N E W S – Januar 2002


On duty on New Year’s night

SHKODER, Jan 1 (ATA)- By M.Malja, While many inhabitants of Shkodra celebrated the New Year with their families, there were many others who continued their work in many institutions of this district. Hence, work was not interrupted even for a moment in the hydro-power stations of Vau i Dejes and Koman, set up on Drin River cascade. The Vau i Dejes hydro- power station produced 5.1 million kWh electric power. While the hydro-power station in Koman produced 10 million kWh electric power.
/s.sh./so/ — 2002-01-01

Velipoje road begins tomorrow

SHKODER, Jan 2 (ATA)-By M. Nalja, The second stage of works for the full rehabilitation of the Shkoder-Velipoje road, through an investment of 200 million lek by the Albanian government, begins tomorrow. According to the responsible for the office of investments in the prefecture, Zef Fistani, this stage includes works on 14 kilometers, from the bridge of Ded Gjon Luli to the Velipoje beach. The first stage of works on this road, 27 km long, ended last year through an investment of 200 million lek by the Albanian government. The same firm completed them at a length of 13 km. of the road in six months. The full reconstruction of this segment will influence in facilitating the circulation of vehicles, especially during the summer, when traffic is heavy due to the numerous vacationists in the Velipoje beach. According to the same source, the rehabilitation of Shkoder-Murriqan road begins in January, 11 km long, through a fund of 40 million lek from the state budget.
/s.sh/lm/ — 2002-01-02

State and private institutions resume activity in Shkoder

SHKODER, Jan 3 (ata) – After two days off, all state and private institutions in Shkoder resumed their activity for the year 2002. Along with the state institutions, all shopping units and two private markets opened today as well. Sources from the statistic office of the municipality report that “differently from the recent days of the past year where there was a slight price rise in fruits and vegetable, today there was a fall of these prices up to 30 percent. Since early this morning, hundreds of Albanian emigrants from the city and countryside hurried to travel agencies to buy tickets to return to Italy, Greece, Britain, countries where they work and live. Sources from the prefecture report that over 3500 Albanian emigrants from Shkoder returned home for New Year.
/dori/xh/ — 2002-01-03

Work for construction of Lezhe-Shkoder road resumed in Shkoder

SHKODER, Jan. 3 (ata) – By M Malja: Work for the construction of Lezhe-Shkoder road segment resumed in the first days of 2002. This segment is 29, 6 km long and is being built with money from the state budget, worth 1.2 billion lek, and it is part of North-South road. The chief of the office of investments in the Prefecture of Shkoder, Zef Fistani, told ATA that this financing will also be used for the construction of Lezhe-Shkoder road segment. According to the project made by the Albanian Ministry of Transports, the other road segment Balldre-Shkoder will be realized by the Italian construction firm Falcione. It envisages the construction of four big works of art, extension of the existing road from 7 to 9.5 meters and the construction of about 16 km new road. The work in this road is planned to be over after 24 months. In the mean time, the road segment Fushe Kruje-Lezhe has been finished, while two bridges over Mat and Drin river are not yet completed. The construction of this road will shorten the Shkoder-Tirane distance and will improve considerably the fast movement of vehicles. /dori/xh/

Rehabilitation of road Shkoder-Muriqan to start soon

SHKODER, January 4 (ATA)- By M. Malja The operations for rehabilitation of the road Shkoder-Muriqan will start soon. The chief of investments office in prefecture of Shkoder Zef Fistani told ATA that for rehabilitation of the road Shkoder-Muriqan 11 km long the Albanian government has allocated 40 million lek. According to him, all the procedures have already completed and a tender is expected to be held for declaring the winning firm to engage in the operations for rehabilitation of this road-segment that links Shkodra with Montenegro. The project for rehabilitation of this road-axis forecasts its extension from 4 m to 7 m, construction of several works of art as well as its surfacing with asphalt. According to sources from prefecture, the operations in this facility will complete within the year 2002. In the meantime the work for rehabilitation of the road-segment Shkoder-Velipoje 14 km long started yesterday through a fund worth 200 million lek out of the state budget. The complete rehabilitation of this road by the end of June this year is expected to develop the tourism in the area of Velipoja beach.
/s.s./sm/ — 2002-01-04

