizi says that the match will be difficult because Tirana is a very strong team. Vllaznia has led the table for three weeks in this championship and lost the leadership in the sixth week when it lost versus Dinamo in Tirana.
/A.KE/so/ — 2001-11-17

Soccer: some 10 thousand soccer fans to attend Partizani-Vllaznia match

SHKODER, Nov 17 (ATA) By M.Malja: Some 10 thousand Shkoder soccer fans will be present today in the premises of national stadium “Qemal Stafa” of the capital, to attend the chief match of this week, that between the two best teams of Albania, Partizani and Vllaznia. The head of the Association of “Vllaznia” sports club, Astrit Rrahmani said that over 10 thousand Vllaznia fans will be in Tirana to watch the match. “We hope to be successful”, he said. According to him, Shkoder fans will stay in a separate stand.
/A.KE/aid/ — 2001-11-17

SPORT: Soccer-Brazilian footballer Karioka ready for saturday’s match

Tirana,Nov 14,-(ATA) -by E.Skarco- The main forward footballer of Partizani ,the brazilian Karioka,will play at saturday’s match against Vllaznia of Shkoder,after he has recovered from the wounds suffered last saturday in Vlora. The 26 years old Karioka will play side by side with the other brazilian footballer of Partizani ,Abilio,in saturday’s match at the national stadium” Qemal Stafa”,where Partizani that holds the second place in the classification table plays against Vllaznia which is the forth in the list with a difference of four points less. Partizani’s coach Shpetim Duro is optimistic that he will have in the field the two forwards Abilio-Karioka.”Karioka is an important player for us and his presence in the field means more guarantee.”
/A.KE/p.s./ – 2001-11-14

Cooperation in transports field deepened
Railway transport between two countries to start within the year

TIRANE, Nov 15 (ATA), by V. Shqalsi / Albania and Montenegro decided to extend bilateral cooperation in the field of transports. Albanian Minister of Transport Maqo Lakrori and Montenegrin Minister of Sea Affairs and Transport Jusuf Kalamperovic discussed on Thursday in Tirana issues of common interest in the field of transports. Ministers Lakrori and Kalamperovic discussed the current developments of transports in both countries as well as deepening of this cooperation either in bilateral framework or regional and European integration process. Albanian Minister of Transport Lakrori stated that either the railway station of Bajze or the railway transport between the two countries on the segment Bajze-Hani i Hotit-Podgorice will start functioning within year 2001. Also, he said that even the part Bajze-Shkoder should start functioning in 2002 hence the whole railway network of Albania will be linked with that of Montenegro and European railway network. During the meeting, the ministers expressed the will of their governments for concrete cooperation in four kinds of transports: the road, railway, sea and air ones. The meeting also dealt with the functioning of road Shkoder-Tivar and respective border infrastructure Murriqan and Sukobine. The governmental delegations agreed that 4 joint experts teams be created for drafting new agreements in the field of (road, railway, sea and air) transport conform to European standards hence it will influence on European integration of Albania and Montenegro.
/a.gj/sm/ — 2001-11-15

Construction of a joint highway between Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia-Hercegovina planned

TIRANA, Nov 15 (ATA) – By Nini Mano: Montenegrin govt will be the coordinator of a joint initiative on construction of a new highway which will be extended in three states; Albania, Montenegro, and Bosnia-Hercegovina. Albanian govt supported Thursday the initiative on creation of three-lateral commission which will deal with the construction of this highway. “The construction of this very important road axis, which will connect three European countries, has started in the part extended in the Albanian territory”, Albanian Minister of Transports Maqo Lakrori told ATA. Proceedings in the Lezhe-Shkoder road axis are begin carried out by state budget funds, he added. Meanwhile, Ministry of Transports has insures the funds needed for the feasibility study for construction of the northern Shkoder-Hani i Hotit axis. Lakrori informed that the projects on the road axis which link Shkoder and Tivar will be drafted in 2002. The construction of the highway takes a special importance because it will be a linking bridge with the European road axes, Lakrori noted. For this aim, according to him, the road axes which are not financed, are joint projects of the three countries in the Stability Pact.
/a.gj/A.A/ — 2001-11-15

Investment in Northern areas of Albania a priority of government
Prime Minister Ilir Meta declares in press conference

