N E W S – May 2002


Blood feud – the social wound which should be cured immediately

TIRANA, May 1 (ATA) – By U. Bajrami: Over more than two years ago, on April 20, 2000, a grave event hit not only inhabitants of the village of Barbullush, Shkoder, but the whole Albania. In one of the few roads of Barbullsh, a village situated circa 25 kilometers away from the northern city of Shkoder, the adolescent Ledi Qamili pursued the 11-year-old Lin Xani, and with no hesitation at all fired all the bullets of his pistol, taken from his home, to the boy. Police said the murder was committed because of blood feud (almost a year ago the father of the victim had killed the father of the 18-year-old boy with a gun). This event is recalled time after time, because for the first time the revenge had “prevailed” the ‘fresh’ souls of children, and it was the same feeling that drove the two sisters from Shkoder, respectively 22 and 17, to kill a 17-year old boy three days ago. Unfortunately such things may occur even in future if the ‘wound’ is not immediately treated. Lacking statistics… Since years ago, the blood feud is generating new conflicts, mainly in the traditional ‘hearths’; Shkoder, Malesi e Madhe, Tropoje et cetera. There are no accurate statistics for the blood feud victims. There are some other statistics, apart from the statistics publicized by Albanian police, collected by the National Mission of Blood Reconciliation, established some years ago with participation of hundreds of “peace missionaries”. According to this Mission, over 2000 Albanian families are imprisoned in their houses because of old and new blood feuds. They survive under the lack the minimum living conditions, and are totally “isolated by the rest of the world”. Meanwhile, 520 from these new conflicts are located in the zones where this problem is sharper, where “the inheritance of tradition” is pursued with fanaticism, as in Shkoder and Malesi e Madhe. Efforts of the Mission… Over the last years, the Mission which functions on a voluntary basis, numbers 6000 members from all over the country and has been a mediator in conciliation of more than 460 cases, and has resolved 2000 conflicts of different kinds. What the missionaries investigate and use for annihilation of conflicts is exactly the connection between families in conflicts, that can be blood, religious, or political relations. In spite of the considerable work done by this Mission, there is still much to be done because over 3600 males are jailed in their houses, majority part of whom children, who risk of being uneducated. Involvement of children in this process is considered by the peace missionaries as a “dolorous phenomenon”, because of the fact that according to the Canon “children under 15 are expelled from blood feud”. According to education statistics, over 2000-2001 academic year, there were about 1000 children (711 from whom in Shkoder, and Malesi e Madhe) that could not attend school because of the same phenomenon, unfairly suffering the ancient myth of Albanians, blood feud. NGOs and their assistance… The assistance of the non governmental organizations for the ‘risked’ children may be precious. For “peace missionaries” blood feud has not only involved the children who are jailed because of murders, but even the ones who have not remained orphans. On their shoulders lays the heavy burden of difficult economic situation, and total lack of education. NGOs assistance in this directions would be noble, and offered in a the right direction.
/rimi/A.A/ — 2002-05-01

Albania has important and finalizing role in region – Limprecht

SHKODER, May 1 (ATA)- U.S. Ambassador in Tirane Joseph Limprecht declared at a meeting with local government leaders in Shkoder on Wednesday that “Albania has an important and finalizing role in the situation in the region” “Washington devotes great importance to the situation in this region, especially in Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia, but both the U.S. and the Brussels should not deviate their attention from Albania,” said Limprecht. “Your country is making progress in economy, which I am also observing in Shkoder now. Today we are inaugurating two projects implemented by IOM in your country and which will be followed by other projects as well,” said Limprecht. The Mayor of Shkoder, Ormir Rusi, familiarised Ambassador Limprecht with the economic situation in this town and the assistance provided by IOM and USAID to improve the infrastructure. He said that the implementation of two other projects for the improvement of infrastructure in the town will begin soon. Later, Limprecht attended the inauguration of the full reconstruction of “Marsel Kashen” road, through a fund of US$ 400 000 provided by IOM and of the reconstruction of the road from “Migjeni” theatre to quarter “Guerrile”, 1.1 km long, through a fund of US$ 900 000 financed by ION.
/s.s/dori/lm/ — 2002-05-01

