N E W S – March 2002


Shkoder: Uncovered crimes 17% higher than one year ago

SHKODER, March 4 (ATA)- By M. Malja Over the first two months, the figure of uncovered crimes committed in Shkoder is 17% higher than the same period last year. Adriatik Ago, deputy/director of local police told a news conference on Monday that the last two months record 40 penal offences when 92% of them has been uncovered. “Police has concentrated attention on detainment of people declared wanted for grave penal acts and so far 13 of them have been arrested”, Ago pointed out. In addition he said that police has intensified fight against trafficking and smuggling. “Over these two months, they have substantially reduced”, Ago said. Also, according to deputy/director of Shkodra police, the road police has made a good performance for checking of road traffic especially in the city. “For this, we have taken measures such as blocking of vehicles in cases of traffic rules violation or lack of documents” he said adding that ” some 140 various vehicles have been blocked until now.” According to Ago, even in the future, police will focus on prevention of organised crime, fight against traffics as well as a better management of public order situation throughout Shkodra district.
/s.sh/rimi/dori/sm/ — 2002-03-04

Electricity inspectors cut off 105 unauthorized connections in Shkodra

SHKODER, March 5 (ATA)- By M.Malja, Electricity inspectors cut off nearly 105 unauthorized power connections in different quarters of the city of Shkodra during the last days. The chief of this police department in Shkodra Prefecture, Gezim Lahi told ATA that “since the beginning of the current year electricity inspectors in co-operation with the electric branch-office of the district has cut off nearly 408 unauthorized connections, the major part of which in the bars and restaurants of the city. Whereas, during 2001 there were cut off nearly 4000 illegal electric connections and there were put nearly 1300 fines to the consumers who used to abuse with electric power. Sources from the electric branch-office of the district made known that, a problem remains the cashing’ level for the consumed power that is nearly 25% in this city, out of 42% that was this figure last December.
/s.sh./dori/IR/ — 2002-03-05

Shkoder: Worth 40 million lek for rehabilitation of 4 water-supply networks

SHKODER, March 7 (ata)- By M. Malja Nearly 40 million lek are accorded by Austrian government for the total rehabilitation of four water-supply networks in the commune of Kastrat in the district of Malesi e Madhe. The representative of the Prefecture in this district Tom Curri told that, “after the study and projecting of these water-supply networks from the specialists of the water-supply network enterprise, is expected to start soon the work for the rehabilitation of the water-supply networks in the villages Budic, Goraj, Vrith and Arren”. According to him, with the completion of the works to last nearly 2 years will be supplied with sufficient water nearly 3900 inhabitants of these mountainous villages who have faced the lack of water, especially during summer. During last year the English association “Cafod” financed USD worth 5 thousand for the rehabilitation of the water supply network of Kolaj village. Whereas, during the current year with the fund of 18 thousand lek accorded by state budget will be constructed two new water-supply networks in the villages Dedaj and Vermosh.
/s.s./IR/ — 2002-03-07

Women painters open exhibition in Shkoder

SHKODER, March 7 (ATA) – By M. Malaj: Seven painters from the city of Shkoder opened Thursday an exhibition in the venues of the Gallery of Arts of this city. Their best paintings are exhibited in the show. The outstanding Shkoder painter Ikbal Spahia stated that “the thematic of the works was the figure of women, but portraits, quiet natures and other paintings were present as well.” Among the best works were listed the portrait of Malesore (country woman), Autumn, and others. This is the second exhibition opened in the city of Shkoder since the beginning of this year.
/s.s/dori/A.A/ — 2002-03-07