Sport: Soccer: Vllaznia team to depart for Turkey tomorrow

SHKODER, January 4 (ATA)- By M. Malja Tomorrow (on Saturday) the champion team of Vllaznia (Shkoder) will travel towards Turkey. Sources from Shkodra club announce that the team will stay in the city of Istanbul for two weeks in order to carry out the preliminary phase on eve of the second tour of Cup of Albania and the second phase of national championship. Since several days ago Astrit Hafizi has been appointed the coach of Vllaznia substituting in this duty Neptun Bajko after his resignation in the last match against Dinamo where the red and blues suffered a second loss. As a result of the unsatisfactory performance over the first phase, the chairmen of the club and president Cela have attracted several qualitative players who are thought to strengthen the game of the champion team. The coming of these soccer players will increase the competition to be included in the base formation, will influence on the game quality and above all on achievement of positive results in the second phase of the championship and Cup of Albania.
/A.KE/sm/ — 2002-01-04

Freezing temperatures make movement in Prefecture of Shkodra difficult

SHKODRA, Jan 6 (ata) – By M Malja: Recently, the movement of vehicles in the Prefecture of Shkoder has become more difficult because of the freezing temperatures. According to the secretary general of the prefecture, Sokol Haliti, the low temperatures went as low as -20 degrees Celsius, blocking some main roads. Passable roads at present are the road segments linking Shkodra with Koman and Puka, and those connecting Fushe Arrez with Mirdita and Kukes.
/s.sh/dori/xh/ — 2002-01-06

Grave situation in respect of food supply for mountainous areas of Shkodra

Shkodra, January 7, (ATA) -by M.Malja- In the remote mountainous areas of Shkoder Prefecture the situation has been aggravated in respect of the supply of the inhabitants of these areas with food articles. The prefect of Shkodra Gjergj Liqejza told to the ATA that ‘the most difficult problem is the supply with food of the mountainous commune of Kelmend, where the thickness of snow has reached 2 metres. All the roads linking the villages of these commune have been closed down”. The snow that has fallen during the last three weeks has been turned to frost in the main road of Kelmendi, forming an unseen thickness of ice in this place which has made impossible even the movement of the vehicles with chains in their wheels. As a consequence there has been created a difficult situation for about 6 thousand inhabitants of this commune. The main concern remains the supply with food stuff. There have began to be felt shortages in the supply with foodstuff of the inhabitants of some villages of this commune. KFOR helicopters stationed in our country have been monitoring the area since two days to determine the possible landing places so that they can deliver about 35 tons of aid of the Albanian Red Cross for the inhabitants of Kelmend and Dukagjin, areas closed down by snow since three weeks. The situation is difficult even in Fierza, Iballa and Blerim of Puka area which have been closed down of snow-fall since a month ago. The representative of the Prefecture Fadil Coba said that “it is urgent the dispatch of food aid to the inhabitants of these communes”. About two weeks ago, an helicopter of KFOR sent a quantity of goods to the inhabitants of the most remote commune, that of Iballa. The Albanian government has allocated a fund of 34 million leke, that will be used for the supply of these mountainous areas. In respect of the supply with electric energy, the supply of Puka was made possible only three days ago and today it was carried out the repairement of the middle tension line. But work goes on for the repairement of the electric lines of the villages Luf, Qerret, Qelez. Coba said that these villages be supplied with electric energy in a mater of three days. Local police made known that the improvement of the weather has made possible the workers of the road maintenance enterprise backed by army soldiers keep on their work for opening up of the road Qafe Mali-Fierza, as well as of the rural roads of Shkodra, Puka and Malesia e Madhe. The manager of the road maintenance enterprise of Shkodra Ali Zjarri told to the ATA that “during the last two days on the roads linking Hani i Hotit to Tamara, Mes-Shllak and Shkoder-Muri i Turkut there have been thrown 8.5 tons of scoria”.
/dori/p.s./ — 2002-01-07

