N E W S – July 2002

Shkoder: A wanted person under arrest

SHKODER, July 1 (ATA)-by M. Malja- Shkoder police arrested on Monday a 30 years old from the town, who is charged for committing penal offense of willing injury of police chief of Malesia e Madhe Prel Pjetrushi. Local sources of police told to the ATA that “Admir Tafili, 30 years old, was arrested today noon after the Prosecution Office had issued an arrest warrant for him on February 23, 2002”. Tafili was located after a grenade explosion by 13.00 hours in his house in kiras quarter. Police forces who went on the spot succeeded to detain him within 30 minutes. During the control of his house, police found also an automatic rifle without legal possession. Since the beginning of the year, Shkoder police has detained some 45 persons declared wanted for committing heavy crimes like murder, attempted murder, theft and so on.
/s.sh/dori/p.s./ — 2002-07-01

Albanological scientific conference concluded in Shkoder

SHKODER, July 1 (ATA)- By M. Malja Albanological scientific conference organised by University “Luigj Gurakuqi” on occasion of the 60th anniversary of the death of outstanding Austrian albanologist Norbert Jokli concluded on Monday. A round table entitled “Institutionalism of the Conference at universities level” was held on the last day of this conference. The chief of Albanology sector in university “Luigj Gurakuqi” Tomor Osmani told that “this table dealt with the organisation of the institutionalised Albanological conferences in two-year rotation.” Participants in this table appraised especially the successful holding of this conference, contribution of the readers of papers about the treatment of linguistic, literary and historic issues. The holding of this conference was also a message of honour for the scientific work on Albanian language by Norbert Jokli. It is the second Albanological conference for Norbert Jokli following that held 30 years ago in Innsbruck (Austria). Participating in this conference will be scholars from Albania, Kosova, Macedonia, Montenegro, Italy, USA, Bulgaria and so on.
/s.s./sm/ — 2002-07-01

Government approves “Expropriation to public interest of real estate”

TIRANA, July 2, (ATA)- One of the most important decisions of the Albanian government adopted recently is even that on “Expropriation to the public interest of real estate”, in view of the properties touched by the construction of the road linking Korca to kapshtica. The requested expropriation is made in line with the obligations of the Albanian state which derive from the construction of the road segment Korce-Kapshtice and Shkoder-Velipoje. The proprietors due to be expropriated can testify their property with property certificate issued by the Offices of Real Estate in their respective towns, in all those area where the registration is over even with the act of taking the land under possession issued by the commission of land distribution. The owners who will be expropriated of their estate will enjoy compensation in full value of their property in line with the respective size.
/toni/a.gj/p.s./ — 2002-07-02

Energy cuts for 400 family debtors in Shkoder

SHKODER, July 2 (ata) – By M Malja: Some 400 energy family debtors in the city of Shkoder, who have not payed their dues for electric energy, have had their electric energy at home cut, sources of electric police of the prefecture report. The director of this police, Gezim Lahi, told ATA that “over the past three days, electricity was interrupted for 400 family debtors who had not paid energy consumption for nearly three years.” For about three months, the region of Shkodra had had electric energy supply throughout the clock but still it remains among the most backward in the payment of the consumed electric energy. During the first half of this year, the level of the electric energy rose to 33 percent. The objective of the electric affiliate is to increase the payment for the consumed energy in the amount of 80 percent in two months’ time.
/s.s./xh/ — 2002-07-02

Greek investments will expand also in northern Albania

SHKODER, July 2 (ata) – Greek investments will extend soon also in northern area of Albania, said on Tuesday the Greek Ambassador to Tirana, Dimitris Iliopoulos, in the meeting he had with the prefect of Shkodra, Gjergj Liqejza. According to him, all conditions are created for the Greek investors to invest in the region of Shkodra in such fields as tourism, agricultural-food industry, timber processing, etc. The establishment in August of the affiliates of the Greek Bank “Tirana Bank” and later of “Alfa Bank” in the city of Shkodra, said Mr Iliopoulos, will help attract Greek investors in that zone. The Greek Ambassador pledged that “Shkodra will profit from some projects, which will start to be implemented in Albania soon, with funds from the Greek government, such as the credit for the homeless, for the development of small and medium enterprises and for the improvement of the road infrastructure, etc.” He also mentioned the investment of 250 thousand dollars of the Greek Government for the rehabilitation of the secondary school Kolë Idromeno in that city.
/s.s./vik/xh/ — 2002-07-02