Shkoder, Montenegrin police cooperate against traffics

SHKODER, March 8 (ATA)- By M.Malja, The police of Shkoder and Montenegro will intensify the joint fight against traffics and contraband. This issue was addressed at the Directorate of Shkoder Region Police on Friday with leaders on Podgorica police. The head of Shkoder police and his counterpart from Podgorica emphasized that cooperation, started two years ago between the neighboring police forces, has achieved positive results in fight against trafficking and contraband on Albanian-Montenegrin border. They highlighted the notable reduction of trafficking cases, especially of women trafficking, registered in 2001 as against 1998. “This is the result of the intensification of the joint fight on the both sides of the border and exchange of mutual information for this purpose.” Actions have been taken to hit also vehicles’ smuggling and other kinds of contraband. The two police leaders agreed that this interregional cooperation experience should deepen. Priority will be given to practical action to prevent trafficking attempts on both sides of the border. This activity aims to increase operative performance efficiency to uncover and identify all elements involved in these traffics. Two years ago, Shkoder and Podgorice police structures signed a cooperation agreement on fight against traffics on both sides of the border.
/Ani/dori/so/ — 2002-03-08

Speed-boat blocked in Koplik

MALESI E MADHE, March 9 (ATA)-By M. Malja, The Malesi e Madhe police, in cooperation with the border police forces on Saturday, blocked a big speedboat on the shores of Shkoder lake. Offical sources from local police told ATA that “the operation to block this speed-boat, around 12 meters long, and two motors, was carried out early today”. The speed-boat was found hidden in the willows near the lake and, according to police, it was thought to be used for various traffics on the Shkoder lake. Also, the local police took three persons from the zone to the police station as suspected of being related to the users of the speed-boat.
/dori/lm/– 2002-03-09

Shkoder, town where first musical band was born

SHKODER, March 10 (ATA)-By M. Malja, Shkoder is the first town where the first musical band was created in Albania. It was precisely in 1878, the year of the creation of the League of Prizren, when the first musical band was created in Shkoder.
/s.s/lm/ — 2002-03-10

Shkoder: Muriqan customs, ready for reconstruction

SHKODER, March 11 (ATA)- By M. Malja Murriqan customs, 15 km away from Shkoder city, is to undergo the process of reconstruction. Mayor of Ana e Malit commune Beqir Malaj, said to ATA that “through a fund allocated by General Customs Department, the former-building of border guard check- point will turn in a customs office soon.” According to him, this two-storey building will be rehabilitated by creating suitable premises for a customs point. “Rehabilitation of this building, said Malaj, will complete within this year.” Reconstruction of customs office is in continuation of rehabilitation of this border zone’s infrastructure. According to Malaj, through a fund worth 74,8 million lek out of the state budget, rehabilitation of Shkoder-Muriqan road 15 km long will start in April. Opening of Muriqan customs point will shorten the distance between Shkodra and Ulqini to 30 km in comparison to 100 km needed to go through Hani i Hotit and will encourage inter-frontier links between these areas. Muriqan crossing border point was closed in 1948. Opening of this point has been requested several times by Albanian government. Also during a meeting held with representatives of Montenegrin government in Bajze by December, last year on occasion of re-opening of international railway line Bajze-Montenegro, former-premier Ilir Meta asked the opening of this point.
/s.s/dori/sm/ — 2002-03-11

Shkoder: Construction police demolishes 85 unauthorised constructions

SHKODER, March 13 (ATA) By M.Malja: Construction police demolished on Wednesday some 85 unauthorised constructions in Shkoder town. The head of tax police in Shkoder Prefecture, Ilir Gila, stated for ATA that during the action, some unauthorised constructions were demolished, 20 of which were made of stone, two two-storey buildings, one of which still unfinished. According to sources from construction police, during this action, which was supported even by the police, no problem arose with their owners. The premises which had been taken by unauthorised constructions will turn to green areas through UNOPS financing. During last year, construction police demolished 103 unauthorised constructions in Shkoder. Sources from the prefecture reported that, during the coming days, such constructions will be demolished also in several Shkoder neighbourhoods.
/s.s/dori/aid/ — 2002-03-13

Minister Xhuveli asks all citizens’ contribution to environmental protection in Shkoder