Rehabilitation of irrigation system in Bushati commune, underway

SHKODER, May 2 (ATA)- By M. Malja Work for rehabilitation of irrigation system for nearly 2100 hectares of agricultural land is underway in commune of Bushati, 16 km away from Shkodra. Mayor of this commune Tom Gamaj told ATA that “the respective project is being implemented through a fund worth 30 million lek in the context of a WB program for a complete repair of the irrigation and drainage network in Nenshkodra field.” The program on improvement of irrigation in Nenshkodra field has started three years ago through a fund worth US$ 12 million allocated by World Bank. Rehabilitation of irrigation and drainage network has so far terminated in a surface of 6000 hectares mainly in communes of Mjede and Barbullush. According to Agriculture and Food Director in this district Myzafer Kraja, this project is forecast to terminate in 2003.
/s.sh/dori/sm/ 021725 MAJ 02 NNNN — 2002-05-02

Sport- Shkodra cyclists in Kosova
SHKODER, May 2 (ata)- By M. Malja A team of cyclists from Shkodra will leave today (on Thursday) for Kosova to participate in the tournament of Gjakova which will be held between May 3-4. Sources from “Vllaznia” sports club make known that 8 teams from Kosova, Macedonia and Albania participate in this activity. The team from Shkodra participates for the second time in this activity. During the last three years, the cyclists team of Vllaznia has participated in many different international activities.
/A.KE.Ani/IR/ 021048 MAJ 02 NNNN — 2002-05-02

Water flow in lake of hydro power station of Koman reduced

Shkoder, May 3 (ata) – By M. Malja: The lack of rain in the past few days in the north-eastern and northern part of Albania has fallen the water flow in the hydro power station of Koman (Shkoder). “The water flows in the lake of this hydro-power station on Friday morning is nearly 30m/cubes of water per second out of 100 m/cubes of water per second that was one week ago”, sources from the hydro-power station told ATA. Reduction of water flows in this lake due to high temperatures is lower compared to the many-years flows in this period which have reached 200 meter/cubes per second. Sources said that “under these conditions, the water level of the lake today morning marks 171 meters over the sea level out of 175 meters that is its maximal quota”. Sources from the hydro-power station report that out of four turbines in this hydro-power station only two of them work in the peak hours for the demand of electric energy. The hydro-power station of Koman is constructed in 1985 over the cascade of Drini river.
/s.sh/dori/IR/ — 2002-05-03

Koplik: 1140 illegal power links cut

KOPLIK, May 4 (ATA)- by M. Malja- Shkoder regional police cut during the last ten days 1140 illegal power links, in some areas of Koplik town, in Malesi e Madhe. Police chief Gezim Lahi told to the ATA that “the action was concentrated in quarters “Llazan Kurtaj”, “Sherif Hoxha” and so on, where during the controls exerted before there were identified that families and certain private subjects got electric power in an illegal way”. According to him, in collaboration with the electric Department of the District, this process will extend in the future even over the communes of Bajza, Gruemire, Kastrat and Vermosh where there have been observed abuses with electric power. Sources close to the electric Department made known that this measure has made that the abusers of the electric energy hurry up toward payment of bills. During the last three days, there have been cashed about 3.7 million lek from debtors. While the level of deposits in this area by the end of April reached to 45% from 13% it was in February. Since the beginning of the year this is the first operation carried out by regional police in Koplik, in order to do away with the abuses with the electric energy on the part of various consumers.
/s.sh/dori/p.s./ — 2002-05-04

Italian investments to be doubled for coming three years
Ambassador Mario Bova declares in Shkoder