Tirana, October 13/ATA – R.Xhuvani/ – Investments in the northern and northeastern areas of Albania are top priority of the Albanian government, declared on Tuesday Prime Minister Ilir Meta during a press conference in Tirana. According to Mr. Meta the improvement of economic and social conditions in these areas “has been one of the top priorities of the governing policies.” The overcoming of economic, social, and infrastructural backwardness of this area was mentioned by Meta as a necessity not only to reduce poverty and create development prospects but also to “evidence differences that may have political repercussions.” Investments in these areas will remain at the focus of the government for the coming year, Meta added reminding that even during this year “unprecedented investments have been directed to these areas.” Among areas where investments have been present Meta mentioned Tropoja, Peshkopi, Bulqiza, Burrel, Shkoder, Malesi e Madhe, Lezhe, etc. The Premier said that in the year 2002 draft budget, considerable revenues have been set aside to implement investments in the road segment Lezhe-Shkoder, which was considered by Meta as “vital and very important” for the development, in general, and for that of the northwestern area in particular.
/era/kled/ — 2001-11-13

Checking competitions to University

TIRANA, Nov 13 (ATA) /Floresha Hamiti/-The ministry of education and science has started a detailed control on the results of the competitions in all the Universities of the country. The spokesman of the ministry of education, Ornela Bego, told to the ATA “at Luigj Gurakuqi University in Shkoder and in Fan Noli University in Korce there have been observed respectively 51 and 6 cases of certificates with false points of the competitors”. According to her, at the Agricultural University as well, there have been registrations in violation to the criteria published by the Ministry of Education. Having into consideration these cases, the minister of education and science Ben Blushi, has issued an order to say that the participant in the competition whose document comes out to be not in line with the regulations, must be expelled from the respective branch. Whereas the respective presidencies of the universities and the Department of the Universities must issue a denunciation at the respective organs. According to Bego, minister Blushi has charged the National Education Center of the Appreciations and tests to set up the group of Monitoring the Quality, for carrying out the control. The ministry of Education has asked all the Presidency offices and the Deaneries of the Universities to put at the disposal of such a center all the documents of the competitors, Bego said.
/f.n/p.s/ – 2001-11-13

Water flows in lake of Koman hydro-power station doubled

SHKODER, Nov. 13 (ATA)- By M. Malja The flows of water in the lake of Koman hydro-power station (Shkoder) are doubled mainly through the supply from Fierza hydro-power station as well as the rain falls of the last 24 hours. Sources from the command hall of this hydro-power station told that early on Tuesday, the flows of water in the lake have reached 200 meters per cub in a second out of 100 meters per cub in a second that this level was two days ago. The shift engineer in this hydro-power station Xhemal Nurja told ATA that, “during the last 24 hours the level of the lake of this hydro-power station is increased by 50 centimetres. The level of water has reached currently 171 meters out of 169.5 meters that this level was before. According to him, three turbines out of four in total work in this hydro-power station. The hydro-power station of Koman is the third constructed in the cascade of Drini river in 1985 after the hydro-power station of Vau i Dejes constructed in 1972 and that of Fierza in 1981.
/s.sh/dori/IR/ – 2001-11-13

Mother of two missing Czech Scouts meets leaders of police and local government

SHKODER, Nov 12 (ATA) By M.Malja: Helena Pavenka, mother of two of the three lost Scouts, met with local police and government leaders of Shkoder on Monday and demanded them to continue the research for finding them. During the meetings with Shkoder Prefect, Gjergj Liqejza and the highest officials of the Region Police, Pavenka thanked the local government structures for the attempts to find the three Czech scouts, who have been missing since October 29, of the current year. She demanded from the local authorities their support to continue searching out the three Czech scouts in the mountainous zones of Shkodra prefecture where they have exploited in the remote areas of Dukagjin, Theth and Vermosh. The prefecture of Liqejza and the local police directors told during the meeting that they are searching out, along with the community of these mountainous areas, the three Czech scouts considered lost. The three scouts Lenka Tukova and the brothers Jan and Michael Pavenka who have exploited the zones of Vermosh, Theth and Dukagjin have entered Albania through the border crossing point of Hani i Hotit (Dukagjin) in September 7 of the current year. They have been seen in the city of Shkodra until September 22 and later from the inhabitants of the remote areas. A week later, in September 29, close to the Directorate of Shkoder police have presented a group of friends of the Czech scouts who demanded help to find them after severing relations with their friends. Since that day, three groups of Shkoder police in co-operation with the community of the remote areas of this prefecture continue to search out the three Czech students who were scouts.
/rimi/IR/ – 2001-11-12

Lezhe-Balldren road ends by end of December

TIRANA, Nov 7 (ATA) By N.Mano: At the end of December, the works for mending Lezhe-Balldren road are expected to end, sources from the Ministry of Transports made known. The rehabilitation of Lezhe-Shkoder road (part of which is Lezhe-Balldren road axis) is being carried out through state budget funds worth 438 million lek.
/a.gj/elle/aid/ — 2001-11-07