Aid to be delivered to remote communes of Pult and Temal – Shkoder

SHKODER, Jan 8 (ATA) – By M.Malja: Vehicles of Albanian Army, loaded with 7,5 tons of food articles, departed on Tuesday for the two remote communes of Shkoder district, Pult and Temal, blocked with snow since three weeks ago. The prefecture secretary Sokol Halili told ATA that “in the early morning hours, four vehicles of Albanian Army with 7.5 tons of food such as flour, rice, macaroni and others, contingent of a donation of the Italian Caritas and German humanitarian association “Malteser, have departed towards these communes. Two NATO-forces helicopters will fly towards the commune of Vermosh in the midday hours to send food assistance to this commune locals. It is learned that Albanian Red Cross has recently accorded to the remote communes of Shkoder district about 40 tons of food items, which will be distributed in the communes of Vermosh, Pult, Shllak, Temal, Koman and others. Since a month ago the distant mountainous communes of Shkoder district are covered by snow, which goes up to 2 meters. All road axes which link the city of Shkoder with these zones continue to be blocked.
/dori/A.A/ — 2002-01-08

Food aids for areas blocked by snow in Shkoder

SHKODER, Jan 9 (ATA) By M.Malja: Two helicopters of KFOR forces delivered on Wednesday 12 tons of food aids for inhabitants of areas blocked by snow in Shkoder and Malesi e Madhe district. According to the General-Secretary of the prefecture, Sokol Haliti, these aids, mainly flour, olive, rice and macaroni, were sent for the inhabitants of communes of Vermosh (Malesi e Madhe) and of Shala (Shkoder), which have supply difficulties due to the blocking of roads by snow. He stated that “another helicopter of KFOR forces has done reconnaissance flights in remote mountainous areas of Pult and Theth (Shkoder), so that the delivery of the food aids starts even for their inhabitants during the coming days”. The Inspector close to the civil emergency staff in the prefecture, Pellumb Dani, informed that four heavy military vehicles left Wednesday before noon for the commune of Temali (Shkoder) with 4,5 tons of food aids. The previous day, 14 tons of food supplies were delivered in Vermosh and Dukagjin village, by Albanian Red Cross and Italian Caritas. For more than a month, the communes of Vermosh, Pult, Shala, Shoshi, Shllaku, Temali and others, are blocked by snow, which is 1-2 metres thick.
/s.sh/aid/ — 2002-01-09

Some 11 billion lek financed for building of national roads

TIRANA, Jan 12 (ATA) By V.Shalsi: Around 11 billion lek will be invested during the year 2002 for the building of national roads. According to sources from the Ministry of Transport, among the series of roads to be built, repaired, and completed, a part of which has begun last year, 10 road axes stand out, such as Lezhe-Shkoder axis, for which some 4,2 billion lek have been allocated, Morine road which will cost 1,4 billion lek, Velipoja road, 600 million lek, road of Divjaka, 423 million lek and so on. According to the same source, the works in 5 of these roads have begun during the year 2001 and a part of the funds have been extended in Lezhe-Balldren segments, Velipoja and Divjaka road.
/a.gj/aid/ — 2002-01-12

Electricity inspectors cut off 113 unauthorised connections in Shkodra

SHKODER, Jan 12 (ATA)- By M.Malja, Electricity inspectors on midday Saturday cut off nearly 113 unauthorised connections in Shkodra. The chief of this police department in Shkodra Prefecture, Gezim Lahi told ATA that “the action was conducted in “Partizani” and “Skenderbeg” quarter where family and private business consumers were supplied with electric power illegally”. Sources report that this action will be extended in other quarters of the district in the next days. This is the second action undertaken by the electricity inspectors since the beginning of 2002 to avoid cases of power abuses by the town consumers. Some 62 illegal connections were cut off a week ago mainly in bars based on “Ahmet Haxhia”, “13 Dhjetori” and “Ndre Mjeda” streets.
/s.sh/dori/so/ — 2002-01-12

16,5 tons of food stuff aid for Albania’s remote mountain zones

SHKODER, Jan 14 (ata) – By M Malja: About 16,5 tons of other food stuff aid were delivered on Monday in the remote mountain zones of the districts of Shkoder and Malesi e Madhe. The secretary general of the Prefecture of Shkodra, Sokol Haliti, told ATA that 7 other army vehicles made for the north of Albania carrying 16,5 tons of various food items, as aid from the Albanian Government, the World Food Program and Italian Charitas. In the past week, two Albanian army helicopters transported to remote mountain communes, in Vermosh of Malesi e Madhe and Shala in Shkodra district some 26 tons of food stuff. Also last week, when road segments isolated by snow were reopened, nearly 27 tons of food aid was transported by Albanian army means to the communes of Temal, in Shkodra district, Iballe and Fierza in Puka district.
/s.s./xh/ — 2002-01-14

