N E W S – April 2002


Shkoder town will be supplied with energy non-stop

SHKODER, April 4 (ATA)- by M. Malja- The industrial area of Shkoder town, in which there is focused most of the native and foreign business, will be supplied with electric energy 24 hours a day. A project of the municipality and Albanian Power Corporation as well as of the businesses will make possible that beginning from Monday and onwards, work should start for a new line of 20 kilowatt with a length of 4.5 km. A single fibre will make possible the line be supplied non-stop in a straightforward way from the station. The electric Cabins due to be set up in this area will not be allowed to be subject of any person’s intervention. Sources close to the municipality made known to the ATA that the aim of the project was to come to the aid of the business established in the industrial area.”To put the project in place the municipality has collected a fund of 15 million lek on the new cable system, Albanian Power Corporation will provide 13 million lek, while the businessmen themselves have paid 45 million lek to this joint community of interests. The deputy mayor Fatlum Nurja said that after the project will be finished, a period expected to be 60 days, the supply with electric energy of the businesses in this area will be made for 24 hours a day. The industrial area of the town has been short of electric energy supplied not only during restricted periods, but even more. This has influenced negatively to the producing and trade activity of 37 businesses concentrated in the area.
/s.sh/dori/p.s./ — 2002-04-04

Shkoder: 429 illegal electric links cut

SHKODER, April 6 (ATA)- by M. Malja- Local electric police units of Shkoder town cut recently about 429 illegal electric links in some of the quarters of the town. Police chief Gezim Lahi told to the ATA that such links were cut in the quarters “Fahri Ramadani”,”Qemal Stafa”,”Guerrilje” and “Salo Halili”. The previous controls had brought to light the fact that several families and private subjects got electric energy in an illegal way. According to him, in collaboration with the electric branch of the district, this police operation will proceed even in the quarters “Partizani”, “Scanderbey” and “Manush Alimani” where there have been observed cases of misuse of electric energy through double links. Since the beginning of the year, this is the forth action undertaken by electric police in Shkoder town, aiming to do away with the abuses to electric energy. During the first two months there were interrupted 641 illegal links, mainly in the service bars located in several streets of the town like “13 dhjetori” and “Ndre Mjeda”. While during March it was interrupted the supply with electric energy for 2500 private and family consumers, that had not paid back the bills toward Albanian Power Corporation since the year 1997. This influenced to the increase of the level of cashing four times more as compared to February. There were cashed 27 million leks to the funds of the electric branch.
/s.sh./p.s./ — 2002-04-06

International railway station of Bajza commences work

KOPLIK, April 13 (ATA) By M.Malja: Railway station of Bajza in Malesi e Madhe district, resumes work after 10 years. The regional director of railways for northern sector, Kujtim Vucini, told ATA that “some 150 tons of liquid gas, a cargo of a private enterprise in Tirana arrived these days from the International Station of Podgorica in Montenegro in the railway station of Bajza”. This is the first cargo of private enterprises which passes through the international railway line. Vucini stated that “now Albanian railway is ready to serve private and state subjects by transporting different goods in the international station of Bajza at any time”. In the end of December 2001, the full rehabilitation of the international station of Bajza ended through the 25 million lek fund, allocated by the state budget. Whereas, for the current year, Albanian government has allocated some 320 million lek for the rehabilitation of Shkodra-Bajza segment. A segment of this line from Shkodra to Grizha, 10 kilometres long was totally damaged during the riots of March 97, and the rails of this railway were sold in Montenegro. The works in this road segment are forecast to end within the current year. By the end of the works, this segment will be connected with other parts of Albanian railway. In a meeting held between the General Directorates of Albania and Montenegro, in December last year, it was decided that the transport of passengers commences soon through the international railway line. Shkoder-Hani i Hotit line was built in 1985.It is the only railway which links Albania with Montenegro and Europe.
/s.s/dori/aid/ — 2002-04-13

First International professional boxing match to take place soon

SHKODER, April 13 (ATA)- By M.Malja, The big match of professional boxing between Besnik Gjetja, Shkodra, and Dragon Djurickovic, Montenegro, (Podgorica), will take place in the sports palace “Qazim Dervishi” in Shkodra on Sunday. This is the first time a similar event takes place in Albania. Gjetja has exercised boxing in Italy since 1995 where he has contested three matches, winning two and loosing one. He interrupted this activity for several years after coming back to SHkodra, but with the improvement of professional boxing conditions he signed a contract to contest this match. Djurickovic exercises professional boxing since seven years. This match will be preceded by another international match between national youth teams of Albania and Montenegro.
/A.KE/so/ — 2002-04-13