SHKODER, May 7 (ATA) – By M. Malja: “Italy’s investments for Albania will be doubled over the coming three years”, Italian ambassador to Albania Mario Bova stated at a meeting with intellectuals and local leaders of Shkoder city, held on Tuesday in the grounds of “Luigj Gurakuqi” University. “We are interested in a quick development of Albania, and consider as priority the economic development of your country and integration into the European Union, and this is why we should realize these objectives for increasing co-operation with Albania”, Bova highlighted. An important accord is signed in April of current year between Albania and Italy, according to which, Italy’s investments towards Albania will be doubled for the ongoing three years. “This fact shows that our ties are strong, and that they are strengthening each passing day. I want to highlight that Italian aid does not run in the contrary to the international foreign donor aid. Italian government will invest in Albania nearly 400 billion Liras, amount which is nearly twice as much as the sum of the package of the previous three years”, Ambassador Bova stressed. At the meeting held with representatives of the Prefecture and local government, Ambassador Bova was familiarized on the situation in the city, which has faced improvements, especially in the field of public corder and infrastructure. “Shkoder will now be a priority of Italian government, because the co-operation ties of this city with the Italian cities, such as with Venice, Firenze, Emilia Romagnia, date back in the past”, Bova stated. /s.s/dori/vik/A.A/ 2002-05-07

French scholars on Albanian language, literature and culture
Scientific conference in Shkoder

SHKODER, May 10 (ata) – By M Malja: “French scholars on Albanian language, literature and culture” was the subject of the scientific conference, held in the premises of Luigj Gurakuqi university on Friday to mark the 40th anniversary of the death of the renowned French Albanian language expert, Mario Rock. Prof.Dr. Seit Mancaku, while speaking of the contribution of Mario Rock in Albanian philology, said that “the renowned French philologist has made a distinguished contribution in tracing old authors of Albanian literature presenting the results of his researchers in works like ‘Researches on ancient Albanian texts’, ‘Albanian vocabulary'”, etc. In the work “Researches on ancient Albanian text”, Rock made a complete description of 17 first Albanian publications and manuscripts (1462-1710), some of which uncovered by him, informing the scientific world of the rich and important old Albanian texts from 15th-17th centuries. Teachers of the universities of Shkodra and Tirana, David Luka, Petrit Kotorri, Tomorr Osmani, Jup Kastrati, Enver Hysa, Kolec Topalli, Emil Lafe and others spoke of the contribution of French scholars to the Albanian language, literature and culture. At the end, the rector of the Shkodra University, prof. Dr. Mahir Hoti declared the French scholar Mario Rock an “Honorary Professor” of this university. /s.s/vik/xh/ 2002-05-10

Shkoder district court passes “unlimited detention” for three persons
They were accused of prostitution favoring

SHKODER, May 16 (ATA) – By M. Malja: Shkoder district court issued on Thursday “unlimited detention” for the citizens Frederik Tota, 34, Aleks Vuksani, 30, and Bashkim Guri, 29; all the three inhabitants of the city of Shkoder, and accused of favoring of prostitution. Three days ago, police of Vlore city, in cooperation with police of Shkoder, detained the three above-named citizens, and three girls accompanying them, in a motel in the city of Vlore. According to the investigations, the three boys from Shkoder wanted to smuggle the young women to Italy for prostitution. Since the beginning of the year, this is the second case when Shkoder district court sentences persons who are accused of favoring of prostitution. Some days ago, a police employee was sentenced with forty-two months of jail under the same accuse.
/dori/vik/A.A/ — 2002-05-16

Border point of Muriqan (Shkoder) to open on May 27, 2002

KOPLIK, May 16 (ata) – By M Malja: On May 27, 2002, the border point of Muriqan, around 15 km from the city of Shkoder, will be inaugurated, a decision made in the meeting held on Thursday in the border point of Hani i Hotit between the deputy minister of Transports of Albania, Sadedin Stankaj and his Montenegrin counterpart, Milan Gjirickovic. The two deputy ministers of transport discussed in the meeting the opening of another border point between Albania and Montenegro, that of Vermosh, and the connection through the Lake Shkodra. In regard to these problems, agreement was reached for meetings soon at level of experts in order to set the modalities. The border point of Muriqan has been closed since 1948. The opening of this point will considerably shorten the road to Ulqin city, Montenegro, a preferred tourist center for many Albanian citizens. Work for the rehabilitation of the road infrastructure from Shkoder to Muriqan is expected to start these days. For this rehabilitation, also including the Buna river bridge, the Albanian Government has allocated an amount of 78 million lek.
/s.s./vik/xh/ — 2002-05-16

