N E W S – Februar 2002


Shkoder: Some 47 vehicles blocked

SHKODER, Sept 4 (ata)- by M. Malja Police of Shkodra has blocked 47 vehicles during last week with irregularities in documents, mainly products of 1998-2001. The spokeswoman of the directory of Shkodra police told ATA that during the controls exercised in the last three days in the national road axes Shkoder-Tirane, Shkoder-Malesi e Madhe as well as in some of the main roads of the city, were blocked 47 vehicles, mainly products of 1998-2001. According to the same source, almost all the vehicles blocked so far have lacks of documents while some of them had no documents at all. Shkodra police is co-operating closely with Tirana Interpol for the verification of these very expensive vehicles in the countries from which they have come from. Since the beginning of this year, Shkodra police has blocked 145 vehicles of different types for lacks of documents, four of which resulted stolen in Montenegro.
/s.s./IR/ — 2002-09-04

Cooperation agreement between the municipality of Shkodra and the German foundation GTZ

SHKODER, Sept.6 (ata) – By M Malja: The municipality of Shkodra and the German foundation GTZ signed on Friday an agreement of cooperation between them as part of the project of Albanian-German technical cooperation “Modernization of services in the selected partner communes and cities.” The agreement covers the implementation of some projects for the improvement of the infrastructure such as the rehabilitation of the Bazaar garden, some road lighting, etc. The GTZ representative in Albania, Hans Anelfelf, said that “the agreement enables the co-financing of some projects in infrastructure, presentation of the city needs and attraction of foreign donors to fund some other projects such as those in the commune infrastructure.” In the context of this project, two vehicles for public services will arrive in Shkoder soon. The project for the service modernization started a year ago and it includes 7 cities of Albania, such as Elbasan, Korca, Lushnja, Pogradec, etc. Present in the agreement signing ceremony was also the German Ambassador to Tirana, Helmut Schroeder.
/s.s/d.k/xh/ — 2002-09-06

Montenegrin police detains two fishermen from Shkodra

SHKODER, Sept. 6 (ATA) – By M. Malja: Border police of Montenegro detained late on Thursday two nationals from the city of Shkoder who were fishing in the territorial waters of this state in Lake of Shkoder. The news was confirmed to ATA by official sources of local police, according to which the event occurred at about 23:00hrs in the lake, in vicinity of the village of Zogaj, about 9 kilometers away from the city. The two nationals are accused of violation of borders and illegal fishing, while experts from both countries are casrryign on respective investigations.
/s.s/d.k/vik/A.A/ — 2002-09-06

Shkoder: The second Fair “Shkodra artisanship” opened

SHKODER, September 9 (ATA)- by M. Malja- At the halls of “Rozafa” hotel in Shkoder town in northern Albania there was opened on Monday the second fair “Shkoder artisanship”, organised by “Shkoder intellectual woman” Association in collaboration with Faculty of Economics of “Luigj Gurakuqi” University in Shkoder. In the fair have displayed their works some 100 artisan women from Shkodra, who have returned once again to the tradition of artisan work. In the pavilions of the Fair there were displayed works of the tradition as made by Shkodra women, such as carpets, national costumes as well as works in silver and wood. The chairman of the Association “Shkodra intellectual woman” Zenepe Dibra told to the ATA that the opening of the Fair aims to urge women to get involved in business and to be integrated with dignity in market economy. This is the second fair opened in this district after that opened a year ago with artisan works of Shkodra women.
/s.s./vik/p.s./ — 2002-09-09

Calmer situation in Shkoder prefecture

TIRANE, Sept 24 (ATA)-By E. Kaci, The Ministry of Local Government and Decentralisation reported on 17.30 that “weather has improved and situation appears to improve a little”. The Commando troops in Shkoder district are working to repair the dam of Gjader river on the two damaged sides. The prefecture has sent a scraper of the Water department although the situation largely depends on rains. The Shkoder prefecture has presented requests for food and clothing.
f.n/vik/lm/ — 2002-09-24

Situation in Shkodra going towards normality – ministry report

TIRANE, Sept.24 (ata) – The Albanian Local Government and Decentralization Ministry reports through a press release that the situation in the region of Shkodra is going towards normality because of the level of water falling and no heavy rains. The report says that work is going on to re-establish the traffic on Shkoder-Lezha road, which in the segment of Torovica is functioning already without problems. Measures are underway to ensure food for the evacuated people, and an estimation will be made today for the damage caused throughout the region. The Ministry reports that ‘actually there are no problems of emergency and work is going on to re-link some of the damaged roads between the city of Shkodra and the commune of Velipoja, Pult, etc., while the commune of Hajmel remains without connection with Shkodra by road due to the damage on the bridge.
/k.h/f.n/+/vik/xh/ — 2002-09-24

