N E W S – 2002


N E W S – Januar 2002

On duty on New Year’s night

SHKODER, Jan 1 (ATA)- By M.Malja, While many inhabitants of Shkodra celebrated the New Year with their families, there were many others who continued their work in many institutions of this district. Hence, work was not interrupted even for a moment in the hydro-power stations of Vau i Dejes and Koman, set up on Drin River cascade. The Vau i Dejes hydro- power station produced 5.1 million kWh electric power. While the hydro-power station in Koman produced 10 million kWh electric power.
/s.sh./so/ — 2002-01-01

Velipoje road begins tomorrow

SHKODER, Jan 2 (ATA)-By M. Nalja, The second stage of works for the full rehabilitation of the Shkoder-Velipoje road, through an investment of 200 million lek by the Albanian government, begins tomorrow. According to the responsible for the office of investments in the prefecture, Zef Fistani, this stage includes works on 14 kilometers, from the bridge of Ded Gjon Luli to the Velipoje beach. The first stage of works on this road, 27 km long, ended last year through an investment of 200 million lek by the Albanian government. The same firm completed them at a length of 13 km. of the road in six months. The full reconstruction of this segment will influence in facilitating the circulation of vehicles, especially during the summer, when traffic is heavy due to the numerous vacationists in the Velipoje beach. According to the same source, the rehabilitation of Shkoder-Murriqan road begins in January, 11 km long, through a fund of 40 million lek from the state budget.
/s.sh/lm/ — 2002-01-02

State and private institutions resume activity in Shkoder

SHKODER, Jan 3 (ata) – After two days off, all state and private institutions in Shkoder resumed their activity for the year 2002. Along with the state institutions, all shopping units and two private markets opened today as well. Sources from the statistic office of the municipality report that “differently from the recent days of the past year where there was a slight price rise in fruits and vegetable, today there was a fall of these prices up to 30 percent. Since early this morning, hundreds of Albanian emigrants from the city and countryside hurried to travel agencies to buy tickets to return to Italy, Greece, Britain, countries where they work and live. Sources from the prefecture report that over 3500 Albanian emigrants from Shkoder returned home for New Year.
/dori/xh/ — 2002-01-03

Work for construction of Lezhe-Shkoder road resumed in Shkoder

SHKODER, Jan. 3 (ata) – By M Malja: Work for the construction of Lezhe-Shkoder road segment resumed in the first days of 2002. This segment is 29, 6 km long and is being built with money from the state budget, worth 1.2 billion lek, and it is part of North-South road. The chief of the office of investments in the Prefecture of Shkoder, Zef Fistani, told ATA that this financing will also be used for the construction of Lezhe-Shkoder road segment. According to the project made by the Albanian Ministry of Transports, the other road segment Balldre-Shkoder will be realized by the Italian construction firm Falcione. It envisages the construction of four big works of art, extension of the existing road from 7 to 9.5 meters and the construction of about 16 km new road. The work in this road is planned to be over after 24 months. In the mean time, the road segment Fushe Kruje-Lezhe has been finished, while two bridges over Mat and Drin river are not yet completed. The construction of this road will shorten the Shkoder-Tirane distance and will improve considerably the fast movement of vehicles. /dori/xh/

Rehabilitation of road Shkoder-Muriqan to start soon

SHKODER, January 4 (ATA)- By M. Malja The operations for rehabilitation of the road Shkoder-Muriqan will start soon. The chief of investments office in prefecture of Shkoder Zef Fistani told ATA that for rehabilitation of the road Shkoder-Muriqan 11 km long the Albanian government has allocated 40 million lek. According to him, all the procedures have already completed and a tender is expected to be held for declaring the winning firm to engage in the operations for rehabilitation of this road-segment that links Shkodra with Montenegro. The project for rehabilitation of this road-axis forecasts its extension from 4 m to 7 m, construction of several works of art as well as its surfacing with asphalt. According to sources from prefecture, the operations in this facility will complete within the year 2002. In the meantime the work for rehabilitation of the road-segment Shkoder-Velipoje 14 km long started yesterday through a fund worth 200 million lek out of the state budget. The complete rehabilitation of this road by the end of June this year is expected to develop the tourism in the area of Velipoja beach.
/s.s./sm/ — 2002-01-04

Sport: Soccer: Vllaznia team to depart for Turkey tomorrow

SHKODER, January 4 (ATA)- By M. Malja Tomorrow (on Saturday) the champion team of Vllaznia (Shkoder) will travel towards Turkey. Sources from Shkodra club announce that the team will stay in the city of Istanbul for two weeks in order to carry out the preliminary phase on eve of the second tour of Cup of Albania and the second phase of national championship. Since several days ago Astrit Hafizi has been appointed the coach of Vllaznia substituting in this duty Neptun Bajko after his resignation in the last match against Dinamo where the red and blues suffered a second loss. As a result of the unsatisfactory performance over the first phase, the chairmen of the club and president Cela have attracted several qualitative players who are thought to strengthen the game of the champion team. The coming of these soccer players will increase the competition to be included in the base formation, will influence on the game quality and above all on achievement of positive results in the second phase of the championship and Cup of Albania.
/A.KE/sm/ — 2002-01-04

Freezing temperatures make movement in Prefecture of Shkodra difficult

SHKODRA, Jan 6 (ata) – By M Malja: Recently, the movement of vehicles in the Prefecture of Shkoder has become more difficult because of the freezing temperatures. According to the secretary general of the prefecture, Sokol Haliti, the low temperatures went as low as -20 degrees Celsius, blocking some main roads. Passable roads at present are the road segments linking Shkodra with Koman and Puka, and those connecting Fushe Arrez with Mirdita and Kukes.
/s.sh/dori/xh/ — 2002-01-06

Grave situation in respect of food supply for mountainous areas of Shkodra

Shkodra, January 7, (ATA) -by M.Malja- In the remote mountainous areas of Shkoder Prefecture the situation has been aggravated in respect of the supply of the inhabitants of these areas with food articles. The prefect of Shkodra Gjergj Liqejza told to the ATA that ‘the most difficult problem is the supply with food of the mountainous commune of Kelmend, where the thickness of snow has reached 2 metres. All the roads linking the villages of these commune have been closed down”. The snow that has fallen during the last three weeks has been turned to frost in the main road of Kelmendi, forming an unseen thickness of ice in this place which has made impossible even the movement of the vehicles with chains in their wheels. As a consequence there has been created a difficult situation for about 6 thousand inhabitants of this commune. The main concern remains the supply with food stuff. There have began to be felt shortages in the supply with foodstuff of the inhabitants of some villages of this commune. KFOR helicopters stationed in our country have been monitoring the area since two days to determine the possible landing places so that they can deliver about 35 tons of aid of the Albanian Red Cross for the inhabitants of Kelmend and Dukagjin, areas closed down by snow since three weeks. The situation is difficult even in Fierza, Iballa and Blerim of Puka area which have been closed down of snow-fall since a month ago. The representative of the Prefecture Fadil Coba said that “it is urgent the dispatch of food aid to the inhabitants of these communes”. About two weeks ago, an helicopter of KFOR sent a quantity of goods to the inhabitants of the most remote commune, that of Iballa. The Albanian government has allocated a fund of 34 million leke, that will be used for the supply of these mountainous areas. In respect of the supply with electric energy, the supply of Puka was made possible only three days ago and today it was carried out the repairement of the middle tension line. But work goes on for the repairement of the electric lines of the villages Luf, Qerret, Qelez. Coba said that these villages be supplied with electric energy in a mater of three days. Local police made known that the improvement of the weather has made possible the workers of the road maintenance enterprise backed by army soldiers keep on their work for opening up of the road Qafe Mali-Fierza, as well as of the rural roads of Shkodra, Puka and Malesia e Madhe. The manager of the road maintenance enterprise of Shkodra Ali Zjarri told to the ATA that “during the last two days on the roads linking Hani i Hotit to Tamara, Mes-Shllak and Shkoder-Muri i Turkut there have been thrown 8.5 tons of scoria”.
/dori/p.s./ — 2002-01-07

Aid to be delivered to remote communes of Pult and Temal – Shkoder

SHKODER, Jan 8 (ATA) – By M.Malja: Vehicles of Albanian Army, loaded with 7,5 tons of food articles, departed on Tuesday for the two remote communes of Shkoder district, Pult and Temal, blocked with snow since three weeks ago. The prefecture secretary Sokol Halili told ATA that “in the early morning hours, four vehicles of Albanian Army with 7.5 tons of food such as flour, rice, macaroni and others, contingent of a donation of the Italian Caritas and German humanitarian association “Malteser, have departed towards these communes. Two NATO-forces helicopters will fly towards the commune of Vermosh in the midday hours to send food assistance to this commune locals. It is learned that Albanian Red Cross has recently accorded to the remote communes of Shkoder district about 40 tons of food items, which will be distributed in the communes of Vermosh, Pult, Shllak, Temal, Koman and others. Since a month ago the distant mountainous communes of Shkoder district are covered by snow, which goes up to 2 meters. All road axes which link the city of Shkoder with these zones continue to be blocked.
/dori/A.A/ — 2002-01-08

Food aids for areas blocked by snow in Shkoder

SHKODER, Jan 9 (ATA) By M.Malja: Two helicopters of KFOR forces delivered on Wednesday 12 tons of food aids for inhabitants of areas blocked by snow in Shkoder and Malesi e Madhe district. According to the General-Secretary of the prefecture, Sokol Haliti, these aids, mainly flour, olive, rice and macaroni, were sent for the inhabitants of communes of Vermosh (Malesi e Madhe) and of Shala (Shkoder), which have supply difficulties due to the blocking of roads by snow. He stated that “another helicopter of KFOR forces has done reconnaissance flights in remote mountainous areas of Pult and Theth (Shkoder), so that the delivery of the food aids starts even for their inhabitants during the coming days”. The Inspector close to the civil emergency staff in the prefecture, Pellumb Dani, informed that four heavy military vehicles left Wednesday before noon for the commune of Temali (Shkoder) with 4,5 tons of food aids. The previous day, 14 tons of food supplies were delivered in Vermosh and Dukagjin village, by Albanian Red Cross and Italian Caritas. For more than a month, the communes of Vermosh, Pult, Shala, Shoshi, Shllaku, Temali and others, are blocked by snow, which is 1-2 metres thick.
/s.sh/aid/ — 2002-01-09

Some 11 billion lek financed for building of national roads

TIRANA, Jan 12 (ATA) By V.Shalsi: Around 11 billion lek will be invested during the year 2002 for the building of national roads. According to sources from the Ministry of Transport, among the series of roads to be built, repaired, and completed, a part of which has begun last year, 10 road axes stand out, such as Lezhe-Shkoder axis, for which some 4,2 billion lek have been allocated, Morine road which will cost 1,4 billion lek, Velipoja road, 600 million lek, road of Divjaka, 423 million lek and so on. According to the same source, the works in 5 of these roads have begun during the year 2001 and a part of the funds have been extended in Lezhe-Balldren segments, Velipoja and Divjaka road.
/a.gj/aid/ — 2002-01-12

Electricity inspectors cut off 113 unauthorised connections in Shkodra

SHKODER, Jan 12 (ATA)- By M.Malja, Electricity inspectors on midday Saturday cut off nearly 113 unauthorised connections in Shkodra. The chief of this police department in Shkodra Prefecture, Gezim Lahi told ATA that “the action was conducted in “Partizani” and “Skenderbeg” quarter where family and private business consumers were supplied with electric power illegally”. Sources report that this action will be extended in other quarters of the district in the next days. This is the second action undertaken by the electricity inspectors since the beginning of 2002 to avoid cases of power abuses by the town consumers. Some 62 illegal connections were cut off a week ago mainly in bars based on “Ahmet Haxhia”, “13 Dhjetori” and “Ndre Mjeda” streets.
/s.sh/dori/so/ — 2002-01-12

16,5 tons of food stuff aid for Albania’s remote mountain zones

SHKODER, Jan 14 (ata) – By M Malja: About 16,5 tons of other food stuff aid were delivered on Monday in the remote mountain zones of the districts of Shkoder and Malesi e Madhe. The secretary general of the Prefecture of Shkodra, Sokol Haliti, told ATA that 7 other army vehicles made for the north of Albania carrying 16,5 tons of various food items, as aid from the Albanian Government, the World Food Program and Italian Charitas. In the past week, two Albanian army helicopters transported to remote mountain communes, in Vermosh of Malesi e Madhe and Shala in Shkodra district some 26 tons of food stuff. Also last week, when road segments isolated by snow were reopened, nearly 27 tons of food aid was transported by Albanian army means to the communes of Temal, in Shkodra district, Iballe and Fierza in Puka district.
/s.s./xh/ — 2002-01-14

Water flow in lake of Koman hydro-power station drastically reduced

SHKODER, Jan 14 (ATA) By M.Malja: In the last three days, the water flow in lake of Koman hydro-power station has been halved. “The water flow in the lake of this hydro-power station on Monday morning is 115m/cubes of water per second out of 260 m/cubes of water per second that was three days ago”, sources from the hydro-power station told ATA. According to these sources, the average of the flow over the years is 500-600m/cube water per second. The reduction of water flow in this lake due to very low temperatures in north and north-eastern areas of Albania has made the water level reach 168.80 metres above the sea level as compared to 175 metres which is its maximal quota. Sources from the hydro-power station report that, out of three turbines in this hydro-power station, only three of them work in the peak hours of the demand for electric power. Three hydro-power stations have been built on Drin river, that of Vau i Dejes, that of Fierza and that of Koman. The construction of Bushat hydro-power station will start in Shkoder district soon, through the 145 US$ million credit of Chinese government. The works in this construction will last three years. By the end of the works, this construction is forecast to generate 350 million kilowatt/hour of electric energy.
/s.s./aid/ — 2002-01-14

Some 70 tons of aid by Albanian Red Cross for remote areas of Shkoder

SHKODER, Jan 16 (ATA) By M.Malja: Some 70 tons of food aid have been allocated on Wednesday by Albanian Red cross for remote mountain areas of Shkoder Prefecture, blocked by heavy snow falls in the last days of past year and the first days of January. Shkoder Prefect, Gjergj Liqejza, told ATA that this food supply in flour, oil, macaroni, and a quantity of blankets will be immediately distributed for communes of Blerim, Iballe, Qerret in Puka district, Shale, Shosh, Theth in Shkoder district and in Kelmend of Malesi e Madhe. According to him, some 46 tons of food aids have been sent on Tuesday by Albanian military means from the supply basis in Gjader and Melgushe. Sources from the Staff of Civil Emergency in this Prefecture made known that during the last ten days some 180 tons of food aid have been sent in the remote mountainous areas of this Prefecture, allocated by Albanian government, Albanian Red Cross, Italian Caritas, World Food Program and “Maltese” German Humanitarian Association.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-01-16

20 tons of aid transported to two remote mountain communes in Shkoder

SHKODER, Jan 17 (ata) – By M Malja: Two helicopters of KFOR transported on Thursday 20 tons of food aid for the people of the commune of Selca in the district of Malesi e Madhe and Shale of the district of Shkoder. The inspector of the Civil Emergency Staff in this prefecture, Pellumb Dani told ATA that KFOR helicopters made two flights to the remote mountain communes of Selca and Shala, transporting 20 tons of food aid from the Albanian Red Cross. The same source said that on Wednesday too, two KFOR helicopters transported 10 tons of food aid to Melgushe. In the mean time, in the last ten days, heavy means of the army and some helicopters of the Albanian army and KFOR have transported to the remote mountain zones of the districts of Shkodra, Puka and Malesi e Madhe about 180 tons of various food items.
/s.s./xh/ — 2002-01-17

Movement of goods in Hani i Hotit customs point intensified

SHKODER, Jan 18 (ATA) – By M.Mlaja: Movement of goods in and out Hani i Hotit border customs point, Malesia e Madhe district, has substantially increased during January of ongoing year. The director of north region customs, Skender Dizdari, told ATA on Friday that nearly 1200 tons of potatoes, 1500 tons of wheat, 120 thousand liters of oil, 40 tons of bananas as well as other food articles are cleared in the Honi i Hotiti customs point. The same source informs that as against December, 2001, January marks an increase of 60 percent more. Small businessmen who pass through this border point to the markets of Tuzi and Podgorica, Montenegro, are numbered to be about 1000 per day. Dizdari adds that increase of movement of goods through this customs point is due to improvement of conditions, because a 1.1 million EURO fund was utilized last year for total rehabilitation of the customs point building. Hani i Hotit border crossing point was re-opened in February 2001, following sign of an agreement between Albanian and Montenegrin governments.
/s.s/A.A/ — 2002-01-18

Shkoder: There are 36,4 million leks for rehabilitation of four roads

Shkoder, January 21 (ATA)- by M. Malja- The state has allocated about 36,4 million leks for the complete restructuring of four roads of Shkodra town. According to the vice mayor of the town Fatlum Nurja work has already begun in the road “Alqi Kondi”, 730 metres long and according to the respective draft it is foreseen the arrangement of the canal network, its asphalt as well as the instalment of the new lightening network in both ways. Meanwhile, preparations are under way even for the apply of the projects in the streets “Scanderbeg”,”Isa Boletini” and “Artan Camaj”, with a total length of 3,4 km. According to sources of the municipality, the total rehabilitation of these three roads will be completed in august.
/s.sh/dori/vik/p.s./ — 2002-01-21

Co-operation between Albanian, Italian artists should be promoted

TIRANA, Jan 21 (ATA) – By Admirim Domi: The new philosophy of the concert season Allegretto Albania for this year will be “From Albania for Albania”, the newly-appointed director of the Italian Institute of Culture Di Gaspari told a news conference on Monday. At the conference, Di Gaspari familiarized the journalists on the content and novices of this concert season, opened with an inaugural concert of the Neapolitan singer Konsilia Likardi on January 10 in Tirana, and January 11 in the city of Shkoder. According to him fourteen other concerts, where participating will be distinguished artists from Italy, Germany, Spain and Austria, will be held, and he announced as well participation of the world fame artist Uto Ughi. Different from the 2000-2001 period “these Albanian concerts will have objects and subjects”, Maestro Xhani Ciko, artistic direcor of Radio-Television Orchestra said. De Gaspari emphasized the need for a greater co-operation between Albanian and Italian artists not only in the musical field, but even in other artistic fields. As fruit of this co-operation, Shkoder city theatrical troupe is expected to stage one of the best plays of Italian playwright Luigji Pirandelo, which will be realized by an Italian producer in cooperation with the actors of “Migjeni” theatre.
/f.n/vik/A.A/ — 2002-01-21

Water flows in lake of Koman lowest in this 15 last years

SHKODER, January 22 9ata)- By M. Malja The lack of the rain falls has influenced in the decrease of the water flows in the lake of the hydro-power station of Koman (Shkoder). The engineer of the command hall of this hydro-power station, Zamir Alushi, told ATA that, “on Tuesday morning, the water flows in this lake are 28 meters cub per second out of 119 meters cub per second that were a week ago”. According to him, these are the lowest water flows in the last 15 years, if we take into account that the many-years water flows in this period have been 200-300 meters cub per second. As a result, today the water level in the lake of Koman hydro-power station marks 168 meters over the sea level out of 175 meters that it is its maximal quota. Three hydro-power stations are constructed on the cascade of Drini river such as the hydro-power station of Fierza, Vau i Dejes and Koman.
/s.sh/dori/IR/ — 2002-01-22

Soccer: Vllaznia achieves its first victory

SHKODER, January 22 (ata)- By M. Malja Shkodra team has marked the first victory in the friendly matches it is playing in Turkey. After the losses achieved in the first two matches, Vllaznia has achieved its first victory a day ago under the score 1-0 while playing with a second division team of Turkish championship. The team from Shkodra is carrying out its preparation phase in Turkey since more than a week on eve of the beginning of the second tour of Cup of Albania and second phase of national championship.
/A.KE/IR/ — 2002-01-22

Shkoder: No limitations to electric power supply

SHKODER, January 23 (ATA) by M.Malja Since three days now, there are no limitations in electric power supply in the region of Shkoder, Lezha, and Malesi e Madhe. Director of hidro-electric power station of Vau i Dejes, Myzafer Lezha, said for ATA that “power limitations will be put in place only for the purpose of safeguarding transmission apparatuses during the peak hours.” Sources from the prefecture report that, since three days now full capacity production is being carried out in the 67 domestic and foreign firms, which had interrupted production for two weeks. Since two months ago, Shkodra consumers have felt the absence of electric power supply for more than 8 hours a day due to limited rainfalls in the North and North-eastern regions of the country.
/dori/kled/ — 2002-01-23

Shkoder: Second phase of aid distribution in remote areas starts

SHKODER, Jan 24 (ata)- By M. Malja The second phase of the distribution of food aid for the inhabitants of the snow blocked areas in the three districts of Shkoder prefecture started today on Thursday. According to the secretary general of this prefecture, Sokol Haliti, around 12.5 ton of food aid such as oil, flour, macaroni were distributed today in the morning in the communes of Selce (Malesi e madhe) and Shosh (Shkoder). He said that “during this phase which will continue for ten days will be distributed around 100 tons of food aid given by Albanian government as well as 35 tons of other aid by Albanian Red Cross”. Around 200 tons of food aid were distributed with helicopters of KFOR and Albanian military means, during the first phase which lasted two weeks, in the snow blocked areas of Shkoder prefecture. The aid were accorded by Albanian ministry, World Food Program, Albanian Red Cross, Italian Caritas and German humanitarian association “Malteser”.
/s.sh/dori/vik/IR/ — 2002-01-24

Shkoder: Around 100 million lek of investments for Oblika commune

SHKODER, Jan 25 (ATA) By M.Malja: The investments’ fund for the year 2002, allocated by Albanian government and foreign donors for commune of Oblika, around 6 kilometres away from Shkoder, amounts to around 100 million lek. The head of this commune, Beqir Malja, told ATA that “the investments for the current year are seven times higher than a year ago”. According to him, through this financing, five projects will be carried out. The works have started in two of them such as the rehabilitation of eight-year schools in Oblike and Obot. The buildings will be completed by June of the current year. The project for the full rehabilitation of Shkoder-Muriqan road, 15 kilometres long, is expected to start in the coming days.
/s.sh/dori/vik/aid/ — 2002-01-25

Some 340 tons of aid in alimentary supplies distributed in remote areas of Shkoder

Shkoder, Jan 28 (ATA)- By M.Malja, Nearly 340 tons of alimentary supplies have been delivered to inhabitants of remote zones of districts of Shkoder prefecture during the two phases of civil emergency time. The inspector of Civil Emergency Staff close to Shkoder prefecture, Pellumb Dani, told ATA on Monday that the aid was distributed in the remote communes of districts of Shkoder, Puke and Malesia e Madhe. About 43 thousand inhabitants of the remote zones have profited from the contingents of aid. Dani told ATA as well that these supplies, mainly flour, spaghetti, oil, rice, and others, provided by Albanian government, World Food Organization, Italian Caritas, and the German humanitarian association “Maltezer”, were delivered by vehicles of Albanian Army, and with the assistance of KFOR and Albanian Army helicopters. Few days ago, helicopters of the KFOR-led forces and Albanian Army transported 26 tons of alimentary supplies to Vermosh, Malesia e Madhe, and Shale, Shkoder, blocked by the snowfalls. The heavy snowfalls of last year and first January days caused blocking of roads in many communes, located in the mountainous areas of this prefecture.
/s.s/A.A/ — 2002-01-28

