N E W S – June 2002


Everything ready for transnational 40th festival of songs for children

SHKODER, June 1 (ATA) – By M. Malja: Preparations for the last phase of the 40th transnational Festival for Chlidren’s Songs, to be held on June 3 – June 5, are undergoing the last procedures. The news was made known to ATA by the Festival Director Reshat Mehmeti. He added that “31 songs will be debuted in this festival, which is the most important festival for children, and the children come from Kosove, from Montengro and Macedonia.”
/s.sh/dori/A.A/ — 2002-06-01

Soccer: Dedja could be the new coach of Erzreni

TIRANA, June 1 (ATA) By E.Skarco: Sources from Shijaku sports club make known that Shkoder coach Hysen Dedja will replace the Montenegrin Dervish Haxhiosmanoviç. After Erzeni made known that it will renew the contract with the Montenegrin Haxhiosmanoviç, recently is rumoured that the new coach of Erzeni will be former coach of Teuta, Hysen Dedja. According to these sources, the Montenegrin coach has not agreed with the offered contract and the alternative is Shkodra coach, who has meanwhile started to contact with some Erzeni soccer players, whom Dedja wants to have in his team.
/A.KE/aid/ — 2002-06-01

“Summer evening 2002” in Shkoder

SHKDOER, June 2 (ATA)-By M. Malja, The Shkoder summer evenings were again present in Shkoder town on Saturday and Sunday. Musics, art, video, dancing are the elements of the spectacle. “Summer evening 2002” in its first edition is an initiative of a group of artlovers to return the old Shkoder tradition. The spectacle will contnue until the end of October.
/s.s/lm/ — 2002-06-02

People moving through border crossing point of Muriqan doubled in number

SHKODER, June 3 (ATA) – By M. Malja: Number of people and vehicles that have traveled towards Ulqin, Montenegro, through the border crossing point of Muriqan, about 15 kilometers away from Shkoder, have increased. Sources from this crossing point told ATA on Monday that over 450 people have passed this border point until 15:30 hrs. The majority part of them were inhabitants of this zone, and went to visit relatives living on the other part of the border. According to same sources movement of small tourists’ groups for Ulqin, Budva, Kotorr and others, have started as well recently. The border point of Muriqan, closed since 1948, was reopened recently, and it is the second crossing point, after Hani i Hotit, that links Albania with Montenegro. The opening of this point will considerably shorten the road to Ulqin city, Montenegro, a preferred tourist center for many Albanian citizens.
/s.s./vik/A.A/ — 2002-06-03

40-ieth All-national Festival of Song for Children finished

SHKODER, June 6 (ata)- By M. Malja: – The 40ieth All-national Festival of the Song for Children finished yesterday evening (Wednesday) in the sports palace “Qazim Dervishi” of the city of Shkodra. In the third night of this activity were sang the best 16 songs, selected from 32 songs presented in the first two nights of the festival. At the end, the jury of the festival awarded the first price the song “Universe”, sang by Keti Xoni and “Make me a song”, sang by E. Saraci. The best singer of the festival was qualified Erjona Bushati. Organizer of this festival was Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education and Science, Municipality of Shkodra as well as the cultural center of children in this city. Since 1962, children’s festivals are always held in the city of Shkodra.
/s.s./IR/ — 2002-06-06

Shkoder: Exhibition “Italian works in glass of the 20th century”

SHKODER, June 10 (ATA)- by M. Malja- At the halls of “Migjeni” theater in Shkoder town, in northern Albania, there was opened the exhibition “Italian works in glass of the 20th century”, organized by the italian institute of culture, National Museum in Tirana and the townhall of that town. In his speech the italian Consul to Shkodra Stefano di lero said among other things that “the opening of this exhibition shows the early link of Shkoder with Venice not only in the market field, but even in the cultural one”. In this exhibition there are displayed 100 various works in glass. Venice has been a well-known center of glass processing, at least beginning from the 7th century, and later it became an important center of glass production in the whole of Europe. And that thanks to the shapes, various colors and the unique techniques. This exhibition on the move has touched up to now Beirut, Damascus, Cairo and Tirana and will keep on its way even in other towns of the Mediterranean to reach later to Turkey and later to the countries of central and northern Europe.
/s.sh/s.s./p.s./ — 2002-06-10