Project for Shkoder-Murriqan road rehabilitation to start next Monday

SHKODER, May 17 (ata) – By M Malja: The project for the complete rehabilitation of Shkoder-Muriqan road, 14 km long, is ready to be implemented. The work will start on Monday from Bridge of Buna River up to the border point of Murriqan, 7 km from the center of Oblika commune. The commune chairman, Beqir Malaj, told ATA that “the project will be realized with a fund of 78,4 million lek by the state budget.” The reconstruction of this road will be made in two stages, the first to be over within 2002 and the second in the first half of the next year. The previous day, the deputy ministers of transport of Albania and Montenegro met and decided the inauguration of the border point of Murriqan. Two years ago, on the basis of an agreement between Albanian and Montenegrin governments the border point of Hani i Hotit was reopened.
/s.sh/dori/xh/ — 2002-05-17

Movement of goods on Hani i Hotit customs increases

KOPLIK, May 18 (ATA)-By M. Malja, Over the first four months of this year the movement of goods through the customs point of Hani i Hotit, in the district of Malesi e Madhe, has largely increased. The customs’ director for the northern region, Skender Dizdari, told ATA that “for the January-April period some 5 890 tons of various goods or twice more than the same period of the past year have been cleared through the customs.” He said the Shkoder businessmen have brought wholesale goods such as machineries, iron for construction, cooking oil, flour, potatoes, fruits and vegetables, drinks, mainly from the neighbouring countries such as Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and other countries. The increase of the activity in this customs is result of the contemporary conditions created in its compounds. Sources from the border police report that around 1000 people as well as 150 small vehicles cross this point for trading in the market of Tuz in Montenegro. The border crossing of Hani i Hotit was reopened two years ago following an agreement signed in the town of Shkoder between the Albanian and Montengrin government. This border point, the only that links Albania with Montenegro, had stayed closed unilaterally by the Yugoslav side since 1997.
/s.s/dori/lm/ — 2002-05-18

Shkoder-Bajze railway line to commence operation within August

KOPLIK, May 18 (ATA) By M.Malja: Shkoder-Bajze railway line, Malesi e Madhe district, will start operation no later than August of 2002. The news was released by Minister of Transports and Telecommunications Maqo Lakrori, at a meeting he held on Friday with railway leaders of northern part of the country, in venues of the international railway station of Bajze. Sources from Shkoder region directory of railways told ATA that “rehabilitation of this line, especially rehabilitation of Shkoder-Grizhe segment, 11,4 kilometers, seriously damaged during March ’97 unrest, will start soon, using the state budget fund of 365 million lek.” Complete rehabilitation of the international station of Bajza, rendered possible by a state fund of 25million lek, ended in December 2001. Shkoder-Hani i Hotit line was built in 1985. It is the only railway which links Albania with Montenegro and Europe.
/s.s/dori/A.A/ — 2002-05-18

Shkodra hosts exhibition “Montenegro in Cyrillic records”

SHKODER, May 21 (ATA)- By M.Malja, The “Luigj Gurakuqi” University in Shkodra on Tuesday hosted the exhibition “Montenegro in Cyrillic records until 1860”, under the “Week of open archives” which is taking place in Albania organised by the State Archives of both countries. The Director of Montenegrin State Archives, Raiko Kaleziq, stated in his keynote address that “266 selected records have been displayed in this exhibition, starting from IX century up to 1860, when orthography was reformed in Montenegro”. The Agreement for co-operation between Albanian and Montenegrin Archives was signed two years ago. This agreement has paved the way for many bilateral activities as exhibitions”Berati old 2400 years opened in 2001 in Podgorica and “Albania in Montenegrin archive records” opened in Podgorica as well and others.
/s.sh/dori/vik/so/ — 2002-05-21