New eight-year school in Dragoc village

VLORE, Nov 7 (ATA)- By Harilla Koci, Italian police on Wednesday repatriated to Vlore Port 50 Albanians found without document, among whom 6 women. Police sources told ATA that the illegal emigrants were repatriated through Brindisi – Vlore ferry line. They were a contingent of illegal trafficking who had been seized on Puglia shores and Brindisi train station three days ago. Police sources reported that the emigrants repatriated, mainly coming from districts of Berat, Fier, Lezhe and Shkoder, had paid different amounts of money to smugglers. After undergoing the verification procedures in Vlore Police they were set free. Two days ago, Italian police repatriated 93 Albanians found without documents, while during this month the police have repatriated 300 people through the Port of Vlora. Local police forces are intensifying operations to curb illegal emigrants trafficking. Last week, the police sequestrated 4 speedboats and arrested the owner of a company which produced illegally spare parts for speedboats.
/rimi/so/ — 2001-11-07

New eight-year school in Dragoc village

SHKODER, Nov 8 (ATA) By M.Malja: The construction of the new eight-year school started in Dragoc village, 5 kilometres away from Shkoder city. The head of the educational directorate of this district, Agim Shima, told ATA that the construction of the new eight-year school of Dragoc village will be enabled through the 22, 5 million lek fund allocated by the state budget. During the last four years in Shkoder city, through Albanian government funds and foreign donators, some 72 schools have been rehabilitated out of a total of 104 schools in the whole district.
/s.s/elle/aid/ — 2001-11-08

Volume of constructions in Shkoder increased by 36%

SHKODER, Nov 9 (ATA) By M.Malja: The construction volume in Shkoder district in January -October period has been increased by 36%, as compared to the same period last year. The specialist of the Statistic’s Office Fatos Kopliku, told ATA that “this volume has been met by around 130 construction companies, major part of which has been engaged in construction of private houses, business centres and so on. During January-October period of the current year, there were completed the works for the construction of two new schools, rehabilitation of children’s’ hospital, reconstruction of 7 main roads of this city and so on. Some 23 companies of the production of the construction materials run their activity in this district, which have increased the production in the amount of 29%, by meeting the increasing demands of the constructors.
/s.s/aid/IR/ — 2001-11-09

FAO to fund development of agriculture and agricultural industry

TIRANE, Nov 9 (ATA)- By E. Xhajanka. – The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) will intervene through concrete projects for development of agriculture and agricultural industry in Albania, told on Friday minister of Agriculture and Food Agron Duka who took part in the 31-st session of FAO held in Rome. Minister Duka said that the meeting with FAO President Jacque Dju dealt with continuation of the FAO projects in our country and concretely the postponement of the project for forest protection worth US$ 500 thousand until 2004. In the meantime FAO was committed to use the funds worth US$ 4 million remained from the previous projects for development of integrated agriculture in the rural areas as well as resumption of a new project worth US$ 500 thousand to assist the Maize Institute in Shkoder. The session of Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) convenes once a two-year period in the headquarters of this organization in Rome and Albania participates in it frequently as a FAO member.
/a.gj/sm/ — 2001-11-09

Italy will support Albania’s integration into European structures, Bova

SHKODER, Nov 6 (ATA)- By M.Malja,/ Italy will continue to support Albanian government towards European integration, Italian Ambassador to Albania Mario Bova stated at a meeting held in the venues of “Luigj Gurakuqi” University in Shkodra on Tuesday. Bova pledged that cooperation between Albania and Italy will increase in all domains, at the meeting with students and professors of the university. Bova stated that a cultural agreement has been recently signed between the two countries, based on which 20 projects will be implemented in Albania in culture. He stressed that Italy is playing an important role as regards education of Albanian youths in Italy. Ambassador Bova stated that the aid provided by the Italian government includes several projects recently drafted such as the construction of two bridges on the road segment in Ura e Matit Shkoder, the project for rehabilitation of Kukes road and the rehabilitation of the energetics system worth $ 50 million where Shkodra Region is included as well.
era/elle/so/ – 2001-11-06

International railway station of Bajza to begin operation in two months

SHKODER, Nov 3 (ATA)-By O. Kadaifciu / The International railway station of Bajza, which links Albania with Montenegro, will begin operation in two months, Premier Ilir Meta said during an inspection visit to this station. “We have a short and mid-term programme to reestablish all international connections of Albania,” said Meta. He said that the Bajza station, 150 km from Tirane will become active by December 25. Apart from connections with countries outside the border, the premier said that “in a short time Bajza will be connected with Shkoder and the rest of the country through a contemporary infrastructure”.
/era/lm/ – 2001-11-03