Sport: Deserved win of Shkodra boxer Besnik Gjetja

SHKODER, April 14 (ATA)- by M. Malja- On Sunday morning at sport’s Palace “Qazim Dervishi” of Shkodra town it was held the first international boxing-match between Shkodra boxer Besnik Gjetja and the Montenegrin boxer from Podgorica Dragan Gjurickovic, weight up to 85 kilograms. The Albanian boxer Gjetja came out as the winner. Their match was followed with great interest by Shkodra fans, who had filled the palace of sports to encourage boxer Gjetja. But both boxers responded to the great interest with a fine match. It lasted six rounds all very interesting. At the end of the match referee from Montenegro Nicole Aleksic declared Shkodra Boxer Gjetja as the winner with score 2-1. Besnik Gjetja has been fighting in boxing matches in Italy with the sport club “San Dona di Piava” for several years. After his return to Albania Gjetja has been fighting for Vllaznia of Shkoder.
/A.KE/p.s./ — 2002-04-14

Ali Bushati, great master of Albanian volleyball

SHKODER, April 15 (ata) – By M Malja: The renowned Albanian volleyball player Ali Bushati has been assessed as the greatest sport figure of the century in the city of Shkoder, while in Albania he is member of the six-member century group of volleyball. Bushati has played a decisive role in the dignified performances in volleyball of Dinamo in the European Champions Cup and in the games of the Albanian national team in international volleyball matches. Though in retirement age, Bushati continues to work with the sport of volleyball. He directs a young-aged team in volleyball and also is working with a group of specialists to re-create the teams of volleyball in Shkoder.
/a.ke/xh/ — 2002-04-15

World Bank investments to increase in Northern Region – WB regional director

SHKODER, April 15 (ata) – By M Malja: Investments of the World Bank (WB) will increase in the coming three years in the northern region of Albania. This was stated by the World Bank Director for Albania and Regional Coordinator for Southeast Europe Christiaan Poortman in a meeting he had with representatives of the local government of Shkoder on Sunday. Mr Poortman spoke of the projects of the World Bank for the new three years, with priority attached to the regional development of northern Albania, especially in the improvement of the infrastructure, etc. Mr. Poortman was briefed of the implementation of the World Bank project for the improvement of the irrigation in the Nenshkodra zone. For this project the World Bank has accorded a fond of USD12 million. Mr. Poortman focused on the problems linked with the identification of priorities of the intervention of the World Bank beginning with the improvement of the rural road system, sewage, etc. For two years the World Bank is implementing two projects for the improvement of the irrigation network of Shkodra and Malesi e Madhe, with a fund of 21 million dollars. In the mean time, the World Bank has invested also in other sectors of this zone such as education, health sector, etc.
/s.s/dori/xh/ — 2002-04-15

Shkoder: Individual wanted for cultivation of narcotics arrested

SHKODER, April 16 (ATA) By M.Malja: A 38-year-old from Shpore village (Guri i Zi commune) declared wanted for cultivation of narcotics was detained on Tuesday by Shkoder police in Shpore village, 27 kilometres away from Shkoder. Official sources from local police told ATA that “Ded Barshota was detained on Tuesday before noon, while he was travelling with his car to his house”. Shkoder district court sentenced the 38-year old to “indefinite imprisonment” in absentia for the penal act of cultivation of narcotics. Barshota had sown in his plot around 8500 roots of cannabis sativa. During the control exerted during June-July period by the police for the destruction of these plants, the police arrested around 25 thousand roots of cannabis and arrested 5 persons. Whereas, a month ago, around 5600 roots of narcotics were destroyed in Mazrrek village and the two individuals who grew them were detained. Last year around 628 thousand roots of narcotics were destroyed in Shkoder and Malesi e Madhe districts and 15 individuals were detained.
/s.sh/dori/aid/ — 2002-04-16

