N E W S – November 2002


Shkoder Prefect orders suspension of illegal constructions in Velipoja beach

SHKODER, Nov 1 /ATA/ By M.Malja: -Shkoder Prefect Gjergj Liqejza ordered on Friday the construction police and that of order to suspend all illegal constructions going on in Velopoja beach. Based on the order issued by KRRTSH (Albanian Council of Territory Adjustment) several days ago for the demolition of 700 illegal constructions along Velipoja-Saranda coastline, prefect Liqejza ordered the suspension of works for the construction of villas and new hotels on Velipoja beach. He also ordered the police not let any vehicle with construction materials travel towards Velipoja beach. According to sources from the Prefecture, some 500 illegal constructions have been built on this beach. Velipoja beach, 28 ilometres away from Shkoder town, is one of the favourite beaches of Shkodra inhabitants and holiday-makers from northern and north-eastern districts of Albania.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-11-01

Shkoder: Some 134 illegal connections of electric energy cut

SHKODER, November 1 (ata)- By M. Malja Electric police of Shkodra has cut some 134 illegal connections in some of the main quarters of the city during last two days. In the meantime, electric police of this district has sued in court some 7 big private enterprises which are debtors to Albanian Power Corporation (KESH) since several years. These enterprises owe to the electric branch of this district some 7 million lek. The action for the electric power cut of the consumers who do not pay their obligations to KESH will be expanded the next days in all the quarters of the district. It is aimed that encasing’s level reaches over 55% within November.
/s.s./IR/ — 2002-11-01

Water flow in hydro-power station of Koman falls

SHKODER, Nov 2 /ATA/ By M.Malja: – The lack of rains in the north and north-eastern zones of Albania has made the water flow in the lake of Koman hydro-power station in Shkoder district fall. The engineer of the hydro-power station, Zamir Shabani, stated for ATA that “the water flow in the lake of Koman hydro-power station early on Saturday are 60 meters of cube per second, as compared to 210 meters of cube per second or three times less than the multi-year average”. According to him, the fall in the water flow has made the water level reach 170. 6 meters as compared to 175 meters, its maximal quota. Three hydro-power stations have been built on Drin river, that of Vau i Dejës, Fierza and Koman.
/s.s/vik/aid/ — 2002-11-02

Person declared wanted extradited from Italy to Shkoder

SHKODER, Nov 4 (ATA)-By M. Malja, A person declared wanted, Leonard Engjlli, 32, from Juban village, of Shkoder district, sentenced to 18 years imprisonment for armed theft and who had escaped prison, was extradited from Italy to airport “Mother Teresa” in Tirane. Sources from Shkoder police told ATA that, after information about the whereabouts of Engjlli, Interpol Tirana, in cooperation with its Italian Interpol, detained Engjlli in one of the Italian cities and turned him back to Shkoder. According to the sources, Engjlli, in 1995, in cooperation with two other persons, at the Vau i Dejes-Koman road, robbed through weapons 28 million lek, wages of workers of the Koman Hydro-Power Station. One year later, he was sentenced by the Shkoder Court to 18 years imprisonment, under the charge of theft in complicity as well as of illegal arms’ possession. But during the March ’97 turmoil he escaped prison as was illegally sheltered in Italy, where he was identified and detained.
/s.s/d.k/lm/ — 2002-11-04

Shkoder: Some 134 illegal constructions demolished

SHKODER, Nov. 4 (ata)- By M. Malja Some 134 illegal constructions, 40 of which stony, were demolished on Monday in Shkodra city during an action of the district Construction Police. Director of district’s construction police, Ilir Lila, told ATA that, construction police demolished today with the support of order forces some 134 illegal constructions, some 40 of which stony, based on the decision of the Council of Territorial Adjustment of the municipality. This is the fifth action undertaken by construction police of Shkodra during the current year for the demolition of illegal constructions in this city. Over 300 illegal constructions are demolished during last 10 months. Currently, there are some 3000 illegal constructions in Shkodra city.
/s.s./IR/ — 2002-11-04