“Prehistorical Albanian Illyria” exhibition in Italy

SHKODER, July 3 (ATA) By M.Malja: “Prehistorical Albanian Illyria” exhibition was opened on Tuesday in the Archaeological Museum of Arona town, in Milan province (Italy). The opening of this exhibition was organised under the auspices of the Albanian Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and the Archaeological Museum of Arona. The chief of archaeological sector in the Historical Museum of Shkodra, Zamir Tafilica, told ATA that some 300 objects have been displayed in this exhibition, which date back to the antiquity until the late medieval period as well as materials collected by Tirana Institution of archaeology in the last ten years and handicraft in ceramic and glass. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue and a text prepared by the archaeologist Bashkim Lahi and the chief of the Archaeological Museum of Arona, de Agustini Rizzoli. This is the second exhibition the Historical Museum of Shkodra opens in Italy. Two months ago, “Marubi” photo exhibition was opened in Firenze. The exhibition will stay open for nearly a month.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-07-03

Shkoder: Some 10 million lek for the repair of town roads

SHKODER, July 4 (ATA) By M.Malja: The workers of the road-canalisation enterprise in Shkoder town have been for days engaged in repairing some of the main roads of the town. The head of this enterprise, Agron Ramadani, told ATA that rehabilitation of some of the main roads of Shkoder town is done through the 10 million lek fund allocated by the municipality. According to him, the rehabilitation of some of the roads has ended. A work group made up of specialists of the public services office of the Municipality has been set up to closely watch the works for the repair of the roads, their pace and their quality. Meanwhile, through the 23,6 million lek allocated by the state budget, works are under way for the full reconstruction of “Alqi Kondi” road. So far the works have ended in the canalisation network, lighting system and works are expected to start to surface the road with asphalt and concrete. The works for the rehabilitation of Shkoder ring-road, 1,5 kilometres long are expected to start these days. Last year some 5 road segments were reconstructed through state budget, IOM and FSHZH funds.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-07-04

Military forces of civil defense assist in cleaning of Buna river bank

TIRANE, July 6 (ATA)- Military forces of the Civil Defense Base have engaged these days to clean with their means the Buna river bank in Shkoder from the waste along the road segment. Sources from Defense Ministry make known that the army’s bulldozers will remove the waste. Defense Minister Luan Rama, chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces, brigadier Pellumb Qazimi as well as representatives of Shkodra local government were to Shkoder today to see the operations. Defense Minister appraised cooperation of the army forces with the local government which, according to Rama, may continue with other operations for preservation of historic values.
/le.ko/dori/vik/sm/ — 2002-07-06

Lezha: 44 illegal buildings between Lezhe-Balldre brought down

LEZHA, July 6 (ATA)- by M. Malja- 44 objects that hindered the progress on the construction of the superhighway Lezhe-Shkoder have been brought down by Construction Police. Regional Police Manager Gjovalin Sokoli confirmed the news. There are three firms, two of which foreign, which are engaged in the construction of the superhighway. Work on the construction of the superhighway is expected to be completed within 18 months.
/s.s./p.s./ — 2002-07-06

Shkoder: Energy is cut to 980 debtors of electric affiliate

SHKODER, July 8 (ATA)- By. M. Malja Electric police of Shkodra cut during last week the power supply for nearly 980 family consumers in debt to the district’s electric affiliate. Announcing this to ATA, chairman of this police Gezim Lahi told that “these consumers, inhabitants of quarters “Qemal Stafa”, “Vojo Kushi” and “Partizani” have not paid the energy invoices for three years. Sources from the finance branch of this affiliate announced that only during last week consumers’ number paying the power has increased by 12% as compared to one week ago. The encasements’ level has increased to nearly 40% now as compared to 28% it was by the end of June. Cutting of energy for debtors is continuing even in other quarters, said the chairman of electric police Lahi.
/s.sh/s.s./sm/ — 2002-07-08

