N E W S – December 2002


Albania and Montenegro take interest in bilateral and regional cooperation

TIRANE, Dec. 4 (ATA)- Deputy premier and Foreign Affairs Minister Ilir Meta, at a meeting held Wednesday with Montenegrin deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Milan Begoviç stated that exchange of bilateral visits and experiences at all levels, is of interest not only in the context of bilateral cooperation, but also in the regional one. Press and Information Department close to Foreign Affairs Ministry made known that at the meeting it was estimated the process of parliamentary elections in Montenegro and the role of Albanian political parties in democratic developments of this country. Meta urged a bigger improvement in integration of Albanians into political, economic and social life of the country, in particular the growth of investments in areas inhabited by Albanians and fulfillment of their requests at domain of schooling. Further on, their talk focused on bilateral relations Albania-Montenegro and the existing opportunities for realization of several agreements and joint projects of mutual interest such as sailing on Buna river, railway Bajze-Shkoder and others. Regarding creation of facilities in people’s free circulation, they agreed on working to improve infrastructure of the existing points and open new lines at Shkodra lake. Meta emphasized once again the need for realization of an agreement and the draft of a joint project for construction of the bridge over Buna river which, by linking Velipoja beach to that of Ulqini, will serve promotion and development of tourism for both countries.
/o.cu/xh.c/inxhi/sm/ — 2002-12-04

Tax office in Shkodra realises 980 million lek of incomes during January-November period

SHKODER, Dec. 11 (ATA)- By M. Malja The tax office in Shkodra has realised 980 million lek of incomes or 120 million lek more than the same period of the previous year, sources of tax office’s branch of this district told ATA. Sources from the statistics office of this branch made known that, all the incomes from excise, tax on profit, VAT and so on are realised during the 11 months of this year.
/s.s./IR/ — 2002-12-11

Symposium “Adriatic-Alps Corridor” faces end

SHKODER, Dec 12, (ATA) – By M. Malja: Proceedings of “Adriatic – Alps Corridor “(Development Valley), organized under initiative of “MeshPush” NGO (ecological protection and exploitation of water sources), “Tropoja” association, Shkoder Chamber of Commerce, and supported by Albanian Ministry of Transports and Telecommunication, ended Thursday in Peace village, 2 km away from the city of Shkodra. Draft-project on Shëngjin-Qafë Morin (Tropojë) road was the focus of the second day of the symposium. According to specialists, this road will offer new possibilities for the development of alpine tourism and will help in preparing of a new ground for national and international sports. According to the Minister of Transports in the Government of Kosova, Zef Morina, present in the activity, construction of the above-given road and that of Durres-Kukes-Morine will substantially promote economic development of Albania and Kosovo.
/s.s/desi/A.A/ — 2002-12-12

Police of Shkoder, Montenegro to boost co-operation against trafficking

SHKODER, Dec 18 /ATA/ By M.Malja: Police of Albanian city of Shkoder and its Montenegrin counter-part decided in a meeting on Wednesday in Shkoder to further bilateral co-operation in combatting trafficking. The head of the Police Directorate of Shkoder region, Xhehavir Karaj and the head of Border Police of Montenegro, Milan Paunoviç, confirmed in the negotiation that the co-operation started three years ago between Albanian and Montenegrin police has marked positive results in the fight against various trafficking along Albanian-Montenegrin border zone. A co-operation accord was reached between Shkoder police and that of Podgorica three years ago in the fight against trafficking in both border sides.
/s.s/br/aid/A.A/ — 2002-12-18

Some 5.3 million USD to be invested in Shkodra region

SHKODER, Dec 23 (ATA) – By M. Malja : A fund of 5.3 million USD is allocated from state budget to be invested in Shkodra region for 2003, Democratic Party (DP) deputy, Valentin Palaj announced in a press conference on Monday. According to him, this fund will be utilised for the reconstruction of two road axes, the construction of an electric sub-station, rehabilitation of schools, water supply system, health care centres and adjustment of the area around Shkodra lake. DP deputy Valentin Palaj emphasised that foreign donators as World Bank, USAID, KOOPI and others will invest some 1.5 million USD in this region during 2003. He called on local government bodies to submit projects aiming at the improvement of infrastructure within February 2003 to these organisations.
/s.s./desi/aid/ — 2002-12-23

Christmas celebrated in Shkoder

SHKODER, Dec 25 (ATA) – By M. Malja: The 2400 year-old Albanian city of Shkodra is one of the typical places where religious feasts, even in the wild terror of communist dictatorship, are not forgotten. Christmas of this year is dominated by a festive atmosphere everywhere. It is this month which gives more than ever the message of peace and love, unity and fraternity of people. The shops of this city are decorated as never before with different toys for children. The feast came to full swing on Tuesday evening, when the streets of the city were full of belivers who were going to the cathedral of the city to attend the Mass for the Son of God, Jesus Christ. On this occasion, the Archbishop of Shkodra Angelo Masaffra stated that this feast re-brings to every person the good will to step to the road of God. We should be united with one-another and share the climate of understanding, in service of the nation.
/s.s./IR/A.A/ — 2002-12-25

Reconstructed bridge of Buna river inaugurated

SHKODER, Dec 27 /ATA/ By M. Malja- The reconstructed bridge of Buna in Shkoder was inaugurated on Friday. Present at the inauguration ceremony were Albanian Minister of Defence Pandeli Majko, Italian ambassador to Tirana and heads of local government. Albanian Minister of Transport and Tele-Communication, Spartak Poçi cut the inauguration ribbon of the end of rehabilitation works. The reconstruction works of this bridge were carried out in 10 days by the engineering forces of Albanian army and the specialists of road maintenance enterprise in Shkoder district. The engineering troops installed a bridge with metallic construction brought from Italy. This bridge, 40 metres long collapsed two month ago. Buna bridge links Shkoder with the tourist resorts of Shiroka, Zogaj and Montenegro.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-12-27

Concert “Shkodra table” given in Northern Albanian town

SHKODER, December 27 /ATA/- by M.Malja- At the venues of “Rozafa” hotel in the Northern Albanian town of Shkoder Thursday evening there was given the show entitled “Shkodra table” with the participation of distinguished Shkodra singers and guests from Kosova and Montenegro. The show was organised under the auspices of cultural society “Shkodra Echo”, and private TV station Shijak. The distinguished singers of the folk music Vjollca Luka and Bashkim Alibali and Shkodra humorists were the protagonists of the activity. The Kosovar singer Ismet Peja was particularly applauded. It was organised also a competition for the most beautiful dance. The winning couple is rewarded with one week trip in Budva, Montenegro.
/s.s./p.s./ — 2002-12-27

Government to support businesses in Northern areas
Minister of Economy Malaj states

SHKODER, December 28 /ATA/ by M.Malja- Albanian Minister of Economy Arben Malaj declared on Saturday in the Northern Albanian town of Shkoder that “government is striving to create facilities to domestic and foreign businesses active in the Northern areas of the country”. During his meeting with representatives of Italian and domestic companies which operate in Shkoder, Malaj said that “the state is interested to expound foreign and domestic investments, because they can reduce notably the high unemployment prevailing in the area”. He said that government is following favourable policies towards these areas, such as establishing lower taxes and Customs taxes for the companies which are active there. The state will also back these companies to ease the burden of social insurances and possibilities will be found for backing small businesses with credits. There are 37 foreign companies, mainly Italian ones, which operate in Shkoder.
/d.k/p.s./ — 2002-12-28

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