Shkoder: 10 trucks with humanitarian aid from Italian government

SHKODER, Sept. 26 /ATA-M.Malja/ – About 10 trucks with humanitarian aid for inhabitants of inundated areas, due to last days rainfalls, arrived in Shkodra prefecture on Thursday. Sources from Emergency Staff in this prefecture said to Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATA) that aid coming from Italy transported by KFOR vehicles installed in Albania contain food, tents, blanket and other items. According to this office, this aid is distributed to inhabitants of most affected areas by floods, such as Hajmel, Vig, Velipoje, Bushat. Aid coming by Greece was dispatched in Shkoder on Wednesday and contained tents, blankets, food and other items. Humanitarian aid containing mainly food has been distributed by Italian Caritas and Norwegian foundation “The Door” to inhabitants of Vig, Hajmel and to inhabitants of two quarters in Vau i Dejes.
/s.s/vik/E.H/ — 2002-09-26

Grave situation created by floods in Lac, Lezhe, Shkoder

TIRANE, Sept 26 (ATA)-By E.Xhajanka .- The same grave situation caused by floods continued this morning in Lac, Mamurras, Lezhe and Shkoder. According to sources from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, rain falls continued overnight in Lezhe. The pumping stations have not helped improve the situation because of the high level of waters. In the district of Lac, the pumping stations are working normally and there has been no shortage of electricity. The same grave situation continues in the town of Shkoder where continued rains have flooded farmlands. Sources from the Agricultural Department explain that evacuation of inhabitants from the endangered zones continues.
/a.gj/lm/ — 2002-09-26

30 families evacuated in Nel e Vogël village of Shkodër

SHKODER, 26 Sep /ATA/ by M. Malja – As a result of the last night falls 30 families were evacuated from the village Nel i Vogël, nearly 35 km from Shkodra city. Sources from the Prefecture said to ATA that after the last night rains and the damage of a mountainous barrier in the vicinity of this village, the army forces and those of local police evacuated 30 families of this village that were in danger. They were sheltered in safer areas near village Naraç by their relatives. According to the sources, since yesterday army forces are working to throw concrete blocks in order to protect the damaged barrier and to avoid the demolishing of the houses. The sources said that today situation has improved due to the stop of the falls. At the Emergency Staff are arriving already the preventives of the damages in 7 communes and 1 municipality of this district, flooded by the recent falls.
/d.k/Il.B. — 2002-09-26

The situation in Shkodra prefecture aggravated

TIRANE, Sept 26. (ATA) – Ministry of Local Government and Decentralisation said to ATA that the situation in Shkoder prefecture, in the enbankment of Gjader river as well, is still aggravated, threating further innundation of Zadrima zone. Meanwhile the Irrigation Department, department of Road Maintance and the army units are working to install protective elements.
/a.b/f.n/ Ad.Ab./ — 2002-09-26

Water flows in the Vau i Dejës lake of Shkodra increases

SHKODER, 26 Sep /ATA/ by M.Malja – In the lake of Vau i Dejës HEC the lateral water flows have increased due to the recent torrential falls. Technician of the shift, Ymer Qosja, said to ATA that at midday of Thirsday the water flows in this lake have reached 750 cubic metres per second out of 650 cubic metres per second the previos day. As a result, he said that the water level shows 75.52 metres above the sea level, out of 76 metres that represents its maximum kuota. Under these conditions due to the increase of the lateral flows, to keep the situation under control, at the midday of Thirsday, one of the gates of this HEC was opened from where are discharged around 270 cubic metres per second. It is reported that the four turbines of this work are in full capacity producing 4.8 millions kw/h energy daily.
/s.sh/d.k/Il.B. — 2002-09-26

Situation in Shkodra improving

SHKODER, Sept 30 (ATA) – By M. Malja – After rain falls interruption, the situation in Shkodra prefecture is improving. Prefect of Shkodra Gjergj Liqejza said to ATA that situation in seven communes an two quarters of municipality of Vau i Dejes are under control. According to Liqejza, in communes of Hajmel, Vig, Bushat Velipoje, is being estimated the damages evaluation. Army forces and specialists are still keeping working to repair some arts work damaged in zone of Mnel Vig. The attention of local bodies is actually concentrated in repairing of electrical network damages, water supply systems, rural roads etc.
/s.s/Ad.Ab./ — 2002-09-30

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