Shkodra governor demands increase of work rates on realization of investments

SHKODER, Nov. 6 (ata)- By M. Malja Investments from state budget in Shkoder district during first 10 months of the current year are realized by 59%. The governor of Shkodra, Gjergj Liqejza, held a meeting with representatives of local government and heads of the construction companies engaged in these works. He demanded the increase of the work rates in all the facilities where it is being worked, aiming not to suspend the funds accorded by state budget. Investments from state budget and foreign donors are three times more than last year. Among the most important investments under way are the construction of the highway Shkoder-Lezhe, of the roads Shkoder-Velipoje, Shkoder-Muriqan, the rehabilitation of the railway segment Shkoder-Bajze and so on.
/d.k/IR/ — 2002-11-06

Shkoder: Explosion in the residence yard of mufti
There are no damages in people and materials

SHKODER, Nov. 6 (ata)- By M. Malja There was a strong explosion at midnight in the residence yard of the mufti of Shkodra, Faik Hoxha. Official sources of local police made known to ATA that, an explosive has exploded in the residence yard of the 67 years old mufti, Faik Hoxha, on Tuesday evening at about 23.00. Police declared that there was no damage in people or materials. According to the sources, those who have placed the explosive in the residence yard of mufti are not identified yet and the cause of these event is not known.
/d.k/IR/ — 2002-11-06

Shkoder: World bank finances US$ 16 million for rehabilitation of hydro-power stations

SHKODER, Nov 7 /ATA/ By M./Malja: -World Bank has allocated US$ 16 million for the rehabilitation of several hydro-power stations in the country. The head of hydro-power station of Vau i Dejës, Fahri Bushati, stated for ATA that “more than the half of this fund will be utilised for the reconstruction of this object built 30 years ago on Drini river and the full rehabilitation of this hydro-power stattion will commence soon”. This project was drafted since 1994 by KESH and hydro-power station specialists, but it was not implemented due to the lack of funds. The lack of investments for a long time, has made this hydro-power station reach a worn-out state. The remainder will be utilised for the rehabilitation of hydro-power stations of Ulza and Shkopet. Three hydro-power stations are built on Drini river, that of Vau i Dejës in 1972, Fierza hydro-power station in 1981 and that of Koman in 1985. These hydro-power stations generate the major part of energy needed for consumers.
/d.k/aid/ — 2002-11-07

Shkoder: School pupils demonstrate: “No blood feud”

SHKODER, Nov 8 (ATA)- by M.Malja- “Let us say No to blood feud”, “We don’t want blood feud”, under these slogans hundreds of 8 grade school pupils of Shkoder, as well as their teachers marched on Friday along main roads of the town. The demonstration organized by the League of Missionaries of Peace, Educational Department of the district and the Independent Union of the Students of “Luigj Gurakuqi” University of Shkoder was provoked by the event that happened a day before in this town when a young man was killed because of blood feud and another remained injured. The chairman of the League of Peace Missionaries Emin Spahia told to the ATA that the aim of this demonstration is making public opinion sensible of the need of putting on halt blood feud phenomena which is becoming a challenge for the whole Northern region of the country.
/s.s./vik/p.s./ — 2002-11-08

Shkoder: Some 8 million lek for drainage system of Velipoja field

SHKODER, Nov 9 /ATA/ By M.Malja: -Some 8 million lek have been allocated last days by state budget for the improvement of drainage system of Velipoja field. Sources from the budget office of Shkoder Region told ATA that this fund will be used for the further improvement of the drainage system of Velipoja field, which was heavily damaged from the inundation that took place in September of the current year”. According to the project drafted by specialists of the waters’ directorate, the main drainage channel, that of Dajç-Velipojë, 3,4 kilometres long, will be cleaned. At the same time, the water-scooping machine of Ças and Vilun in Velipoja area will be rehabilitated. The works in these objects will start the coming week, aiming to end within a year. The heavy rains that fell during the last days of September of the current year, flooded some 3300 hectares of land of Velipoja zone and over 300 houses. The World bank allocated for the reconstruction of these heavily damaged objects through a fund of 80 million lek. They will be used for the rehabilitation of the embankments of Gjader stream, that of Buna river and cleaning of the drainage channels in the communes of Hajmeli, Guri i Zi and so on.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-11-09

