N E W S – October 2002


Emergency stuff is created in Shkoder to take steps for rehabilitation of Buna bridge

SHKODER, Oct 2. (ATA) – By M Malja – After partly damage of Buna bridge Wednesday, an emergency staff was created to take emergency steps to rehabilitate the bridge. Official sources from the prefecture said to ATA “a meeting of the stuff is due to be held to determine relevant steps and to find emergent ways for rehabilitation of bridge”. Actually, car traffic is interrupted, while people pass the two sides of the river through boats and ferry of “Xhenis” firm.
/d.k/Ad.Ab./ — 2002-10-02

Engineering experts leave for Shkoder to estimate situation in Buna river bridge

TIRANE, Oct.2 (ata) – By Enkelejda Koraqi: Upon instruction of the Albanian Defence Minister, Pandeli Majko, some engineering experts left Wednesday for Shkoder to estimate the situation and the technical conditions following the collapse of a part of the Buna river bridge, the Defence Ministry spokesperson said. She told ATA that the General Staff of the Armed Forces sent engineering experts to start work immediately after estimating the situation, for the construction of the bridge Bejli, of metallic type, as was acted with the bridge of Bogova in Berat, some days ago. The bridge of Buna river was partly damaged Wednesday at 9 a.m. Sources from the municipality told ATA that the bridge was damaged in the moment was a heavy vehicle was passing through. The century-old bridge of Buna is an important key spot linking Shkodra with the tourist zone of Shiroka and with the border crossing of Muriqan.
/s.s./xh/ — 2002-10-02

Restoration of Buna bridge needed urgently in Shkoder

SHKODER, Oct 2. (ATA) – Head of commune of Ana e Malit, Beqir Malaj urged Wednesday local officials to repair the damaged bridge of Buna as soon as possible. The bridge links city of Shkoder with the commune. “Actually, about seven thousand inhabitants of commune from Wednesday morning do not pass to the city to send their products, as it is known the farmers of village sale their products in thë city”, Malaj said. Ministry of Transport specialists and engineering experts are reviewing the possibility to install a permanent metalic bridge.
/d.k/Ad.Ab./ — 2002-10-02

Part of Buna bridge in Shkoder damaged

SHKODER, Oct.2 (ata) – By M Malja: A part of the bridge of Buna river, in the entrance of the city of Shkoder, was damaged Wednesday at about 9 a.m. Sources from the municipality told ATA that the bridge was partly damaged in the moment when a heavy vehicle was passing on it. “The bridge was damaged for about 30 meters, and as a result the vehicle fell in the Buna river but the driver could survive,” said the sources. The city-hall has adopted all measures to fix the bridge in cooperation with the road-bridge department people of the district, who are working to make the important bridge which links Shkodra with the tourist zone of Shiroka and the border point of Muriqan, passable. For the moment people are crossing the river through boats. Some time ago the government allocated a fund of 15 million lek for the rehabilitation of the 100-year old bridge constructed in the period of Mahmut Pasha Bushatlliu, but the amount is not delivered yet. The bridge of Buna has been reconstructed several times with funds from the government. The bridge of 100 m long and with a metallic construction covered with wood, was gravely damaged especially in 1997 when scores of heavy vehicles carried iron scraps to Montenegro.
/d.k/xh/ — 2002-10-02

Two ferries serve now to carry passengers on both sides of River Buna

SHKODER, Oct.3 (ata) – By M Malja: Early Thursday two ferries started service in River Buna for the movement of passengers towards the city of Shkodra and vice versa. Official sources of local police told ATA that the ferries will work nonstop during the day to carry passengers on both sides of the river. The bridge of Buna river collapsed yesterday after a heavy vehicle was passing on it. As a result, the movement of vehicles to the border point of Murriqan opened between Albania and Montenegro, was paralyzed. Also relation of the city of Shkodra with the commune of Oblika, with 7000 inhabitants, was interrupted. The construction of the new bridge of nearly 200 meters long, with a fund of USD3,4 million, is expected to start soon.
/s.sh./xh/ — 2002-10-03

Army transport vehicles passing through Ulqin to construct metallic bridge over Buna river

TIRANE, Oct.3 (ata) – By Enkelejda Koraqi: A convoy of 10 army transport vehicles, carrying elements of the metallic bridge, a fuel tanker and an automatic crane have just passed Ulqin (Montenegro) and are heading towards the border point of Murriqan (Shkoder), the spokesperson of the Albanian Defence Minstry, Mariana Zegali told ATA Thursday. The army means will reach the bank of Buna river where the damaged bridge is, through the border crossing of Murriqan. The engineering forces will immediately start work for the construction of the metallic bridge, as was acted with the bridge of Bogova in Berat some days ago. The installation of this bridge is envisaged to be completed in 24 hours. The bridge of Buna was partly damaged Wednesday at about 9 a.m. when a heavy vehicle was passing on it.
/s.s./xh/ — 2002-10-03