SHKODER, March 13 (ATA)-By M. Malja, Minister of Environment Lufter Xhuveli stressed in Shkoder on Wednesday the indispensability of protecting the environment by all citizens. “We as a government, the local government, various associations and others, should provide a great contribution by sensitizing and proposing measures to monitor the situation of the environment as a whole in the region of Shkoder, especially of the Lake of Shkoder,” said Xhuveli. He said that this is one of the reasons “we are cooperating today with the NGOs which have very serious projects on environmental protection”. During his meetings today in the town of Shkoder, Xhuveli met with leading officials of the university, the NGOs, as well as with the Mayor of Shkoder, Ormir Rusi, and Governor Gjergj Liqejza. The latter asked to intervene in the town to build a short and long term strategy with the aim to preserve the environment, especially at tourist spots. The Ministry of Environement was also asked to demand from the government to give the status of National Park to the Shkoder Lake.
/art/dori/lm/a.a/ — 2002-03-13

January – February: Taxes-Levies office in Shkodra encases 17,2 million lek more incomes

SHKODER, March 13 (ATA)- By M. Malja Shkodra’s tax officials have surpassed incomes of first two-month period this year by 17,2 million lek. Chairman of district’s taxes-levies office Gjok Miri said to ATA that “although the plan of this year is 70% higher than that of last year, incomes of period January – February were realized to the extent of 101%.” Some 1057 private subjects have been so far registered close to district’s taxes-levies office as compared to 810 the same period last year. According to Miri, attention of taxes-levies office in this period is concentrated on registration of all private subjects that exercise their activity in Shkodra district and avoid fiscal obligations. Until the end of March they aim that the number of registered subjects reach 1200. Sources from the finance office of this branch announce that during the two-month period all indicators such as VAT, excise incomes, small business and so on have been realized.
/Ani/dori/sm/ — 2002-03-13

Northern Albania as seen by an American
Show-room by photographer Stanley Sheerer

TIRANA, March 14 (ATA)- by Klotilda Harka- Images, professionals, workers, businessmen, scholars, politicians, students and farmers were the characters from Northern Albania fixed in the celluloid by the American photographer Stanley Sheerer. All his pictures were displayed in his personal show-room at the Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana. There were 60 photos which were taken in 1994 during a visit of his in Northern Albania. Then he stayed in Shkoder town and in the surrounding areas. His pictures bring the similarity of the common life of the people in these areas with Massachusetts in the States where he lives. The opening ceremony of the show-room was attended by distinguished personalities of the Albanian culture. The author was absent, but the US ambassador to Tirana Joseph Limprecht greeted the participants by saying that “it is the first time Albania is seen with the eyes of an American, bringing about the impressions that the foreigners create each time they visit Albania”. Ambassador Limprecht said further on that this exhibition follows that of the gifted Albanian photographer Pirro Nace entitled “New York as seen by the eyes of an Albanian”. The black and white technique made use of the American photographer Stanley Sheerer which contains in itself the modern and classical was very easily interpreted artistically. The author has also written two books entitled “May your children live long” and “A portrait of Malesia e Madhe” in which he collects all his impressions. He writes among other things “that in spite of the notable distinctions, there are impressive the similarities that exist between people who till the land in the US and in Northern Albania. The exhibition suggests several common topics in the lives of the Albanian and American families of the village, which i did have the privilege to observe as a photographer and traveller”, Sheerer underlines in his books. The exhibition is expected to stay open to the public of the capital for ten days. And then from 1-10 April it will be transferred to the halls of Shkodra University, in Northern Albania.
/f.n/p.s./ — 2002-03-14