Shkoder: Some 134 illegal connections cut within two days

SHKODER, Nov. 11 (ata)- By M. Malja The electric police of Shkodra city cut during last two days some 134 illegal connections in some of the main quarters of the city. According to the director of Shkodra electric police, Gezim Lahi, this process will be extended in all the quarters of the city as well as in the villages of this district. In the meantime, there are some 17 working groups of electric branch and electric police who are working to collect the money of electric energy’s bills. Shkodra district is one of the most delayed regarding the liquidation of obligations to KESH. Currently, encasing level on district scale has reached at 37%. The governor Gjergj Liqejza demanded in a meeting held on Sunday evening in the prefecture of Shkodra districts with the directors of electric branch and local bodies the engagement of all the structures for the collection of obligations on the consumed electric energy.
/s.s./IR/ — 2002-11-11

Two hundred street vendors replaced in new Shkoder stall markets

SHKODER, Nov 11 /ATA/ By M.Malja: Several individuals who have traded so far in the sidewalks of “Partizani” neighborhood of Shkoder town, will be settled in stalls of new markets, set up in the neighborhoods of this town, in one of the coming days. Sources from the municipality told ATA these vendors, removed some days ago from the sidewalks of Shkoder town, will get systemised in the gounds of the new markets. A few days ago, city’s construction police, in cooperation with order forces, demolished about 200 illegal buildings in “Vojo Kushi”, “Perash” and “Parruce” neighborhoods, which served as selling kiosks, while all street stalls in the sidewalks were removed. Hardly any stall can be seen currently in city’s streets.
/s.s/vik/aid/A.A/ — 2002-11-11

Shkoder: Some 22 million lek allocated for road signalling

SHKODER, Nov 12 /ATA/ By M.Malja: -Some 22 million lek have been allocated by the state budget and Shkodra Municipality for the road signals of this town. Sources from Shkoder Municipality told ATA that “the project for the completion of the town road signalling, drafted by specialists of the Ministry of Transport and Tele-Communication, forecasts putting of greenlights and road signals in all the cross-roads and main roads of the town”. According to the same source, the implementation of this project will start in the first days of December and will end within the current year. Shkodra is one of the few main towns of Albania which has no greenlights.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-11-12

Tanker seized in Koplik

KOPLIK, Nov 13 /ATA/ By M.Malja: – The border police forces of Malësi e Madhe district seized a tanker on Wednesday in the waters of Shkoder lake. Sources from the local police stated for ATA that early on Wednesday, at around 5.00, the border police seized in Vukpalaj village, 13 kilometes away from Koplik town, a tanker anchored near the shore of the lake. According to the same source, the sailing means, 10 metres long, was used for shipment of smuggled goods on both sides of Albania-Montenegro border. During the current year, in the framework of ant-trafficking action, the border police of Malesi e Madhe has seized around 15 sailing means.
/s.s/vik/aid/ — 2002-11-13

Leka Zogu visits Shkodra

SHKODER, September 13 (ATA)- by M.Malja- Leka Zogu, Claimer to the Throne of Albania held a visit on Wednesday to Shkoder town, in Northern Albania, at the invitation of Mayor Ormir Rusi. Mayor Rusi acquainted Leka Zogu with the social and economic situation in the town as well as with the projects due to be implemented on the infrastructure of the town. During the meeting held with intellectuals of the town, in one of the venues of “Luigj Gurakuqi” University Mr.Zogu said that “Albania’s future is integration into the EU and this will be achieved in the first place by the work of Albanians themselves”. He hailed easing of the political situation in Albania during the recent months underlining that he appreciates all peaceful developments in the political and economic life of the Albanians. Speaking on the economic situation he appealed for a better exploitation of the great resources of the country in order to increase well-being of the Albanians. Then he laid wreathes of flowers on the tomb of Father Gjergj Fishta and the Memorial dedicated to the 2-nd of April event.
/s.s/d.k/vik/p.s./ — 2002-11-13