Army vehicles pass Murriqani border point to Shkoder for workings on Buna bridge

TIRANA, Oct. 3 /ATA-Enkelejda Koraqi/ – About 10 army lorries carrying with metallic elements already passed Murriqani border point to Shkoder, to arrive in Buna river where the bridge was damaged told Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATA) Defense Ministry spokeswoman, Mariana Zegali. Engineering forces are expected to start in half an h our workings to build a “Bejli” type bridge in the same way it was done with Bogova bridge in Berat few days ago. This operation is expected to be completed within 24 hours. Buna bridge was partially destroyed on Wednesday at about 09:00 hrs while a heavy vehicle was passing in it.
/s.s/E.H/ — 2002-10-03

Gjovalin Perloca, Aleksander Muskaj elected members of High Council of Justice

TIRANE, Oct 4 (ATA)-The National Judicial Conference on Friday elected the two new members of the High Council of Justice, Gjovalin Perloca of Shkoder Court and Aleksander Muskaj of Vlore Court. The two will take the vacant offices after the end of term of the members of this Council, Natasha Sheshi and Martin Deda.
/klo/s.s./lm/ — 2002-10-04

Work to reconstruct “Bejli” bridge on Buna river starts

TIRANE, Oct 4 (ATA) – By E.Koraqi – Army engineering experts started Friday morning the work to reconstruct “Bejli” bridge on Buna River in Shkodër. Ministry Defence spokewoman said to Albanian Telegraphic Agency that engineering experts are actully working to reconstruct sliding plan of steel system of bridge. Almost 40 meters bridge will be repaired. Meanwhile army infantry units in Shkoder are working to help engineering experts in transportation.
s.s./Ad.Ab./ — 2002-10-04

Shkoder: Project to make the town green is underway

SHKODER, October 9- by M.Malja- It has already being implemented project of making green the area around Shkoder town. The manager of the project Agustin Filipi told to the ATA that “work is being carried out by the Directory of the Forest Service of the district and it is being followed step by step by the Spanish firm “MPLD” which is active in this town.” According to him, on the first days of implementation of this project there were planted 500 seedlings in the hills of Tepe, Rrenci and Mount of Tarabosh. It is made known that the first stage of the project is backed financially with 13 million lek accorded by Spanish government and it is due to be completed within March of the coming year. During this stage there will be planted 175 thousand seedlings. Sources close to the Prefecture made known that progress of work during this first stage is dependent on continuation of project. Thus, during the coming two years there will be made green some 40 other hectares of land around the town. The target of the project is to have the green view around Shkodra town restored. During the last years, it was damaged severely on the part of irresponsible people, mainly in Rrenc hills, where there was totally damaged an area of 7 hectares with pines.
/s.sh/p.s./ — 2002-10-09

Vermoshi border point to open by October 15

SHKODER, Oct. 10 /ATA-M.Malja/ – Vermoshi border point, in Malesi e Madhe district is expected to open by October 15 2002. In a press release of Shkodra district police department, in a meeting of Shkodra police director, Xhevair Karaj and Podgorica police director, Milan Paulovic, was said that talks focused on preparation of necessary infrastructure that this border point be ready by October 15. Meanwhile, Shkodra prefect, Gjergj Liqejeza, expressed in a meeting with Paulovic on Thursday, his commitment to undertake measures on a quick opening of this border point. In a meeting three weeks ago in Hani i Hotit border point between Albanian deputy Foreign Minister Luan Hajdaraga and his Montenegrin counterpart, Dragan Sukulic, the two officials talked about opening a border point in Vermosh, north Albania and in the agreement signed by both sides has been agreed that movement of citizens be carried out initially. Meanwhile, movement of vehicles would be limited, initially including cars and further more heavy-tonnage vehicles. Vermoshi border point is the third of this kind to opëen between Albania and Montenegro, after those of Hai i Hotit and Murriqan. Vermoshi border point was closed in 1948 after breaking relation with Yugoslavy.
/s.s/d.k/E.H/ — 2002-10-10

Shkoder: discharging gate opens in Vau i Dejes hydric power station

SHKODER, Oct. 12 /ATA-M.Malja/ – Heavy rainfalls going on since two days in north and northeast Albania have dramatically increased water level in Vau i Dejes hydro power stations, in Shkoder. Director of this hydro power station, Fahri Barbullushi told Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATA) that “due to increased waterflow at about 14:00 hrs on Saturday we opened one of the discharging gates.” According to him, water level on Saturday reached 1 000 cubic meters per second from 400 cubic meters per second in the morning. From the already opened gate have been discharged 270 cubic meters of water per second. Sources say that, water level in the lake has reached 75.56 meters above sea level. In this hydro power station actually function four turbines, which produce 4.8 kWh power.
/s.sh/E.H/ — 2002-10-12