Some 20 tons of aid sent to Shosh, Shllak communes in Shkoder

SHKODER, Jan 29 (ATA)-By M. Malja, Around 20 tons of food aid were sent on Tuesday to inhabitants of the villages of Shosh and Shllak communes in Shkoder which are still blocked by snow. The Secretary General of the Prefecture, Sokol Haliti, told ATA that “the aid, mainly in flour, cooking oil, spaghetti, rice and other food items were transported today by midday from the base of Melgush base to the centers of these communes by Albanian army vehicles”. The aid, transported by helicopters of KFOR forces and the Albanian army have been provided by the Albanian government, the Albanian Red Cross, Italian Caritas and German humanitarian association “Malteser”.
/s.sh/dori/lm/ — 2002-01-29

Five Albanian boxers in international tour of Belgrade

TIRANA, Jan 29 (ATA) By A.Ida: Five Albanian boxers will participate in the international tour, to be held in Belgrade from February 1-4. Sources from the Albanian Boxing Federation (ABF), report that the national team is made up of Gavoci, Zeqo and Bushati of Vllaznia and Meta and Dako of Flamurtari team. The coaches of the teams are Zef Gjoni and Ramiz Reka. During the last days, the national team has been trained for this international activity in Shkoder town, where all the optimal conditions have been provided for them. After tour of Belgrade, Albanian boxers will participate in another international activity, the Balkan Championship of Under-21, to be held in Tirana in April.
/A.KE/aid/ — 2002-01-29

Shkoder-Bar, a bilateral cooperation agreement

SHKODER, Jan 30 (ATA)- By M. Malja The municipality of Shkodra city and Bar city (Montenegro), two cities on both sides of the border signed on Wednesday midday in the premises of Shkodra municipality an agreement of cooperation. The agreement signed by the respective Mayors Ormir Rusi and Borisllav Lolovic forecasts the implementation of several projects in the field of tourism, environment, development of cultural and sports activities, opening of exhibitions and organisation of several activities of NGO-s operating in the two cities. Also during the meeting Lolovic presented several projects to be soon implemented such as the functioning of water transportation line Shkoder-Vilpazar (a request of Montenegrin businessmen), the opening of border crossing point of Muriqan which would render possible a more rapid movement of the people and goods on both sides of the border and a joint project for protection and preservation of flora and fauna in Shkodra lake. Shkodra municipality has so far signed co-operation agreements with the Montenegrin cities of Podgorica and Ulqini.
/s.s/dori/vik/sm/ — 2002-01-30

We will cooperate in fields of interest for the region
– Ambassador of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in Tirana states in Shkoder –

SHKODER, Jan 30 (ATA) – By M. Malja: The Ambassador of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to Albania Cafo Kapetanovic, stated on Wednesday in the city of Shkoder that “we will co-operate in all domains of reciprocal interest to help development of the region.” We should now look to the future, in service of peace and integrity, Mr. Kapetanovic stated at the meeting he held with Shkoder Prefect Gjergj Liqejza. Liqejza familiarized Ambassador Kapetanovic with the social-economic status of the three municipalities of the Prefecture, paying a special attention to the inter-border co-operation between Shkoder and Montenegro in many domains. At the meeting with representatives of Shkoder Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Kapetonovic got informed on the resources Shkoder and the surrounding zones have. He paid a special attention to the close co-operation with the Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce on realization of joint projects in the field of tourism, aggr.-food industry, and wood proceesing industry. Shkoder is a northern city of Albania, situated about 120 kilometers away from Tirana.
/s.sh/nela/A.A/ — 2002-01-30

Shkoder: Reconstruction of “Migjeni” theatre completes

SHKODER, Jan 30 (ATA)- By M. Malja Reconstruction of the building of “Migjeni” theatre in the city of Shkodra has completed on Wednesday. Through a fund worth US$ 255 thousand allocated by UNOPS (United Nations Office for Development) through PASART programme and the region of Emilio Romanja in Italy, the local construction firm “Alma” has carried out the rehabilitation operations in the premises of this theatre’s building for more than 6 months. All the up-to-date conditions for a normal development of cultural and artistic activities have been already created in this theatre.
/s.s/dori/vik/sm/ — 2002-01-30

UNOPS to finance US$ 2 million for several projects in Shkodra

SHKODER, Jan 31 (ATA) By M.Malja: The U.N Office for Development (UNOPS), through PASARP program, will finance some US$ 2 million during the year 2002 for the realisation of several projects in various domains in three districts of Shkoder Prefecture. The Prefect of Shkoder, Gjergj Liqejza told ATA that these funds will be utilised for the rehabilitation of the buildings of the dormitories of “Luigj Gurakuqi” University of Shkoder, the construction of some new health centres, some projects on environment, culture and so on. Another fund of US$ 860 thousand will be utilised by “Tuleda” Development Agency, set up 6 months ago, in this city for the crediting of small business. The regional office of UNOPS, which has commenced its activity in Shkoder district last year, has financed through PSASRP program, various projects in the field of education, health, culture and so on. Among the most important projects financed last year are the construction of two eight-year schools in villages of Shelqet and Velipoje Qas, worth US$ 195 thousand, and others. The prefectures of Durres and Vlore have been included in PASARP program of UNOPS.
/s.s/vik/aid/ — 2002-01-31

Police detains two suspects of putting explosive to Vraka bridge

KOPLIK, January 31 (ATA) M.Malja- Thursday evening police detained two persons suspected of putting explosive into Vraka bridge, 8 km away of Koplik. Local police said that they are of Vraka, but their identity is not made known on investigation grounds. The explosion damaged a foot of the bridge. The movement of the vehicles on the bridge linking Shkoder town to Koplik and the border crossing point of Hani i Hotit came to a halt for more than two hours.
/s.sh.rimi/p.s./ — 2002-01-31

Association “Bashkimi”

January 31, 1899, was formed in Shkoder the association “Bashkimi” (Union), which carried out a great work particularly on Albanian language issue, and published 32 books (mainly school texts), Albanian dictionary, an Albanian grammar book, etc.

N E W S – Februar 2002

Shkoder: Some 47 vehicles blocked

SHKODER, Sept 4 (ata)- by M. Malja Police of Shkodra has blocked 47 vehicles during last week with irregularities in documents, mainly products of 1998-2001. The spokeswoman of the directory of Shkodra police told ATA that during the controls exercised in the last three days in the national road axes Shkoder-Tirane, Shkoder-Malesi e Madhe as well as in some of the main roads of the city, were blocked 47 vehicles, mainly products of 1998-2001. According to the same source, almost all the vehicles blocked so far have lacks of documents while some of them had no documents at all. Shkodra police is co-operating closely with Tirana Interpol for the verification of these very expensive vehicles in the countries from which they have come from. Since the beginning of this year, Shkodra police has blocked 145 vehicles of different types for lacks of documents, four of which resulted stolen in Montenegro.
/s.s./IR/ — 2002-09-04

Cooperation agreement between the municipality of Shkodra and the German foundation GTZ

SHKODER, Sept.6 (ata) – By M Malja: The municipality of Shkodra and the German foundation GTZ signed on Friday an agreement of cooperation between them as part of the project of Albanian-German technical cooperation “Modernization of services in the selected partner communes and cities.” The agreement covers the implementation of some projects for the improvement of the infrastructure such as the rehabilitation of the Bazaar garden, some road lighting, etc. The GTZ representative in Albania, Hans Anelfelf, said that “the agreement enables the co-financing of some projects in infrastructure, presentation of the city needs and attraction of foreign donors to fund some other projects such as those in the commune infrastructure.” In the context of this project, two vehicles for public services will arrive in Shkoder soon. The project for the service modernization started a year ago and it includes 7 cities of Albania, such as Elbasan, Korca, Lushnja, Pogradec, etc. Present in the agreement signing ceremony was also the German Ambassador to Tirana, Helmut Schroeder.
/s.s/d.k/xh/ — 2002-09-06

Montenegrin police detains two fishermen from Shkodra

SHKODER, Sept. 6 (ATA) – By M. Malja: Border police of Montenegro detained late on Thursday two nationals from the city of Shkoder who were fishing in the territorial waters of this state in Lake of Shkoder. The news was confirmed to ATA by official sources of local police, according to which the event occurred at about 23:00hrs in the lake, in vicinity of the village of Zogaj, about 9 kilometers away from the city. The two nationals are accused of violation of borders and illegal fishing, while experts from both countries are casrryign on respective investigations.
/s.s/d.k/vik/A.A/ — 2002-09-06

Shkoder: The second Fair “Shkodra artisanship” opened

SHKODER, September 9 (ATA)- by M. Malja- At the halls of “Rozafa” hotel in Shkoder town in northern Albania there was opened on Monday the second fair “Shkoder artisanship”, organised by “Shkoder intellectual woman” Association in collaboration with Faculty of Economics of “Luigj Gurakuqi” University in Shkoder. In the fair have displayed their works some 100 artisan women from Shkodra, who have returned once again to the tradition of artisan work. In the pavilions of the Fair there were displayed works of the tradition as made by Shkodra women, such as carpets, national costumes as well as works in silver and wood. The chairman of the Association “Shkodra intellectual woman” Zenepe Dibra told to the ATA that the opening of the Fair aims to urge women to get involved in business and to be integrated with dignity in market economy. This is the second fair opened in this district after that opened a year ago with artisan works of Shkodra women.
/s.s./vik/p.s./ — 2002-09-09

Calmer situation in Shkoder prefecture

TIRANE, Sept 24 (ATA)-By E. Kaci, The Ministry of Local Government and Decentralisation reported on 17.30 that “weather has improved and situation appears to improve a little”. The Commando troops in Shkoder district are working to repair the dam of Gjader river on the two damaged sides. The prefecture has sent a scraper of the Water department although the situation largely depends on rains. The Shkoder prefecture has presented requests for food and clothing.
f.n/vik/lm/ — 2002-09-24

Situation in Shkodra going towards normality – ministry report

TIRANE, Sept.24 (ata) – The Albanian Local Government and Decentralization Ministry reports through a press release that the situation in the region of Shkodra is going towards normality because of the level of water falling and no heavy rains. The report says that work is going on to re-establish the traffic on Shkoder-Lezha road, which in the segment of Torovica is functioning already without problems. Measures are underway to ensure food for the evacuated people, and an estimation will be made today for the damage caused throughout the region. The Ministry reports that ‘actually there are no problems of emergency and work is going on to re-link some of the damaged roads between the city of Shkodra and the commune of Velipoja, Pult, etc., while the commune of Hajmel remains without connection with Shkodra by road due to the damage on the bridge.
/k.h/f.n/+/vik/xh/ — 2002-09-24

Shkoder: 10 trucks with humanitarian aid from Italian government

SHKODER, Sept. 26 /ATA-M.Malja/ – About 10 trucks with humanitarian aid for inhabitants of inundated areas, due to last days rainfalls, arrived in Shkodra prefecture on Thursday. Sources from Emergency Staff in this prefecture said to Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATA) that aid coming from Italy transported by KFOR vehicles installed in Albania contain food, tents, blanket and other items. According to this office, this aid is distributed to inhabitants of most affected areas by floods, such as Hajmel, Vig, Velipoje, Bushat. Aid coming by Greece was dispatched in Shkoder on Wednesday and contained tents, blankets, food and other items. Humanitarian aid containing mainly food has been distributed by Italian Caritas and Norwegian foundation “The Door” to inhabitants of Vig, Hajmel and to inhabitants of two quarters in Vau i Dejes.
/s.s/vik/E.H/ — 2002-09-26

Grave situation created by floods in Lac, Lezhe, Shkoder

TIRANE, Sept 26 (ATA)-By E.Xhajanka .- The same grave situation caused by floods continued this morning in Lac, Mamurras, Lezhe and Shkoder. According to sources from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, rain falls continued overnight in Lezhe. The pumping stations have not helped improve the situation because of the high level of waters. In the district of Lac, the pumping stations are working normally and there has been no shortage of electricity. The same grave situation continues in the town of Shkoder where continued rains have flooded farmlands. Sources from the Agricultural Department explain that evacuation of inhabitants from the endangered zones continues.
/a.gj/lm/ — 2002-09-26

30 families evacuated in Nel e Vogël village of Shkodër

SHKODER, 26 Sep /ATA/ by M. Malja – As a result of the last night falls 30 families were evacuated from the village Nel i Vogël, nearly 35 km from Shkodra city. Sources from the Prefecture said to ATA that after the last night rains and the damage of a mountainous barrier in the vicinity of this village, the army forces and those of local police evacuated 30 families of this village that were in danger. They were sheltered in safer areas near village Naraç by their relatives. According to the sources, since yesterday army forces are working to throw concrete blocks in order to protect the damaged barrier and to avoid the demolishing of the houses. The sources said that today situation has improved due to the stop of the falls. At the Emergency Staff are arriving already the preventives of the damages in 7 communes and 1 municipality of this district, flooded by the recent falls.
/d.k/Il.B. — 2002-09-26

The situation in Shkodra prefecture aggravated

TIRANE, Sept 26. (ATA) – Ministry of Local Government and Decentralisation said to ATA that the situation in Shkoder prefecture, in the enbankment of Gjader river as well, is still aggravated, threating further innundation of Zadrima zone. Meanwhile the Irrigation Department, department of Road Maintance and the army units are working to install protective elements.
/a.b/f.n/ Ad.Ab./ — 2002-09-26

Water flows in the Vau i Dejës lake of Shkodra increases

SHKODER, 26 Sep /ATA/ by M.Malja – In the lake of Vau i Dejës HEC the lateral water flows have increased due to the recent torrential falls. Technician of the shift, Ymer Qosja, said to ATA that at midday of Thirsday the water flows in this lake have reached 750 cubic metres per second out of 650 cubic metres per second the previos day. As a result, he said that the water level shows 75.52 metres above the sea level, out of 76 metres that represents its maximum kuota. Under these conditions due to the increase of the lateral flows, to keep the situation under control, at the midday of Thirsday, one of the gates of this HEC was opened from where are discharged around 270 cubic metres per second. It is reported that the four turbines of this work are in full capacity producing 4.8 millions kw/h energy daily.
/s.sh/d.k/Il.B. — 2002-09-26

Situation in Shkodra improving

SHKODER, Sept 30 (ATA) – By M. Malja – After rain falls interruption, the situation in Shkodra prefecture is improving. Prefect of Shkodra Gjergj Liqejza said to ATA that situation in seven communes an two quarters of municipality of Vau i Dejes are under control. According to Liqejza, in communes of Hajmel, Vig, Bushat Velipoje, is being estimated the damages evaluation. Army forces and specialists are still keeping working to repair some arts work damaged in zone of Mnel Vig. The attention of local bodies is actually concentrated in repairing of electrical network damages, water supply systems, rural roads etc.
/s.s/Ad.Ab./ — 2002-09-30

N E W S – March 2002

Shkoder: Uncovered crimes 17% higher than one year ago

SHKODER, March 4 (ATA)- By M. Malja Over the first two months, the figure of uncovered crimes committed in Shkoder is 17% higher than the same period last year. Adriatik Ago, deputy/director of local police told a news conference on Monday that the last two months record 40 penal offences when 92% of them has been uncovered. “Police has concentrated attention on detainment of people declared wanted for grave penal acts and so far 13 of them have been arrested”, Ago pointed out. In addition he said that police has intensified fight against trafficking and smuggling. “Over these two months, they have substantially reduced”, Ago said. Also, according to deputy/director of Shkodra police, the road police has made a good performance for checking of road traffic especially in the city. “For this, we have taken measures such as blocking of vehicles in cases of traffic rules violation or lack of documents” he said adding that ” some 140 various vehicles have been blocked until now.” According to Ago, even in the future, police will focus on prevention of organised crime, fight against traffics as well as a better management of public order situation throughout Shkodra district.
/s.sh/rimi/dori/sm/ — 2002-03-04

Electricity inspectors cut off 105 unauthorized connections in Shkodra

SHKODER, March 5 (ATA)- By M.Malja, Electricity inspectors cut off nearly 105 unauthorized power connections in different quarters of the city of Shkodra during the last days. The chief of this police department in Shkodra Prefecture, Gezim Lahi told ATA that “since the beginning of the current year electricity inspectors in co-operation with the electric branch-office of the district has cut off nearly 408 unauthorized connections, the major part of which in the bars and restaurants of the city. Whereas, during 2001 there were cut off nearly 4000 illegal electric connections and there were put nearly 1300 fines to the consumers who used to abuse with electric power. Sources from the electric branch-office of the district made known that, a problem remains the cashing’ level for the consumed power that is nearly 25% in this city, out of 42% that was this figure last December.
/s.sh./dori/IR/ — 2002-03-05

Shkoder: Worth 40 million lek for rehabilitation of 4 water-supply networks

SHKODER, March 7 (ata)- By M. Malja Nearly 40 million lek are accorded by Austrian government for the total rehabilitation of four water-supply networks in the commune of Kastrat in the district of Malesi e Madhe. The representative of the Prefecture in this district Tom Curri told that, “after the study and projecting of these water-supply networks from the specialists of the water-supply network enterprise, is expected to start soon the work for the rehabilitation of the water-supply networks in the villages Budic, Goraj, Vrith and Arren”. According to him, with the completion of the works to last nearly 2 years will be supplied with sufficient water nearly 3900 inhabitants of these mountainous villages who have faced the lack of water, especially during summer. During last year the English association “Cafod” financed USD worth 5 thousand for the rehabilitation of the water supply network of Kolaj village. Whereas, during the current year with the fund of 18 thousand lek accorded by state budget will be constructed two new water-supply networks in the villages Dedaj and Vermosh.
/s.s./IR/ — 2002-03-07

Women painters open exhibition in Shkoder

SHKODER, March 7 (ATA) – By M. Malaj: Seven painters from the city of Shkoder opened Thursday an exhibition in the venues of the Gallery of Arts of this city. Their best paintings are exhibited in the show. The outstanding Shkoder painter Ikbal Spahia stated that “the thematic of the works was the figure of women, but portraits, quiet natures and other paintings were present as well.” Among the best works were listed the portrait of Malesore (country woman), Autumn, and others. This is the second exhibition opened in the city of Shkoder since the beginning of this year.
/s.s/dori/A.A/ — 2002-03-07

Shkoder, Montenegrin police cooperate against traffics

SHKODER, March 8 (ATA)- By M.Malja, The police of Shkoder and Montenegro will intensify the joint fight against traffics and contraband. This issue was addressed at the Directorate of Shkoder Region Police on Friday with leaders on Podgorica police. The head of Shkoder police and his counterpart from Podgorica emphasized that cooperation, started two years ago between the neighboring police forces, has achieved positive results in fight against trafficking and contraband on Albanian-Montenegrin border. They highlighted the notable reduction of trafficking cases, especially of women trafficking, registered in 2001 as against 1998. “This is the result of the intensification of the joint fight on the both sides of the border and exchange of mutual information for this purpose.” Actions have been taken to hit also vehicles’ smuggling and other kinds of contraband. The two police leaders agreed that this interregional cooperation experience should deepen. Priority will be given to practical action to prevent trafficking attempts on both sides of the border. This activity aims to increase operative performance efficiency to uncover and identify all elements involved in these traffics. Two years ago, Shkoder and Podgorice police structures signed a cooperation agreement on fight against traffics on both sides of the border.
/Ani/dori/so/ — 2002-03-08

Speed-boat blocked in Koplik

MALESI E MADHE, March 9 (ATA)-By M. Malja, The Malesi e Madhe police, in cooperation with the border police forces on Saturday, blocked a big speedboat on the shores of Shkoder lake. Offical sources from local police told ATA that “the operation to block this speed-boat, around 12 meters long, and two motors, was carried out early today”. The speed-boat was found hidden in the willows near the lake and, according to police, it was thought to be used for various traffics on the Shkoder lake. Also, the local police took three persons from the zone to the police station as suspected of being related to the users of the speed-boat.
/dori/lm/– 2002-03-09

Shkoder, town where first musical band was born

SHKODER, March 10 (ATA)-By M. Malja, Shkoder is the first town where the first musical band was created in Albania. It was precisely in 1878, the year of the creation of the League of Prizren, when the first musical band was created in Shkoder.
/s.s/lm/ — 2002-03-10

Shkoder: Muriqan customs, ready for reconstruction

SHKODER, March 11 (ATA)- By M. Malja Murriqan customs, 15 km away from Shkoder city, is to undergo the process of reconstruction. Mayor of Ana e Malit commune Beqir Malaj, said to ATA that “through a fund allocated by General Customs Department, the former-building of border guard check- point will turn in a customs office soon.” According to him, this two-storey building will be rehabilitated by creating suitable premises for a customs point. “Rehabilitation of this building, said Malaj, will complete within this year.” Reconstruction of customs office is in continuation of rehabilitation of this border zone’s infrastructure. According to Malaj, through a fund worth 74,8 million lek out of the state budget, rehabilitation of Shkoder-Muriqan road 15 km long will start in April. Opening of Muriqan customs point will shorten the distance between Shkodra and Ulqini to 30 km in comparison to 100 km needed to go through Hani i Hotit and will encourage inter-frontier links between these areas. Muriqan crossing border point was closed in 1948. Opening of this point has been requested several times by Albanian government. Also during a meeting held with representatives of Montenegrin government in Bajze by December, last year on occasion of re-opening of international railway line Bajze-Montenegro, former-premier Ilir Meta asked the opening of this point.
/s.s/dori/sm/ — 2002-03-11

Shkoder: Construction police demolishes 85 unauthorised constructions

SHKODER, March 13 (ATA) By M.Malja: Construction police demolished on Wednesday some 85 unauthorised constructions in Shkoder town. The head of tax police in Shkoder Prefecture, Ilir Gila, stated for ATA that during the action, some unauthorised constructions were demolished, 20 of which were made of stone, two two-storey buildings, one of which still unfinished. According to sources from construction police, during this action, which was supported even by the police, no problem arose with their owners. The premises which had been taken by unauthorised constructions will turn to green areas through UNOPS financing. During last year, construction police demolished 103 unauthorised constructions in Shkoder. Sources from the prefecture reported that, during the coming days, such constructions will be demolished also in several Shkoder neighbourhoods.
/s.s/dori/aid/ — 2002-03-13

Minister Xhuveli asks all citizens’ contribution to environmental protection in Shkoder

SHKODER, March 13 (ATA)-By M. Malja, Minister of Environment Lufter Xhuveli stressed in Shkoder on Wednesday the indispensability of protecting the environment by all citizens. “We as a government, the local government, various associations and others, should provide a great contribution by sensitizing and proposing measures to monitor the situation of the environment as a whole in the region of Shkoder, especially of the Lake of Shkoder,” said Xhuveli. He said that this is one of the reasons “we are cooperating today with the NGOs which have very serious projects on environmental protection”. During his meetings today in the town of Shkoder, Xhuveli met with leading officials of the university, the NGOs, as well as with the Mayor of Shkoder, Ormir Rusi, and Governor Gjergj Liqejza. The latter asked to intervene in the town to build a short and long term strategy with the aim to preserve the environment, especially at tourist spots. The Ministry of Environement was also asked to demand from the government to give the status of National Park to the Shkoder Lake.
/art/dori/lm/a.a/ — 2002-03-13

January – February: Taxes-Levies office in Shkodra encases 17,2 million lek more incomes

SHKODER, March 13 (ATA)- By M. Malja Shkodra’s tax officials have surpassed incomes of first two-month period this year by 17,2 million lek. Chairman of district’s taxes-levies office Gjok Miri said to ATA that “although the plan of this year is 70% higher than that of last year, incomes of period January – February were realized to the extent of 101%.” Some 1057 private subjects have been so far registered close to district’s taxes-levies office as compared to 810 the same period last year. According to Miri, attention of taxes-levies office in this period is concentrated on registration of all private subjects that exercise their activity in Shkodra district and avoid fiscal obligations. Until the end of March they aim that the number of registered subjects reach 1200. Sources from the finance office of this branch announce that during the two-month period all indicators such as VAT, excise incomes, small business and so on have been realized.
/Ani/dori/sm/ — 2002-03-13