Water flow in lake of Koman hydro-power station drastically reduced

SHKODER, Jan 14 (ATA) By M.Malja: In the last three days, the water flow in lake of Koman hydro-power station has been halved. “The water flow in the lake of this hydro-power station on Monday morning is 115m/cubes of water per second out of 260 m/cubes of water per second that was three days ago”, sources from the hydro-power station told ATA. According to these sources, the average of the flow over the years is 500-600m/cube water per second. The reduction of water flow in this lake due to very low temperatures in north and north-eastern areas of Albania has made the water level reach 168.80 metres above the sea level as compared to 175 metres which is its maximal quota. Sources from the hydro-power station report that, out of three turbines in this hydro-power station, only three of them work in the peak hours of the demand for electric power. Three hydro-power stations have been built on Drin river, that of Vau i Dejes, that of Fierza and that of Koman. The construction of Bushat hydro-power station will start in Shkoder district soon, through the 145 US$ million credit of Chinese government. The works in this construction will last three years. By the end of the works, this construction is forecast to generate 350 million kilowatt/hour of electric energy.
/s.s./aid/ — 2002-01-14

Some 70 tons of aid by Albanian Red Cross for remote areas of Shkoder

SHKODER, Jan 16 (ATA) By M.Malja: Some 70 tons of food aid have been allocated on Wednesday by Albanian Red cross for remote mountain areas of Shkoder Prefecture, blocked by heavy snow falls in the last days of past year and the first days of January. Shkoder Prefect, Gjergj Liqejza, told ATA that this food supply in flour, oil, macaroni, and a quantity of blankets will be immediately distributed for communes of Blerim, Iballe, Qerret in Puka district, Shale, Shosh, Theth in Shkoder district and in Kelmend of Malesi e Madhe. According to him, some 46 tons of food aids have been sent on Tuesday by Albanian military means from the supply basis in Gjader and Melgushe. Sources from the Staff of Civil Emergency in this Prefecture made known that during the last ten days some 180 tons of food aid have been sent in the remote mountainous areas of this Prefecture, allocated by Albanian government, Albanian Red Cross, Italian Caritas, World Food Program and “Maltese” German Humanitarian Association.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-01-16

20 tons of aid transported to two remote mountain communes in Shkoder

SHKODER, Jan 17 (ata) – By M Malja: Two helicopters of KFOR transported on Thursday 20 tons of food aid for the people of the commune of Selca in the district of Malesi e Madhe and Shale of the district of Shkoder. The inspector of the Civil Emergency Staff in this prefecture, Pellumb Dani told ATA that KFOR helicopters made two flights to the remote mountain communes of Selca and Shala, transporting 20 tons of food aid from the Albanian Red Cross. The same source said that on Wednesday too, two KFOR helicopters transported 10 tons of food aid to Melgushe. In the mean time, in the last ten days, heavy means of the army and some helicopters of the Albanian army and KFOR have transported to the remote mountain zones of the districts of Shkodra, Puka and Malesi e Madhe about 180 tons of various food items.
/s.s./xh/ — 2002-01-17

Movement of goods in Hani i Hotit customs point intensified

SHKODER, Jan 18 (ATA) – By M.Mlaja: Movement of goods in and out Hani i Hotit border customs point, Malesia e Madhe district, has substantially increased during January of ongoing year. The director of north region customs, Skender Dizdari, told ATA on Friday that nearly 1200 tons of potatoes, 1500 tons of wheat, 120 thousand liters of oil, 40 tons of bananas as well as other food articles are cleared in the Honi i Hotiti customs point. The same source informs that as against December, 2001, January marks an increase of 60 percent more. Small businessmen who pass through this border point to the markets of Tuzi and Podgorica, Montenegro, are numbered to be about 1000 per day. Dizdari adds that increase of movement of goods through this customs point is due to improvement of conditions, because a 1.1 million EURO fund was utilized last year for total rehabilitation of the customs point building. Hani i Hotit border crossing point was re-opened in February 2001, following sign of an agreement between Albanian and Montenegrin governments.
/s.s/A.A/ — 2002-01-18

