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Shkodra, one of the largest and most important cities of Albania, lies in the north-western part of the country. It is also one of the most ancient, established in the 4th century B.C. During the reign of King Gentius, Shkodra became the capital of the Illyrian state. In the 14th century Shkodra was the centre of the principality of the Balsha family. The city was originally named Scutari.

Shkodra nowadays is one of the main centres of Albanian culture and history. The main attraction of the city is the Rozafa Castle, which belongs to the Illyrian period. The legend of a woman, who was immured on its foundation, speaks of its antiquity.… | Read more...

Shkodra in centuries…


DEDas Strafrecht im “Kanun von Lekë Dukagjini” – Das albanische Gewohnheitsrecht von Zef Ahmeti
ENThe criminal law in the “Kanun from Lekë Dukagjini” – Albanian customary law by Zef Ahmeti

Lekë Dukagjini – by Tonin Çobani
The immured woman
Archdiocese of Scutari
Our Lady’s legend
Historia e ‘Rozafës’
Historia e Oso Kukës

Shkodër, Shkodra or Scutari (ancient Scodra)

A city in northwestern Albania, capital of Shkodër District. One of Albania’s oldest cities, an important economic and cultural center.
Shkodra lies on southern part of the plain of Mbishkodra, next to the Shkodra Lake (Liqeni i Shkodrës), between the rivers Drin and Bunë, the mountain of Tarabosh, and the Rozafa Castle.

Shkodra is a trading and industrial center of northern Albania.… | Read more...

Painters from Shkodra


[ Piktorët shkodranë ] – faqe në shqip

P a i n t i n g

Kolë IDROMENO (1860 – 1939)

architect, sculptor, photographer, scene-painter, engineer and painter

Kol Idromeno - painter and architect Idromeno is the most distinguished painter of the Albanian National Renaissance period. He was born in Shkodra, where he learned the first elements of photography from Pjetër Marubi. In 1876 he stayed for some months at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, and then worked in the studio of an Italian painter. When back in Albania (1878), he engaged himself in a number of different activities, working as an architect, sculptor, photographer, scene-painter, engineer and painter. He was the initiator of the first art exhibition in Shkodra (1923) and was represented in the first national art exhibition at Tirana (1931).… | Read more...

The District of Shkodra I



Kalaja RozafaThe history of Shkodra has been an ongoing struggle for independence and selfdetermination. Shkodra is the most ancient and largest city in Northern Albania. It was founded in 4 BC. In 2 BC. it became a capital of the Illyrian Empire under the name Scutari.

Scutari became an active urban center with traders, and shopkeepers. In 168 BC, the Illyrian Empire fell to the Romans. Shkodra became a Roman colony until the intoduction of the Byzantium Empire. Shkodra remain a strategic city and often the center of struggle among various empires. In 1396 AD Shkodra came under the protection of Venice, forming a coalition against the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire was succesful in seizing Shkodra twice in 1474 and 1478, but was not able to hold it.… | Read more...

The District of Shkodra II


The Municipal Organization

The city of Shkodra is divided in two administrations. The District of Shkodra and the District of Highlands
(Malësi e Madhe). The District of Shkodra includes 15 smaller districts (communes) which represent 135 villages. The district of Highlands’ municipality is located in the town of Koplik and includes 5 communes, which represent 55 villages.
The Council for the District of Shkodra has 35 committee members, which includes a Chairman and a Vice Chairman. The Council members are elected by the district and are charged with the responsibility of governing the District. The Chairman is the Executive Branch of the government.

The Mayor of Shkodra is elected by the Shkodra citizens. The city of Shkodra has its own Council of Municipality, which has the right of decision.… | Read more...

Our Good Lady’s Legend


Our Lady of Shkodra
It is an icon from 5-th century. The legend says that this icon has been shown up in the church of
Zoja e Shkodres for many centuries, but after the Turkish invasion on the 15-th century…

More History…
The immured woman
Archdiocese of Scutari
In Albanian
Historia e ‘Rozafës’
Historia e Oso Kukës

Zoja e Shkodrës

Zoja e Shkodrës

Our Good Lady’s Legend
… the icon ‘flied‘ to Genazzano, Italy, where it is still there.

A copy of it, was donated to the Big Church of Shkodra, by Pope himself, when He paid a visit to Shkodra on 25 April 1993. The church Zoja e Shkodres has been restored by help of Vatican and now has a great mission for the spiritual life of people in Shkodra.… | Read more...

Rozafa – the immured woman (video)


— by Arben Çokaj

The first beginning of an ancient city. Everything begins as a legend, everything continues like in a legend. Rozafa was there, before Christ was born, she is there right now.

For those who know the legend of Rozafa, the fortress of Shkodra, it’s probably clear that on its walls there is the “live-body” of a mother.

– essay –

The woman ‘Rozafa’ begs for letting her breast out, to feed with milk her little son. With her body, Rozafa gave birth to a child, and with her sincerity and her self-sacrifice, she gave birth to a town. Upon her body were build a fortress, and the three brothers of the legend found afterwards the good will over immuring this woman.… | Read more...

The University of Shkodra


[ The Official HomePage of the University “Luigj Gurakuqi” of Shkodra ]

Rector of the University of Shkodra is Prof. Dr. Artan HAXHI (in the photo).

The University “Luigj Gurakuqi” of Shkodra has long been the major institution of higher education in the region, especially in the technical and scientific disciplines. However, the university has a complete void in the field of market economics and management. In 1992, the university received permission from the government to initiate the development of the Faculty of Economics, with responsibilities for emphasizing market economics, management, and business administration.

University of Shkodra – Head building
Mr. Menduh Derguti, Rector of the University of Shkodra in 1992, specifically asked the University of Nebraska – Lincoln to help develop its curriculum in market of economics and business management.… | Read more...

Kolec Traboini – writer and publisher


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In Albania:
1975 Bachelor of Journalism, University of Tirana, Albania.
1975-1991 scriptwriter for Kinostudio Albafilm Tirane. My work included writing of scripts for documentary films.
I recived 1-st National Price for the film “Asdreni”, 1976, first for the film “Keshtjella e Kengeve” (The Castle of Songs), also won the best Film of the Year 1990 for the film “Deshmi nga Barleti” (Witness from Barleti) – a war history of 1468-1478, in my hometown Shkoder, North Albania.… | Read more...