Second stage of rehabilitation of Shkoder-Velipoja road ended

SHKODER, Nov 14 /ATA/ By M.Malja: – The second stage of rehabilitation works of Shkoder-Velipoje road axis ended last days. Sources from regional office of investments, made known for ATA that “within a three- month period, the full rehabilitation of Trush- Ura e Gjolulit road, which is also the second stage of the works for the rehabilitation of Shkoder- Velipoje road, ended”. During this stage, the road was widened from 4,5 to 7 kilometres. The second stage works were carried out by 2K group company, which also laid the road with asphalt and concrete. The first stage of the works, which included Shkoder- Trush road segment, 7 kilometers long, ended last year. During this stage, the road was built, its canalization and laying with asphalt. The Albanian government has allocated some 800 million lek for the reconstruction of this road. The works of the third stage of rehabilitation of this road are forecast to end within June of the next year. The building of road will make the movement of vacationists who visit Velipoja beach easier. Meanwhile, the first stage of the works in Shkoder-Murriqan road segment, 2, 8 kilometers long, ended through a fund of 18, 8 million lek allocated by the state budget.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-11-14

Albanian Power Corporation appeals to Shkoder residents to pay the energy bills

SHKODER, Nov 16 (ATA)- by M.Malja- There will be electric energy supply only for the residents who pay the bills. Pjeter Dema, deputy Minister of Energy issued the appeal on Saturday in Shkoder town during a meeting with heads of Local Authority, Power Department and Electric Police. He asked for close cooperation of the Albanian Power Corporation (KESH) with Local Authority even in Shkoder district, which is listed among the most backward areas of the country. “Only during the period January-September of the current year Shkoder Power Branch owes to KESH about 4 million dollars and there are being calculated even the backward payments estimated to be 22.5 million USD”, Dema said. According to him, if these money were going to be gathered they would be used for investments into the electric network, cabins and transformers and we would have quite another situation in the region. Heads of Local Authority voiced their commitment to assist in finding ways of having a better handle of the situation, specially for the increase of the level of payments of electric energy. At this meeting it was decided establishment of working groups in local level for acceleration of work and getting of taxes to electric branch. The heads of Local Authority seeked that based on the amount of money paid for the energy consumed there must be increased even the quota of supply with electric energy. In Shkoder town there is paid only 37 % of the energy consumed.
/s.s./p.s./ — 2002-11-16

Energy supply in Shkoder town improved

SHKODER, Nov 19 /ATA/ By M.Malja: -The energy supply for in Shkoder district has gone up by 25 per cent, the general director of KESH (Albanian Power Corporation), Andi Harasani stated on Tuesday in a meeting with heads of local governments and electric affiliate of Shkoder district. According to him, “this increase is done to encourage once again Shkodra citizen and private subjects to pay the energy bills, because electric energy is bought and sold, just like every item”. For this purpose, he demanded the commitment of all state structures and order forces to find ways of a better management of this situation and especially ways to increase the cashing level of energy. Shkoder Prefect Gjergj Liqejza and Mayor Rusi expressed their willingness to help the increase of cashing level of the consumed energy and make the electric subsidiary cope with this situation. The setting up of several working groups, according to zones, which will be responsible for the management of situation and for the payment of energy bills on part of consumers. Starting from Tuesday, there will be only four hours of power cut for consumers of electric energy in Shkoder town. But, according to the general-director of KESH, if there is no improvement in the payment of energy bills, the power cuts will resume again. Only 37 per cent of the consumed energy is paid in this district.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-11-19

Local Authority will have broader competencies
Minister of Local Authority declares

