N E W S – August 2002

Shkoder: Unlimited detention for Croatian trafficker of cars

SHKODER, August 3 (ATA) By M.Malja: Shkoder District Court ruled unlimited detention term for the Croatian national Milan MikaliƧ, accused of the penal act of trafficking of stolen vehicles. The court’s spokesman told ATA that the Croatian national, 30, was detained 4 days ago in Murriqan border crossing point with a very expensive car stolen in Italy. After the intervention of Tirana Interpol Police, it resulted that the car had been stolen five days ago in Italy and its destination was Albania. The 30-year-old from Croatia, had been sentenced two years ago in Germany for the same penal offence. This is the first case of seizure of stolen cars entering through Murriqan border crossing point to Albania since the opening of this point.
/s.s/aid/sm/ — 2002-08-03

Shkodra tax bodies fulfill the 7-month plan by 123%

SHKODER, Aug 8 (ATA) By M.Malja: Shkodra tax bodies realised the January-July plan of the current year by 123%. The head of the tax bodies in this district, Gjok Miri, told ATA that even through the plan of 2002 is 70% greater than that of the past year, the plan for January-July period was realised by 123%. According to him, so far some 2117 subjects or 500 more than the end of the last year have been registered. The attention of the Shkodra tax payers is concentrated on the registration of all the subjects that run the productive and trade activity in this district. There are some 300 hotels and bars who for years have been evading the payment of taxes. During these days, 62 of them have been registered. The number of the private subjects is thought to reach 3000 by the end of the current year.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-08-08

Water falls in lake of Koman hydro-power station increase four times

SHKODER, Aug 12 (ATA)- By M. Malja The rain which is falling for more than 3 days in northern and northeastern areas of the country has increased four times the water flows in the lake of Koman hydro-power station (Shkoder). According to the engineer of the command hall of this facility Saimir Alushi, the side water flows in this lake on Monday by midday, are 200 meters cub per second out of 50 meters cub per second that they were three days ago”. The water level of the lake of Koman hydro-power station records today 171,5 meters above the sea level as compared to 170.5 meters that this index was some days ago, sources from the command hall made known. The maximal quota of this lake is 175 meters over the sea level. The sources told that “of 4 turbines this facility has, only 2 of them work at the peak of charge for electric power.” Koman hydro power station is the third built over cascade of Drini River in ’85.
/s.sh/dori/IR/ — 2002-08-12

Shkoder: Former policeman detained, accused of trafficking women

SHKODER, Aug 13 (ATA) By M.Malja: The police forces of Shkoder commissariat detained on Tuesday a former police of this commissariat, sentenced in absentia for trafficking of women. Official sources from the local police made known for ATA that, early on Tuesday, national Kastroit Geshtenja was detained, in Bardhaj village, 4 kilometers off Shkoder, as he was declared wanted for trafficking of women and was sentenced by the District Court of Shkoder to 7 years of imprisonment. According to these sources, on Aug 18, last year, two Romanian prostitutes were found at the house of the policeman Kastriot Geshtenja. He, along with another individual, detained and sentenced to 2,5 years of imprisonment, would send them to Italy for trafficking means.
/s.s/aid/ — 2002-08-13

Court passes “unlimited detention” for Italian national accused of traffic of vehicles

SHKODER, Aug 14 (ATA) – By M. Malja: Shkoder First Instance Court on Wednesday decided to issue the custody form of “unlimited detention” for the Italian national Spartako Saturni, accused for trafficking of vehicles. The case head Astrit Kalaja told ATA that “Italian national is accused of the penal proceeding of trafficking of vehicles of considerable values.” Police of Shkoder detained the Italian Saturni in the border crossing point of Murriqan about three days ago while on efforts to drive the Benz-type vehicle to Albania, where he later planned to sell it. According to Albanian Interpol it results that the car Saturni was traveling with was his, although this car resulted to have been stolen according to the Italian authorities. This is the third case over the last three months that police of Shkoder detains traffickers of vehicles. The two previous detainees were of Croation and Kosovan nationality.
/s.sh/dori/A.A/ — 2002-08-14