Northern Albania as seen by an American
Show-room by photographer Stanley Sheerer

TIRANA, March 14 (ATA)- by Klotilda Harka- Images, professionals, workers, businessmen, scholars, politicians, students and farmers were the characters from Northern Albania fixed in the celluloid by the American photographer Stanley Sheerer. All his pictures were displayed in his personal show-room at the Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana. There were 60 photos which were taken in 1994 during a visit of his in Northern Albania. Then he stayed in Shkoder town and in the surrounding areas. His pictures bring the similarity of the common life of the people in these areas with Massachusetts in the States where he lives. The opening ceremony of the show-room was attended by distinguished personalities of the Albanian culture. The author was absent, but the US ambassador to Tirana Joseph Limprecht greeted the participants by saying that “it is the first time Albania is seen with the eyes of an American, bringing about the impressions that the foreigners create each time they visit Albania”. Ambassador Limprecht said further on that this exhibition follows that of the gifted Albanian photographer Pirro Nace entitled “New York as seen by the eyes of an Albanian”. The black and white technique made use of the American photographer Stanley Sheerer which contains in itself the modern and classical was very easily interpreted artistically. The author has also written two books entitled “May your children live long” and “A portrait of Malesia e Madhe” in which he collects all his impressions. He writes among other things “that in spite of the notable distinctions, there are impressive the similarities that exist between people who till the land in the US and in Northern Albania. The exhibition suggests several common topics in the lives of the Albanian and American families of the village, which i did have the privilege to observe as a photographer and traveller”, Sheerer underlines in his books. The exhibition is expected to stay open to the public of the capital for ten days. And then from 1-10 April it will be transferred to the halls of Shkodra University, in Northern Albania.
/f.n/p.s./ — 2002-03-14

State budget provides 80 million lek to build new training center

SHKODER, March 21 (ATA)- By M.Malja, The state budget has provided a fund worth 80 million lek to build the new professional training center in Shkoder district. The Director of the Labor Office in this town, Pavllo Jako, told ATA that “the project has been already drafted and local structures are working to define the site where the center will be set up, which will be a contemporary facility to train young staff not only from Shkodra but from other northern and northeastern districts as well.” According to Jako, works in this center are scheduled to begin soon and will end within 2002. Jako adds that this center will offer the inhabitants from Shkodra and other northern areas more opportunities to study and qualify in various professions, because the labor market requires qualified staff. This center will provide courses on different domains as well as certificates which will facilitate employment in private or state run companies or setting up own businesses. The establishment of professional training centers is part of the strategy of government to reduce unemployment in the country.
/s.s/vik/so/ — 2002-03-21

Shkoder: UNOPS finances US$ 2,3 million for several projects

SHKODER, March 22 (ATA) By M.Malja: The U.N Office of Projects and Services (UNOPS), through PASARP program, will invest US$ 2,3 million for some projects in the three districts of Shkoder Prefecture during 2002-2003 period. Sources from the prefecture made known for ATA that for the coming year, a series of projects will be implemented in economy, education, environment, culture, health and so on. Around US$ 865 thousand, according to the same sources will be utilised by the agency for development “Toleda”, which will extend credit for the development of small business in such fields as agro-processing industry, construction, clothing and so on. The second stage of investments will continue with the rehabilitation of the dormitory of “Luigj Gurakuqi” University, that of Cas-Velipoje eight-year school, library in Fushe-Arrez, the library of photographs “Marubi” and so on. Whereas, in order to lessen the damage in touristic site of Velipoja, the setting up of an accumulation and processing centre of urban wastes and the invigoration of life in the entrance of Shkoder, some US$ 329 million have been earmarked. The rest of the fund is destined for the construction of three health centres in Vau i Dejes, Fuzhe-Arrez and Malesi e Madhe.
/s.sh/s.s/vik/aid/ — 2002-03-22

Electricity inspectors cut off 210 unauthorized connections in Shkodra

SHKODER, March 22 (ATA)- By M.Malja, Electricity inspectors cut off nearly 210 unauthorized power connections in Shkodra the last two days. The chief of this police department in Shkodra Prefecture, Gezim Lahi told ATA that “the action was conducted in “Qemal Stafa”, “Guerrile” and “Partizani” quarter where family and private business consumers were illegally supplied with electric power”. Sources report that this action will be extended in other quarters of the district in the next coming days. This is the forth action undertaken by the electricity inspectors since the beginning of 2002 to avoid cases of power abuses by the town consumers. Some 439 illegal connections were cut off since January-February period, mainly in bars based on “Pashko Vaso”, “13 Dhjetori” and “Ndre Mjeda” streets.
/s.sh/IR/ — 2002-03-22

Shkoder: Albanian and italian art in a painting exhibition

SHKODER, March 25 (ATA)- by M. Malja- A Shkodra painter and an italian one have joined their works of art in a common exhibition opened Monday at the private gallery entitled “Shkodra art” in Shkoder town in northern Albania. There are about 30 works of art from various genres of painting signed by Andi Hila and Pasquale Ursa. The distinguished Shkodra painter Hashim Kruja told to the ATA that “the subjects treated are various, including motifs from the world of children”. The painter and photographer from Shkoder town Andi Hila has taken part in 26 other collective exhibitions of a local and national level. And he has also opened three personal exhibitions in painting and photography. He has displayed a part of his works in Italy, Montenegro, Kosova. The actual exhibition will stay opened for a week.
/dori/p.s./ — 2002-03-25

Shkoder police detained a wanted person

SHKODER, March 25 (ATA)- by M.Malja- The local police of Shkoder town in northern Albania detained Monday in the vicinity of Barbullush village, about 25 km away from the town, a very wanted person charged with murder. Official sources of the local police told to the ATA that “the 42 years old Skender Xhani, resident of the village, was detained by 12.30”. The same sources said that he was declared wanted since the year 2000, after the Court sentenced him in absence with 24 years imprisonment for the murder of two persons a year ago. Xhani was caught while in possession of an automatic rifle. Since the beginning of the year Shkoder police forces have detained 20 persons declared as wanted.
/dori/p.s./ — 2002-03-25

Shkoder: Some US$ 3,2 million of incomes from export

SHKODER, March 27 (ATA)- By M. Malja Some US$ 3.2 million were insured from export during the period January-March 20, this year in district of Shkodra. During this period the firms and various enterprises working for export have increased production by 3,5 % in comparison to the same period last year. According to experts of statistics office in the region “during this period some US$ 3.2 million were insured from export or US$ 600 thousand more than the same period last year.” Production destined for commodities export in this district is insured by 37 local and foreign firms or with joint capital specialized in the field of confection, wood processing, handicraft and so on. The products of these firms are exported to countries such as Italy, Greece, France and so on. Like the previous year, the export of early products of tomato to countries such as Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia and so on is expected to start soon this year as well.
/s.s./sm/ — 2002-03-27

Shkoder: Normal work activity in branch of Savings Banks

Shkoder, March 28 (ATA) by M.Malja Activity in the Savings Bank branch of Shkoder continue regularly. Beside clients depositing their savings, there are also people withdrawing deposits on demand without impediments of any kind. “Safety of deposits as well as the Shkoder culture that doesn’t easily fall prey to rumours are the main influencing factors,” said on Thursday for ATA the branch director Rasim Rukaj. According to the same source, during the day, a reduction in demands for withdrawals of deposits on the part of the clients was evident. Over 7 million lek were deposited in tellers of the branch and four new saving accounts were opened. Sources from the branch report that citizens’ savings are safe. “Meanwhile, all measures have been taken in order to meet clients’ demands on time, by even working overtime,” the sources added. Normal activity was also reported in SB branches of Puke, and Malesi e Madhe.
/s.sh/dori/kled/ — 2002-03-28

Uncompromising fight against organized crime and traffics
Minister of Public Order Stefan Çipa declares in Shkoder

SHKODER, March 29 (ATA)- By M. Malja Performance of state police is concentrated on uncompromising fight against the organized crime on one side and various traffics on the other. Minister of Public Order Stefan Çipa during a meeting held on Friday in Shkoder with chairmen of local police stated that “various traffics which continue to take place through our border crossing points and along the border are harming the image of police’s work.” According to him, the opening of negotiations for signing of stabilization-association agreement with European Union asks consolidation and intensification of police’s work in fight against organized crime and traffics of all kinds. “In order not to permit these phenomena to take dimensions and have serious consequences to society, we ask your maximal commitment to combat criminality with the law’s sternness having as priority its prevention”, stressed minister Çipa. Afterwards Minister of Public Order introduced the newly-appointed director of local police Xhevahir Karaj who substitutes to this duty Pjerin Ndreu who was nominated deputy Director General of State Police a few days ago. /dori/sm/ 2002-03-29

Koplik: Two individuals suspected of trafficking of human beings detained

KOPLIK, March 29 (ATA) By M.Malja: The Police of Malesi e Madhe detained at around Thursday midnight two suspected of trafficking of human beings. According to official sources from the local police, the national Bujar Pepushaj, 32 from the Lepush village of this district and Kole Pepushaj, 19, from Hot village of Bajza commune were detained in Hani i Hotit-Shkoder road axis, around 10 kilometres away from Koplik town. The sources added that, along with two detainees, who were travelling in a car, there was a 16-year old girl from Podgorica (Montenegro). According to the police, the 16-year old had entered Albania illegally, crossing Shkoder lake, with the help of two Albanian nationals, who would later traffic her to Italy and draw profits from her. Since the beginning of the current year, this is the third case that the police of this district detains foreign nationals who enter Albania through Shkoder lake. During January-February period, 4 prostitutes from Romania and Moldavia have been detained, and the two individuals who accompanied them.
/dori/vik/aid/IR/ — 2002-03-29

N E W S – April 2002

Shkoder town will be supplied with energy non-stop

SHKODER, April 4 (ATA)- by M. Malja- The industrial area of Shkoder town, in which there is focused most of the native and foreign business, will be supplied with electric energy 24 hours a day. A project of the municipality and Albanian Power Corporation as well as of the businesses will make possible that beginning from Monday and onwards, work should start for a new line of 20 kilowatt with a length of 4.5 km. A single fibre will make possible the line be supplied non-stop in a straightforward way from the station. The electric Cabins due to be set up in this area will not be allowed to be subject of any person’s intervention. Sources close to the municipality made known to the ATA that the aim of the project was to come to the aid of the business established in the industrial area.”To put the project in place the municipality has collected a fund of 15 million lek on the new cable system, Albanian Power Corporation will provide 13 million lek, while the businessmen themselves have paid 45 million lek to this joint community of interests. The deputy mayor Fatlum Nurja said that after the project will be finished, a period expected to be 60 days, the supply with electric energy of the businesses in this area will be made for 24 hours a day. The industrial area of the town has been short of electric energy supplied not only during restricted periods, but even more. This has influenced negatively to the producing and trade activity of 37 businesses concentrated in the area.
/s.sh/dori/p.s./ — 2002-04-04

Shkoder: 429 illegal electric links cut

SHKODER, April 6 (ATA)- by M. Malja- Local electric police units of Shkoder town cut recently about 429 illegal electric links in some of the quarters of the town. Police chief Gezim Lahi told to the ATA that such links were cut in the quarters “Fahri Ramadani”,”Qemal Stafa”,”Guerrilje” and “Salo Halili”. The previous controls had brought to light the fact that several families and private subjects got electric energy in an illegal way. According to him, in collaboration with the electric branch of the district, this police operation will proceed even in the quarters “Partizani”, “Scanderbey” and “Manush Alimani” where there have been observed cases of misuse of electric energy through double links. Since the beginning of the year, this is the forth action undertaken by electric police in Shkoder town, aiming to do away with the abuses to electric energy. During the first two months there were interrupted 641 illegal links, mainly in the service bars located in several streets of the town like “13 dhjetori” and “Ndre Mjeda”. While during March it was interrupted the supply with electric energy for 2500 private and family consumers, that had not paid back the bills toward Albanian Power Corporation since the year 1997. This influenced to the increase of the level of cashing four times more as compared to February. There were cashed 27 million leks to the funds of the electric branch.
/s.sh./p.s./ — 2002-04-06

International railway station of Bajza commences work

KOPLIK, April 13 (ATA) By M.Malja: Railway station of Bajza in Malesi e Madhe district, resumes work after 10 years. The regional director of railways for northern sector, Kujtim Vucini, told ATA that “some 150 tons of liquid gas, a cargo of a private enterprise in Tirana arrived these days from the International Station of Podgorica in Montenegro in the railway station of Bajza”. This is the first cargo of private enterprises which passes through the international railway line. Vucini stated that “now Albanian railway is ready to serve private and state subjects by transporting different goods in the international station of Bajza at any time”. In the end of December 2001, the full rehabilitation of the international station of Bajza ended through the 25 million lek fund, allocated by the state budget. Whereas, for the current year, Albanian government has allocated some 320 million lek for the rehabilitation of Shkodra-Bajza segment. A segment of this line from Shkodra to Grizha, 10 kilometres long was totally damaged during the riots of March 97, and the rails of this railway were sold in Montenegro. The works in this road segment are forecast to end within the current year. By the end of the works, this segment will be connected with other parts of Albanian railway. In a meeting held between the General Directorates of Albania and Montenegro, in December last year, it was decided that the transport of passengers commences soon through the international railway line. Shkoder-Hani i Hotit line was built in 1985.It is the only railway which links Albania with Montenegro and Europe.
/s.s/dori/aid/ — 2002-04-13

First International professional boxing match to take place soon

SHKODER, April 13 (ATA)- By M.Malja, The big match of professional boxing between Besnik Gjetja, Shkodra, and Dragon Djurickovic, Montenegro, (Podgorica), will take place in the sports palace “Qazim Dervishi” in Shkodra on Sunday. This is the first time a similar event takes place in Albania. Gjetja has exercised boxing in Italy since 1995 where he has contested three matches, winning two and loosing one. He interrupted this activity for several years after coming back to SHkodra, but with the improvement of professional boxing conditions he signed a contract to contest this match. Djurickovic exercises professional boxing since seven years. This match will be preceded by another international match between national youth teams of Albania and Montenegro.
/A.KE/so/ — 2002-04-13

Sport: Deserved win of Shkodra boxer Besnik Gjetja

SHKODER, April 14 (ATA)- by M. Malja- On Sunday morning at sport’s Palace “Qazim Dervishi” of Shkodra town it was held the first international boxing-match between Shkodra boxer Besnik Gjetja and the Montenegrin boxer from Podgorica Dragan Gjurickovic, weight up to 85 kilograms. The Albanian boxer Gjetja came out as the winner. Their match was followed with great interest by Shkodra fans, who had filled the palace of sports to encourage boxer Gjetja. But both boxers responded to the great interest with a fine match. It lasted six rounds all very interesting. At the end of the match referee from Montenegro Nicole Aleksic declared Shkodra Boxer Gjetja as the winner with score 2-1. Besnik Gjetja has been fighting in boxing matches in Italy with the sport club “San Dona di Piava” for several years. After his return to Albania Gjetja has been fighting for Vllaznia of Shkoder.
/A.KE/p.s./ — 2002-04-14

Ali Bushati, great master of Albanian volleyball

SHKODER, April 15 (ata) – By M Malja: The renowned Albanian volleyball player Ali Bushati has been assessed as the greatest sport figure of the century in the city of Shkoder, while in Albania he is member of the six-member century group of volleyball. Bushati has played a decisive role in the dignified performances in volleyball of Dinamo in the European Champions Cup and in the games of the Albanian national team in international volleyball matches. Though in retirement age, Bushati continues to work with the sport of volleyball. He directs a young-aged team in volleyball and also is working with a group of specialists to re-create the teams of volleyball in Shkoder.
/a.ke/xh/ — 2002-04-15

World Bank investments to increase in Northern Region – WB regional director

SHKODER, April 15 (ata) – By M Malja: Investments of the World Bank (WB) will increase in the coming three years in the northern region of Albania. This was stated by the World Bank Director for Albania and Regional Coordinator for Southeast Europe Christiaan Poortman in a meeting he had with representatives of the local government of Shkoder on Sunday. Mr Poortman spoke of the projects of the World Bank for the new three years, with priority attached to the regional development of northern Albania, especially in the improvement of the infrastructure, etc. Mr. Poortman was briefed of the implementation of the World Bank project for the improvement of the irrigation in the Nenshkodra zone. For this project the World Bank has accorded a fond of USD12 million. Mr. Poortman focused on the problems linked with the identification of priorities of the intervention of the World Bank beginning with the improvement of the rural road system, sewage, etc. For two years the World Bank is implementing two projects for the improvement of the irrigation network of Shkodra and Malesi e Madhe, with a fund of 21 million dollars. In the mean time, the World Bank has invested also in other sectors of this zone such as education, health sector, etc.
/s.s/dori/xh/ — 2002-04-15

Shkoder: Individual wanted for cultivation of narcotics arrested

SHKODER, April 16 (ATA) By M.Malja: A 38-year-old from Shpore village (Guri i Zi commune) declared wanted for cultivation of narcotics was detained on Tuesday by Shkoder police in Shpore village, 27 kilometres away from Shkoder. Official sources from local police told ATA that “Ded Barshota was detained on Tuesday before noon, while he was travelling with his car to his house”. Shkoder district court sentenced the 38-year old to “indefinite imprisonment” in absentia for the penal act of cultivation of narcotics. Barshota had sown in his plot around 8500 roots of cannabis sativa. During the control exerted during June-July period by the police for the destruction of these plants, the police arrested around 25 thousand roots of cannabis and arrested 5 persons. Whereas, a month ago, around 5600 roots of narcotics were destroyed in Mazrrek village and the two individuals who grew them were detained. Last year around 628 thousand roots of narcotics were destroyed in Shkoder and Malesi e Madhe districts and 15 individuals were detained.
/s.sh/dori/aid/ — 2002-04-16

Prizes of International Competition “Marubi 2002” declared

TIRANE, April 25 (ATA)- By K. Harka The jury of International Competition of Artistic Photo “Marubi 2002” declared Thursday evening at the National Gallery of Arts in Tirane the winners of this competition, the biggest in the art of photography that is organized in Albania. The jury chaired by Alqi Golloshi awarded the first prize to Zamir Marika for a work in two parts of big dimensions in black and white technique, “Untitled”. Fatmir Dardha was awarded the second prize for the photographic triptych “Untitled” and Cvetan Gavroski (Macedonia) was awarded the third prize for the black and white photography “Pigeon 4”. Eliano Kalemi from Albania was awarded the prize “Photography Art” for the photo “Gate of Fortune” while the special prize to Phlip Gostolow (Australia) for the black and white triptych, “Untitled”. The above prizes were funded by the Ministry of Culture and Photographic Company “Kodak”. The five prizes were selected out of 102 works by 52 Albanian authors and artists from Australia, Macedonia, Holland, England and so on. Exhibition of participating photos in International Competition “Marubi 2002” which is organized upon the initiative of National Gallery of Arts was funded by Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in Tirana and will be open until May 25. “Marubi 2002” is the biggest activity of photography in the country promoted for the first time in 1998 and bears the name of renown masters of Albanian photography of the 19th century.
/f.n/sm/ — 2002-04-25

Over 48 thousand of hectares rehabilitated with irrigation and drainage works

TIRANA, April 17 (ATA) By E.Xhajanka: Albanian Ministry of Agriculture and Food has drafted an efficient strategy for rehabilitation of irrigation and drainage infrastructure. The implementation of projects financed by Albanian government and World Bank, have increased irrigation capacity on national scale in over 33 thousand of hectares and that of drainage in 15 thousand of hectares during 2000 only. The second project of World Bank, as one of the most powerful projects for rehabilitation of irrigation infrastructure of Albania has been implemented in 23 main districts of Albania, which have as their priority the development of agriculture, such as Berat, Saranda, Shkoder, Lezha and so on. Thus, it has been realised the partial deepening of Drini river bed and drainage channels have been dug deeper than the average. In addition, through funds allocated by state budget works have been carried out in Maliqi field. Meanwhile, in the framework of World Bank project for a full drainage system, the construction of a water-scooping machine has ended. Apart from that, IFAD-1 and IFAD-2 projects (Financing for poor rural areas) have intervened with irrigation and drainage works mainly in north-eastern zones of Albania. According to sources from Agriculture Ministry, IFAD-1 and IFAD-2 have worked on basis of irrigation schemes for 100 hectares and for the year 2002 some 7800 hectares of land will have irrigation works. According to sources from Agriculture Ministry, irrigation and drainage system will continue to be one of the priorities of 2002 program for this ministry. Thus the new IFAD-3 program will be prepared, which will finally complete this system in the remaining zones of Albania.
/a.gj/aid/IR/ — 2002-04-17

Shkoder, Torino sign cooperation agreement

SHKODER, April 19 (ATA) – By M. Malja: Shkoder local government and its counterpart of Torino, Italy, signed Friday a Cooperation Agreement. The accord, signed by Shkoder Mayor Ormir Rusi and the Deputy Mayor of Torino Marco Galgaro, envisages encouragement of initiatives for movement of citizens, development of trade, transport, cultural, sports activities between the two countries and others. Municipality of Torino will finance the project on digitalization of municipality of Shkoder, planned to be concluded within five months. Meanwhile, the municipality of Shkoder and that of Torino will be engaged in definition of a 3-year activity cooperation program. Rusi launched the idea of opening of a photo exhibition in Torino, whcih would create possibilities for showing tradition, history and civility of the city of Shkoder. Over the last years the municipality of Shkoder has signed cooperation agreements with municipalities of Venice, Bari, Firenze and others.
/s.s/vik/A.A/ — 2002-04-19

Shkodra basketball players (men) take second place in Albanian Basketball championship

SHKODER, April 21 (ata) – By M Malja: Shkodra basketball players had an important victory versus Scanderbeg team in Shkodra sport palace on Saturday afternoon, with the score 66-47. This was the last match of the second stage of the national basketball championship, with Vllaznia taking the second place after the team of Tirana. Shkodra players are preparing for the first play off match, versus the team of Valbona, of Tropoja. The coach of Vllaznia said that the championship is in its final stage, and every match requires maximal commitment from all players.
/a.ke/xh/ — 2002-04-21

N E W S – May 2002

Blood feud – the social wound which should be cured immediately

TIRANA, May 1 (ATA) – By U. Bajrami: Over more than two years ago, on April 20, 2000, a grave event hit not only inhabitants of the village of Barbullush, Shkoder, but the whole Albania. In one of the few roads of Barbullsh, a village situated circa 25 kilometers away from the northern city of Shkoder, the adolescent Ledi Qamili pursued the 11-year-old Lin Xani, and with no hesitation at all fired all the bullets of his pistol, taken from his home, to the boy. Police said the murder was committed because of blood feud (almost a year ago the father of the victim had killed the father of the 18-year-old boy with a gun). This event is recalled time after time, because for the first time the revenge had “prevailed” the ‘fresh’ souls of children, and it was the same feeling that drove the two sisters from Shkoder, respectively 22 and 17, to kill a 17-year old boy three days ago. Unfortunately such things may occur even in future if the ‘wound’ is not immediately treated. Lacking statistics… Since years ago, the blood feud is generating new conflicts, mainly in the traditional ‘hearths’; Shkoder, Malesi e Madhe, Tropoje et cetera. There are no accurate statistics for the blood feud victims. There are some other statistics, apart from the statistics publicized by Albanian police, collected by the National Mission of Blood Reconciliation, established some years ago with participation of hundreds of “peace missionaries”. According to this Mission, over 2000 Albanian families are imprisoned in their houses because of old and new blood feuds. They survive under the lack the minimum living conditions, and are totally “isolated by the rest of the world”. Meanwhile, 520 from these new conflicts are located in the zones where this problem is sharper, where “the inheritance of tradition” is pursued with fanaticism, as in Shkoder and Malesi e Madhe. Efforts of the Mission… Over the last years, the Mission which functions on a voluntary basis, numbers 6000 members from all over the country and has been a mediator in conciliation of more than 460 cases, and has resolved 2000 conflicts of different kinds. What the missionaries investigate and use for annihilation of conflicts is exactly the connection between families in conflicts, that can be blood, religious, or political relations. In spite of the considerable work done by this Mission, there is still much to be done because over 3600 males are jailed in their houses, majority part of whom children, who risk of being uneducated. Involvement of children in this process is considered by the peace missionaries as a “dolorous phenomenon”, because of the fact that according to the Canon “children under 15 are expelled from blood feud”. According to education statistics, over 2000-2001 academic year, there were about 1000 children (711 from whom in Shkoder, and Malesi e Madhe) that could not attend school because of the same phenomenon, unfairly suffering the ancient myth of Albanians, blood feud. NGOs and their assistance… The assistance of the non governmental organizations for the ‘risked’ children may be precious. For “peace missionaries” blood feud has not only involved the children who are jailed because of murders, but even the ones who have not remained orphans. On their shoulders lays the heavy burden of difficult economic situation, and total lack of education. NGOs assistance in this directions would be noble, and offered in a the right direction.
/rimi/A.A/ — 2002-05-01