State budget provides 80 million lek to build new training center

SHKODER, March 21 (ATA)- By M.Malja, The state budget has provided a fund worth 80 million lek to build the new professional training center in Shkoder district. The Director of the Labor Office in this town, Pavllo Jako, told ATA that “the project has been already drafted and local structures are working to define the site where the center will be set up, which will be a contemporary facility to train young staff not only from Shkodra but from other northern and northeastern districts as well.” According to Jako, works in this center are scheduled to begin soon and will end within 2002. Jako adds that this center will offer the inhabitants from Shkodra and other northern areas more opportunities to study and qualify in various professions, because the labor market requires qualified staff. This center will provide courses on different domains as well as certificates which will facilitate employment in private or state run companies or setting up own businesses. The establishment of professional training centers is part of the strategy of government to reduce unemployment in the country.
/s.s/vik/so/ — 2002-03-21

Shkoder: UNOPS finances US$ 2,3 million for several projects

SHKODER, March 22 (ATA) By M.Malja: The U.N Office of Projects and Services (UNOPS), through PASARP program, will invest US$ 2,3 million for some projects in the three districts of Shkoder Prefecture during 2002-2003 period. Sources from the prefecture made known for ATA that for the coming year, a series of projects will be implemented in economy, education, environment, culture, health and so on. Around US$ 865 thousand, according to the same sources will be utilised by the agency for development “Toleda”, which will extend credit for the development of small business in such fields as agro-processing industry, construction, clothing and so on. The second stage of investments will continue with the rehabilitation of the dormitory of “Luigj Gurakuqi” University, that of Cas-Velipoje eight-year school, library in Fushe-Arrez, the library of photographs “Marubi” and so on. Whereas, in order to lessen the damage in touristic site of Velipoja, the setting up of an accumulation and processing centre of urban wastes and the invigoration of life in the entrance of Shkoder, some US$ 329 million have been earmarked. The rest of the fund is destined for the construction of three health centres in Vau i Dejes, Fuzhe-Arrez and Malesi e Madhe.
/s.sh/s.s/vik/aid/ — 2002-03-22

Electricity inspectors cut off 210 unauthorized connections in Shkodra

SHKODER, March 22 (ATA)- By M.Malja, Electricity inspectors cut off nearly 210 unauthorized power connections in Shkodra the last two days. The chief of this police department in Shkodra Prefecture, Gezim Lahi told ATA that “the action was conducted in “Qemal Stafa”, “Guerrile” and “Partizani” quarter where family and private business consumers were illegally supplied with electric power”. Sources report that this action will be extended in other quarters of the district in the next coming days. This is the forth action undertaken by the electricity inspectors since the beginning of 2002 to avoid cases of power abuses by the town consumers. Some 439 illegal connections were cut off since January-February period, mainly in bars based on “Pashko Vaso”, “13 Dhjetori” and “Ndre Mjeda” streets.
/s.sh/IR/ — 2002-03-22

Shkoder: Albanian and italian art in a painting exhibition

SHKODER, March 25 (ATA)- by M. Malja- A Shkodra painter and an italian one have joined their works of art in a common exhibition opened Monday at the private gallery entitled “Shkodra art” in Shkoder town in northern Albania. There are about 30 works of art from various genres of painting signed by Andi Hila and Pasquale Ursa. The distinguished Shkodra painter Hashim Kruja told to the ATA that “the subjects treated are various, including motifs from the world of children”. The painter and photographer from Shkoder town Andi Hila has taken part in 26 other collective exhibitions of a local and national level. And he has also opened three personal exhibitions in painting and photography. He has displayed a part of his works in Italy, Montenegro, Kosova. The actual exhibition will stay opened for a week.
/dori/p.s./ — 2002-03-25

Shkoder police detained a wanted person

SHKODER, March 25 (ATA)- by M.Malja- The local police of Shkoder town in northern Albania detained Monday in the vicinity of Barbullush village, about 25 km away from the town, a very wanted person charged with murder. Official sources of the local police told to the ATA that “the 42 years old Skender Xhani, resident of the village, was detained by 12.30”. The same sources said that he was declared wanted since the year 2000, after the Court sentenced him in absence with 24 years imprisonment for the murder of two persons a year ago. Xhani was caught while in possession of an automatic rifle. Since the beginning of the year Shkoder police forces have detained 20 persons declared as wanted.
/dori/p.s./ — 2002-03-25