Shkoder: There are 36,4 million leks for rehabilitation of four roads

Shkoder, January 21 (ATA)- by M. Malja- The state has allocated about 36,4 million leks for the complete restructuring of four roads of Shkodra town. According to the vice mayor of the town Fatlum Nurja work has already begun in the road “Alqi Kondi”, 730 metres long and according to the respective draft it is foreseen the arrangement of the canal network, its asphalt as well as the instalment of the new lightening network in both ways. Meanwhile, preparations are under way even for the apply of the projects in the streets “Scanderbeg”,”Isa Boletini” and “Artan Camaj”, with a total length of 3,4 km. According to sources of the municipality, the total rehabilitation of these three roads will be completed in august.
/s.sh/dori/vik/p.s./ — 2002-01-21

Co-operation between Albanian, Italian artists should be promoted

TIRANA, Jan 21 (ATA) – By Admirim Domi: The new philosophy of the concert season Allegretto Albania for this year will be “From Albania for Albania”, the newly-appointed director of the Italian Institute of Culture Di Gaspari told a news conference on Monday. At the conference, Di Gaspari familiarized the journalists on the content and novices of this concert season, opened with an inaugural concert of the Neapolitan singer Konsilia Likardi on January 10 in Tirana, and January 11 in the city of Shkoder. According to him fourteen other concerts, where participating will be distinguished artists from Italy, Germany, Spain and Austria, will be held, and he announced as well participation of the world fame artist Uto Ughi. Different from the 2000-2001 period “these Albanian concerts will have objects and subjects”, Maestro Xhani Ciko, artistic direcor of Radio-Television Orchestra said. De Gaspari emphasized the need for a greater co-operation between Albanian and Italian artists not only in the musical field, but even in other artistic fields. As fruit of this co-operation, Shkoder city theatrical troupe is expected to stage one of the best plays of Italian playwright Luigji Pirandelo, which will be realized by an Italian producer in cooperation with the actors of “Migjeni” theatre.
/f.n/vik/A.A/ — 2002-01-21

Water flows in lake of Koman lowest in this 15 last years

SHKODER, January 22 9ata)- By M. Malja The lack of the rain falls has influenced in the decrease of the water flows in the lake of the hydro-power station of Koman (Shkoder). The engineer of the command hall of this hydro-power station, Zamir Alushi, told ATA that, “on Tuesday morning, the water flows in this lake are 28 meters cub per second out of 119 meters cub per second that were a week ago”. According to him, these are the lowest water flows in the last 15 years, if we take into account that the many-years water flows in this period have been 200-300 meters cub per second. As a result, today the water level in the lake of Koman hydro-power station marks 168 meters over the sea level out of 175 meters that it is its maximal quota. Three hydro-power stations are constructed on the cascade of Drini river such as the hydro-power station of Fierza, Vau i Dejes and Koman.
/s.sh/dori/IR/ — 2002-01-22

Soccer: Vllaznia achieves its first victory

SHKODER, January 22 (ata)- By M. Malja Shkodra team has marked the first victory in the friendly matches it is playing in Turkey. After the losses achieved in the first two matches, Vllaznia has achieved its first victory a day ago under the score 1-0 while playing with a second division team of Turkish championship. The team from Shkodra is carrying out its preparation phase in Turkey since more than a week on eve of the beginning of the second tour of Cup of Albania and second phase of national championship.
/A.KE/IR/ — 2002-01-22

Shkoder: No limitations to electric power supply

SHKODER, January 23 (ATA) by M.Malja Since three days now, there are no limitations in electric power supply in the region of Shkoder, Lezha, and Malesi e Madhe. Director of hidro-electric power station of Vau i Dejes, Myzafer Lezha, said for ATA that “power limitations will be put in place only for the purpose of safeguarding transmission apparatuses during the peak hours.” Sources from the prefecture report that, since three days now full capacity production is being carried out in the 67 domestic and foreign firms, which had interrupted production for two weeks. Since two months ago, Shkodra consumers have felt the absence of electric power supply for more than 8 hours a day due to limited rainfalls in the North and North-eastern regions of the country.
/dori/kled/ — 2002-01-23