Shkoder: 24000 narcotic plants destroyed

SHKODER, Aug 14 (ata)- By M. Malja The regional office of fight against drugs in the police directory of the Region, in co-operation with the police forces of Shkoder destroyed on Wednesday 24000 narcotic plants (cannabis sativa) in the village of Kajvare, about 73 km away from the city. The spokeswoman of the police directory of the district told ATA that, “on basis of an operative plan, today by midday were destroyed 24000 narcotic plants (cannabis sativa) planted in three plots of the village of Kajvare of the commune of Shllak”. According to the sources, police has declared wanted the three inhabitants of this village, respectively Kole Kola, Pal Lumi and Ded Rrasa, for the penal act of cultivating narcotic plants. Since the beginning of the current year, this is the third action of regional office of fight against drugs for the destruction of narcotic plants. During this period are destroyed over 81000 narcotic plants planted in villages Mazrrek, Shpor, Temal, Kollgjen and are detained 5 persons who cultivated them.
/s.s./IR/ — 2002-08-14

Expropriation of real estate paves the way for second stage of construction of road Lezhe-Shkoder

TIRANE, Aug 15 (ATA)- The Council of Ministers approved on Thursday the decision for expropriation for public interest of the real estate that are touched by construction of the road-segment Shkoder-Vau i Dejes, part of the road-segment Lezhe-Shkoder. According to the press statement of Information Department, rehabilitation of the second section Shkoder-Vau i Dejes (8.2 km) is the second stage of investment from the state budget for construction of the road section Lezhe-Shkoder (part of Corridor North-South), conform the standards of European parameters of construction. The deadline of expropriation is August 31, 2002. Also, the government approved the decision for creation, territorial extension and classification of the customs zone in border crossing point of Rips. Strengthening of control in customs areas as well as the functioning of border crossing point in area of Ripse has rendered necessary the creation of a new permanent customs zone in this border crossing point. This customs area will be extended in territory between the customs area of Kakavije and that of Qafe-Bote. It will carry out important duties in the customs control and supervision of the goods, means and travelers entering in and from the territory of the Republic of Albania.
/d.k/sm/ — 2002-08-15

Shkoder: Worth 7.8 million USD realized from export during January-August 10 period

SHKODER, Aug 16 (ata)- By M. Malja Worth 7.8 million dollars are realized from export in the district of Shkodra during January-August 10 period of the current year. The district specialist of the office of statistics close to INSTAT, Mimoza Volumi, states that, “this figure is 10% higher than the same period of the previous year”. According to her, the different companies and enterprises that produce for export have been more careful to the quality of goods which has increased also their volume. According to the same source, for the same period are exported from this district to Hungary also 560 kw of medical plants. On the other hand, it is the second year that agricultural products are being exported to Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia. Nearly 400 kw of tomatoes, 250 kw of melon and 170 kw of pepper are exported to these countries during last two months.
/s.sh/d.k/IR/ — 2002-08-16

Shkoder: Police kills a wanted person

SHKODER, August 18 (ATA)- by M.Malja- A very wanted person, resident of Kukel village in Shkoder district, accused of committing several murders, was shot dead in the early hours of Sunday during an a fire exchange with police. According to local police of Shkodra told to the ATA that “in the early hours of Sunday police forces in collaboration with the special units of the Ministry of Public Order surrounded in Kukel village the 55 years old Tom Begeja, an inhabitant of this village accused of four murders.” Begeja responded with fire to the police call for surrender. Police returned the fire back injuring him. In spite of the doctor’s treatment at Lezha hospital where the wounded was taken immediately, he couldn’t survive. In addition to murders, Begeja was also accused of kidnapping and putting fines to people.
/s.s/p.s./ — 2002-08-18

Shkoder: Return of emigrants increases requests for passports

SHKODER, August 19 (ATA)- by M. Malja- The return of the Albanian emigrants from Greece, Italy and other countries has increased requests for passports. At Shkoder passport issue Department close to police station there has been work for the acceptance of applications, but no passports are available. Shkoder local police told to the ATA that “everyday there are some 150-200 applications for getting passports.” According to local police there are application forms, but during the last three days passports are short of. During the first 15 days of August there have been issued just 1500 passports. Even at the Malesia e Madhe police station there have been numerous requests for passports. There have been 60 applications made everyday. The application forms are, but the passports are in small numbers and they are given just to the sick, or students who want to attend school abroad. Passport Department close to Shkoder police station expects a great number of passports in the first days of September. This office says that during the last four months there have been issued some 12.500 passports. Another way followed to ease the situation is the extension with two years of the validity of existing passports of the citizens.
/d.k/p.s./ — 2002-08-19