Water flow in Koman lake increase considerably

SHKODER, Oct. 13 (ata) – By M Malja: The rain falls in the last three days in the northern and northeastern areas of Albania have increased to a considerable degree the side flow of water to the lake of the hydro power station of Koman (Shkoder.) Sources from the commanding hall in Koman hydro power station told ATA that the water flow on Sunday morning reached as much as nearly 700 cubic meters per second, from about 100 that it was three days ago. “The growth of water flow increased the water quota in the lake to 174 meters above the sea level, from 173 meters it was before. Its maximal quota is 176 meters above the sea level,” the same sources added. Currently, the four turbines of the hydro power station are all operating, reports say. The hydro power station of Koman is the third hydro power station set up on the cascade of River Drin in 1985. In 1972 and 1981 the hydro power station of Vau i Dejes (Shkoder) and that of Fierza (Tropoje) were built.
/s.sh/xh/ — 2002-10-13

Situation after rainfall in Shkoder and Lezha towns improved

SHKODER, Oct 13 (ATA)- by M.Malja- The created situation in Shkoder and Lezha towns in Northern Albania as a result of heavy rainfall has been improved notably on Sunday. Sources close to the Local Authority made known to the ATA that since the early hours of Sunday rain has stopped and situation is improving. In the meantime one of the discharge gates of the dyke of Vau i Dejës hydropower station, opened yesterday afternoon as a result of heavy rainfall, is being closed gradually. Sources close to this hydropower station made known that water flow into the hydropower station today by noon marked about 750 cubic metres in a second, while in the morning it was 1100 cubic metres in a second. For the time being the experts say that water level into the lake of Vau i Dejes hydropower station is 75,22 metres, from 76 metres which is its maximum level. Actually this Hydropower station is producing 5 million kWh energy in a day.
/d.k/p.s./ — 2002-10-13

Shkoder: Water flows in lake of Vau i Dejes hydro-power station reduced

SHKODER, Oct. 14 (ATA)- By M. Malja The lack of rainfalls during last 24 hours in north and Northeast Albania have caused the decrease of the side water flows in Vau i Dejes hydro-power stations, in Shkoder. According to sources of the command hall of this hydro-power station, “the side water flows in the lake are 340 cubic meters per second from 400 cubic meters per second it was a day ago”. “Water level in the lake has reached 75,14 meters above sea level, as a result of reduction of water flows, while its maximum level is 76 meters”, the same sources say. Vau i Dejes hydro-power station was constructed over the cascade of Drin river in 1972.
/s.sh./vik/lm/IR/ — 2002-10-14

Masterplan on Velipoje beach approved in Shkoder

SHKODER, Oct 17 (ATA)-By M. Malja, The Shkoder district Territory Adjustment Office recently approved a masterplan for the beach of Velipoje, around 30 km from the town. The masterplan, detailed and prepared by specialists of Tirane Town-planning Institute, aims at changing the view of this tourist zone, one of the most beautiful of the Albanian riviera. According to governor Gjergj Liqejza, the ambitious project is thought to begin to be implemented since in the next year. The beach of Velipoje, around 15 km long and 200 meters wide, starts from the mouth of Buna river and end near Shengjin (Lezhe). During the summer season of this year, the beach was frequented by around 200 000 vacationists, not only from the country but also from Kosova.
/s.sh/d.k/lm/ — 2002-10-17

Shkoder: This year’s investments two times more than last year

SHKODER, Oct. 19 (ata)- By M. Malja Investments which are being carried out during the current year in the Prefecture of Shkodra are two times more than last year. The Governor of Shkodra, Gjergj Liqejza, told ATA that, “nearly 15 million dollars from state budget and foreign donors are being invested during the current year in this Prefecture in the domain of infrastructure, education, health-care and so on”. According to him, among the most important investments which are being realized in Shkodra region are the construction of the highway Shkoder-Lezhe with a fund of worth 7 million dollars accorded from state budget, the rehabilitation of Shkoder-Velipoje, Shkoder-Muriqan roads with a fund of 800 thousand dollars. Another important project that is being implemented in Shkodra city is the rehabilitation of the water-supply network of this city with a fund of 3.5 million dollars accorded from Austrian government Investments are also carried out in the field of education, where there are rehabilitated some 13 schools and it has finished as well the construction of the new school of Dragocit, nearly 5 km away, with a fund of 700 thousand dollars. In the meantime lighting system of the field of “Loro Borici” stadium and the rehabilitation of the inner premises of this stadium finished recently with a fund of 350 thousand dollars accorded from UEFA and Albanian Government.
/d.k/vik/IR/ — 2002-10-19