Shkodra will be in the center of Government’s attention – PM Meta

SHKODRA, Nov. 3 (ata) – By Myfit Malja / “Shkodra will be in the center of the attention of the government in the present ruling mandate,” stated on Saturday the Premier Ilir Meta in a meeting in the Prefecture of Shkodra. According to him, another border point, that of Murriqan, will open the coming year and for this he demanded the construction of the necessary infrastructure. The opening of this crossing point was decided in the meeting he had last year in Shkodra with the Premier of Montenegro, Bujanovic. The PM mentioned the delivery within the time limits of the investments for this district such as that for the construction of the road segment Lezhe-Shkoder, the rehabilitation of the road of Velipoja. Work is also going on for the improvement of the electric energy network of the city of Shkodra. PM Meta said that about three weeks ago the Albanian Government adopted a fund of 56 million lek for investments in the infrastructure of the city of Shkodra. At the end of the meeting, PM Meta demanded a greater commitment of the police for the complete stabilization of the public order which has had problems in the recent period.
/dori/xh/ – 2001-11-03

DP chairman Berisha meets representatives of Montenegro Albanians

TIRANA, Nov 3 (ata) By R.Xhuvani: Representatives of Albania of Montenegro expressed during a meeting on Saturday with the chairman of Democratic Party, Sali Berisha the will for co-operation with Albanian political forces, for the benefit of the inner stability of the both countries. The Montenegrin Minister for Minorities, Gezim Hajdinaga and head of the Club of the Deputies of Montenegro, Ferhat Dinosha, shared the same opinion that “the rights of the Albanians that live in this country should be greater and should be sanctioned, without destroying the economic and political stability”, sources close to DP informed. According to them, the quiet situation should prevail even during spring, the time when the referendum for Montenegro’s independence is scheduled to be held. In addition, the interlocutors confirmed that the relations between the Albania Albanians and those of Montenegro should be consolidated even through concrete steps, for the realisation of which the political forces should influence positively. Thus we can mention the validation of diplomas, the opening of two customs crossing points, establishing communication lines between Shkoder and Ulqin and so on.
/era/aid/ – 2001-11-03

Albanian PM visits Shkoder Region

SHKODER, Nov 3 (ATA)- By O. Kadaifciu / Albanian Premier Ilir Meta on Saturday monitored the road segment connecting Fushe Kruje- Lezhe Highway. Meta supervised the operations on the bridge built over Mat river, which links the town of Fushe Kruja with Milot. He also monitored the works on the new road in Balldre, Lezhe, which links Lezhe district with Shkodra. The Premier monitored works on the new road Shkoder-Velipoje as well. Meta regarded these works as very important stressing that “let’s hope they will be soon concluded”. On Saturday, Prime Minister Ilir Meta visited also the customs office of Hani i Hotit where he inaugurated the rehabilitated facility of the customs office and stopped later in the Bajze Railway station to monitor works underway there. On Saturday afternoon PM Meta is expected to attend a meeting of the SP Shkodra branch.
/era/elle/so/ – 2001-11-03

Thirty-two companies of clothes production operate in Shkodra

SHKODER, Nov 3 (ATA)- By M.Malja / About 32 local and foreign companies operate in the industry of clothes production in Shkodra. The specialist of the Office of Statistics in this Prefecture, Albana Spahia, told ATA that “during January-October period the clothes’ production has increased by 21%, as against the same period last year”. The production of these companies is mainly exported. About 3100 women and girls of Shkodra have been employed in this industry, of whom 320 have been hired this year. According to the sources from Shkoder prefecture, other six companies of clothes production will start operation in this district, three of them owned by Italian businessmen. Spahia adds that “the value of these investments is estimated at $ 1,3 million and the number of employees to be hired is envisaged to amount to 400 people.
/s.sh/dori/elle/so/ – 2001-11-03