Water flows in lake of Koman hydro-power station lowest in last 15 years

Shkoder, May 22 (ata) – By M. Malja: The water flows in the lake of Koman hydro-power station in the district of Shkodra have marked on Wednesday the lowest level during the last 15 years. A specialist in Koman hydro-power station Paulin Doci told ATA that, “the main cause to have the minimal water flows in this hydro-power station is the lack of rain falls”. According to him, the water flows in the lake of this hydro-power station on Wednesday morning are nearly 20m/cubes of water per second out of 70 m/cubes of water per second that was one week ago. Doci says that these are the lowest water flows in these last 15 years, taking into account that the many-years flows in this period have been 150 meter/cubes per second up to 200 meter/cubes per second. Therefore, under these conditions, the water level of the lake today morning marks 171.15 meters over the sea level out of 175 meters that is its maximal quota”. Sources from the hydro-power station report that out of four turbines in this hydro-power station only two of them work in the peak hours for the demand of electric energy. The hydro-power station of Koman is constructed in 1985 over the cascade of Drini river.
/dori/IR/ — 2002-05-22

Municipality of Shkoder collects 10 million lek more from local taxes

SHKODER, May 22 (ATA) – By M. Malja: Over the four month period of ongoing year municipality of Shkoder has managed to collect about 10 million lek more than the same period of the previous year from local taxes. Chief of tax office close to this local government Ahmet Omi told ATA that “about 30,9 million lek more are collected from local taxes, or 20 percent more than the same period of the previous year.” “The municipality has invested in completion of 5 economic, social, sports, and cultural activities with the incomes collected from local taxes”, municipality deputy mayor Fatlum Nurja said for ATA. According to him, the revenues from collection of local taxes are planned to increase in the coming years.
/dori/A.A/ — 2002-05-22

One person killed and a policeman injured by gunfire in Shkoder

SHKODER, May 22 (ATA)-By M. Malja, A person was killed and a policeman was injured by gunfire on Wednesday at around 19.30 in the village of Mali i Jushit, around 25 km. from the town of Shkoder. Local police official sources told ATA that the incident took place near the village of Mali i Jushit, when a driver did not respond to the call of police roadblock to stop. Another police roadblock was announced and tried to stop him again but the driver shot at police which responded the fire. As a result, policeman Myzafer Aliaj, 35, was lightly injured while the driver “killed”. His name is not yet made known by police. It is not yet defined whether “the driver was killed by police during the gunfire or whether he committed suicide”.
/rimi/lm/ — 2002-05-22

Water falls in lake of Koman hydro-power station increase four times

SHKODER, May 29 (ATA)- By M. Malja The rain which is falling for more than 24 hours in northern and northeastern areas of the country has increased four times the water flows in the lake of Koman hydro-power station (Shkoder). According to a technician of the command hall of this facility Geg Guri, water flows are still low, if we take in consideration that multi-year falls over this period have been 100-150 cubic meters a second.” The water level of the lake of Koman hydro-power station records today 172,6 meters above the sea level as compared to 175 meters the maximal quota is, sources from the command hall made known.” The sources told that “of 4 turbines this facility has, only 2 of them work at the peak of charge for electric power.” Koman hydro power station is the third built over cascade of Drini River in ’85.
/s.sh/dori/sm/ — 2002-05-29

Intensive development of road network, expected in next 3 years

TIRANE, May 29 (ATA)- By V. Shqalsi The upcoming three years will be years of intensive development of the national road network, sources from the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunication announced. According to these sources, following inspections on numerous national road-axes in the process, a further rise of the rates of work is expected on all segments. The government’s program for the road network forecasts the doubling of investments through budget and foreign funds. World Bank, EIB and PHARE program will continue funding for rehabilitation of Albania’s national roads, sources from this ministry announced. Rehabilitation of the road-axis Lushnje-Vlore is forecast to start during this year, while the road- axis Tapize-Shkoder will completely terminate in 2003. Of importance is the road Durres-Morine, feasibility study of which is under way. Following this stage, a new project for rehabilitation and extension of the existing axis of this road will be drafted. Albanian government has funded some 11 billion lek in 2002 for construction of the national roads.
/a.gj/sm/ — 2002-05-29