Albanian Premier Majko visits Shkoder

SHKODER, July 9 (ATA)- by M.Malja- Albanian Premier Pandeli Majko arrived on a working visit in Shkoder town, in Northern Albania. Accompanied by ministers Ruka, Lakrori, Doda and Xhafaj, Premier Majko held a brief meeting at Shkoder Prefecture. The agenda of Premier’s visit includes also a meeting on problems of Local Authority with heads of Municipality and Commune. Premier Majko will inspect later reconstruction work of the road in Murriqan which links up Albania to Montenegro. Then he will pay a visit to Velipoja beach where he will talk with tourism and business heads of Shkoder and Shengjin.
/s.s./p.s./ — 2002-07-09

Prime Minister Majko inspects operations on roads Shkoder – Murriqan and Shkoder – Velipoje

SHKODER, July 9 (ATA)- By M. Malja Prime Minister Pandeli Majko inspected on Tuesday the operations for rehabilitation of road-axes Shkoder-Murriqan and Shkoder-Velipoje in district of Shkoder. After getting familiar with the progress of operations on these road-segments highly important to development of tourism, prime minister Majko asked from construction firms “higher rates in order that the operations conclude on time as well as frequent controls from the Transport Ministry regarding the quality of operations.” Some 74.8 million lek were allocated by the state budget for rehabilitation of the road Shkoder-Muriqan 14 km long while for Shkoder-Velipoje some 40.6 million lek. Termination of operations on these road-axes will influence on improvement of people’s movement towards the beach of Velipoje and Ulqini (Montenegro). In commune of Velipoje prime minister Majko was familiarised with the problems in this tourist area 30 km away from the city such as unauthorised constructions and asked from local government officials the curbing of this phenomenon and razing to the ground of unauthorised constructions to pave the way for investments. Also, prime minister Majko asked acceleration of operations for construction of a new water supply network in Velipoje with a fund worth 50 million lek allocated by the state budget. Afterwards, prime minister Majko closely attended the performance made by the army forces for cleaning the beach of Velipoja.
/s.s./sm/ — 2002-07-09

Fier del Levante, golden medal for “Meat-Master” salami factory

TIRANA, July 10 (ATA) By E.Xhajanka: The Italian company “Fiera del Levante” presented the diploma and golden medal to “Meat Master” company, salami factory Shkoder, in the premises of Palace of Congresses in Tirana on Wednesday noon. The diploma given for the dignified participation of the latter in the fourth edition of “Fiera del Levante” in Albania, was organised by an official delegate of Fiera del Levante in Albania for the Balkans zone, Klik Ekspo Klik. Meat Master has started its activity in Shkodra town in 1993 and as a commercial enterprise with initial capital of a modest value. In 1997 the enterprise extended its activity even in meat processing and salami production, whereas in ’98 brothers Kimca, presidents of Meat Master carried out an investment worth US$ 500 thousand for production of 7-10 tons of processed meat which trades in the main towns of Albania.
/a.gj/aid/ — 2002-07-10

Implementation of two UNDP projects in Malesi e Madhe starts

KOPLIK, July 11 (ATA) By M.Malja: The implementation of two projects for infrastructure improvement started on Thursday in the villages Gashaj and Goraj of Malesi e Madhe through the US$ 40 thousand UNDP fund, in the framework of the project “Investments in exchange of weapons”. The co-ordinator of this project in Shkoder Region, Eva Golaj, told ATA that the inhabitants of Gashaj and Golaj village, in Males e Madhe district, who have handed over 60% of the weapons, benefit two projects, that for the rehabilitation of Gashaj-Bajze road, 7 kilometres long, and which will end within three months and the water supply of Goraj village. A few days ago, the implementation of two other project has started in the villages Shosh and Qarret. “Investments in exchange of weapons” project which is being implemented in Shkoder, Lezha, Tirana, Vlora Prefectures, is being financed by UNDP, through US$ 3 million fund. The aim of this project is the voluntary hand-over of weapons by the population and at the same time, extension of investments funds for various projects in infrastructure, education, health and so on, in those villages where the process of hand-over of weapons has marked better results.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-07-11

