N E W S – December 1998

Majko’s great challenge with the students
The hall of the hunger strike is being prepared
The Central Strike Commission: 100 students to embark on hunger strike

Dec. 10, 1998 (Albania)
According to the striking students, there exists an unfavorable climate that some media and even different political parties try to misinterpret. Their requests are totally economic and there is no space for politicizing their strike. Therefore, we consider reasonable to re-make known their requests for those that probably are not informed. Here is what the students request:
1. The students strike is legitimate, therefore all the absentees are invalid.
2. Seeing that the leadership of the universities have become property of political parties, we demand the establishment of the institution of free democratic elections as the first step towards the university autonomy and the democratic freedom.
3. We want the immediate solution of all the requests of the students of the “Luigj Gurakuqi” University of Shkodra.
4. We demand the status of the Students’ Town as an indispensability of the time.
5. We demand the improvement of the student’s status.
6. We demand to be provided with scholarship for all the students that fulfill the criteria as well as its increase up to 50 percent.
7. We demand the subvention of teaching books.
8. We demand the function and modernization of the libraries in the students’ premises and in universities.
9. We demand the establishment of the national symbol in all institutions and the students’ centers.
10. We demand a bus line for the students of the Kamza university and the Faculty of the Natural Sciences.
11. We demand the free travel, the regulation of the train time-tables as well as the improvement of the traveling conditions of the students from Durresi.
12. We demand lecture classes to be facultative.
13. We demand the creation of optimal conditions for different cultural, artistic and sports’ activities.
14. We support the requests of the University Level Education Trade Union for the increase of salaries to 50 percent.
The students expressed yesterday their indignation for the indifference of the government to their requests, they denounced the police violence in the university premises against the students. They students have asked PM Majko to meet with them. In case he fails to do so the students will increase their protest. According to them it is very probable that they will embark a hunger strike and they seem quite determined to do so. The heads of the striking commission declared that there is no democracy if stu dents are not listened to and are not allowed to ask for their rights.

Vllaznia – winner of Albanian Cup in basketball

Vllaznia team (for men) was declared winner of the Albanian Cup in basketball for 1998. The Cup’s finals, held at “Q.Dervishi” sports hall in Shkoder, included four teams: Vllaznia, Dinamo, Tirana and Studenti. Vllaznia and Dinamo played in the final. The first match ended with the result 30:23 for Vllaznia ( Shkoder team ), which secured their victory only in the last minutes, closing the match with the result 68:58. This is the 12th time the Vllaznia team is declared winner of the Albanian Cup.

Shkoder will be again surrounded by woods

The city of Shkoder will have again woods round it. Work for the afforestation of the hills of Tebe and Renc has started in an area of 15 hectares, the director of the district forest service, Hilmi Hysaj told ATA. Hysaj added that so far about 1 000 saplings of forest trees have been planted. During the first stage, nearly 5 000 saplings will be sown, while in the second stage 5 000 others will be added.
The project, which will be completed by the end of 1999, is being funded by the state budget and USAID, said Hysaj. Previously there were more than 10 000 forest trees planted round Shkoder, in the hills of Tebe and Renc, which besides beauty for the city, they helped protect it from erosion. But after 1992, some people cut those woods leaving the place barely. The new project also covers the improvement of forest in village Velipoje, about 30 km, from the city of Shkoder.

Food and clothes for Kosovars in Shkoder

An assistance of food items and clothes by the humanitarian association El Reliev is being delivered for the Kosovars settled in Shkoder. The coordinator of the association, centered in Shkoder, Saib Del Hamit, said to ATA that the value of the aid amounts to 130 thousand USD. They are being distributed not only for the Kosovars in some Shkodra families but also for the 3 100 kosovars who have come to this city. For the Kosovars in Shkoder, other associations too have offered assistance, such as the Albanian Red Cross, the Dutch Red Cross, the Italian Caritas, the Association Dardania centered in Germany and the British association Evangelical Fraternity.

Football: Saturday’s matches of 15-th National Championship
Tirane and Bylis keep leading after 14-th week

TIRANE, Dec. 18, (ATA)
15-th week matches of the 60-th National Football Championship, to be played on Saturday afternoon, are expected with too much interest, because they are the last matches of the first phase. Mathces and referees for this week:
Skenderbeu – Partizani Ilir Kristo (Tirane) Dinamo – Bylis Alban Janku (Tirane) Shkumbini – Laçi Bujar Pregja (Tirane) Teuta – Apolonia Astrit Isufi (Shkoder) Tomori – Flamurtari Ylvi Kollari (Tirane) Vllaznia – Lushnja Luan Zylfo (Tirane) Besa – Elbasani Llesh Malota (Lezhe) Burreli – Tirana Myrteza Allkja (Elbasan) Standing following the 14-th week: 29 pike Tirana, Bylis 28 ” Lushnja 24 ” Vllaznia 23 ” Partizani 22 ” Dinamo 19 ” Tomori, Shkumbini 18 ” Elbasani, Laçi 16 ” Besa, Apolonia 15 ” Skenderbeu 14 ” Flamurtari 13 ” Burreli, Teuta.

Students’ Independent Union holds rally

SHKODER, Dec. 18 (ATA)
The Independent Union of Students, the parties of the political grouping “Union for Democracy” and the anti-communist associations, held Friday a peaceful rally in front of the University “Luigj Gurakuqi” in the town of Shkoder. The leaders of this Union, who spoke in this rally, supported the hunger strike of students in Tirana and asked the resignation of the government and Premier Majko. They said that the twelve economic requests, presented by them two months ago, have not been met by the government yet.
The rally was also greeted by the representatives of the Democratic Front Party, the Legality Movement, as well as the Democratic Woman, who expressed their solidarity with the hunger strike of students in Tirana.

Anti contraband forces seize 40 tons of flour

KOPLIK, Dec 20 (ATA)
Anti-contraband forces seized on Sunday 40 tons of smuggled flour in Malesia e Madhe, police sources said. They said that anti contraband group operating in the area seized the cargo, smuggled via Shkodra lake, at 05.00 a.m. in Grizhe village 4 km from Koplik city. The vehicles with Malesia e Madhe number plates were blocked for failing to present relevant documentation for the cargo. Four days earlier, these forces seized four other lorries carrying flour, smuggled via Shkodra lake, too, in Pjetroshan village. Some 10 lorries carrying flour, four with bananas and a considerable quantity of beer were seized during the last three months. Four Montenegrins, who tried to smuggled goods via lake to Montenegro, have been detained.

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