Less water flow in lake of Vau i Dejes hydro power station in Shkoder

SHKODER, Oct.21 (ata) – By M Malja: Lack of rains in the recent days in northern and northeastern zones of Albania have made the water flow in the lake of Vau i Dejes hydro power station in Shkodra district, fall. The engineers in the commanding hall, Taip Shoshi, told ATA that the water flow early on Monday was 124 cubic meter per second, from 400 cubic meter of water per second recorded a week ago. As a result, he said, the water level in the lake amounted to 74.27 meters above the sea level from 76 meters that is the maximal quota of that lake. Sources from the commanding hall report that actually the four turbines which are not working all the time, generate 3,7 million kWh over 24 hours. There are three hydro power stations built on the cascade of River Drin. In 1972 the Vau i Dejes hydro power station was built, in 1981 that of Fierza and in 1985 the Koman hydro power station was built.
/d.k/xh/ — 2002-10-22

Appliances for rehabilitation of Buna bridge unloaded in Shkodra

SHKODER, Oct 21 (ATA) – By M. Malja: Twenty-two containers loaded with metallic appliances, to be used for rehabilitation of the Buna bridge, shipped from Italy a day ago, arrived in city of Shkoder on Monday. These appliances are similar with the metallic equippment, established a few days ago in the bridge by the engineering troops. Sources from the prefecture of Shkoder told ATA that work on total rehabilitation of Buna bridge will resume on Tuesday and will be carried out by engineering troops of Albanian army, assisted by Italian specialists. According to the project adopted by specialists of the Ministry of Transports and Telecommunications, general rehabilitation is foreseen to be completed on the bridge, while general fund allocated from the state budget for this purpose mounts to lek 15 million.
/d.k/A.A/ — 2002-10-22

Shkoder: 7 thousand litres of food oil sequestered

SHKODER, Oct 25 (ATA)- by M.Malja- The regional office of economic crime in collaboration with Shkoder police sequestered in the late hours of Thursday in a house of Shkoder some 7 thousand food oil not in line with standards as well as a quantity of strong and refreshment drinks with various false labels. Local police forces made known to the ATA that “at the house of Hysen Kulli in Shkoder town there were sequestered 7 thousand litres of oil food not in line with standards, as well as 435 litres of refreshment drinks with false labels along with a great number of false labels”. The owner was cuffed and taken to police station.
/s.s./p.s./ — 2002-10-25

Shkoder: 43 million lek financing on irrigation works damaged during the floods

SHKODER, 26 Oct /ATA/ by M.Malja – State budget allocated last days 43 million lek for the rehabilitation of irrigation works damaged during September floods in the district of Shkodra. Sources from the Agriculture Department of the district said to ATA that “this fund will be used to improve the irrigation system in communes of Dajc, Guri i Zi, Mjede and Mnel Vig, which suffered the greatest damages during September rains. Some times ago, World Bank allocated 80 million lek for the reconstruction of embankments of rivers Drin, Bune and Kir and the brook of Gjadri, damaged due to torrential rains of September. Performance in these objects has started and it is expected to finish in 90 days. During torrential rains fallen in the end of September in the district of Shkodra, were flooded five thousand hectares of land, l690 houses and were damaged many art works.
/d.k/Il.B./ — 2002-10-26

Fifth international seminar “Shkodra in centuries” ends

SHKODER, Oct 26. /ATA/ By M.Malja: – The fifth international seminar, “Shkodra in centuries”, ended in Shkodra town on Saturday. The proceedings of the seminar were held in 6 sections, economy, folklore, language, history, archaeology and literature. During the two days of the seminar, some 120 papers were read from scholars from Albania, Kosova, Macedonia, Montenegro, U.S. , Italy, Germany, Austria and so on. The seminar was organised by the Historical Museum of Shkoder district and “Luigj Gurakuqi” University, under the auspices of Shkoder municipality. The papers presented in the seminar were at a high scientific level. A new pavilion of archaeology was inaugurated today in the premises of National Historical Museum, where some 200 objects in stone and ceramics were exhibited, which date back to neolithic age. Another interesting thing was the way the objects were displayed by Italian architects of University of Florence (Italy).
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-10-26

Several expensive cars blocked in Durres and Shkoder

DURRES, Oct 31 (ATA)- by Gezim Kabashi- Durres local police blocked during the last 24 hours 6 expensive cars, produced in 2000-2001, and there will be checked their origin. Official sources from the regional police station told to ATA that based on the controls exerted on check-points and in several houses there were blocked 6 cars, all belonging to Durresi citizens, and suspected of arriving in an illegal way into our country. In the meantime Shkoder local police blocked on Thursday 20 expensive cars that moved since long ago in the town. These cars were suspected to be stolen in various countries like Montenegro, Italy, Germany and brought to Shkoder via the international network of traffic. Local police is collaborating with Interpol Tirana for checking these cars, most of which don’t have any kind of documentation.
/d.k/vik/p.s./ — 2002-10-31

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