N E W S – September 1998

Explosion in Showman

SHKODRA – Sep. 1, 1998
The Shkoder police arrested earlier Monday two persons, identified as authors of placing explosive substance at the district’s micro-biological laboratory. On Sunday at around 21.45, some 200 gram of TNT was placed at the steps of the micro-biological lab, near the SP headquarters in Shkoder, which smashed the windows of the lab, but there were no other damages. At around 24.00, the spokesman said, the same persons attempted to torch the SP headquarters but failed to do so, as the nearby inhabitants came out from their houses. Monday, at around 05.00, the police arrested citizens Ferdinant Luigj Gavoci and Rudolf Mark Morana, twice convicted of theft, as they are identified as authors of placing the explosive and attempted to burn the Shkoder SP headquarters. They carried a TT pistol with five cartridges, which they illegally possessed.

Yugoslav patrol shot dead Albanian trying to cross border

TIRANA, Sep. 8, 1998
Albanian border authorities have protested against a delayed report on an incident taking place on Saturday in the border and the distortion of facts by the Montenegrin side. A spokesman of the Public Order Ministry said on Tuesday that a Yugoslav military patrol had shot and killed on Saturday the Albanian citizen Gjeto Qosaj, 20, after he crossed the border at B5/15 border post in Lepushe, Malesia e Madhe district. The Montenegrin authorities’ account say that three Albanian citizens have crossed the border on Saturday at 15.00. p.m. in B 5/15 border post in Lepushe, the spokesman said. They claimed that the patrol fired at them wounding Qosaj who died on his way to hospital when the above persons had refused to stop. The Yugoslav side had called a meeting on the event 48 hours later and had destroyed facts on the site of the incident, what could not allow the Albanian side to judge on it. The victim and the other two Albanians are still in the Yugoslav territory.

700 new students in Shkoder university

SHKODRA Sep. 21, 1998
Some seven hundred students have been enrolled for the new academic year at the “Luigj Gurakuqi” University following a contest. “Some 700 students, who passed the contest two weeks ago, are going to follow lessons in 12 faculties of the university,” Artan Haxhi, deputy rector of the university said on Monday. The Italian chair is opened for the first time in the university, he added. Preparations are under way for this new academic year and the enrollment of new students has started. Measures have been taken to equip the dormitory with a fund worth 7 million leks accorded by the state. The university library has 200 new titles particularly for economy and business as well as German language from the University of Gratz, Austria, Haxhi said.

UNHCR to help accommodate Kosova refugees in Shkoder

SHKODRA Sep. 23, 1998
The long term accommodation of the Kosova refugees in the Shkodra city was at the centre of attention of a meeting on Wednesday between the local government bodies and representatives of the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), Shkodra’s governor Ali Lacaj told ATA. The UNHCR representative, Ahmet Mubashi, said that the section of this organisation in Shkoder will help rehabilitate three refugee reception centres in Shkoder, through a special fund provided by the Italian government.
“Most of the 4 500 Kosova refugees in the Shkodra city have been accommodated in families, dormitories of the “Luigj Gurakuqi” university and the refugee reception centre, financed by the catholic Church,” said Lacaj.

One million dollars for Kosovars’ accommodation

SHKODRA Sep. 24, 1998
World Bank provided 1 million dollars for the accommodation of the people coming from Kosova in Shkodra district. Ali Lacaj, Shkodra Governor had a meeting on Thursday with representatives of the World Bank to discuss the reconstruction of some buildings for the accommodation of 4 600 people who have come from Kosova in the past weeks, through the border crossing of Vermosh in Malesia e Madhe. Governor Lacaj said that some 12 buildings are planned for the accommodation of the refugees, in cooperation with UNHCR. The work for the reconstruction of some beach houses in Velipoje and of the dormitory of “Prenk Jakova” school began. Soon the other buildings will be reconstructed as well. World Bank representatives urged that the reconstructions should be over as soon as possible because the winter is approaching.

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