Albania has important and finalizing role in region – Limprecht

SHKODER, May 1 (ATA)- U.S. Ambassador in Tirane Joseph Limprecht declared at a meeting with local government leaders in Shkoder on Wednesday that “Albania has an important and finalizing role in the situation in the region” “Washington devotes great importance to the situation in this region, especially in Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia, but both the U.S. and the Brussels should not deviate their attention from Albania,” said Limprecht. “Your country is making progress in economy, which I am also observing in Shkoder now. Today we are inaugurating two projects implemented by IOM in your country and which will be followed by other projects as well,” said Limprecht. The Mayor of Shkoder, Ormir Rusi, familiarised Ambassador Limprecht with the economic situation in this town and the assistance provided by IOM and USAID to improve the infrastructure. He said that the implementation of two other projects for the improvement of infrastructure in the town will begin soon. Later, Limprecht attended the inauguration of the full reconstruction of “Marsel Kashen” road, through a fund of US$ 400 000 provided by IOM and of the reconstruction of the road from “Migjeni” theatre to quarter “Guerrile”, 1.1 km long, through a fund of US$ 900 000 financed by ION.
/s.s/dori/lm/ — 2002-05-01

Rehabilitation of irrigation system in Bushati commune, underway

SHKODER, May 2 (ATA)- By M. Malja Work for rehabilitation of irrigation system for nearly 2100 hectares of agricultural land is underway in commune of Bushati, 16 km away from Shkodra. Mayor of this commune Tom Gamaj told ATA that “the respective project is being implemented through a fund worth 30 million lek in the context of a WB program for a complete repair of the irrigation and drainage network in Nenshkodra field.” The program on improvement of irrigation in Nenshkodra field has started three years ago through a fund worth US$ 12 million allocated by World Bank. Rehabilitation of irrigation and drainage network has so far terminated in a surface of 6000 hectares mainly in communes of Mjede and Barbullush. According to Agriculture and Food Director in this district Myzafer Kraja, this project is forecast to terminate in 2003.
/s.sh/dori/sm/ 021725 MAJ 02 NNNN — 2002-05-02

Sport- Shkodra cyclists in Kosova
SHKODER, May 2 (ata)- By M. Malja A team of cyclists from Shkodra will leave today (on Thursday) for Kosova to participate in the tournament of Gjakova which will be held between May 3-4. Sources from “Vllaznia” sports club make known that 8 teams from Kosova, Macedonia and Albania participate in this activity. The team from Shkodra participates for the second time in this activity. During the last three years, the cyclists team of Vllaznia has participated in many different international activities.
/A.KE.Ani/IR/ 021048 MAJ 02 NNNN — 2002-05-02

Water flow in lake of hydro power station of Koman reduced

Shkoder, May 3 (ata) – By M. Malja: The lack of rain in the past few days in the north-eastern and northern part of Albania has fallen the water flow in the hydro power station of Koman (Shkoder). “The water flows in the lake of this hydro-power station on Friday morning is nearly 30m/cubes of water per second out of 100 m/cubes of water per second that was one week ago”, sources from the hydro-power station told ATA. Reduction of water flows in this lake due to high temperatures is lower compared to the many-years flows in this period which have reached 200 meter/cubes per second. Sources said that “under these conditions, the water level of the lake today morning marks 171 meters over the sea level out of 175 meters that is its maximal quota”. Sources from the hydro-power station report that out of four turbines in this hydro-power station only two of them work in the peak hours for the demand of electric energy. The hydro-power station of Koman is constructed in 1985 over the cascade of Drini river.
/s.sh/dori/IR/ — 2002-05-03

Koplik: 1140 illegal power links cut

KOPLIK, May 4 (ATA)- by M. Malja- Shkoder regional police cut during the last ten days 1140 illegal power links, in some areas of Koplik town, in Malesi e Madhe. Police chief Gezim Lahi told to the ATA that “the action was concentrated in quarters “Llazan Kurtaj”, “Sherif Hoxha” and so on, where during the controls exerted before there were identified that families and certain private subjects got electric power in an illegal way”. According to him, in collaboration with the electric Department of the District, this process will extend in the future even over the communes of Bajza, Gruemire, Kastrat and Vermosh where there have been observed abuses with electric power. Sources close to the electric Department made known that this measure has made that the abusers of the electric energy hurry up toward payment of bills. During the last three days, there have been cashed about 3.7 million lek from debtors. While the level of deposits in this area by the end of April reached to 45% from 13% it was in February. Since the beginning of the year this is the first operation carried out by regional police in Koplik, in order to do away with the abuses with the electric energy on the part of various consumers.
/s.sh/dori/p.s./ — 2002-05-04

Italian investments to be doubled for coming three years
Ambassador Mario Bova declares in Shkoder

SHKODER, May 7 (ATA) – By M. Malja: “Italy’s investments for Albania will be doubled over the coming three years”, Italian ambassador to Albania Mario Bova stated at a meeting with intellectuals and local leaders of Shkoder city, held on Tuesday in the grounds of “Luigj Gurakuqi” University. “We are interested in a quick development of Albania, and consider as priority the economic development of your country and integration into the European Union, and this is why we should realize these objectives for increasing co-operation with Albania”, Bova highlighted. An important accord is signed in April of current year between Albania and Italy, according to which, Italy’s investments towards Albania will be doubled for the ongoing three years. “This fact shows that our ties are strong, and that they are strengthening each passing day. I want to highlight that Italian aid does not run in the contrary to the international foreign donor aid. Italian government will invest in Albania nearly 400 billion Liras, amount which is nearly twice as much as the sum of the package of the previous three years”, Ambassador Bova stressed. At the meeting held with representatives of the Prefecture and local government, Ambassador Bova was familiarized on the situation in the city, which has faced improvements, especially in the field of public corder and infrastructure. “Shkoder will now be a priority of Italian government, because the co-operation ties of this city with the Italian cities, such as with Venice, Firenze, Emilia Romagnia, date back in the past”, Bova stated. /s.s/dori/vik/A.A/ 2002-05-07

French scholars on Albanian language, literature and culture
Scientific conference in Shkoder

SHKODER, May 10 (ata) – By M Malja: “French scholars on Albanian language, literature and culture” was the subject of the scientific conference, held in the premises of Luigj Gurakuqi university on Friday to mark the 40th anniversary of the death of the renowned French Albanian language expert, Mario Rock. Prof.Dr. Seit Mancaku, while speaking of the contribution of Mario Rock in Albanian philology, said that “the renowned French philologist has made a distinguished contribution in tracing old authors of Albanian literature presenting the results of his researchers in works like ‘Researches on ancient Albanian texts’, ‘Albanian vocabulary’”, etc. In the work “Researches on ancient Albanian text”, Rock made a complete description of 17 first Albanian publications and manuscripts (1462-1710), some of which uncovered by him, informing the scientific world of the rich and important old Albanian texts from 15th-17th centuries. Teachers of the universities of Shkodra and Tirana, David Luka, Petrit Kotorri, Tomorr Osmani, Jup Kastrati, Enver Hysa, Kolec Topalli, Emil Lafe and others spoke of the contribution of French scholars to the Albanian language, literature and culture. At the end, the rector of the Shkodra University, prof. Dr. Mahir Hoti declared the French scholar Mario Rock an “Honorary Professor” of this university. /s.s/vik/xh/ 2002-05-10

Shkoder district court passes “unlimited detention” for three persons
They were accused of prostitution favoring

SHKODER, May 16 (ATA) – By M. Malja: Shkoder district court issued on Thursday “unlimited detention” for the citizens Frederik Tota, 34, Aleks Vuksani, 30, and Bashkim Guri, 29; all the three inhabitants of the city of Shkoder, and accused of favoring of prostitution. Three days ago, police of Vlore city, in cooperation with police of Shkoder, detained the three above-named citizens, and three girls accompanying them, in a motel in the city of Vlore. According to the investigations, the three boys from Shkoder wanted to smuggle the young women to Italy for prostitution. Since the beginning of the year, this is the second case when Shkoder district court sentences persons who are accused of favoring of prostitution. Some days ago, a police employee was sentenced with forty-two months of jail under the same accuse.
/dori/vik/A.A/ — 2002-05-16

Border point of Muriqan (Shkoder) to open on May 27, 2002

KOPLIK, May 16 (ata) – By M Malja: On May 27, 2002, the border point of Muriqan, around 15 km from the city of Shkoder, will be inaugurated, a decision made in the meeting held on Thursday in the border point of Hani i Hotit between the deputy minister of Transports of Albania, Sadedin Stankaj and his Montenegrin counterpart, Milan Gjirickovic. The two deputy ministers of transport discussed in the meeting the opening of another border point between Albania and Montenegro, that of Vermosh, and the connection through the Lake Shkodra. In regard to these problems, agreement was reached for meetings soon at level of experts in order to set the modalities. The border point of Muriqan has been closed since 1948. The opening of this point will considerably shorten the road to Ulqin city, Montenegro, a preferred tourist center for many Albanian citizens. Work for the rehabilitation of the road infrastructure from Shkoder to Muriqan is expected to start these days. For this rehabilitation, also including the Buna river bridge, the Albanian Government has allocated an amount of 78 million lek.
/s.s./vik/xh/ — 2002-05-16

Project for Shkoder-Murriqan road rehabilitation to start next Monday

SHKODER, May 17 (ata) – By M Malja: The project for the complete rehabilitation of Shkoder-Muriqan road, 14 km long, is ready to be implemented. The work will start on Monday from Bridge of Buna River up to the border point of Murriqan, 7 km from the center of Oblika commune. The commune chairman, Beqir Malaj, told ATA that “the project will be realized with a fund of 78,4 million lek by the state budget.” The reconstruction of this road will be made in two stages, the first to be over within 2002 and the second in the first half of the next year. The previous day, the deputy ministers of transport of Albania and Montenegro met and decided the inauguration of the border point of Murriqan. Two years ago, on the basis of an agreement between Albanian and Montenegrin governments the border point of Hani i Hotit was reopened.
/s.sh/dori/xh/ — 2002-05-17

Movement of goods on Hani i Hotit customs increases

KOPLIK, May 18 (ATA)-By M. Malja, Over the first four months of this year the movement of goods through the customs point of Hani i Hotit, in the district of Malesi e Madhe, has largely increased. The customs’ director for the northern region, Skender Dizdari, told ATA that “for the January-April period some 5 890 tons of various goods or twice more than the same period of the past year have been cleared through the customs.” He said the Shkoder businessmen have brought wholesale goods such as machineries, iron for construction, cooking oil, flour, potatoes, fruits and vegetables, drinks, mainly from the neighbouring countries such as Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and other countries. The increase of the activity in this customs is result of the contemporary conditions created in its compounds. Sources from the border police report that around 1000 people as well as 150 small vehicles cross this point for trading in the market of Tuz in Montenegro. The border crossing of Hani i Hotit was reopened two years ago following an agreement signed in the town of Shkoder between the Albanian and Montengrin government. This border point, the only that links Albania with Montenegro, had stayed closed unilaterally by the Yugoslav side since 1997.
/s.s/dori/lm/ — 2002-05-18

Shkoder-Bajze railway line to commence operation within August

KOPLIK, May 18 (ATA) By M.Malja: Shkoder-Bajze railway line, Malesi e Madhe district, will start operation no later than August of 2002. The news was released by Minister of Transports and Telecommunications Maqo Lakrori, at a meeting he held on Friday with railway leaders of northern part of the country, in venues of the international railway station of Bajze. Sources from Shkoder region directory of railways told ATA that “rehabilitation of this line, especially rehabilitation of Shkoder-Grizhe segment, 11,4 kilometers, seriously damaged during March ’97 unrest, will start soon, using the state budget fund of 365 million lek.” Complete rehabilitation of the international station of Bajza, rendered possible by a state fund of 25million lek, ended in December 2001. Shkoder-Hani i Hotit line was built in 1985. It is the only railway which links Albania with Montenegro and Europe.
/s.s/dori/A.A/ — 2002-05-18

Shkodra hosts exhibition “Montenegro in Cyrillic records”

SHKODER, May 21 (ATA)- By M.Malja, The “Luigj Gurakuqi” University in Shkodra on Tuesday hosted the exhibition “Montenegro in Cyrillic records until 1860”, under the “Week of open archives” which is taking place in Albania organised by the State Archives of both countries. The Director of Montenegrin State Archives, Raiko Kaleziq, stated in his keynote address that “266 selected records have been displayed in this exhibition, starting from IX century up to 1860, when orthography was reformed in Montenegro”. The Agreement for co-operation between Albanian and Montenegrin Archives was signed two years ago. This agreement has paved the way for many bilateral activities as exhibitions”Berati old 2400 years opened in 2001 in Podgorica and “Albania in Montenegrin archive records” opened in Podgorica as well and others.
/s.sh/dori/vik/so/ — 2002-05-21

Water flows in lake of Koman hydro-power station lowest in last 15 years

Shkoder, May 22 (ata) – By M. Malja: The water flows in the lake of Koman hydro-power station in the district of Shkodra have marked on Wednesday the lowest level during the last 15 years. A specialist in Koman hydro-power station Paulin Doci told ATA that, “the main cause to have the minimal water flows in this hydro-power station is the lack of rain falls”. According to him, the water flows in the lake of this hydro-power station on Wednesday morning are nearly 20m/cubes of water per second out of 70 m/cubes of water per second that was one week ago. Doci says that these are the lowest water flows in these last 15 years, taking into account that the many-years flows in this period have been 150 meter/cubes per second up to 200 meter/cubes per second. Therefore, under these conditions, the water level of the lake today morning marks 171.15 meters over the sea level out of 175 meters that is its maximal quota”. Sources from the hydro-power station report that out of four turbines in this hydro-power station only two of them work in the peak hours for the demand of electric energy. The hydro-power station of Koman is constructed in 1985 over the cascade of Drini river.
/dori/IR/ — 2002-05-22

Municipality of Shkoder collects 10 million lek more from local taxes

SHKODER, May 22 (ATA) – By M. Malja: Over the four month period of ongoing year municipality of Shkoder has managed to collect about 10 million lek more than the same period of the previous year from local taxes. Chief of tax office close to this local government Ahmet Omi told ATA that “about 30,9 million lek more are collected from local taxes, or 20 percent more than the same period of the previous year.” “The municipality has invested in completion of 5 economic, social, sports, and cultural activities with the incomes collected from local taxes”, municipality deputy mayor Fatlum Nurja said for ATA. According to him, the revenues from collection of local taxes are planned to increase in the coming years.
/dori/A.A/ — 2002-05-22

One person killed and a policeman injured by gunfire in Shkoder

SHKODER, May 22 (ATA)-By M. Malja, A person was killed and a policeman was injured by gunfire on Wednesday at around 19.30 in the village of Mali i Jushit, around 25 km. from the town of Shkoder. Local police official sources told ATA that the incident took place near the village of Mali i Jushit, when a driver did not respond to the call of police roadblock to stop. Another police roadblock was announced and tried to stop him again but the driver shot at police which responded the fire. As a result, policeman Myzafer Aliaj, 35, was lightly injured while the driver “killed”. His name is not yet made known by police. It is not yet defined whether “the driver was killed by police during the gunfire or whether he committed suicide”.
/rimi/lm/ — 2002-05-22

Water falls in lake of Koman hydro-power station increase four times

SHKODER, May 29 (ATA)- By M. Malja The rain which is falling for more than 24 hours in northern and northeastern areas of the country has increased four times the water flows in the lake of Koman hydro-power station (Shkoder). According to a technician of the command hall of this facility Geg Guri, water flows are still low, if we take in consideration that multi-year falls over this period have been 100-150 cubic meters a second.” The water level of the lake of Koman hydro-power station records today 172,6 meters above the sea level as compared to 175 meters the maximal quota is, sources from the command hall made known.” The sources told that “of 4 turbines this facility has, only 2 of them work at the peak of charge for electric power.” Koman hydro power station is the third built over cascade of Drini River in ’85.
/s.sh/dori/sm/ — 2002-05-29

Intensive development of road network, expected in next 3 years

TIRANE, May 29 (ATA)- By V. Shqalsi The upcoming three years will be years of intensive development of the national road network, sources from the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunication announced. According to these sources, following inspections on numerous national road-axes in the process, a further rise of the rates of work is expected on all segments. The government’s program for the road network forecasts the doubling of investments through budget and foreign funds. World Bank, EIB and PHARE program will continue funding for rehabilitation of Albania’s national roads, sources from this ministry announced. Rehabilitation of the road-axis Lushnje-Vlore is forecast to start during this year, while the road- axis Tapize-Shkoder will completely terminate in 2003. Of importance is the road Durres-Morine, feasibility study of which is under way. Following this stage, a new project for rehabilitation and extension of the existing axis of this road will be drafted. Albanian government has funded some 11 billion lek in 2002 for construction of the national roads.
/a.gj/sm/ — 2002-05-29

Shkoder: 36,4 million lek on rehabilitation of schools

SHKODER, May 29 (ATA)- by M.Malja- The state has allocated some 36 million lek for the construction during the current year of an 8 grade school and the rehabilitation of 9 other schools in Shkoder area. The head of the regional educational directory Agim Shima told to the ATA that “with this fund there is work being carried out for the rehabilitation of 9 eight grade schools of the villages Samarisht, Bushat, Shosh and Daragjat which are built 2-3 decades ago and have never been repaired before”. During the last five years in Shkoder area there have been rehabilitated 70% of the schools in the towns and villages. Last year in the villages Rragam and Koman of this district there were built two new 8 grade schools.
/s.s./vik/p.s./ — 2002-05-29

Sport: Soccer – 300 thousand dollars for illuminating of “Loro Borici” soccer stadium

SHKODER, May 30 (ATA)- by M. Malja- UEFA has allocated some 300 thousand dollars for the illuminating system of the stadium “Loro Borici” of Shkoder town. The fund provided meets also another condition, so that the stadium is brought to the levels acceptable of international matches. The news was confirmed by president of Vllaznia soccer team Myftar Cela, who voiced his satisfaction for UEFA’s investment. In the meantime there is chosen also the firm that is going to make the installations, which is a Greek firm specialised in these kinds of work. First of all there will be established 4 top towers where there will be placed the big searchlights, as well as with the instalment of a powerful generator in case of absence of electric energy. It is expected that the lightening system of “Loro Borice” stadium be ready in two months time.
/A.KE/p.s./ — 2002-05-30

Greater trade volume between Shkodra and Montenegro

SHKODER, May 30 (ata) – By M Malja: The regional director of northern customs, Skender Dizdari, told ATA that “over the first months of this year about 5800 tons of commodities or 4 times more than the same period last year, have entered Albanian through Montenegro.” In the mean time, every day over 1000 small traders cross the border point of Hani i Hotit to conduct trading in the markets of Tuz and Podgorica. These traders sell in Montenegrin markets various commodities like manufactured articles, household appliances etc., and bring from there food items, fruits, spirits, and others. This kind of trading is of mutual benefit and has made the prices of commodities in this city be lower than in other cities of Albania. The chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Shkodra, Anton Leka, said that the opening of many border points will bring about the development of the areas on both sides of the border. He added that “we are working with the Chamber of Commerce of Podgorica to create possibilities of cooperation of the businessmen of the two cities in fields of mutual interest. We have some ready projects expected to be implemented in the field of tourism, timber industry, etc., which will influence in the economic development of the two inter-border regions.”
/dori/vik/xh/ — 2002-05-30

Shkodra, the city where first printing press “emerged”

SHKODER, May 31 (ata) – By M Malja: The first printing press in Albania emerged in the second half of the 19th century and was installed in the city of Shkodra. In the book “Shkodra in Years”, the Shkodra chronicle writer Hamdi Bushati wrote that “the printing press of Jesuits was the oldest in Albania. Since the beginning, it was called ‘The printing press of the Virgin Mary’ which was founded in 1871.” In mid 1880 the Turkish printing press is presumed to have started operation. The printing press Nikaj, owned by Dom Ndoc Nikaj was a public printing press. The idea for the publication of a notebook in the Albanian language launched in 1906 by some patriots was the cause for the creation of this printing press. In 1916, the Franciscans brought their mechanized typography. At the beginning it was called Ora and after its nationalization its name changed into Migjeni. Actually, Shkodra has 7 private modern printing presses which publish books, review, etc.
/s.sh/dori/xh/ — 2002-05-31

N E W S – June 2002

Everything ready for transnational 40th festival of songs for children

SHKODER, June 1 (ATA) – By M. Malja: Preparations for the last phase of the 40th transnational Festival for Chlidren’s Songs, to be held on June 3 – June 5, are undergoing the last procedures. The news was made known to ATA by the Festival Director Reshat Mehmeti. He added that “31 songs will be debuted in this festival, which is the most important festival for children, and the children come from Kosove, from Montengro and Macedonia.”
/s.sh/dori/A.A/ — 2002-06-01

Soccer: Dedja could be the new coach of Erzreni

TIRANA, June 1 (ATA) By E.Skarco: Sources from Shijaku sports club make known that Shkoder coach Hysen Dedja will replace the Montenegrin Dervish Haxhiosmanoviç. After Erzeni made known that it will renew the contract with the Montenegrin Haxhiosmanoviç, recently is rumoured that the new coach of Erzeni will be former coach of Teuta, Hysen Dedja. According to these sources, the Montenegrin coach has not agreed with the offered contract and the alternative is Shkodra coach, who has meanwhile started to contact with some Erzeni soccer players, whom Dedja wants to have in his team.
/A.KE/aid/ — 2002-06-01

“Summer evening 2002” in Shkoder

SHKDOER, June 2 (ATA)-By M. Malja, The Shkoder summer evenings were again present in Shkoder town on Saturday and Sunday. Musics, art, video, dancing are the elements of the spectacle. “Summer evening 2002” in its first edition is an initiative of a group of artlovers to return the old Shkoder tradition. The spectacle will contnue until the end of October.
/s.s/lm/ — 2002-06-02

People moving through border crossing point of Muriqan doubled in number

SHKODER, June 3 (ATA) – By M. Malja: Number of people and vehicles that have traveled towards Ulqin, Montenegro, through the border crossing point of Muriqan, about 15 kilometers away from Shkoder, have increased. Sources from this crossing point told ATA on Monday that over 450 people have passed this border point until 15:30 hrs. The majority part of them were inhabitants of this zone, and went to visit relatives living on the other part of the border. According to same sources movement of small tourists’ groups for Ulqin, Budva, Kotorr and others, have started as well recently. The border point of Muriqan, closed since 1948, was reopened recently, and it is the second crossing point, after Hani i Hotit, that links Albania with Montenegro. The opening of this point will considerably shorten the road to Ulqin city, Montenegro, a preferred tourist center for many Albanian citizens.
/s.s./vik/A.A/ — 2002-06-03