Plant eliminated in Shkreli commune was “cannabis” – ministry

TIRANE, Nov 3 (ATA)-By A. Harka / The Ministry of Public Order insisted on Saturday that the operation to eliminate the plant sown in the Shkreli commune, Malesi e Madhe, during July this year was legal. Bilbil Mema, Director General of the State Police, told ATA on Saturday that, based on the experiments carried out, the cultivated plant in this zone was of the kind of “cannabis sativa”, which, based on the law “on narcotic medicines and psychotropic substances” is included in the drugs tables. Mema also said that the elimination of this plant by police has been considered legal by the Shkoder district Prosecutor’s Office and Court. Two days ago, Mr Tailor, Director of the British Foundation “On partnership and development”, said that the plant cultivated in the Shkreli zone was “industrial hemp” and “not cannabis”. Asking compensation from the Ministry of Public Order, Tailor said that the cultivated plant would be used later for the production of industrial substances and that he had a six-year contract with the farmers of the Shkreli commune.
/rimi/lm/ – 2001-11-03

Shkoder: Seven projects, realised in road infrastructure

SHKODER, Nov 2 (ATA)- By M. Malja / Seven projects for improvement of the road infrastructure in Shkoder city, implementation of which started this year, have completed, Vice Mayor Fatlum Nurja announced to ATA. He told that “the fund worth US$ 1,7 million allocated by foreign donors, state budget and ADF enabled the complete rehabilitation of the main roads “Migjeni”, “Halit Bajraktari”, “Ndre Mjeda”, “Pashko Vasa”, “Besnik Bishanaku” “Alqi Kondi” and “Naim Gjylbeku””. According to same sources, reconstruction of the road “Isa Boletini”, 1,2 km long, has recently started through 23,7 million lek out of the state budget. The operations are being carried out by the firm “Vllazerimi” the tender’s winner which aims to complete them within this year. Through the projects realised in the last two years in Shkoder city, nearly 40% of the main roads have been rehabilitated.
/s.sh./sm/ – 2001-11-02

Low water flows in lake of Vau i Dejes hydro power station

SHKODER, Nov 2 (ATA) – By M. Malja / The water flows in the lake of Vau i Dejes hydro power station (Shkoder) are amid the lowest over the last years as a result of a prolonged draught and high temperatures. The engineer of command hall Silva Guga told that “on Friday morning the flows in the lake of hydro power station are 80 cubic meters a second in comparison to 320 cubic meters a second the flows in this lake have been for many years”. According to her, as a result of the drastic fall of flows the water level in this lake has reached 74 meters above the sea level as compared to 76 meters its maximal quota is. Sources from prefecture announce that construction of Bushati hydro power station will start by the middle of November through a credit worth US$ 140 million allocated by the Chinese government. This new work with a power of 350 million kilowatt/ hour a year is envisaged to be completed within three years.
/s.sh/sm/ – 2001-11-02

Govt. approves decision “On ceiling prices of electric power sale for family and non family consumers”

TIRANE, Nov 2 (ATA)- The Albanian Government on Friday approved the decision “on ceiling prices of electric power sale for family and non family consumers”. Participants at the meeting agreed to adopt the draft introduced by the Albanian Power Generation and Distribution Firm for a double tariff increase of electricity prices versus other proposals for liberalisation of the electric power price. This system does not affect mass consumers who normally consume 300 kilowatt/ hour of electricity per month. The price on normal consumption of electric power worth 300 kilowatt/hour will remain the same. The price of electricity consumed over 300 kilowatt/hour will be 8 lek. Special establishments, such as bakeries, pumping stations and religious subjects will pay 6 lek for Kilowatt/hour. This decision will mainly affect consumers in towns where power consumtion is higher but where there is possibility of using liquid gas. This tariff system will stimulate family consumers to rationally use electric power and will create appropriate financial and economic conditions to attract foreign investments to build new sources to encourage domestic electric power production. This decision also aims to reduce and eliminate state subsidies for the import of electric power. This decision will be implemented by Electricity Regulation Enterprise, Power Generation and Distribution Firm, “Elektriku Elbasan”, “Elektriku Vlore” and “SESA Shkoder”.
— /Ani/dori/so/lm/ – 2001-11-02

Luçie Miloti awarded “Great Master of Labour”

TIRANE, Nov 2 (ATA) – By Kristi Pinderi/
The renowned singer of folk music Lucie Miloti was awarded the title “Great Master of Labour” in a ceremony hosted by the Theatre of Opera and Ballet in Tirana on Friday. Attending the ceremony were senior authorities of Albanian music and President of the Republic Rexhep Meidani who also awarded the prize to the popular singer of the Albanian music.
The Theatre of Opera and Ballet, in cooperation with the State Ensemble staged a mini-concert with artists of the Ensemble of Folk Songs and Dances as well as a mini exhibition with photos of Luçie Miloti. Luçie Miloti is awarded the “Great Master of Labour” following the title Merited Artist.
— /era/elle/so/ – 2001-11-02

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