Albania is taking decisive steps towards European integration
Ambassador of OSCE in Tirana Ahrens states

SHKODER, Aug 20 (ata)-= By M. Malja The Ambassador of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in Tirana, Geert Ahrens, stated on Tuesday in Shkoder that “Albania is taking decisive steps towards European integration”. During a meeting with local media, Mr. Ahrens appraised that “the steps undertaken from new Albanian government in the implementation of reforms and lately in the fight against trafficking and corruption are the base of security for Albania towards approach to the Euro.-Athlantic structures and Stabilization-Association agreement”. Ambassador Ahrens highlighted further that “I come to Shkodra for the eight time during my stance in Albania and your city has progressed, mainly in order but also in other life aspects”. “I hope that OSCE will continue its support for the as soon as possible approach of Albania to all the European structures”, Mr. Ahrens, who will visit tomorrow (on Wednesday) the city of Bajram Curri and Kukes, stated. Ambassador Ahrens made these comments on the eve of his departure from Albania, after the ending of his mandate in the head of the mission of this Organization.
/d.k/IR/ — 2002-08-20

Shkoder: Lack of tickets postpones return of emigrants

SHKODER, Aug 21 (ata)- By M. Malja The lack of tickets postpones the return of emigrants to their work places in Italy, Greece, Belgium and so on. According to the directors of the travel agencies that operate in this city, there are at least 7000 emigrants that come for summer holidays to Shkoder and Malesi e Madhe. According to the director of the travel agency “Shkodra Travels”, Sokol Hoxha, all the tickets of the sea and air lines to Italy and Greece are sold until September 12. According to him, more problematic is the situation of over 70 students who have their competitions to Italy due in September 2 and 5. Hoxha says that, “under these conditions, many citizens are looking for other ways towards their work places, such as Montenegro.
/s.s/d.k/vik/IR/ — 2002-08-21

Shkoder: A dinghy of large seizes blocked

SHKODER, Aug 22 (ata)- By M. Malja A dinghy of large seizes was blocked on Wednesday evening in the mouth of Buna river, in the beach of Velipoja, 30 km away from the city of Shkodra. Sources of local police made known that, “yesterday at about 22.00, in the mouth of Buna river in Velipoje was seized a dinghy some 12 meters long, with three motors with 250 horse power each. The skippers along with their speed-boat were trying to enter the waters of Montenegro to escape Albanian forces but they faced a double siege and were obligated to abandon their speed-boat in the vicinities of Velipoja beach to hide. Police forces have undertaken a big operation since four days thoughout the coastal line for the seizure and blocking of all the sailing means that are used for trafficking purposes. Since the begging of this operation are blocked 7 speed-boats and are seized over 21 persons implicated in this trafficking.
/s.s./IR/ — 2002-08-22

6500 Shkodra tourists passed vacations abroad

SHKODER, August 24 (ATA)- by M.Malja- There were 6500 Shkodra holiday-makers who spent their summer vacations abroad, representatives of the Travel Agency of this town made known to the ATA. “This is the greatest number of people from this town who spent vacations abroad during the last ten years,” Head of the Agency Agim Myrtaj said. Their preferred destination was Montenegro, Turkey, Slovenia, Croatia, but according to Myrtaj there were numerous requests to spend vacations even in Italy. There were also cases when requests were impossible to be met because of the procedures to get visas and lack of link up with counterpart agencies abroad. The best links have been carried out with tourist agencies in Montenegro and Turkey. There have gone over 80% of Shkodra holiday-makers. After the opening of Murriqan border crossing point which makes shorter the distance between Shkodra with Montenegro there have been up to 200 holiday-makers who have spent vacations on a daily basis, especially during the week-end. While in the beaches within Albania and mainly in Velipoja there were 70 thousand Shkodra citizens who spent vacations there. Myrtaj says that bettering of economic conditions and security has also influenced in the increase of the number of requests on the part of citizens who want to rest abroad. According to him during the coming year it is expected a further increase of the organised crime.
/s.s./+/p.s./ — 2002-08-24