Two regional development projects expecting implementation in Shkoder

SHKODER, June 12 (ATA) – By M. Malja: Two projects for regional development of tourism in the prefecture of Shkoder are ‘waiting’ for implementation. The chief of coordination and development office in the prefecture Bardhi Shllaku told ATA that “the prefecture is working for extension on inter-border cooperation with Montenegro, through implementation of regional tourism projects, which are expected to be finances by the European Union.” According to him, two most important zones of inter-border development are already identified. Discussion of these two important projects for the region of Shkoder is expected to be held in July by the European structures, time when funds for their implementation are expected to be passed. Several projects belonging to the the health, environment, small business, culture and other fields are being applied in the city of Shkoder at a fund of 3 million dollars, accorded by UNOPS.
/s.s/A.A/ — 2002-06-12

Reconstruction of railway line Shkoder-Hani i Hotit to start within June

DURRES, June 13 (ATA) – By A. Sheshi: Work on reconstruction of the railway line Shkoder-Hani i Hotit will start within June 2002. Sources from General Railway Directory, headquartered in Durres, told ATA that “Alba Via” company, the bid winner, will start proceedings within this month. Rehabilitation of this line is decisive in the process of improvement of the situation of Albanian Railways, after the collapse they undergone in the last ten years. This railway was damaged during the riots of 1997. According to the same sources, “the state budget has accorded 200 million lek for rehabilitation of this line, thing which connects Albania with the international railway system.”
/a.sh/A.A/ — 2002-06-13

Life imprisonment for murderer of Montenegrin citizen

SHKODER, June 17 (ATA) – By M. Malja: Dhkoder first instance court on Monday passed the decision of life imprisonment for Paulin Vucaj, one of the killers of the Montenegrin citizen Marash Lulegjuraj. While the other accused for this killing Gezim Nacaj, was sentenced with 22 years of imprisonment and Klemend Ceka with 16 month of imprisonment. According to court sources, on August 5, 2001, the three defendants, aged 25-30, inhabitant of Vermosh, in co-oepration with one another, have killed the Montenegrin citizen Marash Lulegjuraj, aged 56. The murder was committed for personal interest motives, also encouraged by the other Montenegrin citizen, Gjon Berisha, who suffered the killing of his father and mother in Detroit by Lulegjuraj. Murderers of Lulegjuraj were caught within days by police of Malesi e Madhe, right after the Montenegrin police disclosed their identity to Shkoder police. At the detention moment, the crime weapon was seized in the house of the criminal.
/s.sh/s.s./kled/ — 2002-06-17

People moving through border crossing point of Muriqan tripled in number

SHKODER, June 18 (ATA) – By M. Malja: Number of people and vehicles that have traveled towards Ulqin, through the border crossing point of Muriqan, about 15 kilometers away from Shkoder, have increased. Sources from this crossing point told ATA on Tuesday that over 910 people have passed this border crossing point. The majority part of them were inhabitants of this zone, and went to visit relatives living on the other part of the border whereas the other part were one-day or two-day visitors. The border point of Muriqan, was reopened recently, and it is the second crossing point, after Hani i Hotit, that links Albania with Montenegro. The opening of this point will considerably shorten the road to Ulqin city, Montenegro, a preferred tourist center for many Albanian citizens.
/s.sh./IR/ — 2002-06-18

