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Visit Shkodra County!


1. The Castle of Rozafa

Rozafa Castle Rozafa castle is built on a rocky hill at the entrance to the city. On steep sides of the hill are built the surrounding walls, which occupy an area of about 9 hectares. In the ancient period, there were the style polygonal walls, traces of which are preserved today. As a fortified Illyrian center, it is mentioned for the first time during the reign of King Gent and historian Titus Livy called it “the strongest fortress of Labeates“.

The castle comes with Rozafa name during the Middle Ages, during that time it was occupied by Slavs and Byzantines. Within its walls a variety of settings as garrisons, warehouse, an administrative building are stored, etc.
Rozafa castle The Castle of Rozafa is an interesting tourist destination. Rozafa legend is hidden out there, the woman who supposedly was immured, in the purpose that the stones of the castle to stay. Rozafa Castle, thought to be set sometime 2400 years ago, but its walls could be even earlier.

Toponymy of Rozafa

The humanist of XVth century, Marin Barleti, on its work, “The siege of Shkodra” explains, in a folks tale (vernacula) there are chronicles for two girls: “We had i hand some writings… There were writen in a simple language, as if someone called Roza with her sister called Fa, were the first founders of Shkodra and therefore their fortress was called Rozafa“.

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2. Visit and have some vacation during summer in Velipoja Seaside

Velipoja seasideDuring summer, ca. 35 km apart from Shkodra, there is the beautiful seaside of Velipoja – a very good seaside and quite attractive. Its sand is considered to have iodine, which has healing effects.

Shkodra residents generally spend here the summer holidays, but do not leave without utilizing the beaches of Lake Shkoder, in different areas, especially in Shiroke.

Velipoja Beach In the Velipoja beach are made of various constructions, as local hotels, where many buildings are made without criteria and without architecture. But it has started to establish some order there, that will hopefully come increasing.

Unlike many other beaches, Velipoja beach is wide and has an area of several kilometers along the Adriatic coast. There is a vast area and has started to be frequented very good in the recent years by foreign tourists, especially by citizens of Kosova.

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3. Visiti Razma and Theth – two mountain tourist spots

Razma, Theth, etc. are few mountain tourist spots, located in the Highlands of over-Shkodra and they are used as tourist destinations for quite Albanian citizens and foreign tourists, who draws the clean air of mountains.

Razma ResortNatyral Razma Resort is built in Razma, an alpin tourist spot in a distance of 40 km from the city of Shkodra.

It is positioned in the heart of the Albanian Alps, 50 km from Theth in North-East, and 100 km from Vermosh in North-West, 30 km from Lake Shkoder in the South-West, and 70 km from the Adriatic Sea (Velipoja) in South-East.

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