Weightlifter from Shkodra Erkand Qerimaj winner of gold medal in European Championship of France

SHKODER, Aug 24 (ata)- By M. Malja The weightlifter of Vllaznia team and at the same time member of Albanian national team U-16 (under 16), Erkand Qerimaj, won the first place on Friday in the races of the European Championship which are being held in the city of Nice (France). Sources from Vllaznia sports club make known that he has lifted 35 kg in snatch, 102.5 kg in jerk and 177,5, meriting the gold medal. Participating in this activity is also the other wightlifter from Shkodra Elis Lishi.
/A.KE/+/IR/ — 2002-08-24

Registrations for competitions to be admitted to “Luigj Gurakuqi” university completed

SHKODER, Aug 28 (ATA)-By M. Malja, Registrations of high school students to contest for admission to various branches of “Luigj Gurakuqi” University of Shkoder were completed on Wednesday. The secretary of the university secretariat, Skender Bilali, told ATA that over the three months of August over 1800 high school school students or 300 more than in the past year, who will contest from September 2 to 8 in various branches. He said that among the most preferred faculties and where there have been more students enrolled are the Law Faculty, at which have been enrolled 210 students for 78 seats, the Economy – Business faculty with 245 candidates for 82 seats, the Computer Science with 96 students for 25 sits and other faculties. Numerous have also been the demands for Language-Literature, History-Geography, English, Italian, German and other branches. During the new academic year 2002-2003 some 1600 students or 300 more than in the past year will attend the auditoriums of “Luigj Gurakuqi” University in the first classes or more 300 than in the past year. Most of the students will be from the northern and northeastern distrcits of the country. Seven faculties with 15 various branches function at this university. The new branch of the Information Science will open at this university this year.
/s.s./vik/lm/ — 2002-08-28

Rehabilitation of Shkoder-Bajze railway station ends by mid November

SHKODER, Aug 29 (ATA) By M.Malja: The rehabilitation works of Shkoder-Bajze (Malesi e Madhe) railway station, 25 kilometres long, will end by the middle of November. This was made known for ATA by the head of railways in northern region, Kujtim VuƧini, who stated that “last days, Albavia, winning company of the auction for this object, has remarkably stepped up the pace of works”. According to him, works are under way for laying railroad tracks and steel rails, 11, 3 kilometres long of the damaged line from Shkodra to Grizhe, a process that is in its final stage. Albanian government has allocated a 316 million lek fund for reconstructing this line. As soon as the railway resumes service, Albanian railway will be linked again to the system of European railways. The international railway station of Bajze and that of Bajze- Hani i Hotit, 8 kilometres long that goes to Montenegro, resumed service last December. Some 26 million lek were spent for its rehabilitation. Sources from the control room of Bajze station announced that, since the beginning of the year, the businessmen have brought over 13 cargoes with various goods, such as gas, flour, barley, glasses and so on from different European countries. This railway creates various facilities for shipment and also lowers the cost. Shkoder-Grizhe railway station was heavily damaged during the turmoil of March ’97, when inhabitants of the surrounding area stole the rails to sell them as scrap in Montenegro.
/s.sh/d.k/aid/ — 2002-08-29

State budget earmarks Lek 35 mln on rehabilitation of two national roads

SHKODER, Aug 31 (ATA) – By M. Malja: The fund allocated from the state pool for a partial reconstruction of some road segments extended along the national roads in zone of Shkoder reaches the value of 35 miollion Lek. Director for road regional directory Ali Zjarri told ATA that “two rod segments, that of Shkoder-Koman, 60 km, and Mali i Jushit -Torovice, 25 kilometers long, are in the process of rehabilitation.” Proceeding in this road are being carried out by the bid winning company “Karl Gega”, which claims to end proceedings by September.
/s.s/+/A.A/ — 2002-08-31

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