40-ieth All-national Festival of Song for Children finished

SHKODER, June 6 (ata)- By M. Malja: – The 40ieth All-national Festival of the Song for Children finished yesterday evening (Wednesday) in the sports palace “Qazim Dervishi” of the city of Shkodra. In the third night of this activity were sang the best 16 songs, selected from 32 songs presented in the first two nights of the festival. At the end, the jury of the festival awarded the first price the song “Universe”, sang by Keti Xoni and “Make me a song”, sang by E. Saraci. The best singer of the festival was qualified Erjona Bushati. Organizer of this festival was Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education and Science, Municipality of Shkodra as well as the cultural center of children in this city. Since 1962, children’s festivals are always held in the city of Shkodra.
/s.s./IR/ — 2002-06-06

Shkoder: Exhibition “Italian works in glass of the 20th century”

SHKODER, June 10 (ATA)- by M. Malja- At the halls of “Migjeni” theater in Shkoder town, in northern Albania, there was opened the exhibition “Italian works in glass of the 20th century”, organized by the italian institute of culture, National Museum in Tirana and the townhall of that town. In his speech the italian Consul to Shkodra Stefano di lero said among other things that “the opening of this exhibition shows the early link of Shkoder with Venice not only in the market field, but even in the cultural one”. In this exhibition there are displayed 100 various works in glass. Venice has been a well-known center of glass processing, at least beginning from the 7th century, and later it became an important center of glass production in the whole of Europe. And that thanks to the shapes, various colors and the unique techniques. This exhibition on the move has touched up to now Beirut, Damascus, Cairo and Tirana and will keep on its way even in other towns of the Mediterranean to reach later to Turkey and later to the countries of central and northern Europe.
/s.sh/s.s./p.s./ — 2002-06-10

Two regional development projects expecting implementation in Shkoder

SHKODER, June 12 (ATA) – By M. Malja: Two projects for regional development of tourism in the prefecture of Shkoder are ‘waiting’ for implementation. The chief of coordination and development office in the prefecture Bardhi Shllaku told ATA that “the prefecture is working for extension on inter-border cooperation with Montenegro, through implementation of regional tourism projects, which are expected to be finances by the European Union.” According to him, two most important zones of inter-border development are already identified. Discussion of these two important projects for the region of Shkoder is expected to be held in July by the European structures, time when funds for their implementation are expected to be passed. Several projects belonging to the the health, environment, small business, culture and other fields are being applied in the city of Shkoder at a fund of 3 million dollars, accorded by UNOPS.
/s.s/A.A/ — 2002-06-12

Reconstruction of railway line Shkoder-Hani i Hotit to start within June

DURRES, June 13 (ATA) – By A. Sheshi: Work on reconstruction of the railway line Shkoder-Hani i Hotit will start within June 2002. Sources from General Railway Directory, headquartered in Durres, told ATA that “Alba Via” company, the bid winner, will start proceedings within this month. Rehabilitation of this line is decisive in the process of improvement of the situation of Albanian Railways, after the collapse they undergone in the last ten years. This railway was damaged during the riots of 1997. According to the same sources, “the state budget has accorded 200 million lek for rehabilitation of this line, thing which connects Albania with the international railway system.”
/a.sh/A.A/ — 2002-06-13

Life imprisonment for murderer of Montenegrin citizen

SHKODER, June 17 (ATA) – By M. Malja: Dhkoder first instance court on Monday passed the decision of life imprisonment for Paulin Vucaj, one of the killers of the Montenegrin citizen Marash Lulegjuraj. While the other accused for this killing Gezim Nacaj, was sentenced with 22 years of imprisonment and Klemend Ceka with 16 month of imprisonment. According to court sources, on August 5, 2001, the three defendants, aged 25-30, inhabitant of Vermosh, in co-oepration with one another, have killed the Montenegrin citizen Marash Lulegjuraj, aged 56. The murder was committed for personal interest motives, also encouraged by the other Montenegrin citizen, Gjon Berisha, who suffered the killing of his father and mother in Detroit by Lulegjuraj. Murderers of Lulegjuraj were caught within days by police of Malesi e Madhe, right after the Montenegrin police disclosed their identity to Shkoder police. At the detention moment, the crime weapon was seized in the house of the criminal.
/s.sh/s.s./kled/ — 2002-06-17

People moving through border crossing point of Muriqan tripled in number

SHKODER, June 18 (ATA) – By M. Malja: Number of people and vehicles that have traveled towards Ulqin, through the border crossing point of Muriqan, about 15 kilometers away from Shkoder, have increased. Sources from this crossing point told ATA on Tuesday that over 910 people have passed this border crossing point. The majority part of them were inhabitants of this zone, and went to visit relatives living on the other part of the border whereas the other part were one-day or two-day visitors. The border point of Muriqan, was reopened recently, and it is the second crossing point, after Hani i Hotit, that links Albania with Montenegro. The opening of this point will considerably shorten the road to Ulqin city, Montenegro, a preferred tourist center for many Albanian citizens.
/s.sh./IR/ — 2002-06-18

Shkoder: High temperatures make roads go empty

SHKODER, June 24 (ATA)- by M.Malja- The high temperatures that go on since several days in Shkoder town, have made that its roads be empty since the early hours of the morning. The representative of the weather station of this district Selami Omari told to the ATA “that during these last days temperatures in the town have reached up to 35 degree Celsius, or 7 degrees more than the many year old temperatures of the same period in this area”. The high temperatures of these last days have also caused the first victim. On Monday at about 11.30 died as she was riding the bicycle under the shining sun the 22 years old Anita Fati. Sources close to the regional hospital make known that her death was provoked by the high temperatures. To face this weather condition most of the Shkoder people are going to the beaches of Velipoja, Shiroka and even to Montenegro. In the meantime hospital sources say that there is only a small increase in the number of visits at the heart disease department. But in order to be closer to people the 10 medical centers of the town are working non-stop.
/s.s./p.s./ — 2002-06-24

Ombudsman office to be opened in Shkoder soon

SHKODER, June 27 (ATA)- By M. Malja An office for the citizens’ complaints close to Ombudsman will be opened in Shkoder soon, the commissioner of Ombudsman Jorgo Dhomo told on Thursday in the city of Shkoder. Since several days ago commissioners of Ombudsman are holding meetings with representatives of local government, non-governmental organizations as well as different citizens discussing their problems. During their stay in city of Shkoder nearly 26 denouncements of different kinds dealing with the properties, human rights and so on were submitted to commissioners. During these days in northern region of the country Commissioners have had sensitizing talks in local TV stations talking directly with the public.
/s.s./vik/sm/ — 2002-06-27

Rehabilitation of Shkoder-Bajze railway line starts

KOPLIK, June 28 (ATA) By M.Malja: The rehabilitation works of Shkoder-Bajze railway line started on Friday. The Albanian Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Maqo Lakrori, present in the ceremony organized on this occasion, stated among others that “in the end of September, Shkodra will be linked to the international station of Bajza, so all the Albanian railway line will be connected to the European railway system”. This is a very big step ahead as it will affect the economic development, first of all of Shkoder and Malesi e Madhe region and the development of economy and business on national scale. Shkoder-Bajze railway line is the only one which links Albania to Montenegro and the countries of the region. Built in 1985, Shkoder-Hani i Hotit railway line stopped working in 1992. During the turmoil of March 1997, a part of this line from Shkodra to Bajze was damaged. The rehabilitation works of this line started today.
/s.sh/s.s/vik/aid/ — 2002-06-28

Shkoder: Conference on Albanology starts

SHKODER, June 28 (ATA)- by M.Malja- At the halls of “Luigj Gurakuqi” University of Shkoder on Friday started its proceedings the International Scientific Albanological Conference, held in memory of the well-known Austrian albanologist, the late Norbert Jokli. The Conference was organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences of this University. The Conference was attended by scholars from the country, Kosova, Montenegro, Macedonia, Italy, Austria and the USA. Opening the proceedings of this Conference Professor Mahir Hoti said among other things that “through this scientific activity there will come more to light the work of Norbert Jokli, who over a period of several years has been distinguished in the field of albanological studies.
/s.s./vik/p.s./ — 2002-06-28

Shkoder: Fadil Kraja awarded “Great Master of Work” title

SHKODER, June 29 (ATA) By M.Malja: “The great master of Work” title was awarded on Saturday to the Albanian renown writer and playwright Fadil Kraja by Albanian President Rexhep Meidani. On this occasion, a ceremony was held in the premises of “Migjeni” theatre where Albanian President Rexhep Meidani participated. The renown Albanian producer Serafin Fanko spoke of the life and artistic work of the writer. He said among others that Fadil Kraja is one of the best Albanian playwrights, who became known with his works not only in Albania, but also outside its borders, in Kosova, Macedonia, Montenegro, Diaspora and so on. Some of his renown plays are “Gjaku i arbrit”, “Fisheku ne paje”, “Ceshtja e Blertes”, “Flamuri ne Dasem”, and so on. Albanian president Rexhep Meidani presented later the title with the motivation :”For the distinguished work as a writer, poet, playwright of over 40 plays successfully performed in Albania, Kosova, Macedonia, Montenegro and Diaspora, raising higher the Albanian patriotic cultural tradition of Shkodra and all Albania”. Today also, the Municipality council of Shkoder town awarded Kraja the title “The pride of the town” with the motivation: “To the renown writer, playwright, who carried the tradition of cultural creative values of Shkodra in his work” Actors of “Migjeni theatre” performed parts from the best dramas of writer Fadil Kraja.
/s.sh/s.s/aid/ — 2002-06-29

I have supported and support cooperation between political forces – President Meidani

SHKODER, June 29 (ata) – By M Malja: “I have supported and will support cooperation between political forces, to the benefit of Albania’s development,” said on Saturday in Shkoder, the President of the Republic, Rexhep Meidani to the media. “My pronunciations have been clear, I have supported the cooperation between the political forces especially when these agreements of cooperation calm down the political life and help the institutional developments in Albania,” said President Meidani. Regarding the future of Kosova, President Meidani said that “the only solution in my intellectual and not at all political logic, is that Kosova must be an independent state.” “I have demanded this in all international forums and in the political contacts I have had with high ranking officials of the most powerful western states. “Only an independent Kosova radiates tranquillity in the Region, it also radiates a normal cooperation between different nations of the Balkan region. Naturally this independence implies a rapid process of the integration of the region within itself and the Balkan region in the Euro-Atlantic structures,” said President Meidani at the end.
/s.s./xh/ — 2002-06-29

Shkoder: Better conditions for holidaymakers at Velipoja beach

SHKODER, June 29 (ATA)- by M. Malja-At Velipoja beach some 30 kilometres away from Shkodra town conditions are bettered for this tourist season. Sources close to the prefecture made known to the ATA that a group of Albanian armed forces worked for several days making use of heavy machinery cleaning up the sand along the beach throughout all its length of 14,5 km. In the meantime thanks to funds provided by UNOPS there were arranged the recreation places within its territory, and there were removed some 3900 cubic metres of inert material and other garbage. The same sources made known that by means of the fund of 50 million lek of the state budget it is expected to be completed shortly the construction of the new watermain in Velipoja area. That is expected to supply with sufficient potable water all the holidaymakers of the beach. Last year there were rehabilitated over 20 km of the road Shkoder-Velipoje, which has improved notably the circulation of the vehicles and the movement of the people. While work continues in its second stage, over an area of 10 kilometres of this road segment up to Dede Gjo Luli bridge. During the last ten years along Velipoja beach there are constructed tens of hotels and cafes which offer a contemporary service. Last year there were about 10 thousand people every seasonal shift, while on weekends their number reached to 40 thousand people.
/s.sh./p.s./ — 2002-06-29

Young boxers of Shkodra aim to win champion’s title

SHKODER, June 30 (ATA)- By M. Malja Juniors’ box team of Vllaznia (Shkoder) aims to win the champion’s title in national championship that will be held soon. The coach Kujtim Demi told ATA that the juniors’ national championship will be held on July 3-7 in Berat city. Participating in this activity will be the teams of Vllaznia, Dinamo, Partizani, Teuta, Flamurtari, Tomorri, Elbasani and so on.
/A.KE/sm/ — 2002-06-30

A national activity of rhapsodists and folk instrumentalists, organized in Lezhe

LEZHE, June 30 (ATA)- By M. Malja The national activity of the rhapsodists and folk instrumentalists organized by Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and prefecture of Lezha concluded on Saturday evening in the palace of culture “Manush Alimani” in city of Lezha. Participating at this activity which is organized after a 10-year interruption were rhapsodists and folk instrumentalists from districts of Shkoder, Lezhe, Puke, Malesi e Madhe, Macedonia and so on. In the end the jury declared winners according to instruments.
/s.s./sm/ — 2002-06-30

N E W S – July 2002

Shkoder: A wanted person under arrest

SHKODER, July 1 (ATA)-by M. Malja- Shkoder police arrested on Monday a 30 years old from the town, who is charged for committing penal offense of willing injury of police chief of Malesia e Madhe Prel Pjetrushi. Local sources of police told to the ATA that “Admir Tafili, 30 years old, was arrested today noon after the Prosecution Office had issued an arrest warrant for him on February 23, 2002”. Tafili was located after a grenade explosion by 13.00 hours in his house in kiras quarter. Police forces who went on the spot succeeded to detain him within 30 minutes. During the control of his house, police found also an automatic rifle without legal possession. Since the beginning of the year, Shkoder police has detained some 45 persons declared wanted for committing heavy crimes like murder, attempted murder, theft and so on.
/s.sh/dori/p.s./ — 2002-07-01

Albanological scientific conference concluded in Shkoder

SHKODER, July 1 (ATA)- By M. Malja Albanological scientific conference organised by University “Luigj Gurakuqi” on occasion of the 60th anniversary of the death of outstanding Austrian albanologist Norbert Jokli concluded on Monday. A round table entitled “Institutionalism of the Conference at universities level” was held on the last day of this conference. The chief of Albanology sector in university “Luigj Gurakuqi” Tomor Osmani told that “this table dealt with the organisation of the institutionalised Albanological conferences in two-year rotation.” Participants in this table appraised especially the successful holding of this conference, contribution of the readers of papers about the treatment of linguistic, literary and historic issues. The holding of this conference was also a message of honour for the scientific work on Albanian language by Norbert Jokli. It is the second Albanological conference for Norbert Jokli following that held 30 years ago in Innsbruck (Austria). Participating in this conference will be scholars from Albania, Kosova, Macedonia, Montenegro, Italy, USA, Bulgaria and so on.
/s.s./sm/ — 2002-07-01

Government approves “Expropriation to public interest of real estate”

TIRANA, July 2, (ATA)- One of the most important decisions of the Albanian government adopted recently is even that on “Expropriation to the public interest of real estate”, in view of the properties touched by the construction of the road linking Korca to kapshtica. The requested expropriation is made in line with the obligations of the Albanian state which derive from the construction of the road segment Korce-Kapshtice and Shkoder-Velipoje. The proprietors due to be expropriated can testify their property with property certificate issued by the Offices of Real Estate in their respective towns, in all those area where the registration is over even with the act of taking the land under possession issued by the commission of land distribution. The owners who will be expropriated of their estate will enjoy compensation in full value of their property in line with the respective size.
/toni/a.gj/p.s./ — 2002-07-02

Energy cuts for 400 family debtors in Shkoder

SHKODER, July 2 (ata) – By M Malja: Some 400 energy family debtors in the city of Shkoder, who have not payed their dues for electric energy, have had their electric energy at home cut, sources of electric police of the prefecture report. The director of this police, Gezim Lahi, told ATA that “over the past three days, electricity was interrupted for 400 family debtors who had not paid energy consumption for nearly three years.” For about three months, the region of Shkodra had had electric energy supply throughout the clock but still it remains among the most backward in the payment of the consumed electric energy. During the first half of this year, the level of the electric energy rose to 33 percent. The objective of the electric affiliate is to increase the payment for the consumed energy in the amount of 80 percent in two months’ time.
/s.s./xh/ — 2002-07-02

Greek investments will expand also in northern Albania

SHKODER, July 2 (ata) – Greek investments will extend soon also in northern area of Albania, said on Tuesday the Greek Ambassador to Tirana, Dimitris Iliopoulos, in the meeting he had with the prefect of Shkodra, Gjergj Liqejza. According to him, all conditions are created for the Greek investors to invest in the region of Shkodra in such fields as tourism, agricultural-food industry, timber processing, etc. The establishment in August of the affiliates of the Greek Bank “Tirana Bank” and later of “Alfa Bank” in the city of Shkodra, said Mr Iliopoulos, will help attract Greek investors in that zone. The Greek Ambassador pledged that “Shkodra will profit from some projects, which will start to be implemented in Albania soon, with funds from the Greek government, such as the credit for the homeless, for the development of small and medium enterprises and for the improvement of the road infrastructure, etc.” He also mentioned the investment of 250 thousand dollars of the Greek Government for the rehabilitation of the secondary school Kolë Idromeno in that city.
/s.s./vik/xh/ — 2002-07-02

“Prehistorical Albanian Illyria” exhibition in Italy

SHKODER, July 3 (ATA) By M.Malja: “Prehistorical Albanian Illyria” exhibition was opened on Tuesday in the Archaeological Museum of Arona town, in Milan province (Italy). The opening of this exhibition was organised under the auspices of the Albanian Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and the Archaeological Museum of Arona. The chief of archaeological sector in the Historical Museum of Shkodra, Zamir Tafilica, told ATA that some 300 objects have been displayed in this exhibition, which date back to the antiquity until the late medieval period as well as materials collected by Tirana Institution of archaeology in the last ten years and handicraft in ceramic and glass. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue and a text prepared by the archaeologist Bashkim Lahi and the chief of the Archaeological Museum of Arona, de Agustini Rizzoli. This is the second exhibition the Historical Museum of Shkodra opens in Italy. Two months ago, “Marubi” photo exhibition was opened in Firenze. The exhibition will stay open for nearly a month.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-07-03

Shkoder: Some 10 million lek for the repair of town roads

SHKODER, July 4 (ATA) By M.Malja: The workers of the road-canalisation enterprise in Shkoder town have been for days engaged in repairing some of the main roads of the town. The head of this enterprise, Agron Ramadani, told ATA that rehabilitation of some of the main roads of Shkoder town is done through the 10 million lek fund allocated by the municipality. According to him, the rehabilitation of some of the roads has ended. A work group made up of specialists of the public services office of the Municipality has been set up to closely watch the works for the repair of the roads, their pace and their quality. Meanwhile, through the 23,6 million lek allocated by the state budget, works are under way for the full reconstruction of “Alqi Kondi” road. So far the works have ended in the canalisation network, lighting system and works are expected to start to surface the road with asphalt and concrete. The works for the rehabilitation of Shkoder ring-road, 1,5 kilometres long are expected to start these days. Last year some 5 road segments were reconstructed through state budget, IOM and FSHZH funds.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-07-04

Military forces of civil defense assist in cleaning of Buna river bank

TIRANE, July 6 (ATA)- Military forces of the Civil Defense Base have engaged these days to clean with their means the Buna river bank in Shkoder from the waste along the road segment. Sources from Defense Ministry make known that the army’s bulldozers will remove the waste. Defense Minister Luan Rama, chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces, brigadier Pellumb Qazimi as well as representatives of Shkodra local government were to Shkoder today to see the operations. Defense Minister appraised cooperation of the army forces with the local government which, according to Rama, may continue with other operations for preservation of historic values.
/le.ko/dori/vik/sm/ — 2002-07-06

Lezha: 44 illegal buildings between Lezhe-Balldre brought down

LEZHA, July 6 (ATA)- by M. Malja- 44 objects that hindered the progress on the construction of the superhighway Lezhe-Shkoder have been brought down by Construction Police. Regional Police Manager Gjovalin Sokoli confirmed the news. There are three firms, two of which foreign, which are engaged in the construction of the superhighway. Work on the construction of the superhighway is expected to be completed within 18 months.
/s.s./p.s./ — 2002-07-06

Shkoder: Energy is cut to 980 debtors of electric affiliate

SHKODER, July 8 (ATA)- By. M. Malja Electric police of Shkodra cut during last week the power supply for nearly 980 family consumers in debt to the district’s electric affiliate. Announcing this to ATA, chairman of this police Gezim Lahi told that “these consumers, inhabitants of quarters “Qemal Stafa”, “Vojo Kushi” and “Partizani” have not paid the energy invoices for three years. Sources from the finance branch of this affiliate announced that only during last week consumers’ number paying the power has increased by 12% as compared to one week ago. The encasements’ level has increased to nearly 40% now as compared to 28% it was by the end of June. Cutting of energy for debtors is continuing even in other quarters, said the chairman of electric police Lahi.
/s.sh/s.s./sm/ — 2002-07-08

Albanian Premier Majko visits Shkoder

SHKODER, July 9 (ATA)- by M.Malja- Albanian Premier Pandeli Majko arrived on a working visit in Shkoder town, in Northern Albania. Accompanied by ministers Ruka, Lakrori, Doda and Xhafaj, Premier Majko held a brief meeting at Shkoder Prefecture. The agenda of Premier’s visit includes also a meeting on problems of Local Authority with heads of Municipality and Commune. Premier Majko will inspect later reconstruction work of the road in Murriqan which links up Albania to Montenegro. Then he will pay a visit to Velipoja beach where he will talk with tourism and business heads of Shkoder and Shengjin.
/s.s./p.s./ — 2002-07-09

Prime Minister Majko inspects operations on roads Shkoder – Murriqan and Shkoder – Velipoje

SHKODER, July 9 (ATA)- By M. Malja Prime Minister Pandeli Majko inspected on Tuesday the operations for rehabilitation of road-axes Shkoder-Murriqan and Shkoder-Velipoje in district of Shkoder. After getting familiar with the progress of operations on these road-segments highly important to development of tourism, prime minister Majko asked from construction firms “higher rates in order that the operations conclude on time as well as frequent controls from the Transport Ministry regarding the quality of operations.” Some 74.8 million lek were allocated by the state budget for rehabilitation of the road Shkoder-Muriqan 14 km long while for Shkoder-Velipoje some 40.6 million lek. Termination of operations on these road-axes will influence on improvement of people’s movement towards the beach of Velipoje and Ulqini (Montenegro). In commune of Velipoje prime minister Majko was familiarised with the problems in this tourist area 30 km away from the city such as unauthorised constructions and asked from local government officials the curbing of this phenomenon and razing to the ground of unauthorised constructions to pave the way for investments. Also, prime minister Majko asked acceleration of operations for construction of a new water supply network in Velipoje with a fund worth 50 million lek allocated by the state budget. Afterwards, prime minister Majko closely attended the performance made by the army forces for cleaning the beach of Velipoja.
/s.s./sm/ — 2002-07-09

Fier del Levante, golden medal for “Meat-Master” salami factory

TIRANA, July 10 (ATA) By E.Xhajanka: The Italian company “Fiera del Levante” presented the diploma and golden medal to “Meat Master” company, salami factory Shkoder, in the premises of Palace of Congresses in Tirana on Wednesday noon. The diploma given for the dignified participation of the latter in the fourth edition of “Fiera del Levante” in Albania, was organised by an official delegate of Fiera del Levante in Albania for the Balkans zone, Klik Ekspo Klik. Meat Master has started its activity in Shkodra town in 1993 and as a commercial enterprise with initial capital of a modest value. In 1997 the enterprise extended its activity even in meat processing and salami production, whereas in ’98 brothers Kimca, presidents of Meat Master carried out an investment worth US$ 500 thousand for production of 7-10 tons of processed meat which trades in the main towns of Albania.
/a.gj/aid/ — 2002-07-10