Nearly 2 467 narcotic plants destroyed in Shkoder

SHKODER, July 12 (ATA) – By M. Malja: The regional Office of fight against drugs in the police directory of the Region, in cooperation with the police forces of Shkoder, annihilated on Friday 2 467 narcotic plants (cannabis sativa) in the village of Qerret, about 75 kilometers away from the city. Official sources from the Region’s police told ATA that “on basis of an operative plan, the forces of regional office of fight against drugs, in cooperation with Shkoder police commissariat told ATA that “on basis of an operative plan, the regional office of fight against drugs, in cooperation with the forces of Shkoder commissariat, annihilated in the early hours of Friday 2 467 narcotic plants, planted in parcels of the village of Qerret of the commune of Shllak. According to same sources, police have proclaimed wanted three inhabitants of this village, respectively Pashuk Gjoni, Marash Marashi and Mikel Marashi.
/s.sh/A.A/ — 2002-07-12

Shkoder: Tax administration cashes around 119 million lek more in 6 months

SHKODER, July 16 (ATA) By M.Malja: Shkoder tax administration has cashed some 19 million lek more then the projection during the first half of the current year. The head of taxes’ branch of the district, Gjok Miri, told ATA that “the realisation for this period is 117%. The plan of the current year is 70% higher than that of last year”. Meanwhile, so far, some 2100 private subjects have been registered or 700 more than last year. According to him, during June only, over 310 enterprises were registered close to that branch, which had evaded fiscal obligations. By the end of the year, Shkodra tax branch is expected to register around 3 thousand enterprises.
/dori/vik/aid/ — 2002-07-16

Shkoder: 1.2 million dollars on reconstruction of Health Centres

SHKODER, July 19 (ATA)- by M. Malja- World Bank has allocated recently 1.2 million dollars about rehabilitation of Health Centres into Shkoder Prefecture. Sources close to the Regional Directory of Health Service close to Prefecture told to the ATA that the fund will be used to start rehabilitation of 30 centres in the districts of Shkoder, Puka and Malesia e Madhe. Work is expected to be completed within a year and then it will be increased the quality of medical service even in the rural areas of these districts. During the last years in Shkoder area there have been rehabilitated 30 Medical Centres in various villages with the 900 thousand dollar fund of the World Bank.
/dori/vik/p.s./ — 2002-07-19

Reconstruction of Shkoder-Murrian road to be over this year

Tirane, July 19 (ata) – By Violeta Shqalsi: Within 2002 the reconstruction of the road Shkoder-Murriqan will be over, said sources from the Albanian Ministry of Transports and Telecommunications. The reconstruction of the road will serve a quicker movement of people on both parts of the Albania-Montenegro border. To this end will also serve the opening of the customs point of Murriqan. The state budget of Albania has delievered a total of 74,8 million lek for the reconstruction of the above-mentioned road. The project drafted by specialists of the Ministry of Transports envisages the extension of the road width from 5-6.5 meters, the construction of 5 works of art and the laying of all its length with two layers of asphalt and reinforced concrete. According to the same sources, actually work is going on in the second stage of the rehabilitation of Shkoder-Velipoje road, with a fund of 200 million lek, by the state budget.
/a.gj/xh/ — 2002-07-19

Shkoder: Some 750 thousand euro for restoration of “Piaca”

SHKODRA, July 20 (ATA) By M.Malja: “Piaca”, or road “13 Dhjetori” in Shkoder, as it is called, will be restored through the fund of 750 thousand euros, allocated by Italian government. According to sources from the culture office in the Shkoder municipality, the branch of the Monuments of Culture of the district has ended the project for the restoration of the buildings in this road, which were heavily damaged over the last years. For the first time, the rehabilitation works in this road designed last century by the renown architect and painter Kole Idromeno, were carried out in the end of ’82, when the first National Exhibition of Popular Culture was opened. Along this road, 1 kilometres long, there are a lot of shops which have changed their destination. In the past there were only painters’ studios, workshops of handicraft, and so on.
/s.sh/aid/ — 2002-07-20