Shkoder: Second phase of aid distribution in remote areas starts

SHKODER, Jan 24 (ata)- By M. Malja The second phase of the distribution of food aid for the inhabitants of the snow blocked areas in the three districts of Shkoder prefecture started today on Thursday. According to the secretary general of this prefecture, Sokol Haliti, around 12.5 ton of food aid such as oil, flour, macaroni were distributed today in the morning in the communes of Selce (Malesi e madhe) and Shosh (Shkoder). He said that “during this phase which will continue for ten days will be distributed around 100 tons of food aid given by Albanian government as well as 35 tons of other aid by Albanian Red Cross”. Around 200 tons of food aid were distributed with helicopters of KFOR and Albanian military means, during the first phase which lasted two weeks, in the snow blocked areas of Shkoder prefecture. The aid were accorded by Albanian ministry, World Food Program, Albanian Red Cross, Italian Caritas and German humanitarian association “Malteser”.
/s.sh/dori/vik/IR/ — 2002-01-24

Shkoder: Around 100 million lek of investments for Oblika commune

SHKODER, Jan 25 (ATA) By M.Malja: The investments’ fund for the year 2002, allocated by Albanian government and foreign donors for commune of Oblika, around 6 kilometres away from Shkoder, amounts to around 100 million lek. The head of this commune, Beqir Malja, told ATA that “the investments for the current year are seven times higher than a year ago”. According to him, through this financing, five projects will be carried out. The works have started in two of them such as the rehabilitation of eight-year schools in Oblike and Obot. The buildings will be completed by June of the current year. The project for the full rehabilitation of Shkoder-Muriqan road, 15 kilometres long, is expected to start in the coming days.
/s.sh/dori/vik/aid/ — 2002-01-25

Some 340 tons of aid in alimentary supplies distributed in remote areas of Shkoder

Shkoder, Jan 28 (ATA)- By M.Malja, Nearly 340 tons of alimentary supplies have been delivered to inhabitants of remote zones of districts of Shkoder prefecture during the two phases of civil emergency time. The inspector of Civil Emergency Staff close to Shkoder prefecture, Pellumb Dani, told ATA on Monday that the aid was distributed in the remote communes of districts of Shkoder, Puke and Malesia e Madhe. About 43 thousand inhabitants of the remote zones have profited from the contingents of aid. Dani told ATA as well that these supplies, mainly flour, spaghetti, oil, rice, and others, provided by Albanian government, World Food Organization, Italian Caritas, and the German humanitarian association “Maltezer”, were delivered by vehicles of Albanian Army, and with the assistance of KFOR and Albanian Army helicopters. Few days ago, helicopters of the KFOR-led forces and Albanian Army transported 26 tons of alimentary supplies to Vermosh, Malesia e Madhe, and Shale, Shkoder, blocked by the snowfalls. The heavy snowfalls of last year and first January days caused blocking of roads in many communes, located in the mountainous areas of this prefecture.
/s.s/A.A/ — 2002-01-28

Some 20 tons of aid sent to Shosh, Shllak communes in Shkoder

SHKODER, Jan 29 (ATA)-By M. Malja, Around 20 tons of food aid were sent on Tuesday to inhabitants of the villages of Shosh and Shllak communes in Shkoder which are still blocked by snow. The Secretary General of the Prefecture, Sokol Haliti, told ATA that “the aid, mainly in flour, cooking oil, spaghetti, rice and other food items were transported today by midday from the base of Melgush base to the centers of these communes by Albanian army vehicles”. The aid, transported by helicopters of KFOR forces and the Albanian army have been provided by the Albanian government, the Albanian Red Cross, Italian Caritas and German humanitarian association “Malteser”.
/s.sh/dori/lm/ — 2002-01-29

Five Albanian boxers in international tour of Belgrade

TIRANA, Jan 29 (ATA) By A.Ida: Five Albanian boxers will participate in the international tour, to be held in Belgrade from February 1-4. Sources from the Albanian Boxing Federation (ABF), report that the national team is made up of Gavoci, Zeqo and Bushati of Vllaznia and Meta and Dako of Flamurtari team. The coaches of the teams are Zef Gjoni and Ramiz Reka. During the last days, the national team has been trained for this international activity in Shkoder town, where all the optimal conditions have been provided for them. After tour of Belgrade, Albanian boxers will participate in another international activity, the Balkan Championship of Under-21, to be held in Tirana in April.
/A.KE/aid/ — 2002-01-29