Implementation of two UNDP projects in Malesi e Madhe starts

KOPLIK, July 11 (ATA) By M.Malja: The implementation of two projects for infrastructure improvement started on Thursday in the villages Gashaj and Goraj of Malesi e Madhe through the US$ 40 thousand UNDP fund, in the framework of the project “Investments in exchange of weapons”. The co-ordinator of this project in Shkoder Region, Eva Golaj, told ATA that the inhabitants of Gashaj and Golaj village, in Males e Madhe district, who have handed over 60% of the weapons, benefit two projects, that for the rehabilitation of Gashaj-Bajze road, 7 kilometres long, and which will end within three months and the water supply of Goraj village. A few days ago, the implementation of two other project has started in the villages Shosh and Qarret. “Investments in exchange of weapons” project which is being implemented in Shkoder, Lezha, Tirana, Vlora Prefectures, is being financed by UNDP, through US$ 3 million fund. The aim of this project is the voluntary hand-over of weapons by the population and at the same time, extension of investments funds for various projects in infrastructure, education, health and so on, in those villages where the process of hand-over of weapons has marked better results.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-07-11

Nearly 2 467 narcotic plants destroyed in Shkoder

SHKODER, July 12 (ATA) – By M. Malja: The regional Office of fight against drugs in the police directory of the Region, in cooperation with the police forces of Shkoder, annihilated on Friday 2 467 narcotic plants (cannabis sativa) in the village of Qerret, about 75 kilometers away from the city. Official sources from the Region’s police told ATA that “on basis of an operative plan, the forces of regional office of fight against drugs, in cooperation with Shkoder police commissariat told ATA that “on basis of an operative plan, the regional office of fight against drugs, in cooperation with the forces of Shkoder commissariat, annihilated in the early hours of Friday 2 467 narcotic plants, planted in parcels of the village of Qerret of the commune of Shllak. According to same sources, police have proclaimed wanted three inhabitants of this village, respectively Pashuk Gjoni, Marash Marashi and Mikel Marashi.
/s.sh/A.A/ — 2002-07-12

Shkoder: Tax administration cashes around 119 million lek more in 6 months

SHKODER, July 16 (ATA) By M.Malja: Shkoder tax administration has cashed some 19 million lek more then the projection during the first half of the current year. The head of taxes’ branch of the district, Gjok Miri, told ATA that “the realisation for this period is 117%. The plan of the current year is 70% higher than that of last year”. Meanwhile, so far, some 2100 private subjects have been registered or 700 more than last year. According to him, during June only, over 310 enterprises were registered close to that branch, which had evaded fiscal obligations. By the end of the year, Shkodra tax branch is expected to register around 3 thousand enterprises.
/dori/vik/aid/ — 2002-07-16

Shkoder: 1.2 million dollars on reconstruction of Health Centres

SHKODER, July 19 (ATA)- by M. Malja- World Bank has allocated recently 1.2 million dollars about rehabilitation of Health Centres into Shkoder Prefecture. Sources close to the Regional Directory of Health Service close to Prefecture told to the ATA that the fund will be used to start rehabilitation of 30 centres in the districts of Shkoder, Puka and Malesia e Madhe. Work is expected to be completed within a year and then it will be increased the quality of medical service even in the rural areas of these districts. During the last years in Shkoder area there have been rehabilitated 30 Medical Centres in various villages with the 900 thousand dollar fund of the World Bank.
/dori/vik/p.s./ — 2002-07-19

Reconstruction of Shkoder-Murrian road to be over this year

Tirane, July 19 (ata) – By Violeta Shqalsi: Within 2002 the reconstruction of the road Shkoder-Murriqan will be over, said sources from the Albanian Ministry of Transports and Telecommunications. The reconstruction of the road will serve a quicker movement of people on both parts of the Albania-Montenegro border. To this end will also serve the opening of the customs point of Murriqan. The state budget of Albania has delievered a total of 74,8 million lek for the reconstruction of the above-mentioned road. The project drafted by specialists of the Ministry of Transports envisages the extension of the road width from 5-6.5 meters, the construction of 5 works of art and the laying of all its length with two layers of asphalt and reinforced concrete. According to the same sources, actually work is going on in the second stage of the rehabilitation of Shkoder-Velipoje road, with a fund of 200 million lek, by the state budget.
/a.gj/xh/ — 2002-07-19

Shkoder: Some 750 thousand euro for restoration of “Piaca”

SHKODRA, July 20 (ATA) By M.Malja: “Piaca”, or road “13 Dhjetori” in Shkoder, as it is called, will be restored through the fund of 750 thousand euros, allocated by Italian government. According to sources from the culture office in the Shkoder municipality, the branch of the Monuments of Culture of the district has ended the project for the restoration of the buildings in this road, which were heavily damaged over the last years. For the first time, the rehabilitation works in this road designed last century by the renown architect and painter Kole Idromeno, were carried out in the end of ’82, when the first National Exhibition of Popular Culture was opened. Along this road, 1 kilometres long, there are a lot of shops which have changed their destination. In the past there were only painters’ studios, workshops of handicraft, and so on.
/s.sh/aid/ — 2002-07-20

Shkoder: Construction of cement factory to start in Shkoder in August

SHKODER, July 22 (ATA) By M.Malja: The construction of cement factory in the village of Mes, 5 kilometres away from Shkoder town, will commence in the first days of August. The chairman of the commune, Faz Shabi, told ATA that “through the US$ 140 million, allocated by three American banks for the German company “Spacelift cimento group”, the works for the construction of the cement factory will start in the first days of August”. According to him, all the necessary procedures have endedd for the construction of such a builing, which will occupy an area of 3 hectares. The works for the construction of this work will last nearly 18 months. The production capacity of this factory is 1, 2 million ton of cement every year, the sum total of all the production capacity of Albania before the 90ies. Its technology is up-to-date, which assures a high quality of production, in order to trade it abroad. Some 1800 workers from Mes village and various specialists from Shkoder town will be employed in this factory, one of the biggest factories north of Albania.
/s.sh/dori/aid/ — 2002-07-22

MES decides to open Information Technology branch in Shkodra University

TIRANA, July 22 (ATA) By E.Kaci: The Albanian Minister of Education and Science, Luan Memushi, passed on Monday the opening of the new branch of Information Technology in “Luigj Gurakuqi” University in Shkoder town for the new 2002-2003 academic year. Valter Peshkepia, chief of higher education sector in the Ministry of Education states for ATA that “the opening of the new 4-year branch of Information Technology in Shkoder University is an aid to higher education sector in this town and to the business of all northern towns”. The new branch of Information Technology opens along with some 8 other branches in the five universities of Albania, passed a few days ago by the Council of Ministers. “The opening of the new branches is a demand of the universities and the students themselves”, Peshkepia stated.
/f.n/aid/ — 2002-07-22

Shkoder: Documentation ready for privatization of 6 Hydro Electric Power Plants

SHKODER, July 23 (ATA) by M.Malja Documentation is ready for the privatization of local hydro electric power plants constructed in the districts of Shkoder, Malesi e Madhe, specialist of Privatization Agency in Shkoder Prefecture, Mensur Bushati said. Privatization of such plants and their rehabilitation will influence in the improvement of the power supply for the inhabitants of this region, by producing in total about 2,500 megawatt hours of power supply annually. Several Austrian companies have expressed their interest in the construction of the small local power plants, which might further their competition even to the privatization of 6 other local plants.
/dori/vik/kled/ — 2002-07-23

Construction of new bridge ends in Mali i Jushit village

SHKODER, July 29 (ATA) By M.Malja: The construction of the new bridge ended in Mali i Jushit village, around 25 kilometres away from Shkoder town. According to the regional director of road maintenance enterprise, Ali Zjarri, the new bridge that is part of Shkoder-Tirana road segment, was set up on the stream with the same name of the village, Mali i Jushit. He stated that “the project was implemented through the US$ 75 million fund, allocated by NATO mission in Albania COMMZ(W), whereas the works were carried out by “Albeton-Ballkan” construction company in 6 months”. Vehicles of all tonnage pass freely in the bridge, 22 metres long and 10 metres wide. Its construction became more than indispensable when the existing bridge became useless and was substituted by a provisional bridge. According to the director Zjarri, two other bridges are under way, one on the stream on Kosmac village and the other in Mjede village, which link Shkoder to the northern region of Albania.
/s.sh/dori/aid/ — 2002-07-29

We will support Association agreement of Albania with EU
British ambassador states

SHKODER, July 31 (ATA) By M.Malja: “Britain will support the opening of Stability-Association Agreement of Albania with European Union”, the ambassador of Great Britain stated to Tirana, David Landsman stated in Tirana on Wednesday. The British ambassador appraised the program of reforms of the new government, which, according to him, “pave the way for Albania’s quick integration with European structures”. He added that “European Union has not changed and added the conditions Albania has to meet for signing Stability-Association Agreement, but demands only their implementation”. Great Britain’s Ambassador, David Landsman, during his visit in Shkoder on Wednesday, had meetings with local government representatives, the police and was acquainted with the social-economic situation in this region. He also took part in the completion of a project carried out under the auspices of British embassy in Tirana for “Shkoder Intellectual woman” association. Some 40 women completed a three-month course as dressmakers in this project.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-07-31

N E W S – August 2002

Shkoder: Unlimited detention for Croatian trafficker of cars

SHKODER, August 3 (ATA) By M.Malja: Shkoder District Court ruled unlimited detention term for the Croatian national Milan Mikaliç, accused of the penal act of trafficking of stolen vehicles. The court’s spokesman told ATA that the Croatian national, 30, was detained 4 days ago in Murriqan border crossing point with a very expensive car stolen in Italy. After the intervention of Tirana Interpol Police, it resulted that the car had been stolen five days ago in Italy and its destination was Albania. The 30-year-old from Croatia, had been sentenced two years ago in Germany for the same penal offence. This is the first case of seizure of stolen cars entering through Murriqan border crossing point to Albania since the opening of this point.
/s.s/aid/sm/ — 2002-08-03

Shkodra tax bodies fulfill the 7-month plan by 123%

SHKODER, Aug 8 (ATA) By M.Malja: Shkodra tax bodies realised the January-July plan of the current year by 123%. The head of the tax bodies in this district, Gjok Miri, told ATA that even through the plan of 2002 is 70% greater than that of the past year, the plan for January-July period was realised by 123%. According to him, so far some 2117 subjects or 500 more than the end of the last year have been registered. The attention of the Shkodra tax payers is concentrated on the registration of all the subjects that run the productive and trade activity in this district. There are some 300 hotels and bars who for years have been evading the payment of taxes. During these days, 62 of them have been registered. The number of the private subjects is thought to reach 3000 by the end of the current year.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-08-08

Water falls in lake of Koman hydro-power station increase four times

SHKODER, Aug 12 (ATA)- By M. Malja The rain which is falling for more than 3 days in northern and northeastern areas of the country has increased four times the water flows in the lake of Koman hydro-power station (Shkoder). According to the engineer of the command hall of this facility Saimir Alushi, the side water flows in this lake on Monday by midday, are 200 meters cub per second out of 50 meters cub per second that they were three days ago”. The water level of the lake of Koman hydro-power station records today 171,5 meters above the sea level as compared to 170.5 meters that this index was some days ago, sources from the command hall made known. The maximal quota of this lake is 175 meters over the sea level. The sources told that “of 4 turbines this facility has, only 2 of them work at the peak of charge for electric power.” Koman hydro power station is the third built over cascade of Drini River in ’85.
/s.sh/dori/IR/ — 2002-08-12

Shkoder: Former policeman detained, accused of trafficking women

SHKODER, Aug 13 (ATA) By M.Malja: The police forces of Shkoder commissariat detained on Tuesday a former police of this commissariat, sentenced in absentia for trafficking of women. Official sources from the local police made known for ATA that, early on Tuesday, national Kastroit Geshtenja was detained, in Bardhaj village, 4 kilometers off Shkoder, as he was declared wanted for trafficking of women and was sentenced by the District Court of Shkoder to 7 years of imprisonment. According to these sources, on Aug 18, last year, two Romanian prostitutes were found at the house of the policeman Kastriot Geshtenja. He, along with another individual, detained and sentenced to 2,5 years of imprisonment, would send them to Italy for trafficking means.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-08-13

Court passes “unlimited detention” for Italian national accused of traffic of vehicles

SHKODER, Aug 14 (ATA) – By M. Malja: Shkoder First Instance Court on Wednesday decided to issue the custody form of “unlimited detention” for the Italian national Spartako Saturni, accused for trafficking of vehicles. The case head Astrit Kalaja told ATA that “Italian national is accused of the penal proceeding of trafficking of vehicles of considerable values.” Police of Shkoder detained the Italian Saturni in the border crossing point of Murriqan about three days ago while on efforts to drive the Benz-type vehicle to Albania, where he later planned to sell it. According to Albanian Interpol it results that the car Saturni was traveling with was his, although this car resulted to have been stolen according to the Italian authorities. This is the third case over the last three months that police of Shkoder detains traffickers of vehicles. The two previous detainees were of Croation and Kosovan nationality.
/s.sh/dori/A.A/ — 2002-08-14

Shkoder: 24000 narcotic plants destroyed

SHKODER, Aug 14 (ata)- By M. Malja The regional office of fight against drugs in the police directory of the Region, in co-operation with the police forces of Shkoder destroyed on Wednesday 24000 narcotic plants (cannabis sativa) in the village of Kajvare, about 73 km away from the city. The spokeswoman of the police directory of the district told ATA that, “on basis of an operative plan, today by midday were destroyed 24000 narcotic plants (cannabis sativa) planted in three plots of the village of Kajvare of the commune of Shllak”. According to the sources, police has declared wanted the three inhabitants of this village, respectively Kole Kola, Pal Lumi and Ded Rrasa, for the penal act of cultivating narcotic plants. Since the beginning of the current year, this is the third action of regional office of fight against drugs for the destruction of narcotic plants. During this period are destroyed over 81000 narcotic plants planted in villages Mazrrek, Shpor, Temal, Kollgjen and are detained 5 persons who cultivated them.
/s.s./IR/ — 2002-08-14

Expropriation of real estate paves the way for second stage of construction of road Lezhe-Shkoder

TIRANE, Aug 15 (ATA)- The Council of Ministers approved on Thursday the decision for expropriation for public interest of the real estate that are touched by construction of the road-segment Shkoder-Vau i Dejes, part of the road-segment Lezhe-Shkoder. According to the press statement of Information Department, rehabilitation of the second section Shkoder-Vau i Dejes (8.2 km) is the second stage of investment from the state budget for construction of the road section Lezhe-Shkoder (part of Corridor North-South), conform the standards of European parameters of construction. The deadline of expropriation is August 31, 2002. Also, the government approved the decision for creation, territorial extension and classification of the customs zone in border crossing point of Rips. Strengthening of control in customs areas as well as the functioning of border crossing point in area of Ripse has rendered necessary the creation of a new permanent customs zone in this border crossing point. This customs area will be extended in territory between the customs area of Kakavije and that of Qafe-Bote. It will carry out important duties in the customs control and supervision of the goods, means and travelers entering in and from the territory of the Republic of Albania.
/d.k/sm/ — 2002-08-15

Shkoder: Worth 7.8 million USD realized from export during January-August 10 period

SHKODER, Aug 16 (ata)- By M. Malja Worth 7.8 million dollars are realized from export in the district of Shkodra during January-August 10 period of the current year. The district specialist of the office of statistics close to INSTAT, Mimoza Volumi, states that, “this figure is 10% higher than the same period of the previous year”. According to her, the different companies and enterprises that produce for export have been more careful to the quality of goods which has increased also their volume. According to the same source, for the same period are exported from this district to Hungary also 560 kw of medical plants. On the other hand, it is the second year that agricultural products are being exported to Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia. Nearly 400 kw of tomatoes, 250 kw of melon and 170 kw of pepper are exported to these countries during last two months.
/s.sh/d.k/IR/ — 2002-08-16

Shkoder: Police kills a wanted person

SHKODER, August 18 (ATA)- by M.Malja- A very wanted person, resident of Kukel village in Shkoder district, accused of committing several murders, was shot dead in the early hours of Sunday during an a fire exchange with police. According to local police of Shkodra told to the ATA that “in the early hours of Sunday police forces in collaboration with the special units of the Ministry of Public Order surrounded in Kukel village the 55 years old Tom Begeja, an inhabitant of this village accused of four murders.” Begeja responded with fire to the police call for surrender. Police returned the fire back injuring him. In spite of the doctor’s treatment at Lezha hospital where the wounded was taken immediately, he couldn’t survive. In addition to murders, Begeja was also accused of kidnapping and putting fines to people.
/s.s/p.s./ — 2002-08-18

Shkoder: Return of emigrants increases requests for passports

SHKODER, August 19 (ATA)- by M. Malja- The return of the Albanian emigrants from Greece, Italy and other countries has increased requests for passports. At Shkoder passport issue Department close to police station there has been work for the acceptance of applications, but no passports are available. Shkoder local police told to the ATA that “everyday there are some 150-200 applications for getting passports.” According to local police there are application forms, but during the last three days passports are short of. During the first 15 days of August there have been issued just 1500 passports. Even at the Malesia e Madhe police station there have been numerous requests for passports. There have been 60 applications made everyday. The application forms are, but the passports are in small numbers and they are given just to the sick, or students who want to attend school abroad. Passport Department close to Shkoder police station expects a great number of passports in the first days of September. This office says that during the last four months there have been issued some 12.500 passports. Another way followed to ease the situation is the extension with two years of the validity of existing passports of the citizens.
/d.k/p.s./ — 2002-08-19

Albania is taking decisive steps towards European integration
Ambassador of OSCE in Tirana Ahrens states

SHKODER, Aug 20 (ata)-= By M. Malja The Ambassador of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in Tirana, Geert Ahrens, stated on Tuesday in Shkoder that “Albania is taking decisive steps towards European integration”. During a meeting with local media, Mr. Ahrens appraised that “the steps undertaken from new Albanian government in the implementation of reforms and lately in the fight against trafficking and corruption are the base of security for Albania towards approach to the Euro.-Athlantic structures and Stabilization-Association agreement”. Ambassador Ahrens highlighted further that “I come to Shkodra for the eight time during my stance in Albania and your city has progressed, mainly in order but also in other life aspects”. “I hope that OSCE will continue its support for the as soon as possible approach of Albania to all the European structures”, Mr. Ahrens, who will visit tomorrow (on Wednesday) the city of Bajram Curri and Kukes, stated. Ambassador Ahrens made these comments on the eve of his departure from Albania, after the ending of his mandate in the head of the mission of this Organization.
/d.k/IR/ — 2002-08-20

Shkoder: Lack of tickets postpones return of emigrants

SHKODER, Aug 21 (ata)- By M. Malja The lack of tickets postpones the return of emigrants to their work places in Italy, Greece, Belgium and so on. According to the directors of the travel agencies that operate in this city, there are at least 7000 emigrants that come for summer holidays to Shkoder and Malesi e Madhe. According to the director of the travel agency “Shkodra Travels”, Sokol Hoxha, all the tickets of the sea and air lines to Italy and Greece are sold until September 12. According to him, more problematic is the situation of over 70 students who have their competitions to Italy due in September 2 and 5. Hoxha says that, “under these conditions, many citizens are looking for other ways towards their work places, such as Montenegro.
/s.s/d.k/vik/IR/ — 2002-08-21

Shkoder: A dinghy of large seizes blocked

SHKODER, Aug 22 (ata)- By M. Malja A dinghy of large seizes was blocked on Wednesday evening in the mouth of Buna river, in the beach of Velipoja, 30 km away from the city of Shkodra. Sources of local police made known that, “yesterday at about 22.00, in the mouth of Buna river in Velipoje was seized a dinghy some 12 meters long, with three motors with 250 horse power each. The skippers along with their speed-boat were trying to enter the waters of Montenegro to escape Albanian forces but they faced a double siege and were obligated to abandon their speed-boat in the vicinities of Velipoja beach to hide. Police forces have undertaken a big operation since four days thoughout the coastal line for the seizure and blocking of all the sailing means that are used for trafficking purposes. Since the begging of this operation are blocked 7 speed-boats and are seized over 21 persons implicated in this trafficking.
/s.s./IR/ — 2002-08-22

6500 Shkodra tourists passed vacations abroad

SHKODER, August 24 (ATA)- by M.Malja- There were 6500 Shkodra holiday-makers who spent their summer vacations abroad, representatives of the Travel Agency of this town made known to the ATA. “This is the greatest number of people from this town who spent vacations abroad during the last ten years,” Head of the Agency Agim Myrtaj said. Their preferred destination was Montenegro, Turkey, Slovenia, Croatia, but according to Myrtaj there were numerous requests to spend vacations even in Italy. There were also cases when requests were impossible to be met because of the procedures to get visas and lack of link up with counterpart agencies abroad. The best links have been carried out with tourist agencies in Montenegro and Turkey. There have gone over 80% of Shkodra holiday-makers. After the opening of Murriqan border crossing point which makes shorter the distance between Shkodra with Montenegro there have been up to 200 holiday-makers who have spent vacations on a daily basis, especially during the week-end. While in the beaches within Albania and mainly in Velipoja there were 70 thousand Shkodra citizens who spent vacations there. Myrtaj says that bettering of economic conditions and security has also influenced in the increase of the number of requests on the part of citizens who want to rest abroad. According to him during the coming year it is expected a further increase of the organised crime.
/s.s./+/p.s./ — 2002-08-24

Weightlifter from Shkodra Erkand Qerimaj winner of gold medal in European Championship of France

SHKODER, Aug 24 (ata)- By M. Malja The weightlifter of Vllaznia team and at the same time member of Albanian national team U-16 (under 16), Erkand Qerimaj, won the first place on Friday in the races of the European Championship which are being held in the city of Nice (France). Sources from Vllaznia sports club make known that he has lifted 35 kg in snatch, 102.5 kg in jerk and 177,5, meriting the gold medal. Participating in this activity is also the other wightlifter from Shkodra Elis Lishi.
/A.KE/+/IR/ — 2002-08-24

Registrations for competitions to be admitted to “Luigj Gurakuqi” university completed

SHKODER, Aug 28 (ATA)-By M. Malja, Registrations of high school students to contest for admission to various branches of “Luigj Gurakuqi” University of Shkoder were completed on Wednesday. The secretary of the university secretariat, Skender Bilali, told ATA that over the three months of August over 1800 high school school students or 300 more than in the past year, who will contest from September 2 to 8 in various branches. He said that among the most preferred faculties and where there have been more students enrolled are the Law Faculty, at which have been enrolled 210 students for 78 seats, the Economy – Business faculty with 245 candidates for 82 seats, the Computer Science with 96 students for 25 sits and other faculties. Numerous have also been the demands for Language-Literature, History-Geography, English, Italian, German and other branches. During the new academic year 2002-2003 some 1600 students or 300 more than in the past year will attend the auditoriums of “Luigj Gurakuqi” University in the first classes or more 300 than in the past year. Most of the students will be from the northern and northeastern distrcits of the country. Seven faculties with 15 various branches function at this university. The new branch of the Information Science will open at this university this year.
/s.s./vik/lm/ — 2002-08-28

