The Art of Photography


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The Art of Photography

It was Pietro Marubi, an Italian who came to Shkodra on the last century brought the art of photography in the Balkans.

Marubi Family

He made a studio in the north Albanian town, the first in Albania, in a room 5×7 m. on the house of Kodheli family. In the Marubi photo-gallery has been about 150,000 films and glasses, which gives a very rich image of people from Shkodra and other towns by that time. There are portraits of people who struggle for the Albanian independence and other personalities.


The art of photographing was used afterward by Kel Kodheli, who took the surname Marubi after Pietros death. The studio was build between 1885-1890, and after the year 1919, a lot of the photos were registered by alphabetical order, with the names of them, who had been taken photos. The photo on the right – The freedom’s warriors.


The last one from the Marubi family, who used the art of photography was Gegë Marubi, and we can see his picture with a little boy on the left side. He died on 1984 and didn’t leave any one, who could inherit his art of photographing.


On the other hand, we have a picture of to young fellows for “The Youth of Shala” taken by Kel Marubi (Kodheli) on the years between 1900-1915. Such photos are very valuable for the history of Albania and the region, too. After the II World War, came in Albania another regime, that hindered people to have personal property or any kind of inheritance.