SHKODER, Nov 20 (ATA)- by M.Malja- Beginning from January 1 of the coming year the Local Authority will have broader competencies and wider spaces for solving problems of the community. Minister of Local Authority and Decentralization Ben Blushi declared this on Wednesday during a meeting with representatives of the Local Authority of Shkoder area. “The new political climate of the recent months, Blushi said, is pushing deepening of reforms toward decentralization of Local Authority. With the adoption of the fiscal package by government and which will be presented to Parliament in December, along with the draft-budget, government seeks to urge process of decentralization of Local Authority”. According to Minister Blushi, part of the new fiscal package is the tax on arable land, and that on the small business which will be administered by the City-halls and communes. “The idea is that beginning from January 1 tax on the small business, which at present is on a national scale, will be delegated to the Local Authority. This tax can be used for a salary increase of the City-hall and Commune employees, but even to the benefit of the community”, Blushi underlined. He said further on that “in the near future there will start application of the tax on arable land, which will be administered by the communes and will increase incomes to its budget”. He appraised these two taxes, which will increase incomes of the Local Authority and will be put to the service of community. Reform on decentralization of Local Authority will create greater spaces to the local organs for solving problems the community faces today . “The reform has in its essence change of mentality and that the problems be solved by Local Authority. Delegation of competencies to Local Authority makes another important step government undertakes, giving more competencies to Local Authority in solving problems the community faces”, Minister Blushi underlined.
/s.s/d.k/p.s./sm/ — 2002-11-20

Shkoder: Two joint projects on inter-frontier development

SHKODER, Nov. 22 (ATA)- By M. Malja Coordination-development office in Shkodra prefecture is working on extension of inter-frontier cooperation with Montenegro through implementation of two development projects with the programs of foreign donors. So, with the support of Regional Environment Center of Central and Eastern Europe (REC) centered in Hungary, the project “For stable development of Shkodra lake” is being implemented since two years ago. This project’s coordinator Diana Beko told ATA that “at the meetings held these days in Shkodra city between the environmental organizations of Montenegro and Shkodra, it was agreed on further deepening of this project and were defined the priorities of its third stage which will start by the end of this month and will continue during 2004. This project is funded by the REC office. Some 100 thousand usd were allocated for its first stage only. Beko said that this project has also encouraged the cooperation at state level between Ministries of Environment of Albania and Montenegro. Another inter-frontier project is under way in area of Kelmend and Plava which aims to encourage community for development of agricultural business in this region with numerous natural resources.
/s.s./sm/ — 2002-11-22

Govt approves decision to reconstruct Buna Bridge

TIRANE, Nov 23 (ATA)-By A. Gjonaj, The Council of Ministers yesterday approved the decision on reconstructing the Buna Bridge in Shkoder. The Buna bridge has been built by Austrians during the First World War and is the juncture on which the entire traffic goes to the border crossing point of Muriqan and Shiroke and the zones around the Shkoder Lake. In the budget of 2002 funds have been programmed for drafting the project and the works for the reconstruction of the Buna Bridge. With the situation created following the fall of a part of the Bridge, the review of the project became indispensable. The review of the project costs 490 000 lek. The works for its reconstruction, according to the project, costs 12,79 million, 3.94 million will be used for dismantling the bridge. For the completion of reconstruction and making the bridge active are needed 25 days. During this period movement on the bridge will be stopped.
/a.gj/lm/ — 2002-11-23

Shkoder: Goods 10,8 US$ million exported

SHKODER, Nov 25 /ATA/ By M.Malja: – The companies and various enterprises of Shkoder district have exported goods worth US$ 10, 8 million during January-November 20 period of the current year. According to specialists of statistics office in this Region, Mimoza Getaj, the exports have marked an upward during this period as compared to the same period last year. The clothes account for the greatest part of exported goods, made by 37 enterprises, Albanian and foreign ones which operate in this region. During this period, various products have been exported such as processed timber, agricultural products, herbs and so on. These products have been mainly exported to Italy, Greece, France, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and so on.
/d.k/aid/ — 2002-11-25

Shkoder: Some 245 illegal connections cut within two days

SHKODER, Nov. 26 (ATA)- By M. Malja Electric police in Shkoder have cut over the last two days some 245 illegal connections in several of the city’s main quarters. Director of electric police in the region, Gezim Lahi, told ATA that “the operation took place in quarters of “Perash”, “Daniel Matlia” and “Salo Halili”, where most of the bars and family consumers supplied with energy through the double connections. Three teams of experts from this police and the district’s electric branch with the support of order forces have cut these connections. According to same source, the tightening measures against power abusers have made many debtors start paying the power invoices. Some 2.8 million lek have been encased over the last three days. It is made known that this process will extend in all quarters of the city where consumers do not pay for the energy.
/s.s./sm/ — 2002-11-26

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