Shkoder: High temperatures make roads go empty

SHKODER, June 24 (ATA)- by M.Malja- The high temperatures that go on since several days in Shkoder town, have made that its roads be empty since the early hours of the morning. The representative of the weather station of this district Selami Omari told to the ATA “that during these last days temperatures in the town have reached up to 35 degree Celsius, or 7 degrees more than the many year old temperatures of the same period in this area”. The high temperatures of these last days have also caused the first victim. On Monday at about 11.30 died as she was riding the bicycle under the shining sun the 22 years old Anita Fati. Sources close to the regional hospital make known that her death was provoked by the high temperatures. To face this weather condition most of the Shkoder people are going to the beaches of Velipoja, Shiroka and even to Montenegro. In the meantime hospital sources say that there is only a small increase in the number of visits at the heart disease department. But in order to be closer to people the 10 medical centers of the town are working non-stop.
/s.s./p.s./ — 2002-06-24

Ombudsman office to be opened in Shkoder soon

SHKODER, June 27 (ATA)- By M. Malja An office for the citizens’ complaints close to Ombudsman will be opened in Shkoder soon, the commissioner of Ombudsman Jorgo Dhomo told on Thursday in the city of Shkoder. Since several days ago commissioners of Ombudsman are holding meetings with representatives of local government, non-governmental organizations as well as different citizens discussing their problems. During their stay in city of Shkoder nearly 26 denouncements of different kinds dealing with the properties, human rights and so on were submitted to commissioners. During these days in northern region of the country Commissioners have had sensitizing talks in local TV stations talking directly with the public.
/s.s./vik/sm/ — 2002-06-27

Rehabilitation of Shkoder-Bajze railway line starts

KOPLIK, June 28 (ATA) By M.Malja: The rehabilitation works of Shkoder-Bajze railway line started on Friday. The Albanian Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Maqo Lakrori, present in the ceremony organized on this occasion, stated among others that “in the end of September, Shkodra will be linked to the international station of Bajza, so all the Albanian railway line will be connected to the European railway system”. This is a very big step ahead as it will affect the economic development, first of all of Shkoder and Malesi e Madhe region and the development of economy and business on national scale. Shkoder-Bajze railway line is the only one which links Albania to Montenegro and the countries of the region. Built in 1985, Shkoder-Hani i Hotit railway line stopped working in 1992. During the turmoil of March 1997, a part of this line from Shkodra to Bajze was damaged. The rehabilitation works of this line started today.
/s.sh/s.s/vik/aid/ — 2002-06-28

Shkoder: Conference on Albanology starts

SHKODER, June 28 (ATA)- by M.Malja- At the halls of “Luigj Gurakuqi” University of Shkoder on Friday started its proceedings the International Scientific Albanological Conference, held in memory of the well-known Austrian albanologist, the late Norbert Jokli. The Conference was organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences of this University. The Conference was attended by scholars from the country, Kosova, Montenegro, Macedonia, Italy, Austria and the USA. Opening the proceedings of this Conference Professor Mahir Hoti said among other things that “through this scientific activity there will come more to light the work of Norbert Jokli, who over a period of several years has been distinguished in the field of albanological studies.
/s.s./vik/p.s./ — 2002-06-28

Shkoder: Fadil Kraja awarded “Great Master of Work” title

SHKODER, June 29 (ATA) By M.Malja: “The great master of Work” title was awarded on Saturday to the Albanian renown writer and playwright Fadil Kraja by Albanian President Rexhep Meidani. On this occasion, a ceremony was held in the premises of “Migjeni” theatre where Albanian President Rexhep Meidani participated. The renown Albanian producer Serafin Fanko spoke of the life and artistic work of the writer. He said among others that Fadil Kraja is one of the best Albanian playwrights, who became known with his works not only in Albania, but also outside its borders, in Kosova, Macedonia, Montenegro, Diaspora and so on. Some of his renown plays are “Gjaku i arbrit”, “Fisheku ne paje”, “Ceshtja e Blertes”, “Flamuri ne Dasem”, and so on. Albanian president Rexhep Meidani presented later the title with the motivation :”For the distinguished work as a writer, poet, playwright of over 40 plays successfully performed in Albania, Kosova, Macedonia, Montenegro and Diaspora, raising higher the Albanian patriotic cultural tradition of Shkodra and all Albania”. Today also, the Municipality council of Shkoder town awarded Kraja the title “The pride of the town” with the motivation: “To the renown writer, playwright, who carried the tradition of cultural creative values of Shkodra in his work” Actors of “Migjeni theatre” performed parts from the best dramas of writer Fadil Kraja.
/s.sh/s.s/aid/ — 2002-06-29