Shkoder: Some US$ 3,2 million of incomes from export

SHKODER, March 27 (ATA)- By M. Malja Some US$ 3.2 million were insured from export during the period January-March 20, this year in district of Shkodra. During this period the firms and various enterprises working for export have increased production by 3,5 % in comparison to the same period last year. According to experts of statistics office in the region “during this period some US$ 3.2 million were insured from export or US$ 600 thousand more than the same period last year.” Production destined for commodities export in this district is insured by 37 local and foreign firms or with joint capital specialized in the field of confection, wood processing, handicraft and so on. The products of these firms are exported to countries such as Italy, Greece, France and so on. Like the previous year, the export of early products of tomato to countries such as Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia and so on is expected to start soon this year as well.
/s.s./sm/ — 2002-03-27

Shkoder: Normal work activity in branch of Savings Banks

Shkoder, March 28 (ATA) by M.Malja Activity in the Savings Bank branch of Shkoder continue regularly. Beside clients depositing their savings, there are also people withdrawing deposits on demand without impediments of any kind. “Safety of deposits as well as the Shkoder culture that doesn’t easily fall prey to rumours are the main influencing factors,” said on Thursday for ATA the branch director Rasim Rukaj. According to the same source, during the day, a reduction in demands for withdrawals of deposits on the part of the clients was evident. Over 7 million lek were deposited in tellers of the branch and four new saving accounts were opened. Sources from the branch report that citizens’ savings are safe. “Meanwhile, all measures have been taken in order to meet clients’ demands on time, by even working overtime,” the sources added. Normal activity was also reported in SB branches of Puke, and Malesi e Madhe.
/s.sh/dori/kled/ — 2002-03-28

Uncompromising fight against organized crime and traffics
Minister of Public Order Stefan Çipa declares in Shkoder

SHKODER, March 29 (ATA)- By M. Malja Performance of state police is concentrated on uncompromising fight against the organized crime on one side and various traffics on the other. Minister of Public Order Stefan Çipa during a meeting held on Friday in Shkoder with chairmen of local police stated that “various traffics which continue to take place through our border crossing points and along the border are harming the image of police’s work.” According to him, the opening of negotiations for signing of stabilization-association agreement with European Union asks consolidation and intensification of police’s work in fight against organized crime and traffics of all kinds. “In order not to permit these phenomena to take dimensions and have serious consequences to society, we ask your maximal commitment to combat criminality with the law’s sternness having as priority its prevention”, stressed minister Çipa. Afterwards Minister of Public Order introduced the newly-appointed director of local police Xhevahir Karaj who substitutes to this duty Pjerin Ndreu who was nominated deputy Director General of State Police a few days ago. /dori/sm/ 2002-03-29

Koplik: Two individuals suspected of trafficking of human beings detained

KOPLIK, March 29 (ATA) By M.Malja: The Police of Malesi e Madhe detained at around Thursday midnight two suspected of trafficking of human beings. According to official sources from the local police, the national Bujar Pepushaj, 32 from the Lepush village of this district and Kole Pepushaj, 19, from Hot village of Bajza commune were detained in Hani i Hotit-Shkoder road axis, around 10 kilometres away from Koplik town. The sources added that, along with two detainees, who were travelling in a car, there was a 16-year old girl from Podgorica (Montenegro). According to the police, the 16-year old had entered Albania illegally, crossing Shkoder lake, with the help of two Albanian nationals, who would later traffic her to Italy and draw profits from her. Since the beginning of the current year, this is the third case that the police of this district detains foreign nationals who enter Albania through Shkoder lake. During January-February period, 4 prostitutes from Romania and Moldavia have been detained, and the two individuals who accompanied them.
/dori/vik/aid/IR/ — 2002-03-29

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