Rehabilitation of Shkoder-Bajze railway station ends by mid November

SHKODER, Aug 29 (ATA) By M.Malja: The rehabilitation works of Shkoder-Bajze (Malesi e Madhe) railway station, 25 kilometres long, will end by the middle of November. This was made known for ATA by the head of railways in northern region, Kujtim Vuçini, who stated that “last days, Albavia, winning company of the auction for this object, has remarkably stepped up the pace of works”. According to him, works are under way for laying railroad tracks and steel rails, 11, 3 kilometres long of the damaged line from Shkodra to Grizhe, a process that is in its final stage. Albanian government has allocated a 316 million lek fund for reconstructing this line. As soon as the railway resumes service, Albanian railway will be linked again to the system of European railways. The international railway station of Bajze and that of Bajze- Hani i Hotit, 8 kilometres long that goes to Montenegro, resumed service last December. Some 26 million lek were spent for its rehabilitation. Sources from the control room of Bajze station announced that, since the beginning of the year, the businessmen have brought over 13 cargoes with various goods, such as gas, flour, barley, glasses and so on from different European countries. This railway creates various facilities for shipment and also lowers the cost. Shkoder-Grizhe railway station was heavily damaged during the turmoil of March ’97, when inhabitants of the surrounding area stole the rails to sell them as scrap in Montenegro.
/s.sh/d.k/aid/ — 2002-08-29

State budget earmarks Lek 35 mln on rehabilitation of two national roads

SHKODER, Aug 31 (ATA) – By M. Malja: The fund allocated from the state pool for a partial reconstruction of some road segments extended along the national roads in zone of Shkoder reaches the value of 35 miollion Lek. Director for road regional directory Ali Zjarri told ATA that “two rod segments, that of Shkoder-Koman, 60 km, and Mali i Jushit -Torovice, 25 kilometers long, are in the process of rehabilitation.” Proceeding in this road are being carried out by the bid winning company “Karl Gega”, which claims to end proceedings by September.
/s.s/+/A.A/ — 2002-08-31

N E W S – October 2002

Emergency stuff is created in Shkoder to take steps for rehabilitation of Buna bridge

SHKODER, Oct 2. (ATA) – By M Malja – After partly damage of Buna bridge Wednesday, an emergency staff was created to take emergency steps to rehabilitate the bridge. Official sources from the prefecture said to ATA “a meeting of the stuff is due to be held to determine relevant steps and to find emergent ways for rehabilitation of bridge”. Actually, car traffic is interrupted, while people pass the two sides of the river through boats and ferry of “Xhenis” firm.
/d.k/Ad.Ab./ — 2002-10-02

Engineering experts leave for Shkoder to estimate situation in Buna river bridge

TIRANE, Oct.2 (ata) – By Enkelejda Koraqi: Upon instruction of the Albanian Defence Minister, Pandeli Majko, some engineering experts left Wednesday for Shkoder to estimate the situation and the technical conditions following the collapse of a part of the Buna river bridge, the Defence Ministry spokesperson said. She told ATA that the General Staff of the Armed Forces sent engineering experts to start work immediately after estimating the situation, for the construction of the bridge Bejli, of metallic type, as was acted with the bridge of Bogova in Berat, some days ago. The bridge of Buna river was partly damaged Wednesday at 9 a.m. Sources from the municipality told ATA that the bridge was damaged in the moment was a heavy vehicle was passing through. The century-old bridge of Buna is an important key spot linking Shkodra with the tourist zone of Shiroka and with the border crossing of Muriqan.
/s.s./xh/ — 2002-10-02

Restoration of Buna bridge needed urgently in Shkoder

SHKODER, Oct 2. (ATA) – Head of commune of Ana e Malit, Beqir Malaj urged Wednesday local officials to repair the damaged bridge of Buna as soon as possible. The bridge links city of Shkoder with the commune. “Actually, about seven thousand inhabitants of commune from Wednesday morning do not pass to the city to send their products, as it is known the farmers of village sale their products in thë city”, Malaj said. Ministry of Transport specialists and engineering experts are reviewing the possibility to install a permanent metalic bridge.
/d.k/Ad.Ab./ — 2002-10-02

Part of Buna bridge in Shkoder damaged

SHKODER, Oct.2 (ata) – By M Malja: A part of the bridge of Buna river, in the entrance of the city of Shkoder, was damaged Wednesday at about 9 a.m. Sources from the municipality told ATA that the bridge was partly damaged in the moment when a heavy vehicle was passing on it. “The bridge was damaged for about 30 meters, and as a result the vehicle fell in the Buna river but the driver could survive,” said the sources. The city-hall has adopted all measures to fix the bridge in cooperation with the road-bridge department people of the district, who are working to make the important bridge which links Shkodra with the tourist zone of Shiroka and the border point of Muriqan, passable. For the moment people are crossing the river through boats. Some time ago the government allocated a fund of 15 million lek for the rehabilitation of the 100-year old bridge constructed in the period of Mahmut Pasha Bushatlliu, but the amount is not delivered yet. The bridge of Buna has been reconstructed several times with funds from the government. The bridge of 100 m long and with a metallic construction covered with wood, was gravely damaged especially in 1997 when scores of heavy vehicles carried iron scraps to Montenegro.
/d.k/xh/ — 2002-10-02

Two ferries serve now to carry passengers on both sides of River Buna

SHKODER, Oct.3 (ata) – By M Malja: Early Thursday two ferries started service in River Buna for the movement of passengers towards the city of Shkodra and vice versa. Official sources of local police told ATA that the ferries will work nonstop during the day to carry passengers on both sides of the river. The bridge of Buna river collapsed yesterday after a heavy vehicle was passing on it. As a result, the movement of vehicles to the border point of Murriqan opened between Albania and Montenegro, was paralyzed. Also relation of the city of Shkodra with the commune of Oblika, with 7000 inhabitants, was interrupted. The construction of the new bridge of nearly 200 meters long, with a fund of USD3,4 million, is expected to start soon.
/s.sh./xh/ — 2002-10-03

Army transport vehicles passing through Ulqin to construct metallic bridge over Buna river

TIRANE, Oct.3 (ata) – By Enkelejda Koraqi: A convoy of 10 army transport vehicles, carrying elements of the metallic bridge, a fuel tanker and an automatic crane have just passed Ulqin (Montenegro) and are heading towards the border point of Murriqan (Shkoder), the spokesperson of the Albanian Defence Minstry, Mariana Zegali told ATA Thursday. The army means will reach the bank of Buna river where the damaged bridge is, through the border crossing of Murriqan. The engineering forces will immediately start work for the construction of the metallic bridge, as was acted with the bridge of Bogova in Berat some days ago. The installation of this bridge is envisaged to be completed in 24 hours. The bridge of Buna was partly damaged Wednesday at about 9 a.m. when a heavy vehicle was passing on it.
/s.s./xh/ — 2002-10-03

Army vehicles pass Murriqani border point to Shkoder for workings on Buna bridge

TIRANA, Oct. 3 /ATA-Enkelejda Koraqi/ – About 10 army lorries carrying with metallic elements already passed Murriqani border point to Shkoder, to arrive in Buna river where the bridge was damaged told Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATA) Defense Ministry spokeswoman, Mariana Zegali. Engineering forces are expected to start in half an h our workings to build a “Bejli” type bridge in the same way it was done with Bogova bridge in Berat few days ago. This operation is expected to be completed within 24 hours. Buna bridge was partially destroyed on Wednesday at about 09:00 hrs while a heavy vehicle was passing in it.
/s.s/E.H/ — 2002-10-03

Gjovalin Perloca, Aleksander Muskaj elected members of High Council of Justice

TIRANE, Oct 4 (ATA)-The National Judicial Conference on Friday elected the two new members of the High Council of Justice, Gjovalin Perloca of Shkoder Court and Aleksander Muskaj of Vlore Court. The two will take the vacant offices after the end of term of the members of this Council, Natasha Sheshi and Martin Deda.
/klo/s.s./lm/ — 2002-10-04

Work to reconstruct “Bejli” bridge on Buna river starts

TIRANE, Oct 4 (ATA) – By E.Koraqi – Army engineering experts started Friday morning the work to reconstruct “Bejli” bridge on Buna River in Shkodër. Ministry Defence spokewoman said to Albanian Telegraphic Agency that engineering experts are actully working to reconstruct sliding plan of steel system of bridge. Almost 40 meters bridge will be repaired. Meanwhile army infantry units in Shkoder are working to help engineering experts in transportation.
s.s./Ad.Ab./ — 2002-10-04

Shkoder: Project to make the town green is underway

SHKODER, October 9- by M.Malja- It has already being implemented project of making green the area around Shkoder town. The manager of the project Agustin Filipi told to the ATA that “work is being carried out by the Directory of the Forest Service of the district and it is being followed step by step by the Spanish firm “MPLD” which is active in this town.” According to him, on the first days of implementation of this project there were planted 500 seedlings in the hills of Tepe, Rrenci and Mount of Tarabosh. It is made known that the first stage of the project is backed financially with 13 million lek accorded by Spanish government and it is due to be completed within March of the coming year. During this stage there will be planted 175 thousand seedlings. Sources close to the Prefecture made known that progress of work during this first stage is dependent on continuation of project. Thus, during the coming two years there will be made green some 40 other hectares of land around the town. The target of the project is to have the green view around Shkodra town restored. During the last years, it was damaged severely on the part of irresponsible people, mainly in Rrenc hills, where there was totally damaged an area of 7 hectares with pines.
/s.sh/p.s./ — 2002-10-09

Vermoshi border point to open by October 15

SHKODER, Oct. 10 /ATA-M.Malja/ – Vermoshi border point, in Malesi e Madhe district is expected to open by October 15 2002. In a press release of Shkodra district police department, in a meeting of Shkodra police director, Xhevair Karaj and Podgorica police director, Milan Paulovic, was said that talks focused on preparation of necessary infrastructure that this border point be ready by October 15. Meanwhile, Shkodra prefect, Gjergj Liqejeza, expressed in a meeting with Paulovic on Thursday, his commitment to undertake measures on a quick opening of this border point. In a meeting three weeks ago in Hani i Hotit border point between Albanian deputy Foreign Minister Luan Hajdaraga and his Montenegrin counterpart, Dragan Sukulic, the two officials talked about opening a border point in Vermosh, north Albania and in the agreement signed by both sides has been agreed that movement of citizens be carried out initially. Meanwhile, movement of vehicles would be limited, initially including cars and further more heavy-tonnage vehicles. Vermoshi border point is the third of this kind to opëen between Albania and Montenegro, after those of Hai i Hotit and Murriqan. Vermoshi border point was closed in 1948 after breaking relation with Yugoslavy.
/s.s/d.k/E.H/ — 2002-10-10

Shkoder: discharging gate opens in Vau i Dejes hydric power station

SHKODER, Oct. 12 /ATA-M.Malja/ – Heavy rainfalls going on since two days in north and northeast Albania have dramatically increased water level in Vau i Dejes hydro power stations, in Shkoder. Director of this hydro power station, Fahri Barbullushi told Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATA) that “due to increased waterflow at about 14:00 hrs on Saturday we opened one of the discharging gates.” According to him, water level on Saturday reached 1 000 cubic meters per second from 400 cubic meters per second in the morning. From the already opened gate have been discharged 270 cubic meters of water per second. Sources say that, water level in the lake has reached 75.56 meters above sea level. In this hydro power station actually function four turbines, which produce 4.8 kWh power.
/s.sh/E.H/ — 2002-10-12

Water flow in Koman lake increase considerably

SHKODER, Oct. 13 (ata) – By M Malja: The rain falls in the last three days in the northern and northeastern areas of Albania have increased to a considerable degree the side flow of water to the lake of the hydro power station of Koman (Shkoder.) Sources from the commanding hall in Koman hydro power station told ATA that the water flow on Sunday morning reached as much as nearly 700 cubic meters per second, from about 100 that it was three days ago. “The growth of water flow increased the water quota in the lake to 174 meters above the sea level, from 173 meters it was before. Its maximal quota is 176 meters above the sea level,” the same sources added. Currently, the four turbines of the hydro power station are all operating, reports say. The hydro power station of Koman is the third hydro power station set up on the cascade of River Drin in 1985. In 1972 and 1981 the hydro power station of Vau i Dejes (Shkoder) and that of Fierza (Tropoje) were built.
/s.sh/xh/ — 2002-10-13

Situation after rainfall in Shkoder and Lezha towns improved

SHKODER, Oct 13 (ATA)- by M.Malja- The created situation in Shkoder and Lezha towns in Northern Albania as a result of heavy rainfall has been improved notably on Sunday. Sources close to the Local Authority made known to the ATA that since the early hours of Sunday rain has stopped and situation is improving. In the meantime one of the discharge gates of the dyke of Vau i Dejës hydropower station, opened yesterday afternoon as a result of heavy rainfall, is being closed gradually. Sources close to this hydropower station made known that water flow into the hydropower station today by noon marked about 750 cubic metres in a second, while in the morning it was 1100 cubic metres in a second. For the time being the experts say that water level into the lake of Vau i Dejes hydropower station is 75,22 metres, from 76 metres which is its maximum level. Actually this Hydropower station is producing 5 million kWh energy in a day.
/d.k/p.s./ — 2002-10-13

Shkoder: Water flows in lake of Vau i Dejes hydro-power station reduced

SHKODER, Oct. 14 (ATA)- By M. Malja The lack of rainfalls during last 24 hours in north and Northeast Albania have caused the decrease of the side water flows in Vau i Dejes hydro-power stations, in Shkoder. According to sources of the command hall of this hydro-power station, “the side water flows in the lake are 340 cubic meters per second from 400 cubic meters per second it was a day ago”. “Water level in the lake has reached 75,14 meters above sea level, as a result of reduction of water flows, while its maximum level is 76 meters”, the same sources say. Vau i Dejes hydro-power station was constructed over the cascade of Drin river in 1972.
/s.sh./vik/lm/IR/ — 2002-10-14

Masterplan on Velipoje beach approved in Shkoder

SHKODER, Oct 17 (ATA)-By M. Malja, The Shkoder district Territory Adjustment Office recently approved a masterplan for the beach of Velipoje, around 30 km from the town. The masterplan, detailed and prepared by specialists of Tirane Town-planning Institute, aims at changing the view of this tourist zone, one of the most beautiful of the Albanian riviera. According to governor Gjergj Liqejza, the ambitious project is thought to begin to be implemented since in the next year. The beach of Velipoje, around 15 km long and 200 meters wide, starts from the mouth of Buna river and end near Shengjin (Lezhe). During the summer season of this year, the beach was frequented by around 200 000 vacationists, not only from the country but also from Kosova.
/s.sh/d.k/lm/ — 2002-10-17

Shkoder: This year’s investments two times more than last year

SHKODER, Oct. 19 (ata)- By M. Malja Investments which are being carried out during the current year in the Prefecture of Shkodra are two times more than last year. The Governor of Shkodra, Gjergj Liqejza, told ATA that, “nearly 15 million dollars from state budget and foreign donors are being invested during the current year in this Prefecture in the domain of infrastructure, education, health-care and so on”. According to him, among the most important investments which are being realized in Shkodra region are the construction of the highway Shkoder-Lezhe with a fund of worth 7 million dollars accorded from state budget, the rehabilitation of Shkoder-Velipoje, Shkoder-Muriqan roads with a fund of 800 thousand dollars. Another important project that is being implemented in Shkodra city is the rehabilitation of the water-supply network of this city with a fund of 3.5 million dollars accorded from Austrian government Investments are also carried out in the field of education, where there are rehabilitated some 13 schools and it has finished as well the construction of the new school of Dragocit, nearly 5 km away, with a fund of 700 thousand dollars. In the meantime lighting system of the field of “Loro Borici” stadium and the rehabilitation of the inner premises of this stadium finished recently with a fund of 350 thousand dollars accorded from UEFA and Albanian Government.
/d.k/vik/IR/ — 2002-10-19

Less water flow in lake of Vau i Dejes hydro power station in Shkoder

SHKODER, Oct.21 (ata) – By M Malja: Lack of rains in the recent days in northern and northeastern zones of Albania have made the water flow in the lake of Vau i Dejes hydro power station in Shkodra district, fall. The engineers in the commanding hall, Taip Shoshi, told ATA that the water flow early on Monday was 124 cubic meter per second, from 400 cubic meter of water per second recorded a week ago. As a result, he said, the water level in the lake amounted to 74.27 meters above the sea level from 76 meters that is the maximal quota of that lake. Sources from the commanding hall report that actually the four turbines which are not working all the time, generate 3,7 million kWh over 24 hours. There are three hydro power stations built on the cascade of River Drin. In 1972 the Vau i Dejes hydro power station was built, in 1981 that of Fierza and in 1985 the Koman hydro power station was built.
/d.k/xh/ — 2002-10-22

Appliances for rehabilitation of Buna bridge unloaded in Shkodra

SHKODER, Oct 21 (ATA) – By M. Malja: Twenty-two containers loaded with metallic appliances, to be used for rehabilitation of the Buna bridge, shipped from Italy a day ago, arrived in city of Shkoder on Monday. These appliances are similar with the metallic equippment, established a few days ago in the bridge by the engineering troops. Sources from the prefecture of Shkoder told ATA that work on total rehabilitation of Buna bridge will resume on Tuesday and will be carried out by engineering troops of Albanian army, assisted by Italian specialists. According to the project adopted by specialists of the Ministry of Transports and Telecommunications, general rehabilitation is foreseen to be completed on the bridge, while general fund allocated from the state budget for this purpose mounts to lek 15 million.
/d.k/A.A/ — 2002-10-22

Shkoder: 7 thousand litres of food oil sequestered

SHKODER, Oct 25 (ATA)- by M.Malja- The regional office of economic crime in collaboration with Shkoder police sequestered in the late hours of Thursday in a house of Shkoder some 7 thousand food oil not in line with standards as well as a quantity of strong and refreshment drinks with various false labels. Local police forces made known to the ATA that “at the house of Hysen Kulli in Shkoder town there were sequestered 7 thousand litres of oil food not in line with standards, as well as 435 litres of refreshment drinks with false labels along with a great number of false labels”. The owner was cuffed and taken to police station.
/s.s./p.s./ — 2002-10-25

Shkoder: 43 million lek financing on irrigation works damaged during the floods

SHKODER, 26 Oct /ATA/ by M.Malja – State budget allocated last days 43 million lek for the rehabilitation of irrigation works damaged during September floods in the district of Shkodra. Sources from the Agriculture Department of the district said to ATA that “this fund will be used to improve the irrigation system in communes of Dajc, Guri i Zi, Mjede and Mnel Vig, which suffered the greatest damages during September rains. Some times ago, World Bank allocated 80 million lek for the reconstruction of embankments of rivers Drin, Bune and Kir and the brook of Gjadri, damaged due to torrential rains of September. Performance in these objects has started and it is expected to finish in 90 days. During torrential rains fallen in the end of September in the district of Shkodra, were flooded five thousand hectares of land, l690 houses and were damaged many art works.
/d.k/Il.B./ — 2002-10-26

Fifth international seminar “Shkodra in centuries” ends

SHKODER, Oct 26. /ATA/ By M.Malja: – The fifth international seminar, “Shkodra in centuries”, ended in Shkodra town on Saturday. The proceedings of the seminar were held in 6 sections, economy, folklore, language, history, archaeology and literature. During the two days of the seminar, some 120 papers were read from scholars from Albania, Kosova, Macedonia, Montenegro, U.S. , Italy, Germany, Austria and so on. The seminar was organised by the Historical Museum of Shkoder district and “Luigj Gurakuqi” University, under the auspices of Shkoder municipality. The papers presented in the seminar were at a high scientific level. A new pavilion of archaeology was inaugurated today in the premises of National Historical Museum, where some 200 objects in stone and ceramics were exhibited, which date back to neolithic age. Another interesting thing was the way the objects were displayed by Italian architects of University of Florence (Italy).
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-10-26

Several expensive cars blocked in Durres and Shkoder

DURRES, Oct 31 (ATA)- by Gezim Kabashi- Durres local police blocked during the last 24 hours 6 expensive cars, produced in 2000-2001, and there will be checked their origin. Official sources from the regional police station told to ATA that based on the controls exerted on check-points and in several houses there were blocked 6 cars, all belonging to Durresi citizens, and suspected of arriving in an illegal way into our country. In the meantime Shkoder local police blocked on Thursday 20 expensive cars that moved since long ago in the town. These cars were suspected to be stolen in various countries like Montenegro, Italy, Germany and brought to Shkoder via the international network of traffic. Local police is collaborating with Interpol Tirana for checking these cars, most of which don’t have any kind of documentation.
/d.k/vik/p.s./ — 2002-10-31

N E W S – November 2002

Shkoder Prefect orders suspension of illegal constructions in Velipoja beach

SHKODER, Nov 1 /ATA/ By M.Malja: -Shkoder Prefect Gjergj Liqejza ordered on Friday the construction police and that of order to suspend all illegal constructions going on in Velopoja beach. Based on the order issued by KRRTSH (Albanian Council of Territory Adjustment) several days ago for the demolition of 700 illegal constructions along Velipoja-Saranda coastline, prefect Liqejza ordered the suspension of works for the construction of villas and new hotels on Velipoja beach. He also ordered the police not let any vehicle with construction materials travel towards Velipoja beach. According to sources from the Prefecture, some 500 illegal constructions have been built on this beach. Velipoja beach, 28 ilometres away from Shkoder town, is one of the favourite beaches of Shkodra inhabitants and holiday-makers from northern and north-eastern districts of Albania.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-11-01

Shkoder: Some 134 illegal connections of electric energy cut

SHKODER, November 1 (ata)- By M. Malja Electric police of Shkodra has cut some 134 illegal connections in some of the main quarters of the city during last two days. In the meantime, electric police of this district has sued in court some 7 big private enterprises which are debtors to Albanian Power Corporation (KESH) since several years. These enterprises owe to the electric branch of this district some 7 million lek. The action for the electric power cut of the consumers who do not pay their obligations to KESH will be expanded the next days in all the quarters of the district. It is aimed that encasing’s level reaches over 55% within November.
/s.s./IR/ — 2002-11-01

Water flow in hydro-power station of Koman falls

SHKODER, Nov 2 /ATA/ By M.Malja: – The lack of rains in the north and north-eastern zones of Albania has made the water flow in the lake of Koman hydro-power station in Shkoder district fall. The engineer of the hydro-power station, Zamir Shabani, stated for ATA that “the water flow in the lake of Koman hydro-power station early on Saturday are 60 meters of cube per second, as compared to 210 meters of cube per second or three times less than the multi-year average”. According to him, the fall in the water flow has made the water level reach 170. 6 meters as compared to 175 meters, its maximal quota. Three hydro-power stations have been built on Drin river, that of Vau i Dejës, Fierza and Koman.
/s.s/vik/aid/ — 2002-11-02

Person declared wanted extradited from Italy to Shkoder

SHKODER, Nov 4 (ATA)-By M. Malja, A person declared wanted, Leonard Engjlli, 32, from Juban village, of Shkoder district, sentenced to 18 years imprisonment for armed theft and who had escaped prison, was extradited from Italy to airport “Mother Teresa” in Tirane. Sources from Shkoder police told ATA that, after information about the whereabouts of Engjlli, Interpol Tirana, in cooperation with its Italian Interpol, detained Engjlli in one of the Italian cities and turned him back to Shkoder. According to the sources, Engjlli, in 1995, in cooperation with two other persons, at the Vau i Dejes-Koman road, robbed through weapons 28 million lek, wages of workers of the Koman Hydro-Power Station. One year later, he was sentenced by the Shkoder Court to 18 years imprisonment, under the charge of theft in complicity as well as of illegal arms’ possession. But during the March ’97 turmoil he escaped prison as was illegally sheltered in Italy, where he was identified and detained.
/s.s/d.k/lm/ — 2002-11-04