Shkoder: Construction of cement factory to start in Shkoder in August

SHKODER, July 22 (ATA) By M.Malja: The construction of cement factory in the village of Mes, 5 kilometres away from Shkoder town, will commence in the first days of August. The chairman of the commune, Faz Shabi, told ATA that “through the US$ 140 million, allocated by three American banks for the German company “Spacelift cimento group”, the works for the construction of the cement factory will start in the first days of August”. According to him, all the necessary procedures have endedd for the construction of such a builing, which will occupy an area of 3 hectares. The works for the construction of this work will last nearly 18 months. The production capacity of this factory is 1, 2 million ton of cement every year, the sum total of all the production capacity of Albania before the 90ies. Its technology is up-to-date, which assures a high quality of production, in order to trade it abroad. Some 1800 workers from Mes village and various specialists from Shkoder town will be employed in this factory, one of the biggest factories north of Albania.
/s.sh/dori/aid/ — 2002-07-22

MES decides to open Information Technology branch in Shkodra University

TIRANA, July 22 (ATA) By E.Kaci: The Albanian Minister of Education and Science, Luan Memushi, passed on Monday the opening of the new branch of Information Technology in “Luigj Gurakuqi” University in Shkoder town for the new 2002-2003 academic year. Valter Peshkepia, chief of higher education sector in the Ministry of Education states for ATA that “the opening of the new 4-year branch of Information Technology in Shkoder University is an aid to higher education sector in this town and to the business of all northern towns”. The new branch of Information Technology opens along with some 8 other branches in the five universities of Albania, passed a few days ago by the Council of Ministers. “The opening of the new branches is a demand of the universities and the students themselves”, Peshkepia stated.
/f.n/aid/ — 2002-07-22

Shkoder: Documentation ready for privatization of 6 Hydro Electric Power Plants

SHKODER, July 23 (ATA) by M.Malja Documentation is ready for the privatization of local hydro electric power plants constructed in the districts of Shkoder, Malesi e Madhe, specialist of Privatization Agency in Shkoder Prefecture, Mensur Bushati said. Privatization of such plants and their rehabilitation will influence in the improvement of the power supply for the inhabitants of this region, by producing in total about 2,500 megawatt hours of power supply annually. Several Austrian companies have expressed their interest in the construction of the small local power plants, which might further their competition even to the privatization of 6 other local plants.
/dori/vik/kled/ — 2002-07-23

Construction of new bridge ends in Mali i Jushit village

SHKODER, July 29 (ATA) By M.Malja: The construction of the new bridge ended in Mali i Jushit village, around 25 kilometres away from Shkoder town. According to the regional director of road maintenance enterprise, Ali Zjarri, the new bridge that is part of Shkoder-Tirana road segment, was set up on the stream with the same name of the village, Mali i Jushit. He stated that “the project was implemented through the US$ 75 million fund, allocated by NATO mission in Albania COMMZ(W), whereas the works were carried out by “Albeton-Ballkan” construction company in 6 months”. Vehicles of all tonnage pass freely in the bridge, 22 metres long and 10 metres wide. Its construction became more than indispensable when the existing bridge became useless and was substituted by a provisional bridge. According to the director Zjarri, two other bridges are under way, one on the stream on Kosmac village and the other in Mjede village, which link Shkoder to the northern region of Albania.
/s.sh/dori/aid/ — 2002-07-29

We will support Association agreement of Albania with EU
British ambassador states

SHKODER, July 31 (ATA) By M.Malja: “Britain will support the opening of Stability-Association Agreement of Albania with European Union”, the ambassador of Great Britain stated to Tirana, David Landsman stated in Tirana on Wednesday. The British ambassador appraised the program of reforms of the new government, which, according to him, “pave the way for Albania’s quick integration with European structures”. He added that “European Union has not changed and added the conditions Albania has to meet for signing Stability-Association Agreement, but demands only their implementation”. Great Britain’s Ambassador, David Landsman, during his visit in Shkoder on Wednesday, had meetings with local government representatives, the police and was acquainted with the social-economic situation in this region. He also took part in the completion of a project carried out under the auspices of British embassy in Tirana for “Shkoder Intellectual woman” association. Some 40 women completed a three-month course as dressmakers in this project.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-07-31

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