I have supported and support cooperation between political forces – President Meidani

SHKODER, June 29 (ata) – By M Malja: “I have supported and will support cooperation between political forces, to the benefit of Albania’s development,” said on Saturday in Shkoder, the President of the Republic, Rexhep Meidani to the media. “My pronunciations have been clear, I have supported the cooperation between the political forces especially when these agreements of cooperation calm down the political life and help the institutional developments in Albania,” said President Meidani. Regarding the future of Kosova, President Meidani said that “the only solution in my intellectual and not at all political logic, is that Kosova must be an independent state.” “I have demanded this in all international forums and in the political contacts I have had with high ranking officials of the most powerful western states. “Only an independent Kosova radiates tranquillity in the Region, it also radiates a normal cooperation between different nations of the Balkan region. Naturally this independence implies a rapid process of the integration of the region within itself and the Balkan region in the Euro-Atlantic structures,” said President Meidani at the end.
/s.s./xh/ — 2002-06-29

Shkoder: Better conditions for holidaymakers at Velipoja beach

SHKODER, June 29 (ATA)- by M. Malja-At Velipoja beach some 30 kilometres away from Shkodra town conditions are bettered for this tourist season. Sources close to the prefecture made known to the ATA that a group of Albanian armed forces worked for several days making use of heavy machinery cleaning up the sand along the beach throughout all its length of 14,5 km. In the meantime thanks to funds provided by UNOPS there were arranged the recreation places within its territory, and there were removed some 3900 cubic metres of inert material and other garbage. The same sources made known that by means of the fund of 50 million lek of the state budget it is expected to be completed shortly the construction of the new watermain in Velipoja area. That is expected to supply with sufficient potable water all the holidaymakers of the beach. Last year there were rehabilitated over 20 km of the road Shkoder-Velipoje, which has improved notably the circulation of the vehicles and the movement of the people. While work continues in its second stage, over an area of 10 kilometres of this road segment up to Dede Gjo Luli bridge. During the last ten years along Velipoja beach there are constructed tens of hotels and cafes which offer a contemporary service. Last year there were about 10 thousand people every seasonal shift, while on weekends their number reached to 40 thousand people.
/s.sh./p.s./ — 2002-06-29

Young boxers of Shkodra aim to win champion’s title

SHKODER, June 30 (ATA)- By M. Malja Juniors’ box team of Vllaznia (Shkoder) aims to win the champion’s title in national championship that will be held soon. The coach Kujtim Demi told ATA that the juniors’ national championship will be held on July 3-7 in Berat city. Participating in this activity will be the teams of Vllaznia, Dinamo, Partizani, Teuta, Flamurtari, Tomorri, Elbasani and so on.
/A.KE/sm/ — 2002-06-30

A national activity of rhapsodists and folk instrumentalists, organized in Lezhe

LEZHE, June 30 (ATA)- By M. Malja The national activity of the rhapsodists and folk instrumentalists organized by Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and prefecture of Lezha concluded on Saturday evening in the palace of culture “Manush Alimani” in city of Lezha. Participating at this activity which is organized after a 10-year interruption were rhapsodists and folk instrumentalists from districts of Shkoder, Lezhe, Puke, Malesi e Madhe, Macedonia and so on. In the end the jury declared winners according to instruments.
/s.s./sm/ — 2002-06-30

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