Shkoder: 36,4 million lek on rehabilitation of schools

SHKODER, May 29 (ATA)- by M.Malja- The state has allocated some 36 million lek for the construction during the current year of an 8 grade school and the rehabilitation of 9 other schools in Shkoder area. The head of the regional educational directory Agim Shima told to the ATA that “with this fund there is work being carried out for the rehabilitation of 9 eight grade schools of the villages Samarisht, Bushat, Shosh and Daragjat which are built 2-3 decades ago and have never been repaired before”. During the last five years in Shkoder area there have been rehabilitated 70% of the schools in the towns and villages. Last year in the villages Rragam and Koman of this district there were built two new 8 grade schools.
/s.s./vik/p.s./ — 2002-05-29

Sport: Soccer – 300 thousand dollars for illuminating of “Loro Borici” soccer stadium

SHKODER, May 30 (ATA)- by M. Malja- UEFA has allocated some 300 thousand dollars for the illuminating system of the stadium “Loro Borici” of Shkoder town. The fund provided meets also another condition, so that the stadium is brought to the levels acceptable of international matches. The news was confirmed by president of Vllaznia soccer team Myftar Cela, who voiced his satisfaction for UEFA’s investment. In the meantime there is chosen also the firm that is going to make the installations, which is a Greek firm specialised in these kinds of work. First of all there will be established 4 top towers where there will be placed the big searchlights, as well as with the instalment of a powerful generator in case of absence of electric energy. It is expected that the lightening system of “Loro Borice” stadium be ready in two months time.
/A.KE/p.s./ — 2002-05-30

Greater trade volume between Shkodra and Montenegro

SHKODER, May 30 (ata) – By M Malja: The regional director of northern customs, Skender Dizdari, told ATA that “over the first months of this year about 5800 tons of commodities or 4 times more than the same period last year, have entered Albanian through Montenegro.” In the mean time, every day over 1000 small traders cross the border point of Hani i Hotit to conduct trading in the markets of Tuz and Podgorica. These traders sell in Montenegrin markets various commodities like manufactured articles, household appliances etc., and bring from there food items, fruits, spirits, and others. This kind of trading is of mutual benefit and has made the prices of commodities in this city be lower than in other cities of Albania. The chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Shkodra, Anton Leka, said that the opening of many border points will bring about the development of the areas on both sides of the border. He added that “we are working with the Chamber of Commerce of Podgorica to create possibilities of cooperation of the businessmen of the two cities in fields of mutual interest. We have some ready projects expected to be implemented in the field of tourism, timber industry, etc., which will influence in the economic development of the two inter-border regions.”
/dori/vik/xh/ — 2002-05-30

Shkodra, the city where first printing press “emerged”

SHKODER, May 31 (ata) – By M Malja: The first printing press in Albania emerged in the second half of the 19th century and was installed in the city of Shkodra. In the book “Shkodra in Years”, the Shkodra chronicle writer Hamdi Bushati wrote that “the printing press of Jesuits was the oldest in Albania. Since the beginning, it was called ‘The printing press of the Virgin Mary’ which was founded in 1871.” In mid 1880 the Turkish printing press is presumed to have started operation. The printing press Nikaj, owned by Dom Ndoc Nikaj was a public printing press. The idea for the publication of a notebook in the Albanian language launched in 1906 by some patriots was the cause for the creation of this printing press. In 1916, the Franciscans brought their mechanized typography. At the beginning it was called Ora and after its nationalization its name changed into Migjeni. Actually, Shkodra has 7 private modern printing presses which publish books, review, etc.
/s.sh/dori/xh/ — 2002-05-31

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