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Kosova, as an independent state


DEDer Kosova als selbständiger Staat? – Gründe dafür und dagegen – von Zef Ahmeti

Zef Ahmeti

Reasons for it and against it


Zef Ahmeti

Kosova is called in many studies as the “Gordian knot”. The events in the years 1998/99 written by many authors have been compelled over the topic of Kosova.

With the decay of the Eastern Bloc, which was the fall of the communist system and the accompanying end of the “cold war”, the “happy end of history” was still not reached for a long time. After this turn (1990) into Europe was performed, there were intensified the integration of politics, while on the Balkans (South-east Europe) the State of Yugoslavia began to disintegrate. The consequence was integration on the side and disintegration on the other side.… | Read more...



Gra të veshura me xhubleta | Women wearing xhubleta It is a historic and traditional women’s wear in the Malësi e Madhe, Shkoder – a heavy black woolen sleeveless smock belling out at the bottom. The scientists of ethnography say that this is a very old sort of wear. It is an analogy with the wear of some Neolithic figures of Mediterranean, which belong to the second century B.C. and are connected to an old civilizations in Mediterranean.

Foto artistike: Zadrimorja
Xhubleta është veshja popullore tradicionale e grave të Malësisë së Madhe të Shkodrës dhe që studiuesit e Etnografisë e konsiderojnë me prejardhje të lashtë. Paraqet analogji me veshjen e disa figurinave neolitike të gjetura në Klicecac të Bosnjes, por edhe në vise të tjera të Mesdheut, që i përkasin mijëvjecarit të dytë para erës së re dhe lidhen me qytetërimet e vjetra mesdhetare.… | Read more...

The criminal law in the “Kanun of Lekë Dukagjini”


SQKodi penal në “Kanunin e Lekë Dukagjinit”Ligji zakonor shqiptar nga Zef Ahmeti
DEDas Strafrecht im “Kanun von Lekë Dukagjini”Das albanische Gewohnheitsrecht von Zef Ahmeti


– The Albanian customary law –

— by Kan. lic. iura. Zef Ahmeti, Univ. St. Gallen, Switzerland

I. Introduction
Zef Ahmeti The Albanian expression for the customary law of the Albanians is Kanun. This word was taken over out of Sumerian (gi, Rohr) over Acadian (qanu, Rohr) to the Hebrew (qane, Rohr) and from there to the Greek (kanna, Rohr) and to canons, where it was trained further and meant “rule, standard”. The main meaning of the Kanun on Albanian, is the customary law.

The sources of the customary law of the Albanians are: Kanuni i Skënderbeut, Kanuni i Malsisë së Madhe, Kanuni i Labërisë, Kanuni i Lekë Dukagjinit (KLD).… | Read more...

George Pali – painter



George Pali - painter George Pali was born 1957 in Shkoder, Albania, a small sunny Mediterranean country. During the childhood I was interested in music. Little by little, I abandoned the music for painting, through which I better expressed myself.

I received my BFA from the Institute of Arts in Tirana, Albania in 1981. In January 1988 I escaped from Albania for political and artistic freedom. Later emigrated to USA, where I pursued my Master of Fine Arts at Michigan State University, I graduated in 1991. Now I live in Yonkers, New York with my wife Rozafa and daughter Rozi. Presently, I’m the Head of Design Developing for Marketing & Communication at Shearman & Sterling, 599 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10022.

My paintings are colorful, textured, and technically executed.… | Read more...

Zonja Shkodër nga Frederik Ndoci


Canterina — by Frederik Doci

mp3 Listen to “Zonja Shkoder”

Frederik Ndoci Thank you for the nice coverage of Frederik Doci’s new CD Canterina. Feel free to link to our site If I could ask you a favor and only use an excerpt of Zonja Shkoder and not the whole song. We are trying to sell downloads of the song and most of the other websites use a one-minute or two-minute clip of the song. Thank you for all your help.

The Official Web Site: [ ]

George A. Gesner
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Blue November Records announces the release of Canterina, the new double CD from international, classical crossover singing artist Frederik Doci.… | Read more...

Frederik Ndoci, a famous Albanian singer


Superstari Frederik Ndoci — nga Klajd Kapinova

Frederik Doci (Ndoci)

The Official Web Site: [ ]

Frederik Ndoci From the land of eagles, a new and powerful voice takes flight, Frederik Doci (Ndoci), an Italian/Albanian hailing from the lakes and mountains of Albania’s historic Shkodra, is on a mission to capture the hearts and minds of music lovers everywhere. Doci has electrified the stage all over the world with the voice of Caruso, the heart of Elvis Presley and the soul of a gypsy. Not only does he e scale the operatic heights of his deep baritone and enchanting tenor range, he also melts hearts with his seductive and sensual romantic voice. What sets Frederik apart from the opera stars and crooners is his versatility as a multi-instrumentalist and accomplished songwriter.| Read more...

Archdiocese of Scutari (SCUTARENSIS)


Read in Albanian Skënderbeu
from the well-known Danish historian Ludvig Holberg.

Klementi XI – Albani

More history…
The immured woman
Our Lady’s legend

In Albanian
Historia e ‘Rozafës’
Historia e Oso Kukës

Archdiocese of Scutari (SCUTARENSIS)

The first known bishop was Bassus (387). The bishops of Scutari were at first subject to the Metropolitan of Salonica, Primate of all Illyricum, but when Justinian I transferred the primacy to Achrida, they became suffrages of the latter see. In the early Middle Ages Scutari was suffrage of Dioclea. From the seventh to the middle of the twelfth century no bishop is known.

Among its best-known bishops are: Francis II de Sanctis (1471-1491); Fra Dominicus Andrijasevic (died at Rome in 1639), a famous theologian and philosopher, friend of Gregory XV and of Urban VIII; Dominicus II Babic (1677-1686); Antonius III de Nigris (1693-1702), martyred in 1702 by the Turks.… | Read more...


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Martin Camaj (1925 – 1994)


| Culture & Arts |

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Martin Camaj


Camaj (1925-1994) was born in Temali in the Dukagjin region of the northern Albanian alps. He is an émigré writer of significance both for Albanian literature and for Albanian scholarship. He received a classical education at the Jesuit Saverian college in Shkodër and studied at the University of Belgrade. From there he went on to do postgraduate research in Italy, where he taught Albanian and finished his studies in linguistics at the University of Rome in 1960. From 1970 to 1990 he served as professor of Albanian studies at the University of Munich and lived in the mountain village of Lenggries in Upper Bavaria until his death on 12 March 1992.… | Read more...

N E W S – March 1999


Head of EU regional Office in Shkoder replaced

SHKODER, March 6 (ATA)
The head of the European Union (EU) regional office in the Shkoder city has been replaced. Danish Jan Kronenborg, who held this post for more than one year, has been replaced by British Krisp Tomley. Kronenborg has been assigned to another office in Bosnia. The EU regional office in the Shkoder city was opened one year ago with the aim to closely follow the political and economic developments in this region.… | Read more...