Prizes of International Competition “Marubi 2002” declared

TIRANE, April 25 (ATA)- By K. Harka The jury of International Competition of Artistic Photo “Marubi 2002” declared Thursday evening at the National Gallery of Arts in Tirane the winners of this competition, the biggest in the art of photography that is organized in Albania. The jury chaired by Alqi Golloshi awarded the first prize to Zamir Marika for a work in two parts of big dimensions in black and white technique, “Untitled”. Fatmir Dardha was awarded the second prize for the photographic triptych “Untitled” and Cvetan Gavroski (Macedonia) was awarded the third prize for the black and white photography “Pigeon 4”. Eliano Kalemi from Albania was awarded the prize “Photography Art” for the photo “Gate of Fortune” while the special prize to Phlip Gostolow (Australia) for the black and white triptych, “Untitled”. The above prizes were funded by the Ministry of Culture and Photographic Company “Kodak”. The five prizes were selected out of 102 works by 52 Albanian authors and artists from Australia, Macedonia, Holland, England and so on. Exhibition of participating photos in International Competition “Marubi 2002” which is organized upon the initiative of National Gallery of Arts was funded by Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in Tirana and will be open until May 25. “Marubi 2002” is the biggest activity of photography in the country promoted for the first time in 1998 and bears the name of renown masters of Albanian photography of the 19th century.
/f.n/sm/ — 2002-04-25

Over 48 thousand of hectares rehabilitated with irrigation and drainage works

TIRANA, April 17 (ATA) By E.Xhajanka: Albanian Ministry of Agriculture and Food has drafted an efficient strategy for rehabilitation of irrigation and drainage infrastructure. The implementation of projects financed by Albanian government and World Bank, have increased irrigation capacity on national scale in over 33 thousand of hectares and that of drainage in 15 thousand of hectares during 2000 only. The second project of World Bank, as one of the most powerful projects for rehabilitation of irrigation infrastructure of Albania has been implemented in 23 main districts of Albania, which have as their priority the development of agriculture, such as Berat, Saranda, Shkoder, Lezha and so on. Thus, it has been realised the partial deepening of Drini river bed and drainage channels have been dug deeper than the average. In addition, through funds allocated by state budget works have been carried out in Maliqi field. Meanwhile, in the framework of World Bank project for a full drainage system, the construction of a water-scooping machine has ended. Apart from that, IFAD-1 and IFAD-2 projects (Financing for poor rural areas) have intervened with irrigation and drainage works mainly in north-eastern zones of Albania. According to sources from Agriculture Ministry, IFAD-1 and IFAD-2 have worked on basis of irrigation schemes for 100 hectares and for the year 2002 some 7800 hectares of land will have irrigation works. According to sources from Agriculture Ministry, irrigation and drainage system will continue to be one of the priorities of 2002 program for this ministry. Thus the new IFAD-3 program will be prepared, which will finally complete this system in the remaining zones of Albania.
/a.gj/aid/IR/ — 2002-04-17

Shkoder, Torino sign cooperation agreement

SHKODER, April 19 (ATA) – By M. Malja: Shkoder local government and its counterpart of Torino, Italy, signed Friday a Cooperation Agreement. The accord, signed by Shkoder Mayor Ormir Rusi and the Deputy Mayor of Torino Marco Galgaro, envisages encouragement of initiatives for movement of citizens, development of trade, transport, cultural, sports activities between the two countries and others. Municipality of Torino will finance the project on digitalization of municipality of Shkoder, planned to be concluded within five months. Meanwhile, the municipality of Shkoder and that of Torino will be engaged in definition of a 3-year activity cooperation program. Rusi launched the idea of opening of a photo exhibition in Torino, whcih would create possibilities for showing tradition, history and civility of the city of Shkoder. Over the last years the municipality of Shkoder has signed cooperation agreements with municipalities of Venice, Bari, Firenze and others.
/s.s/vik/A.A/ — 2002-04-19

Shkodra basketball players (men) take second place in Albanian Basketball championship

SHKODER, April 21 (ata) – By M Malja: Shkodra basketball players had an important victory versus Scanderbeg team in Shkodra sport palace on Saturday afternoon, with the score 66-47. This was the last match of the second stage of the national basketball championship, with Vllaznia taking the second place after the team of Tirana. Shkodra players are preparing for the first play off match, versus the team of Valbona, of Tropoja. The coach of Vllaznia said that the championship is in its final stage, and every match requires maximal commitment from all players.
/a.ke/xh/ — 2002-04-21

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