N E W S – October 2001


Limprecht: Boycott damages the boycotters, opposition in Parliament

Albania: Shkoder, 2-Oct-2001 4:40 PM
Boycott in Parliament damages more the opposition. This is the message that US ambassador in Tirana, Joseph Limpreht, wanted to send to the opposition from Shkoder, where is paying a visit. “We believe that is would be proper that the opposition returns to the Parliament as the boycotts damages only the ones who boycott,” told Limprecht, backing up OSCE head in Tirana, Geert Ahrens. During his visit in the northern city US ambassador has donated a book collection of American library for Shkoder University “Luigj Gurakuqi”. Parts of this donation were 100 titles over American history and culture. Later he had a meeting with the head of the university. Talking about the actual situation in Macedonia and about the peace agreement there. Limprecht told that it is difficult to define the deadlines for agreement implementation. “We have called on both the parts to respect points of the framework agreement,” told US ambassador.
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