Shkoder: Some 134 illegal constructions demolished

SHKODER, Nov. 4 (ata)- By M. Malja Some 134 illegal constructions, 40 of which stony, were demolished on Monday in Shkodra city during an action of the district Construction Police. Director of district’s construction police, Ilir Lila, told ATA that, construction police demolished today with the support of order forces some 134 illegal constructions, some 40 of which stony, based on the decision of the Council of Territorial Adjustment of the municipality. This is the fifth action undertaken by construction police of Shkodra during the current year for the demolition of illegal constructions in this city. Over 300 illegal constructions are demolished during last 10 months. Currently, there are some 3000 illegal constructions in Shkodra city.
/s.s./IR/ — 2002-11-04

Shkodra governor demands increase of work rates on realization of investments

SHKODER, Nov. 6 (ata)- By M. Malja Investments from state budget in Shkoder district during first 10 months of the current year are realized by 59%. The governor of Shkodra, Gjergj Liqejza, held a meeting with representatives of local government and heads of the construction companies engaged in these works. He demanded the increase of the work rates in all the facilities where it is being worked, aiming not to suspend the funds accorded by state budget. Investments from state budget and foreign donors are three times more than last year. Among the most important investments under way are the construction of the highway Shkoder-Lezhe, of the roads Shkoder-Velipoje, Shkoder-Muriqan, the rehabilitation of the railway segment Shkoder-Bajze and so on.
/d.k/IR/ — 2002-11-06

Shkoder: Explosion in the residence yard of mufti
There are no damages in people and materials

SHKODER, Nov. 6 (ata)- By M. Malja There was a strong explosion at midnight in the residence yard of the mufti of Shkodra, Faik Hoxha. Official sources of local police made known to ATA that, an explosive has exploded in the residence yard of the 67 years old mufti, Faik Hoxha, on Tuesday evening at about 23.00. Police declared that there was no damage in people or materials. According to the sources, those who have placed the explosive in the residence yard of mufti are not identified yet and the cause of these event is not known.
/d.k/IR/ — 2002-11-06

Shkoder: World bank finances US$ 16 million for rehabilitation of hydro-power stations

SHKODER, Nov 7 /ATA/ By M./Malja: -World Bank has allocated US$ 16 million for the rehabilitation of several hydro-power stations in the country. The head of hydro-power station of Vau i Dejës, Fahri Bushati, stated for ATA that “more than the half of this fund will be utilised for the reconstruction of this object built 30 years ago on Drini river and the full rehabilitation of this hydro-power stattion will commence soon”. This project was drafted since 1994 by KESH and hydro-power station specialists, but it was not implemented due to the lack of funds. The lack of investments for a long time, has made this hydro-power station reach a worn-out state. The remainder will be utilised for the rehabilitation of hydro-power stations of Ulza and Shkopet. Three hydro-power stations are built on Drini river, that of Vau i Dejës in 1972, Fierza hydro-power station in 1981 and that of Koman in 1985. These hydro-power stations generate the major part of energy needed for consumers.
/d.k/aid/ — 2002-11-07

Shkoder: School pupils demonstrate: “No blood feud”

SHKODER, Nov 8 (ATA)- by M.Malja- “Let us say No to blood feud”, “We don’t want blood feud”, under these slogans hundreds of 8 grade school pupils of Shkoder, as well as their teachers marched on Friday along main roads of the town. The demonstration organized by the League of Missionaries of Peace, Educational Department of the district and the Independent Union of the Students of “Luigj Gurakuqi” University of Shkoder was provoked by the event that happened a day before in this town when a young man was killed because of blood feud and another remained injured. The chairman of the League of Peace Missionaries Emin Spahia told to the ATA that the aim of this demonstration is making public opinion sensible of the need of putting on halt blood feud phenomena which is becoming a challenge for the whole Northern region of the country.
/s.s./vik/p.s./ — 2002-11-08

Shkoder: Some 8 million lek for drainage system of Velipoja field

SHKODER, Nov 9 /ATA/ By M.Malja: -Some 8 million lek have been allocated last days by state budget for the improvement of drainage system of Velipoja field. Sources from the budget office of Shkoder Region told ATA that this fund will be used for the further improvement of the drainage system of Velipoja field, which was heavily damaged from the inundation that took place in September of the current year”. According to the project drafted by specialists of the waters’ directorate, the main drainage channel, that of Dajç-Velipojë, 3,4 kilometres long, will be cleaned. At the same time, the water-scooping machine of Ças and Vilun in Velipoja area will be rehabilitated. The works in these objects will start the coming week, aiming to end within a year. The heavy rains that fell during the last days of September of the current year, flooded some 3300 hectares of land of Velipoja zone and over 300 houses. The World bank allocated for the reconstruction of these heavily damaged objects through a fund of 80 million lek. They will be used for the rehabilitation of the embankments of Gjader stream, that of Buna river and cleaning of the drainage channels in the communes of Hajmeli, Guri i Zi and so on.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-11-09

Shkoder: Some 134 illegal connections cut within two days

SHKODER, Nov. 11 (ata)- By M. Malja The electric police of Shkodra city cut during last two days some 134 illegal connections in some of the main quarters of the city. According to the director of Shkodra electric police, Gezim Lahi, this process will be extended in all the quarters of the city as well as in the villages of this district. In the meantime, there are some 17 working groups of electric branch and electric police who are working to collect the money of electric energy’s bills. Shkodra district is one of the most delayed regarding the liquidation of obligations to KESH. Currently, encasing level on district scale has reached at 37%. The governor Gjergj Liqejza demanded in a meeting held on Sunday evening in the prefecture of Shkodra districts with the directors of electric branch and local bodies the engagement of all the structures for the collection of obligations on the consumed electric energy.
/s.s./IR/ — 2002-11-11

Two hundred street vendors replaced in new Shkoder stall markets

SHKODER, Nov 11 /ATA/ By M.Malja: Several individuals who have traded so far in the sidewalks of “Partizani” neighborhood of Shkoder town, will be settled in stalls of new markets, set up in the neighborhoods of this town, in one of the coming days. Sources from the municipality told ATA these vendors, removed some days ago from the sidewalks of Shkoder town, will get systemised in the gounds of the new markets. A few days ago, city’s construction police, in cooperation with order forces, demolished about 200 illegal buildings in “Vojo Kushi”, “Perash” and “Parruce” neighborhoods, which served as selling kiosks, while all street stalls in the sidewalks were removed. Hardly any stall can be seen currently in city’s streets.
/s.s/vik/aid/A.A/ — 2002-11-11

Shkoder: Some 22 million lek allocated for road signalling

SHKODER, Nov 12 /ATA/ By M.Malja: -Some 22 million lek have been allocated by the state budget and Shkodra Municipality for the road signals of this town. Sources from Shkoder Municipality told ATA that “the project for the completion of the town road signalling, drafted by specialists of the Ministry of Transport and Tele-Communication, forecasts putting of greenlights and road signals in all the cross-roads and main roads of the town”. According to the same source, the implementation of this project will start in the first days of December and will end within the current year. Shkodra is one of the few main towns of Albania which has no greenlights.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-11-12

Tanker seized in Koplik

KOPLIK, Nov 13 /ATA/ By M.Malja: – The border police forces of Malësi e Madhe district seized a tanker on Wednesday in the waters of Shkoder lake. Sources from the local police stated for ATA that early on Wednesday, at around 5.00, the border police seized in Vukpalaj village, 13 kilometes away from Koplik town, a tanker anchored near the shore of the lake. According to the same source, the sailing means, 10 metres long, was used for shipment of smuggled goods on both sides of Albania-Montenegro border. During the current year, in the framework of ant-trafficking action, the border police of Malesi e Madhe has seized around 15 sailing means.
/s.s/vik/aid/ — 2002-11-13

Leka Zogu visits Shkodra

SHKODER, September 13 (ATA)- by M.Malja- Leka Zogu, Claimer to the Throne of Albania held a visit on Wednesday to Shkoder town, in Northern Albania, at the invitation of Mayor Ormir Rusi. Mayor Rusi acquainted Leka Zogu with the social and economic situation in the town as well as with the projects due to be implemented on the infrastructure of the town. During the meeting held with intellectuals of the town, in one of the venues of “Luigj Gurakuqi” University Mr.Zogu said that “Albania’s future is integration into the EU and this will be achieved in the first place by the work of Albanians themselves”. He hailed easing of the political situation in Albania during the recent months underlining that he appreciates all peaceful developments in the political and economic life of the Albanians. Speaking on the economic situation he appealed for a better exploitation of the great resources of the country in order to increase well-being of the Albanians. Then he laid wreathes of flowers on the tomb of Father Gjergj Fishta and the Memorial dedicated to the 2-nd of April event.
/s.s/d.k/vik/p.s./ — 2002-11-13

Second stage of rehabilitation of Shkoder-Velipoja road ended

SHKODER, Nov 14 /ATA/ By M.Malja: – The second stage of rehabilitation works of Shkoder-Velipoje road axis ended last days. Sources from regional office of investments, made known for ATA that “within a three- month period, the full rehabilitation of Trush- Ura e Gjolulit road, which is also the second stage of the works for the rehabilitation of Shkoder- Velipoje road, ended”. During this stage, the road was widened from 4,5 to 7 kilometres. The second stage works were carried out by 2K group company, which also laid the road with asphalt and concrete. The first stage of the works, which included Shkoder- Trush road segment, 7 kilometers long, ended last year. During this stage, the road was built, its canalization and laying with asphalt. The Albanian government has allocated some 800 million lek for the reconstruction of this road. The works of the third stage of rehabilitation of this road are forecast to end within June of the next year. The building of road will make the movement of vacationists who visit Velipoja beach easier. Meanwhile, the first stage of the works in Shkoder-Murriqan road segment, 2, 8 kilometers long, ended through a fund of 18, 8 million lek allocated by the state budget.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-11-14

Albanian Power Corporation appeals to Shkoder residents to pay the energy bills

SHKODER, Nov 16 (ATA)- by M.Malja- There will be electric energy supply only for the residents who pay the bills. Pjeter Dema, deputy Minister of Energy issued the appeal on Saturday in Shkoder town during a meeting with heads of Local Authority, Power Department and Electric Police. He asked for close cooperation of the Albanian Power Corporation (KESH) with Local Authority even in Shkoder district, which is listed among the most backward areas of the country. “Only during the period January-September of the current year Shkoder Power Branch owes to KESH about 4 million dollars and there are being calculated even the backward payments estimated to be 22.5 million USD”, Dema said. According to him, if these money were going to be gathered they would be used for investments into the electric network, cabins and transformers and we would have quite another situation in the region. Heads of Local Authority voiced their commitment to assist in finding ways of having a better handle of the situation, specially for the increase of the level of payments of electric energy. At this meeting it was decided establishment of working groups in local level for acceleration of work and getting of taxes to electric branch. The heads of Local Authority seeked that based on the amount of money paid for the energy consumed there must be increased even the quota of supply with electric energy. In Shkoder town there is paid only 37 % of the energy consumed.
/s.s./p.s./ — 2002-11-16

Energy supply in Shkoder town improved

SHKODER, Nov 19 /ATA/ By M.Malja: -The energy supply for in Shkoder district has gone up by 25 per cent, the general director of KESH (Albanian Power Corporation), Andi Harasani stated on Tuesday in a meeting with heads of local governments and electric affiliate of Shkoder district. According to him, “this increase is done to encourage once again Shkodra citizen and private subjects to pay the energy bills, because electric energy is bought and sold, just like every item”. For this purpose, he demanded the commitment of all state structures and order forces to find ways of a better management of this situation and especially ways to increase the cashing level of energy. Shkoder Prefect Gjergj Liqejza and Mayor Rusi expressed their willingness to help the increase of cashing level of the consumed energy and make the electric subsidiary cope with this situation. The setting up of several working groups, according to zones, which will be responsible for the management of situation and for the payment of energy bills on part of consumers. Starting from Tuesday, there will be only four hours of power cut for consumers of electric energy in Shkoder town. But, according to the general-director of KESH, if there is no improvement in the payment of energy bills, the power cuts will resume again. Only 37 per cent of the consumed energy is paid in this district.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-11-19

Local Authority will have broader competencies
Minister of Local Authority declares

SHKODER, Nov 20 (ATA)- by M.Malja- Beginning from January 1 of the coming year the Local Authority will have broader competencies and wider spaces for solving problems of the community. Minister of Local Authority and Decentralization Ben Blushi declared this on Wednesday during a meeting with representatives of the Local Authority of Shkoder area. “The new political climate of the recent months, Blushi said, is pushing deepening of reforms toward decentralization of Local Authority. With the adoption of the fiscal package by government and which will be presented to Parliament in December, along with the draft-budget, government seeks to urge process of decentralization of Local Authority”. According to Minister Blushi, part of the new fiscal package is the tax on arable land, and that on the small business which will be administered by the City-halls and communes. “The idea is that beginning from January 1 tax on the small business, which at present is on a national scale, will be delegated to the Local Authority. This tax can be used for a salary increase of the City-hall and Commune employees, but even to the benefit of the community”, Blushi underlined. He said further on that “in the near future there will start application of the tax on arable land, which will be administered by the communes and will increase incomes to its budget”. He appraised these two taxes, which will increase incomes of the Local Authority and will be put to the service of community. Reform on decentralization of Local Authority will create greater spaces to the local organs for solving problems the community faces today . “The reform has in its essence change of mentality and that the problems be solved by Local Authority. Delegation of competencies to Local Authority makes another important step government undertakes, giving more competencies to Local Authority in solving problems the community faces”, Minister Blushi underlined.
/s.s/d.k/p.s./sm/ — 2002-11-20

Shkoder: Two joint projects on inter-frontier development

SHKODER, Nov. 22 (ATA)- By M. Malja Coordination-development office in Shkodra prefecture is working on extension of inter-frontier cooperation with Montenegro through implementation of two development projects with the programs of foreign donors. So, with the support of Regional Environment Center of Central and Eastern Europe (REC) centered in Hungary, the project “For stable development of Shkodra lake” is being implemented since two years ago. This project’s coordinator Diana Beko told ATA that “at the meetings held these days in Shkodra city between the environmental organizations of Montenegro and Shkodra, it was agreed on further deepening of this project and were defined the priorities of its third stage which will start by the end of this month and will continue during 2004. This project is funded by the REC office. Some 100 thousand usd were allocated for its first stage only. Beko said that this project has also encouraged the cooperation at state level between Ministries of Environment of Albania and Montenegro. Another inter-frontier project is under way in area of Kelmend and Plava which aims to encourage community for development of agricultural business in this region with numerous natural resources.
/s.s./sm/ — 2002-11-22

Govt approves decision to reconstruct Buna Bridge

TIRANE, Nov 23 (ATA)-By A. Gjonaj, The Council of Ministers yesterday approved the decision on reconstructing the Buna Bridge in Shkoder. The Buna bridge has been built by Austrians during the First World War and is the juncture on which the entire traffic goes to the border crossing point of Muriqan and Shiroke and the zones around the Shkoder Lake. In the budget of 2002 funds have been programmed for drafting the project and the works for the reconstruction of the Buna Bridge. With the situation created following the fall of a part of the Bridge, the review of the project became indispensable. The review of the project costs 490 000 lek. The works for its reconstruction, according to the project, costs 12,79 million, 3.94 million will be used for dismantling the bridge. For the completion of reconstruction and making the bridge active are needed 25 days. During this period movement on the bridge will be stopped.
/a.gj/lm/ — 2002-11-23

Shkoder: Goods 10,8 US$ million exported

SHKODER, Nov 25 /ATA/ By M.Malja: – The companies and various enterprises of Shkoder district have exported goods worth US$ 10, 8 million during January-November 20 period of the current year. According to specialists of statistics office in this Region, Mimoza Getaj, the exports have marked an upward during this period as compared to the same period last year. The clothes account for the greatest part of exported goods, made by 37 enterprises, Albanian and foreign ones which operate in this region. During this period, various products have been exported such as processed timber, agricultural products, herbs and so on. These products have been mainly exported to Italy, Greece, France, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and so on.
/d.k/aid/ — 2002-11-25

Shkoder: Some 245 illegal connections cut within two days

SHKODER, Nov. 26 (ATA)- By M. Malja Electric police in Shkoder have cut over the last two days some 245 illegal connections in several of the city’s main quarters. Director of electric police in the region, Gezim Lahi, told ATA that “the operation took place in quarters of “Perash”, “Daniel Matlia” and “Salo Halili”, where most of the bars and family consumers supplied with energy through the double connections. Three teams of experts from this police and the district’s electric branch with the support of order forces have cut these connections. According to same source, the tightening measures against power abusers have made many debtors start paying the power invoices. Some 2.8 million lek have been encased over the last three days. It is made known that this process will extend in all quarters of the city where consumers do not pay for the energy.
/s.s./sm/ — 2002-11-26

N E W S – December 2002

Albania and Montenegro take interest in bilateral and regional cooperation

TIRANE, Dec. 4 (ATA)- Deputy premier and Foreign Affairs Minister Ilir Meta, at a meeting held Wednesday with Montenegrin deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Milan Begoviç stated that exchange of bilateral visits and experiences at all levels, is of interest not only in the context of bilateral cooperation, but also in the regional one. Press and Information Department close to Foreign Affairs Ministry made known that at the meeting it was estimated the process of parliamentary elections in Montenegro and the role of Albanian political parties in democratic developments of this country. Meta urged a bigger improvement in integration of Albanians into political, economic and social life of the country, in particular the growth of investments in areas inhabited by Albanians and fulfillment of their requests at domain of schooling. Further on, their talk focused on bilateral relations Albania-Montenegro and the existing opportunities for realization of several agreements and joint projects of mutual interest such as sailing on Buna river, railway Bajze-Shkoder and others. Regarding creation of facilities in people’s free circulation, they agreed on working to improve infrastructure of the existing points and open new lines at Shkodra lake. Meta emphasized once again the need for realization of an agreement and the draft of a joint project for construction of the bridge over Buna river which, by linking Velipoja beach to that of Ulqini, will serve promotion and development of tourism for both countries.
/o.cu/xh.c/inxhi/sm/ — 2002-12-04

Tax office in Shkodra realises 980 million lek of incomes during January-November period

SHKODER, Dec. 11 (ATA)- By M. Malja The tax office in Shkodra has realised 980 million lek of incomes or 120 million lek more than the same period of the previous year, sources of tax office’s branch of this district told ATA. Sources from the statistics office of this branch made known that, all the incomes from excise, tax on profit, VAT and so on are realised during the 11 months of this year.
/s.s./IR/ — 2002-12-11

Symposium “Adriatic-Alps Corridor” faces end

SHKODER, Dec 12, (ATA) – By M. Malja: Proceedings of “Adriatic – Alps Corridor “(Development Valley), organized under initiative of “MeshPush” NGO (ecological protection and exploitation of water sources), “Tropoja” association, Shkoder Chamber of Commerce, and supported by Albanian Ministry of Transports and Telecommunication, ended Thursday in Peace village, 2 km away from the city of Shkodra. Draft-project on Shëngjin-Qafë Morin (Tropojë) road was the focus of the second day of the symposium. According to specialists, this road will offer new possibilities for the development of alpine tourism and will help in preparing of a new ground for national and international sports. According to the Minister of Transports in the Government of Kosova, Zef Morina, present in the activity, construction of the above-given road and that of Durres-Kukes-Morine will substantially promote economic development of Albania and Kosovo.
/s.s/desi/A.A/ — 2002-12-12

Police of Shkoder, Montenegro to boost co-operation against trafficking

SHKODER, Dec 18 /ATA/ By M.Malja: Police of Albanian city of Shkoder and its Montenegrin counter-part decided in a meeting on Wednesday in Shkoder to further bilateral co-operation in combatting trafficking. The head of the Police Directorate of Shkoder region, Xhehavir Karaj and the head of Border Police of Montenegro, Milan Paunoviç, confirmed in the negotiation that the co-operation started three years ago between Albanian and Montenegrin police has marked positive results in the fight against various trafficking along Albanian-Montenegrin border zone. A co-operation accord was reached between Shkoder police and that of Podgorica three years ago in the fight against trafficking in both border sides.
/s.s/br/aid/A.A/ — 2002-12-18

Some 5.3 million USD to be invested in Shkodra region

SHKODER, Dec 23 (ATA) – By M. Malja : A fund of 5.3 million USD is allocated from state budget to be invested in Shkodra region for 2003, Democratic Party (DP) deputy, Valentin Palaj announced in a press conference on Monday. According to him, this fund will be utilised for the reconstruction of two road axes, the construction of an electric sub-station, rehabilitation of schools, water supply system, health care centres and adjustment of the area around Shkodra lake. DP deputy Valentin Palaj emphasised that foreign donators as World Bank, USAID, KOOPI and others will invest some 1.5 million USD in this region during 2003. He called on local government bodies to submit projects aiming at the improvement of infrastructure within February 2003 to these organisations.
/s.s./desi/aid/ — 2002-12-23

Christmas celebrated in Shkoder

SHKODER, Dec 25 (ATA) – By M. Malja: The 2400 year-old Albanian city of Shkodra is one of the typical places where religious feasts, even in the wild terror of communist dictatorship, are not forgotten. Christmas of this year is dominated by a festive atmosphere everywhere. It is this month which gives more than ever the message of peace and love, unity and fraternity of people. The shops of this city are decorated as never before with different toys for children. The feast came to full swing on Tuesday evening, when the streets of the city were full of belivers who were going to the cathedral of the city to attend the Mass for the Son of God, Jesus Christ. On this occasion, the Archbishop of Shkodra Angelo Masaffra stated that this feast re-brings to every person the good will to step to the road of God. We should be united with one-another and share the climate of understanding, in service of the nation.
/s.s./IR/A.A/ — 2002-12-25

Reconstructed bridge of Buna river inaugurated

SHKODER, Dec 27 /ATA/ By M. Malja- The reconstructed bridge of Buna in Shkoder was inaugurated on Friday. Present at the inauguration ceremony were Albanian Minister of Defence Pandeli Majko, Italian ambassador to Tirana and heads of local government. Albanian Minister of Transport and Tele-Communication, Spartak Poçi cut the inauguration ribbon of the end of rehabilitation works. The reconstruction works of this bridge were carried out in 10 days by the engineering forces of Albanian army and the specialists of road maintenance enterprise in Shkoder district. The engineering troops installed a bridge with metallic construction brought from Italy. This bridge, 40 metres long collapsed two month ago. Buna bridge links Shkoder with the tourist resorts of Shiroka, Zogaj and Montenegro.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-12-27

Concert “Shkodra table” given in Northern Albanian town

SHKODER, December 27 /ATA/- by M.Malja- At the venues of “Rozafa” hotel in the Northern Albanian town of Shkoder Thursday evening there was given the show entitled “Shkodra table” with the participation of distinguished Shkodra singers and guests from Kosova and Montenegro. The show was organised under the auspices of cultural society “Shkodra Echo”, and private TV station Shijak. The distinguished singers of the folk music Vjollca Luka and Bashkim Alibali and Shkodra humorists were the protagonists of the activity. The Kosovar singer Ismet Peja was particularly applauded. It was organised also a competition for the most beautiful dance. The winning couple is rewarded with one week trip in Budva, Montenegro.
/s.s./p.s./ — 2002-12-27

Government to support businesses in Northern areas
Minister of Economy Malaj states

SHKODER, December 28 /ATA/ by M.Malja- Albanian Minister of Economy Arben Malaj declared on Saturday in the Northern Albanian town of Shkoder that “government is striving to create facilities to domestic and foreign businesses active in the Northern areas of the country”. During his meeting with representatives of Italian and domestic companies which operate in Shkoder, Malaj said that “the state is interested to expound foreign and domestic investments, because they can reduce notably the high unemployment prevailing in the area”. He said that government is following favourable policies towards these areas, such as establishing lower taxes and Customs taxes for the companies which are active there. The state will also back these companies to ease the burden of social insurances and possibilities will be found for backing small businesses with credits. There are 37 foreign companies, mainly Italian ones, which operate in Shkoder.
/d.k/p.s./ — 2002-12-28