Shkoder-Bar, a bilateral cooperation agreement

SHKODER, Jan 30 (ATA)- By M. Malja The municipality of Shkodra city and Bar city (Montenegro), two cities on both sides of the border signed on Wednesday midday in the premises of Shkodra municipality an agreement of cooperation. The agreement signed by the respective Mayors Ormir Rusi and Borisllav Lolovic forecasts the implementation of several projects in the field of tourism, environment, development of cultural and sports activities, opening of exhibitions and organisation of several activities of NGO-s operating in the two cities. Also during the meeting Lolovic presented several projects to be soon implemented such as the functioning of water transportation line Shkoder-Vilpazar (a request of Montenegrin businessmen), the opening of border crossing point of Muriqan which would render possible a more rapid movement of the people and goods on both sides of the border and a joint project for protection and preservation of flora and fauna in Shkodra lake. Shkodra municipality has so far signed co-operation agreements with the Montenegrin cities of Podgorica and Ulqini.
/s.s/dori/vik/sm/ — 2002-01-30

We will cooperate in fields of interest for the region
– Ambassador of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in Tirana states in Shkoder –

SHKODER, Jan 30 (ATA) – By M. Malja: The Ambassador of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to Albania Cafo Kapetanovic, stated on Wednesday in the city of Shkoder that “we will co-operate in all domains of reciprocal interest to help development of the region.” We should now look to the future, in service of peace and integrity, Mr. Kapetanovic stated at the meeting he held with Shkoder Prefect Gjergj Liqejza. Liqejza familiarized Ambassador Kapetanovic with the social-economic status of the three municipalities of the Prefecture, paying a special attention to the inter-border co-operation between Shkoder and Montenegro in many domains. At the meeting with representatives of Shkoder Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Kapetonovic got informed on the resources Shkoder and the surrounding zones have. He paid a special attention to the close co-operation with the Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce on realization of joint projects in the field of tourism, aggr.-food industry, and wood proceesing industry. Shkoder is a northern city of Albania, situated about 120 kilometers away from Tirana.
/s.sh/nela/A.A/ — 2002-01-30

Shkoder: Reconstruction of “Migjeni” theatre completes

SHKODER, Jan 30 (ATA)- By M. Malja Reconstruction of the building of “Migjeni” theatre in the city of Shkodra has completed on Wednesday. Through a fund worth US$ 255 thousand allocated by UNOPS (United Nations Office for Development) through PASART programme and the region of Emilio Romanja in Italy, the local construction firm “Alma” has carried out the rehabilitation operations in the premises of this theatre’s building for more than 6 months. All the up-to-date conditions for a normal development of cultural and artistic activities have been already created in this theatre.
/s.s/dori/vik/sm/ — 2002-01-30

UNOPS to finance US$ 2 million for several projects in Shkodra

SHKODER, Jan 31 (ATA) By M.Malja: The U.N Office for Development (UNOPS), through PASARP program, will finance some US$ 2 million during the year 2002 for the realisation of several projects in various domains in three districts of Shkoder Prefecture. The Prefect of Shkoder, Gjergj Liqejza told ATA that these funds will be utilised for the rehabilitation of the buildings of the dormitories of “Luigj Gurakuqi” University of Shkoder, the construction of some new health centres, some projects on environment, culture and so on. Another fund of US$ 860 thousand will be utilised by “Tuleda” Development Agency, set up 6 months ago, in this city for the crediting of small business. The regional office of UNOPS, which has commenced its activity in Shkoder district last year, has financed through PSASRP program, various projects in the field of education, health, culture and so on. Among the most important projects financed last year are the construction of two eight-year schools in villages of Shelqet and Velipoje Qas, worth US$ 195 thousand, and others. The prefectures of Durres and Vlore have been included in PASARP program of UNOPS.
/s.s/vik/aid/ — 2002-01-31

Police detains two suspects of putting explosive to Vraka bridge

KOPLIK, January 31 (ATA) M.Malja- Thursday evening police detained two persons suspected of putting explosive into Vraka bridge, 8 km away of Koplik. Local police said that they are of Vraka, but their identity is not made known on investigation grounds. The explosion damaged a foot of the bridge. The movement of the vehicles on the bridge linking Shkoder town to Koplik and the border crossing point of Hani i Hotit came to a halt for more than two hours.
/s.sh.rimi/p.s./ — 2002-01-31

Association “Bashkimi”

January 31, 1899, was formed in Shkoder the association “Bashkimi” (Union), which carried out a great work particularly on Albanian language issue, and published 32 books (mainly school texts), Albanian dictionary, an Albanian grammar book, etc.