N E W S – September 2001


International Conference for Peace in Shkodra

September 26, 2001 SHKODRA (KosovaLive) – The International Conference for Peace in Shkodra concluded with the sense that young people should assume their responsibilities for peace in Europe in order to assert decisive steps towards mutual solidarity and freedom, while respect for human dignity is the foundation of sustainable peace and justice.
Conference participants maintained that the strength of youth should be used to respect human dignity. “Do not commit racial discrimination; resolve your conflicts peacefully, intervene without fear to protect human dignity,” declared a joint statement issued by youth from Italy, France, Kosova, Croatia, Germany, Montenegro and Albania.
“War between nations, civil war and ethnic cleansing are Europe’s most painful reality, and present a direct violation of fundamental human rights,” human rights expert Christine Farber told KosovaLive at the end of the conference.
“The unequal distribution of material wealth and the lack of opportunity for education among the lower classes presents an obstacle in development, and separates Europe into rich and poor,” said conference participants.
Young people pledged to assume responsibility and give maximum effort to respect the declaration of human rights. Every endeavor in this direction, however small, asserts the rejection of violence, class division and basic disrespect for human dignity. [b. bala]

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